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iana Morgan's Country House and Tower, Byfield, Mass., some time after the original rustic logs 
house were replaced with redwood siding. The Governor's Academy Archives, Byfield, Mass. 
; images relating to Christiana Morgan starting on page 10. 

csted in donating items to the Archives, please contact Laurie DiModica at (978) 499-3340 or Idimodica© 
' rf -ferny, org Learn more about the Academy Archives at 






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111 MM ■■-.' .■'•:;:;•■ 

Annual Fund 
1 Elm Street 
Byfield, MA 01922 

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■■■-. ; :! '■••■■'■■■'■■■■;* '■.;' 
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The Governor': 

1 Elm SI 

Byfield, MA 

CrSSS wrttl 

' ■■'■". I ■. V',> 




The Archon 

Published since 1884 


John M. Doggett Jr. P'04, '07, '08, '08 


Suzanne B. Hofmann 


Brenda Riddell, Graphic Details 


Geoff Brace, Mike Dean, Linda Haas 
David Oxton, Annie Quigley ' 1 

Director of Advancement 

Lori Correale 

Director of Alumni and Parent Relations 

Peter Bidstrup P' 13 

Director of Annual Giving 

Ellen C. Oliver 

Trustees of The Governor's Academy 

Jeffrey Gordon '69, President 

Christopher C. Beebe '55, Co-Vice President 

Priscilla M. Mclnnis P'02, '03, '06, Co-Vice President 

James L, Rudolph '68, P'05, '12, Secretary 

Steven Shapiro'74, P'09, Treasurer 

William L.AIfond '67 

Nathalie E.Ames '85 

Adrienne Berry-Burton P'96, '04 

Christopher W. Collins P'07, '10 

Wendy Bixby Cowie '79, P'12 

Margo L. Doyle Dhaliwal '90 

Jonathan J. Doyle P'08, '09 

Henry B. Eaton '70, P'03, '08 

Beverly R. Giblin P'04, '05 

Kathleens. Hines P'08, '09, '12 

Stephen G. Kasnet '62, P'95 

Richard M. Kelleher P'99, '01 

Paul McKeon P'10 

Kara Moheban McLoy '88 

Thomas M. Mercer Jr. '61 

James M. Pierce '72, P'08 

Peter H.Quimby '85 

Haskell Rhett '54 

Gary A. Rogers P'04, '07 

George S. Scharfe P'95, '95, '00 

Aaron M. Sells '96 

David Splaine P'05, '08 

Bruce C.Turner '83, P'13 


Marc A. White Jr. P'09 

Alumni Trustees 

Laura E. Ellison '03 
Daria C. Grayer '00 
Matthew R.Lee '01 

Ex Officio 

Chris D'Orio '88, President, Alumni Council 

Alumni/ae Council 

Chris D'Orio '88, President 

Carolyn Nissi '77, Vice President 

Gretchen Scharfe '95, Secretary/Treasurer 

Nathalie Ames '85 

Deana Boyages '88 

Tyler Collins '03 

David Corbett '91 

Daniel Cross '81 

John P. English '28 (Life Member) 

Putnam P. Flint '37 (Life Member) 

Brendan Forrest '94 

Anthony P. Fusco '85 

Dan Guyton '03 

Franklin E. Huntress '52 

Jessica Karlin '99 

Ray Long '96 

Daniel Look '68 

Richard Lufkin '01 

Justin Marshall '99 

J.J. Morrissey '02 

Ted Nahil '68 

Paul Nardone '86 

Howard J. Navins '31 (Founder/Life Member)* 

Julie O'Shaughnessy '05 

Richard Pew '54 

Matt Prunier '94 

Matthew Remis '92 

Chris Ruggiero '92 

Brian Rybicki '96 

Heidi Danielson Stevens '88 

Devin Sullivan '92 

John Tarbell '62 

Marc K.Tucker '68 

Jackie Ward '04 

Alison Williams '89 

Ex-Officio Members 

Catherine Burgess '91, Past President 
Peter T. Butler '62 Past President 
James C. Deveney Jr. '60, Past President 
John S. Mercer '64, Past President 
Karen A. Schulte '83, Past President 
Peter M. Sherin '59, Past President 
Arthur H. Veasey III '68, Past President 

Headmaster's Message 

Alumni News 

"A New Eve": Gaston Lachaise's Portrait 

of Christiana Morgan 

Silver Plays CSI Miami in Real Time 

From Studio to Senate: One Man's Journey 

The Academy Abroad 

Annual Report 

Class Notes 

In Memoriam 

The Archon is published three times a year by The Governor's Academy, Byfield, Massachusetts 01922. 
Telephone: (978) 465-1763. Letters are welcome from alumni, alumnae, parents and friends of the 
Academy and are subject to editing for reasons of space availability. 


In 1763, Master Samuel Moody embarked 
on an ambitious venture. He launched 
the nation's first boarding school, the 
first school established without religious 
affiliation; a school committed to educational 
innovation and as a training ground for 
leadership of the nation. 

Almost two hundred and fifty years later, 
we look to maintain a leadership position at 
the forefront of educational innovation with 
two linked initiatives. We seek to prepare our 
students to act and lead on a global stage. Just 
as our students need to be technologically 
proficient to compete in the global 
marketplace, they also must be culturally and 
linguistically literate to be responsible world 
citizens. Our intention is to incorporate our 
uniquely American experience into a broader 
international context. We plan to do this not 
just from traditional book learning, but from 
capitalizing on new technologies, developing 
opportunities for travel and cross cultural 
exchanges, language study and embedding 
global questions and globally focused activities 
in the curriculum. 

Currently, we feature student exchanges 
with schools in Kenya, Honduras, China, 
Germany and Great Britain. We hope to 
add the Navajo Nation in Arizona and the 
African National Academy in South Africa 
to our program in the spring. Our ultimate 
goal is to create a signature experience for all 
juniors that would ensure that every Academy 
graduate had a significant international or 
cross cultural experience before graduating. 

The Academy is participating in the 
National Association of Independent 
Schools (NAIS) 20/20 Challenge. Using 
teleconferencing, Skype and internet 
resources, our school is partnered with a 
Canadian school in a shared global studies 
course. The schools will work together along 
with subject area experts and practitioners 
from around the world to investigate the issue 
of fisheries depletion. 

The Academy is also in the process of 
developing a comprehensive environmental 
science program that would take maximum 
advantage of our unique location on the banks 
of the Parker River on the Great Atlantic Salt 
Marsh. This environmental focus will be 
integrated throughout our science curriculum 
with a premium on hands-on learning. 
Students will be engaged as scientists through 
field work, hydro-analysis, species collection 
and identification and collaboration with 
other schools and institutions. Our goal is 
to make students more aware of their role 
within a global environment and help them 
to adopt life practices that protect and sustain 
the health of their own communities. 

In short, these cultural exchanges and new 
initiatives will seek to define what it means to 
be a global citizen and equip young people to 
flourish in this increasingly flat world. 

Best wishes, 

\V„ kD,^^ 

John M. Doggett Jr., P '04, '07, '08, '08 

The Archon I Fall 2009 

1 w 

,A. w'-mF 


■ .1 



; iMi 


In the private school admissions world, this has been an 
autumn of statistics. The talk among our peers is focused on 
who met their enrollment goals, lowered their enrollment 
targets in response to fewer applicants or increased financial 
aid to meet a growing need in the aftermath of the economic 
decline that began last fall. 

But even when numbers are good (and ours are), they only 
tell half the story. 

At The Governor's Academy, we have done what we have 
always done - focused on the young men and women in 
our care. And, not surprisingly, we also find ourselves in a 
statistically advantageous position. Whereas more than half 
of the boarding schools in our peer group either fell short 
of enrollment goals or have smaller schools than last year, 
Governor's enrolled a freshman class of 100 for the first time 
in the school's history. It's fitting that this group - the Class 
of 2013 - will be our 250th graduating class. Our applications 
were up and our yield, particularly among boarders and 
those seeking financial aid, was as high as it has ever been. 
We allocated more financial aid, largely due to the foresight 
and generosity of the Board of Trustees, which allowed us 
to provide access to students who earned admittance in a 
remarkably competitive field. 

While the school is appreciative of the effort produced by 
outgoing director Peter Bidstrup and the admission team, there 
is work to be done. Our greatest strength has been our ability 
to secure the admiration of families who visit our campus 
and who are exposed to motivated, friendly and appreciative 
students, faculty and alumni/ae. Our greatest challenge is 
to make families who do not know about The Governor's 
Academy aware of this community. 

To that end, the admission team recently held a seminar 
focused on de-mystifying the private school admission process 
for local families who have not sent children to schools like 
ours. I will also be working with Director of Advancement Lori 
Correale to encourage alumni to host similar informational 
sessions, in conjunction with the visits we are already making 
around the country. Our hope is to allow prospective families 
to hear first-hand about the remarkable possibilities at The 
Governor's Academy, where tradition and innovation, rigor 
and nurturance, work together in unique and powerful ways. 

I am happy that our numbers are strong as we enter this 
new season and confident that our numbers will be but one 
of the ways we measure our success. We are historically full, 
expectedly vibrant and steadfastly poised as we face, together, 
the challenges of the year ahead. 

The Archon I Fall 2009 

a urn n I news 

Second Annual Volunteers Weekend for The Academy 

The Governor's Academy welcomed more than 100 alumni and parent volunteers to 
Byfield in mid-September for the second annual Volunteers Weekend. The weekend 
events included meetings with the school's Board of Trustees and a full day of planning 
alumni and parent outreach activities for the coming year. 

Volunteers in attendance included the Alumni Council, Class Agents, Class Secretaries, 
Governor's Council, Allies Officers and Parents Fund Volunteers. A joint session with the 
Trustees was held on Saturday morning where our volunteers had a chance to learn more about 
plans for the Academy's future, followed by breakout sessions for each volunteer group. 

Chris D'Orio '88, President of the Alumni Council and Trustee, commented, "this is only 
my second year as President of the Council and it is so gratifying to see so many of my fellow 
graduates here to support the school in so many different ways. Surely such a strong community 
of willing volunteers will play a critical role in the school's ongoing development as we look 
toward our 250th anniversary." 

Upcoming events for Parents and Alumni 


1 2-1 4 Fall Student Drama Production 

1 3 Athletic Hall of Fame Dinner (invitation only) 

14 Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony 
Tailgate for Alumni and Parents 

25 Young Alumni Milestone Stop 

at The Grog, Newburyport 


3 Holiday Gathering, Harvard Club, Boston 

12 Holiday Concert 

13 Candlelight Service 
Holiday Feast 


10 Alumni Basketball and Hockey Games 


1 9-20 Winter Parents Weekend 

Dance Show 
26-27 Spring Musical 


22 Alumni Council Dinner for Seniors 

30 Grandparents Day 





Spring Concert 

Spring Drama Production 

Commencement Weekend 
Reunion Weekend 

The Governor's Academy Welcomes New Trustees 

The Governor's Academy welcomed six 
new members to its Board of Trustees 
this year, including alumni, parents 
and those who are both. 

Marc A. White P'09 is Managing Director 
and CEO for New England at J. P. Morgan 
Private Bank. He has served in leadership roles 
in Boston in the financial services industry for 
more than 25 years. He is actively involved 
in the community and serves on the boards 
of several organizations. White received a 
B.A. from Hamilton College and lives in 
Marblehead with his wife and three children. 
His son, Marc, graduated from The Governor's 
Academy in 2009. 

David Splaine P'05 '08 currently serves as 
an advisor to several growing companies and 
owners of professional sports teams, as well 
as serving as a board member of a number of 
corporations and non-profit organizations. He 
spent more than twenty years in the commercial 
and investment banking business before joining 
the senior management team of the Delaware 
North Companies in 2002, serving as head of 
sales for the TD Banknorth Garden and Boston 
Bruins. Since leaving Delaware North, he has 
served as an advisor to corporations and their 
owners. He is a graduate of Bentley College and 
resides in West Newbury with his wife, Janet. 
His two daughters are Academy graduates - 
Ruth '05 and Decia '08. 

Paul J. McKeon Jr. P'10 is the founder 
and CEO of BID2WIN Software, located 
in Portsmouth, NH. Under his leadership, 
BID2WIN Software has grown four-fold in 
recent years with no outside debt or funding. 
McKeon is a graduate of St. John's Prep 
School in Danvers and the University of 
New Hampshire. As an active member of the 
community, McKeon was recently awarded 
the honor of Portsmouth Citizen of the Year for 
the scope and magnitude of his philanthropic 
contribution to the Portsmouth community and 
greater Seacoast area. He resides in Stratham, 
NH with his wife and family. His daughter, 
Amanda, is a senior at The Governor's 

Wendy Bixby Cowie '79 P'12 graduated 
from Governor Dummer Academy in 1979 
and received a B.S. degree in general business 
from Bentley College. Prior to having children 
and staying at home for 19 years, she worked 
in the mortgage industry as a mortgage 
processor and underwriter for North Eastern 

Mortgage in Lexington, MA; and owned her 
own business with Arbonne International. 
She currently works at Managed Technology 
Partners in Charlestown, MA. Cowie resides 
in Andover, MA with her husband Peter and 
three children. Her son Chris '12 currently 
attends The Governor's Academy. 

Laura E. Ellison '03 graduated from 
Williams College in 2007, where she was a 
member of the Dean's List and excelled on 
the cross country and track and field teams. 
She currently resides in Ann Arbor, MI where 
she is employed at Google, Inc. as an AdWords 
account manager in the Online Sales & 
Operations division. She also serves as class 
secretary for The Governor's Academy Class 
of 2003. 

Margo L. Doyle Dhaliwal '90 is managing 
director of Cambridge Associates in Boston, 
where she constructs non-marketable 
portfolios and investment strategies for 
college and university endowments, public 
pensions, non-profit organizations and high 
net worth families. Previously, she served as 
an associate and analyst at Kodiak Venture 
Partners, TA Associates and Alex Brown 
& Sons Incorporated. Dhaliwal graduated 
from Georgetown University in 1994 with a 
degree in business administration, majoring 
in finance and international business. She was 
a captain and nationally ranked scorer on the 
Hoya lacrosse team. She earned an MBA from 
Harvard University in 2000. She currently 
resides in Cambridge, MA with her husband, 
Sunil and their two children. 

First Row, I to r: Kara Moheban 
McLoy '88, Stephen Kasnet '62 
P'95, Christopher Beebe '55, 
Jeffrey Gordon '69, President, 
John M. Doggett P'04 '07 '08, 
Headmaster, James Rudolph '68 
P'05 ' 1 2, Steven Shapiro 74 P'09, 
William Alfond '67 

Second Row, I to r: Adrienne 
Berry-Burton P'96 '04, Wendy 
Cowie '79 P'12, James Pierce 
'72 P'08, David Splaine P'05 '08, 
Mark Whiston, Matthew Lee '01, 
Nathalie Ames '85, Margo Doyle 
Dhaliwal '90 

Third Row, I to r: Daria Grayer '00, 
Laura Ellison '03, Henry Eaton '70 
P'03 '08, Peter Quimby '85, Bruce 
Turner '83 P'13, Richard Kelleher 
P'99 '01, Gary Rogers P'04 '07, 
Paul McKeon P'10, Kathleen 
HinesP'08 '09 '12 

Missing from photo: Christopher 
Collins P'07 '10, Jonathan Doyle 
P'08 '09, Beverly Giblin P'04 
'05, Thomas Mercer '61, Priscilla 
Mclnnis P'02 '03 '06, Haskell 
Rhett '54, George Scharfe P'95 
'00, Aaron Sells '96 

The Archon | Fall 2009 

alumni news 

The Inaugural Michael. A. Moonves Fall Golf Classic 

The drives were straight, but the faces were far from it at the inaugural Michael A. 
Moonves Fall Golf Classic, held on Monday, October 5 at the scenic Wentworth By The 
Sea Country Club. Under sunny skies, 33 foursomes comprised of current parents, 
alumni, and friends competed for the top prize - the "Blue Blazer". The foursome of Charles 
Albert '75, Sean Warren, Tay Bozkurt '97, and Christian Derderian '97 won the top prize. 

The day of golf was followed by a live auction of premium golf trips, a cocktail party and 
sumptuous dinner. Fittingly, a full harvest moon rose over the bay to add an exclamation point 
to a wonderful day. The event raised more than $80,000 to endow a Michael A. Moonves 
Scholarship and to benefit the Academy's Athletic Hall of Fame. 

The Governor's Academy extends sincere thanks to its event sponsors, especially Associate 
Sponsors Bid2Win Software and Paul McKeon P'10; Suffolk Construction; Jim Waugh '44; and 
David McGrath P'09 and the Binnie family. We hope to see a large crowd again next year. 

Jim Deveney '60 
Mike Moonves. 





nrnfP mm 




■ -±i^Moo Nm mi GOlf c J 



ft JH 

„ . II ' J 

■^^J***. to, ~"*" lw «'*r^ 




Peter Bidstrup P'13, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, Mike 
Moonves P'82 and Headmaster Marty Doggett P'04 '07 '08 '08 display 
the banner for the Inaugural Michael A. Moonves Golf Classic. 

Mike Moonves addresses the 
golfers before the tournament 

j^BraC^Jhk * 




jgjfc i s 


Bob Erb '52, Bob Rex '53, Harvey Allen GP'05, '07 '09 P'12 and Don 
Rice '52 get ready to play. 

Mike Moonves fires the shotgun 
to start the tournament with 
Wentworth By The Sea Golf Pro 
Gordon Swennes. 

Brian Crowe '95, Aaron Sells '96, Ray Cormier and Dan DiPietro '96 
on the course. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 




'■-■i •• 

•*.« -;■ 



•■ - - v- ■ 

•sjr 1 *^* 

SJjff* '• 





Wentworth By The Sea Country 

Club in Rye, New Hampshire. 


Left: Gary Rogers, P'04 '07 

Center: Michael Moonves and 

Baba Davenport 

Right: Peter Conway '72 and 

Paul Committo 72. 


Reception held at the Wentworth 

By The Sea Country Club. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 


A "New Eve": 

Gaston Lachaise's Portrait of Christiana Morgan 

Gaston Lachaise's portrait of Christiana 
Morgan (1897-1967), which stands 
in The Carl M. Youngman Gallery at 
The Governor's Academy, was commissioned 
in 1934 by Dr. Henry A. Murray (1893-1988), 
director of the Harvard Psychological Clinic 
and a pioneer in the development of personality 
theory, as an expression of his love for the 
subject, his fellow- worker and collaborator. 
From the start, the sculpture was intended for 
a tower to be built beside Morgan's clapboard 
summer house on a wooded hillside sloping 
down to the Parker River, and it was placed 
in the room on the ground floor, or "crypt," 
after the three-story circular structure was 
erected in 1937. 1 By Morgan's bequest, the 
Academy came to own this property along 
with the buildings' contents, and in 1986 the 
sculpture was transferred to the Academy's 
main campus. 

Elite members of a generation that sought 
to free the mind and body from artificial 
constraints, Murray and Morgan had begun 
an enduring affair in 1926, after each had 
consulted the eminent Swiss psychiatrist Carl 
Jung (1875-1961) in Zurich and received his 
encouragement and blessing despite the fact 
that both were married to other people. Jung 
viewed Morgan as a suitable vehicle, afemme 
inspiratrice, or muse, for nurturing Murray 
and unleashing his creative energy, and he 
told her: "If you create Murray you will have 
done something very fine for the world." 2 Jung 
taught patients his techniques of "trancing" in 
order for them to become self -hypnotized and 
summon the unconscious to the surface, as 
therapeutic tools for reconciling the conscious 
and unconscious states. He encouraged 
Morgan to evoke vivid fantasies, rich with 
symbolic imagery, and to translate them into 

Gaston Lachaise (1882-1935). Portrait of Christiana 
Morgan (Lachaise Foundation 168), model created 
in September 1934-January 1935, bronze cast in 
January 1935, H. 45 in., The Carl M. Youngman 
Gallery, Kaiser Visual Arts Center, The Governor's 
Academy, Byfield, Mass. 

Inset: The statue in situ in The Carl 


The Archon | Fall 2009 

words and pictures. Her visions — which would 
serve as the subject of Jung's public seminars 
from 1930 until 1934 — were intended to 
inspire her union with Murray and to aid in 
their achieving wholeness and self-fulfillment 
through personal integration. Murray and 
Morgan came to view their relationship as a 
bold experiment in love, an ideal union both 
encompassing body, intellect, and spirit and 
destined to serve as an exemplar for future 
generations. Murray's thinly disguised account 
of their roles as "a new Adam and a new Eve," 
written some thirty years after the affair 
began, posited two interdependent evolving 
individuals who endeavored to translate their 
imaginations into "overt reciprocations and 
collaborations.... like two people singing a duet 
and making up the music as they go along." 3 

Murray had been moved to commission 
the portrait from Lachaise after seeing 
reproductions of his works in various 
publications, such as the Hound & Horn, a 
literary quarterly which had been founded at 
Harvard and which, in an article published 
in 1932, proclaimed the artist to be "the 
finest portrait sculptor now living." 4 Murray 
proposed the project — initially only a 
bust — to Lachaise in August 1934, and on 
September 16, twenty days before Morgan's 
thirty-seventh birthday, she began sitting 
for him at his studio in Washington Mews, 
just north of Washington Square in New 
York City's Greenwich Village. Lachaise was 
immediately taken with his subject, reporting 
to his wife: "She is very serious, gentle, but 
with a lot of firmness — She is going to make 


Christiana Drummond Morgan 
(nee Councilman) (1897-1967), 
aged 38, at the doorway of her 
country house, Byfield, Mass. 
Henry Alexander Murray Archives, 
call # HUGFP 97.75-.2f, Box 2, 
Harvard University Archives, 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Dr. Henry A. Murray (1893-1988) 
in military uniform, 1947, from 
Forrest G. Robinson, Love's 
Story Told: A Life of Henry A. 
Murray (Cambridge, Mass., 
1992). Courtesy of Mrs. Henry A. 


Soichi Sunami (1884-1971). 
"Lachaise, Gaston, La Montagne" 
(detail) from the exhibition album, 
"Gaston Lachaise: Retrospective 
Exhibition," January 28, 1935 
through March 7, 1935, The 
Museum of Modern Art, New 
York. Photographic Archive, The 
Museum of Modern Art Archives, 
New York. Courtesy of the 
Sunami family. The monumental 
cement statue seen here was 
inspired by Lachaise's wife. Digitial 
Image © The Museum of Modern 
Art/Licensed by SCALA/Art 
Resource, NY. 

The Archon I Fall 2009 9 

a very beautiful bust — tranquil and alive." 5 
The series of modeling sessions continued 
for several days and then, after a two-week 
hiatus, resumed in the middle of the second 
week of October, continuing until the 17th 
of that month. During the second campaign 
Lachaise extended the portrait to include her 
bare shoulders and breasts, because it "was the 
thing to do." 6 Around that time, as Lachaise 
remarked to a visitor at his studio, he would 
have liked to shave Morgan's head in order "to 
get the shape of the skull." 7 

The third, and perhaps last, series of 
sessions was held on four days during the 
week of November 18-24. By Thanksgiving 
(November 29), as Lachaise explained to his 
wife, the Plasticene model had been extended 
"below the stomach" and was almost finished. 8 
He also reported that Murray and Morgan 

Gaston Lachaise (1 882-1 935). Portrait of Christiana Morgan, model in progress, Plasticene 
(a nondrying modeling clay). Photographed in Lachaise's studio at 42 Washington Mews, 
New York City, October 1934. The Lachaise Foundation, Boston, Mass. 

wanted a full figure to be made "eventually," 9 a 
decision he himself had probably encouraged, 
since he preferred "to portray the entire nude 
figure" whenever possible. 10 The rest of the 
figure was never executed, however, because 
of the lack of time. During these same months 
Lachaise created the models for two major 
commissions: La Montagne, for the grounds 
of George L. K. Morris's country home (now 
Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio) at 
Lenox, Massachusetts; and bas-reliefs for the 
west fagade of the International Building at 
Rockefeller Center, in New York City. He was 
also frenetically preparing for his forthcoming 
retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in 
New York City — the second retrospective for a 
living artist held at that museum — which was 
scheduled to open to the public on January 
30, 1935. On January 10, Lachaise finished 
reproducing the model for Murray's sculpture 
in plaster and sent the replica to a local 
foundry to be cast in bronze, just in time to 
be included, as an anonymous portrait, among 
the entries in the show. 

Although principally known for heroic, 
idealized nudes, Lachaise enjoyed sculpting 
portraits. In one of his rare public statements 
about his art, he noted: "My interest in 
portraiture has always been keen, for a 
portrait of an individual is a synthesis of the 
prevalent forces within that individual, and 
in this process there is expansion for the 
creator." 11 In other words, the challenge was 
to interpret and communicate the inner life 
of the subject. In his portrait of Morgan, the 
static, seemingly hieratic posture conveys her 
calm and steadfast outward demeanor, while 
the deliberately contrasted asymmetries of her 
body and the energetic modeling and surface 
animation of salient forms suggest an intense 
psychic energy. The sitter's quiet beauty and 
inner force were used to evoke an elemental 
condition, at once mysteriously withdrawn 
and generative. 

Both Murray and Morgan were 
exceptionally pleased with the results, and 
Murray expressed his appreciation to a 
friend: "The thing started as a bust and grew 
under Lachaise's mounting passion into an 
exceedingly vigorous — almost startlingly 
natural — statue. It is positively the most living 
figure I have ever seen in any material — raw, 
impressionistic, electric — at once serene & 
violent." 12 According to Murray, the "blurred 
mouth," one of the portrait's most arresting 
features, "was what Lachaise saw — a conflict 
between passion and restraint — expression & 
reticence." Murray's appreciation of the statue 
did not translate into sympathy for Lachaise's 
financial distress, however, and the interaction 

10 The Archon | Fall 2009 

between the two did not end on a happy note. 
As the project developed, the price — $750 for 
the bust in bronze — eventually increased to 
$3,000 (some $48,000 in today's money) for a 
unique bronze cast of the figure cut off at mid- 
thigh, the balance to be paid in installments 
over the course of several years. At first the 
schedule proved satisfactory for both, but by 
January, when Lachaise began requesting 
advance installments, Murray was not entirely 
receptive, and the exchanges of correspondence 
that continued through August 1935 (the 
last known letter between them) became 
increasingly sour. Lachaise, having "spent 
everything he had on bronzes" and other 
things for the show, 13 was broke and desperate, 
a situation that Murray, an independently 
wealthy man, did not comprehend. All the 
same, Lachaise's financial difficulties were 
very real, and several weeks before his sudden 
death from acute leukemia in October, he was 
evicted from his studio because of a failure to 
pay the rent. 

Murray and Morgan remained enthralled 
by Lachaise's portrait, and they incorporated 
it in a setting devised to express the theoretical 
concept and evolution of their love. As part 
of an ongoing endeavor, they sought to turn 
nearly everything outside and within the 
country house and tower — including the 
portrait — into symbols of, in Morgan's words, 
"the interior forces, the states, the episodes, the 
achievements, which have marked the course 
of our evolving synergy." 14 To this end, Morgan 
carved shutters, decorated walls and doors with 
paintings, and cultivated an elaborate garden. 
Situated in the half-underground room where 
Morgan meditated and sometimes tranced, the 
portrait came to signify "the combinational 
process and its energy," essential components 
of their productive interdependence. 15 

Virginia Budny, an art historian, works for The Lachaise 
Foundation. She is the author of "Gaston Lachaise's 
American Venus: The Genesis and Evolution of Elevation," 
:The American Art Journal, vols. 34-35 (2003-2004), pp. 
62-143. Incidentally, Edward Pierce Nagel (1893-1967), 
who became Gaston Lachaise's stepson in 1917, attended the 
Dummer Academy in 1909-12. 

;© Virginia Budny 

1 See Lewis Mumford, "Random Notes," entry dated October 17, 1937, 
Lewis Mumford Papers, ca. 1905-87, f. 8184, Rare Book & Manuscript 
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vacationing at their country house in Georgetown, Maine. 

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the diaries of Lincoln Kirstein are © 2009 by the New York Public Library 
(Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations). 

8 Gaston Lachaise to Isabel Lachaise, letter of November 29, 1934, 
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9 Ibid. 

1 Lincoln Kirstein, Gaston Lachaise, Retrospective Exhibition, January 30- 
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nude portrait statuette of himself from Lachaise in 1931; the model was 
completed and cast in bronze in 1932 (Whitney Museum of American 
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Gaston Lachaise, "A Comment on My Sculpture," Creative Art, vol. 3, no. 
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View from the Parker River of Christiana Morgan's 
three-story Tower, built in 1937, Byfield, Mass. The 
Governor's Academy Archives, Byfield, Mass. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 11 

Student interpretation of the Christiana Morgan Sculpture 

a. Taylor Angles 

b. Cassandra Valarezo 

c. Camilla Jerome 

d. Milee Lyoo 

e. Pawan Maneepairoj 

f. Veronica Chai 

g. Annie Quigley 


I ^m 





k-. 1 

- '^R 

' - il 911 <3m 

■ 1 i^HV « 

H > j^B ^ 


B|l H 

■ *9 ^K/ * 

12 The Archon | Fall 2009 






-.-■— j- 

k , titM 










The students pictured above are 
enrolled in AP Art. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 13 


Silver Plays CSI Miami 

li I\6gH 1 1 Im 6 

Dr. William Silver '46 

Many people watch fictionalized 
forensic investigations on TV's "CSI 
Miami," but Dr. William Silver '46 
is the real deal. Now in his second career as a 
forensic dentist with the medical examiner's 
office in his hometown of Miami, this second- 
generation orthodontist has traveled from 
Ground Zero to Beijing sharing his knowledge 
and helping investigators identify the deceased. 

His experiences are not quite as glamorous 
as those on TV, but they carry their own brand 
of mystery and intrigue. 

"There is an element of mystery and a 
certain fascination when dealing with the 
remains of a person who is unknown. You 
know that this person had a life, and that life 
was blotted out. You work to fill in the blanks," 
he said. 

As the deputy chief of forensic odontology 
for the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner 
Department, Dr. Silver is involved in one 
of the busiest and most prominent medical 
examination laboratories in the world. With 
a morgue that can hold up to 400 bodies, 
Miami's medical examiner team has 12 forensic 
pathologists and half a dozen forensic dentists. 

Dr. Silver and his colleagues preserve the 
records of unidentified persons by taking 
photographs, X-rays and charting all teeth; in 
addition, they identify bodies by comparing 
the original antemortem records and the 
postmortem dental records whenever possible. 

Furthermore, Dr. Silver serves with the 
Disaster Mortuary Operational Response 
Team (DMORT), which is part of the National 
Disaster Medical Service (NDMS). He's been 
part of disaster recovery teams that identified 
remains after 9/11 in New York City and in 
the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 


Dr. Silver's interest in forensic dentistry 
began over a dozen years ago when he had a 
thriving orthodontic practice in Miami, FL. He 
took a forensic odontology class at the Armed 
Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) and began 
volunteering at the medical examiner's office 
in his spare time. 

When an investigator came to his 
orthodontic office seeking help to identify an 

accident victim, forensic dentistry became 
personal. Dr. Silver identified the person: it 
was his patient. 

"For me, it brought a personal attachment, 
a connection to a real live person that I knew," 
he said. 

When Dr. Silver retired from his practice 
in 1998, he began to forge an apprenticeship 
with Dr. Richard Souviron, the chief forensic 
odontologist at the Miami-Dade Medical 
Examiner's office. 

Dr. Silver plunged into forensic odontology; 
it wasn't long before he began speaking at 
various sheriff departments and medical 
examiner's offices, as well as teaching courses. 
He has even traveled to China to give a lecture 
to the Beijing Police Department about forensic 


Some of Dr. Silver's most interesting cases 
have involved photo identification and bite 
marks. With photo identification cases, the 
odontologist attempts to identify remains 
by looking at the teeth in a photograph. Bite 
mark cases are often criminal cases where an 
attacker or subject has received a bite, and 
the odontologist works to make a connection 
between the victim and the attacker, while 
also identifying the intensity of the bite. 

He especially finds it gratifying to be able to 
provide identifications for court cases where 
the person accused was found guilty. 

"It helps to bring about truth and some 
form of justice," he said. 

Although he enjoys his work as a forensic 
odontologist, he points out that it is primarily a 
volunteer position. He sees it as an opportunity 
to help those who have no way to repay the 

"I see it as a mitzvah, a blessing... when 
I work with the deceased. When you do a 
kindness for another person, they have the 
opportunity to thank you. But when you do 
something for the deceased, they have no 
way to thank you. You aren't doing it to get 


Surprisingly — or perhaps not — for someone 

14 The Archon | Fall 2009 

who deals with death all the time, Dr. Silver 
has a witty sense of humor. He stays vibrant 
by playing tennis three times a week and 
spending time outdoors boating and fishing. 

But even is if he is officially retired, he 
keeps adding accomplishments to the already 
long list, which includes being named Dentist 
of the Year in 1997 by the Florida Dental 

In 2007, Dr. Silver added a second 
"diplomate" to his credentials when he 
became a diplomate of the American Board 
of Forensic Odontology. He already is a 
longtime Diplomate of The American Board of 
Orthodontics, having become in 1962 one of 
the youngest to pass the ABO exam. When he 
took the odontology boards at age 78, he was 
the oldest person ever to pass that exam. 


In August 2001, he joined the Disaster 
Mortuary Operational Response Team, 
otherwise known as DMORT, which is part 
of the National Disaster Medical Service. One 
month later, the terrorism attack on the World 
Trade Center took place. 

"I went to New York to do dental 
identifications of the bodies. I was at the World 
Trade Center disaster for two weeks; that was 
all that they would let anyone be there, and 
that was enough for anyone," he said. 

Interestingly, Dr. Silver points out that the 
first 1,000 identifications made at Ground 
Zero were dental identifications, since it's the 
least expensive and fastest method, versus 
DNA testing which is much more expensive 
and time-consuming. He also explains that 
dentists are one of the most important parts of 
a medical examiner identification team. 

When Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Dr. 
Silver was called to duty again by DMORT to 
go to Mississippi and Louisiana. 

"It was a quite a different experience for 
Hurricane Katrina. When I was working in 
New York, you could separate yourself from 
Ground Zero, but with Katrina, 'ground zero' 
was everywhere. There was no way to escape. 
We were staying in tents or in hotels with no 
electricity, and working in refrigerated trailers 
all day long." 


After a decade of working together, Dr. 
Silver and co-worker Dr. Souviron have 
collaborated to write a book, Dental Autopsy. 
The book, published in June 2009, is a 
handbook for investigators, dental students, 
attorneys and medical examiners. It covers 
everything from crime scene intake to remains 
exhumation, plus teaching how to work with 

fresh, decomposed and skeletal remains. 

"We used the material from all of our 
experiences at the Miami-Dade Medical 
Examiner's office and the mass disasters that 
we've participated in," Dr. Silver said. "What 
we're trying to do is create a book that will 
help medical examiners and dental students 
to learn what dental autopsy is and what the 
responsibilities are for the dentist." 

Since many medical examiners do not have 
access to a forensic odontologist, Dr. Silver 
explained, they often have to take on those 
responsibilities. The book is written for a 
broad audience, using less technical terms. It 
shares how to identify teeth, resect the jaw 
and keep proper records for investigations. 


As for his future, Dr. Silver has his priorities 
in order. 

"I just had my 80th birthday, so my plans 
are to keep having birthdays," he said. "I want 
to keep doing what I am doing. I want to keep 
playing tennis, keep my good health and keep 
working with the medical examiner." 

He also plans on getting another boat, 
spending more time with his grandkids and 
starting work on the second edition of Dental 
Autopsy soon. 

He's proud of his family's legacy in 

"My father was among the early pioneer 
orthodontists in Boston who started practicing 
in the 1930s. I have his 50-year AAO (American 
Association of Orthodontics) pin right next to 
my 50-year AAO pin, so together we have 100 
years in the AAO." 

Now Dr. Silver is able to take that half a 
century of experience and help recreate a 
person's life. 

"As an orthodontist, you make lives better. 
With odontology, you recreate a person's life 
again, using the same basic dental skills. It's 
very rewarding," he said. "We can't bring a 
person back to life, but we can bring a life back 
to a person. That's what we're doing every 

The article above is abridged and reprinted by permission 
of the American Association of Orthodontists from the 
association's magazine, New Dimensions. 

For more information 
on Dr. William Silver's 
book on Dental 
Autopsy, go to 

The Archon j Fall 2009 15 


From Studio to Senate: 
One Man's Journey 

Senator Hansen Clarke 76 

By Judith Klein P'99, '08 

Michigan Democratic State Senator 
Hansen Clarke is pretty sure that 
people at Governor Dummer 
Academy had no idea that his arrival on 
campus in 1975 represented a quest for a 
second high school diploma as a second shot 
at a New England prep school. A few years 
earlier, he had left his home on the east side 
of Detroit to enter Phillips Exeter Academy, 
thanks to A Better Chance, 
a program for urban youth 
that has benefited such other 
luminaries as Governor Deval 
Patrick. But Clarke didn't like 
Exeter, didn't do well there, 
and didn't stay long. 

Instead, he returned to the 
public high school in his home 
city where he got bounced for 
poor attendance. That landed 
him for one last semester in 
an adult education program in 
order to obtain his first high 
school diploma. 

Somehow, the young man 
knew he wanted more. His 
experience at Exeter had 
given him a little East Coast 
savvy and a desire to attend 
college in the area. He knew that would take 
more than a diploma from an adult education 
program in Detroit. So he applied on his own 
to various New England prep schools. Though 
GDA accepted him, the school promised no 
financial aid. Not a penny. 

Since his mother, Thelma, an African 
American woman who was a school crossing 
guard turned domestic worker, barely earned 
forty dollars a week, and his father, a native 
of Bangladesh, had died when he was eight, 
Hansen's dream of attending GDA seemed 
more than elusive. That is, until his mother 
asked him, "Do you really want to go?" When 
he answered, "Yes!" she presented him with 
$5,000 she'd secretly saved from playing the 
illegal numbers in the neighborhood. That was 
just what he'd need to cover expenses at the 
Academy in 1975. 

This wasn't the first time that Thelma 
Clarke had provided opportunities for her 
son that were beyond her means. "When I 
was in third grade," the senator explains, "an 
observant teacher recognized my artistic ability 
and urged my mother Thelma to provide me 
with lessons. Private lessons were out of the 
question on a crossing guard's salary. However, 
being a resourceful person, my mother was 
able to arrange for the Detroit Institute of Arts 
to pay for the lessons through a grant." 

It should be noted that Hansen Clarke was 
known as Molik Hashim in those days. The 
change in name is just one of the developments 
in his life that he attributes, at least partially, 
to his days at GDA. It was at the Academy 
that Hansen first encountered the writings of 
Cardinal Newman. In retrospect, he feels that 
intellectual experience made him conscious 
of a transition in his heart from the Muslim 
tradition of his father to becoming a Catholic. 
That, and his desire to honor his mother's 
maiden name after her death in 1976, led to 
the adoption of the new name. 

From GDA, Hansen attended Cornell 
University on a full scholarship. The loss 
of his mother, however, caused feelings of 
rootlessness and he dropped out of college 
for a few years. "I felt that I was alone as a 
person," he explains. "I started a business, 
got swindled, ended up on public assistance. 
I was on my own at 19, without any parental 
assistance." Eventually, he pulled himself 
together and returned to Cornell where he 
completed a Bachelor's degree in fine arts. Yet, 
some of his priorities had veered away from 
his plan to be an artist. "While at Cornell," 
Clarke has written, "I was troubled by how few 
minorities there were on campus. Concerned 
that the university might be moving away 
from providing need-based scholarships to 
disadvantaged students, I decided to run for 
the student seat on the Cornell University 
Board of Trustees. By my senior year at 
Cornell, I decided to set aside my art to pursue 
a profession in law." 

Clarke then earned a law degree at 
Georgetown University. By the time he returned 
to Detroit a year after completing law school, 
Hansen was committed to trying to change his 

16 The Archon | Fall 2009 

old neighborhood and city, to become a force 
for good in a place that lost many of its young 
people to the evils of drugs and violence. "I am 
trying to save the city," he says. Too many of 
his neighborhood classmates and friends are 
now dead or in the prison system. He wants 
to "bring hope to people" that their world can 
be different. 

In Detroit, Clarke was elected three times to 
the Michigan House of Representatives before 
beating an incumbent in 2002 for a seat in the 
Michigan Senate. He was re-elected in 2006. 
Recently, Senator Hansen has fully realized 
the impact his days in South Byfield had on his 
life. "Thank God I went to Governor Dummer 
before my mother passed," he says. "It may 
have helped save my life. The key is that I had 
a positive experience there so it always stayed 
with me that things could be better for me." 
He notes with great appreciation the values 
and lessons in communicating he learned form 
Buster Navins and how they prepared him for 
everything in his life since then. "At Governor 
Dummer, I was able to develop an appreciation 
for learning," the senator explains. "All the 
skills I learned at the Academy I now use. As a 
politician, I need to analyze, be thoughtful, see 
all sides of an issue, work with people who are 
different from me. I got [those abilities] from 
Governor Dummer." 

Senator Clarke is currently devoting his 
efforts to restructuring the public school system 
in Detroit. Already, he sees great progress. 
The model he is promoting in the state senate 
mirrors what he experienced in South Byfield: 
small schools, small classes, close relationships 
between students and teachers, and an 
atmosphere that fully engages students. When 
asked by citizens of Detroit how he knows 
it will work, he replies, "Because I had it at 
Governor Dummer Academy." 

Some information for this article is reprinted with 

Capitol Building in Lansing, Michigan. 

l_j ■■iiiWifrrW 

ft* ,< *"ii*stewji 


The Academy Abroad 

It's one thing to talk about creating global citizens in an increasingly interconnected world. It's an entirely 
different thing to create an educational program that offers real-world global experiences in rural Honduras 
or on an African savannah; or that teaches a visiting scholar from China the difference between a squirrel 
and a chipmunk, neither of which she has ever seen. 

It's one thing to talk about an international study abroad experience, or, say, write a story about it in an 
alumni magazine. It's an entirely different thing to hear from these world travelers, in their own words, how 
to eat jellyfish with chopsticks or what it is like to see gratitude in the eyes of a child who can eat for days 
on the loose change one pulls from a pocket. 

Last spring, a group of students and faculty from The Governor's Academy embarked on trips to Kenya, 
Honduras and China to participate in formal student exchanges. English teacher Karen Gold and students 
Lindsay Mackay '10, Mary Morrissey '10, Grace Barlow '10 and Kelly Lavalee '10 traveled to China; Academic 
Dean Elaine White and students Vianca Figueroa '10 and Jennifer Migliore '10 spent time at the Zamorano 
School in Honduras; and Dr. Susan Oleszko, chair of the science department, and math teacher Mark Gerry, 
along with students Lyle Nelson '10, Jonathan Bird '10, Hanna Bird '10, and Molly Connors '10, traveled to 
Kenya. The two former groups compiled blogs while they were away. 

In Their Own Words 

March 9, 2009: Hello Shanghai 
Karen Gold, English faculty 

We met at Logan at 4:30 am, a good thing 
in that later that morning many flights out of 
Boston were cancelled due to snow. After a 
brief layover in Chicago, we boarded the plane 
that we would be on for the next 14 hours. 
Luckily we all had a seat between us, making 
if far easier to spread out and nap. And I read 
Twilight, the perfect distraction! 

Landing in Shanghai, I was stunned at 
the changes since I had been there twenty 
years before. The airport, though strangely 

empty, is sleek and modern. We were met by 
two English teachers, "Kevin" and "Harold" 
from the Pudong Foreign Language Institute. 
They loaded our suitcases into the school 
van, and off we went. Shanghai seems to be 
under construction with scaffolding and 
construction equipment lining the highways. 
And the traffic! A few of us held our breath as 
the driver weaved in and out of the seemingly 
unmarked lanes. 

Our school is located on the Pudong side 
of Shanghai. After settling in and having a 
quick tour of the campus, we headed into 

18 The Archon | Fall 2009 

downtown Shanghai for dinner with the 
school's headmaster. Course after course 
of Shanghai food arrived, ranging from an 
impressively large lobster to a delicious beef 
dish to less "typical" fare like water chestnuts 
in a chocolate sauce and jellyfish, especially 
daunting with the slippery chopsticks! 

March 10, 2009: Laughter Has No 

Language Barrier 

Elaine White, Academic Dean 

The plane erupted in applause after the 
hair-raising climb over the mountain and 
plunge into the valley to land on a patch of 
sand in Tegucigalpa. Jen thought we were 
going to die as the pilot vigorously applied the 
brakes to stop the aircraft. 

We were warmly welcomed at Zamorano, 
and Jen and Vianca quickly made friends 
with their lovely roommates. By dinner time 
everyone was laughing loudly, sharing stories, 
and poking fun at my very bad Spanish. 
Zamorano is absolutely beautiful, and we were 
lucky enough to see many of the different zones 
for plants, animals, and agriculture today. 
Everyone calls out greetings and is quick with 
a kiss and hug, even when greeting strangers 
like us! The food is different, and we are fast 
getting used to simply eating what is available. 
The comidor offers one entree, take it or leave 
it. The vegetables and fresh fruit are absolutely 
delicious - fresh from the university farm. 

March 11, 2009: Hola! (soy Jen)! 
Jennifer Migliore '10 

Honduras is amazing!! It is absolutely 
beautiful!! The mountains are so close and 
you can see them so clearly!! My roommate 
Natiala, or "Chappy," is so nice. Everybody 
here has "apodos" or nicknames and they are 
all very similar so it is very hard to remember 
at times. On Monday we did ganado de carne 
(meat and cattle). Vianca and I had to herd 
125 cows and take them from their stables to 
another stable that was very far away. We had 
to take them there so they could get injected 
and tested to see if they were pregnant. I got 
very good at yelling at the cows and hitting 
them from the behind with sticks. Today 
Vianca and I had a 20 minute walk to our 
work, but it was worth it. The people were so 
funny and we had a ball. Adios! 

March 13, 2009: And Mary is a Triplet... 
Karen Gold, English faculty 

The girls returned for their second day 
of calligraphy lessons with Teacher Ma, the 
dynamic Chinese Arts teacher. The girls' 
partners taught them how to write their names 
in Chinese. Toward the end of the session, 
Mr. Ma gave a demonstration; his students 
each held an end of a scroll, and he wrote an 
ancient poem in "mid -air" with no table or 
hard surface beneath. The room was hushed 
as he flew through his demonstration; he then 
presented it to me as a gift to our school. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 19 

After lunch, the girls and I gave a lecture in 
which I talked about the daily life of a Governor's 
student, college preparation and American 
classroom expectations. The highlight of the 
hour was the girls' presentations. Lindsay 
talked about her passion for dance and gave 
an en Pointe demonstration. Grace talked 
about her love for music, her experience in 
the school's orchestra and chorus and cross 
country. Mary got lots of oohs and ahhhs when 
she shared that she was a triplet. She and Kelly 
gave a lacrosse demonstration, a sport largely 
unfamiliar to China. 

March 18, 2009: To Suzhou 
Karen Gold, English faculty 

There is a famous Chinese saying, "Above, 
there is heaven. On earth, there is Hangzhou 
and Suzhou." Harold, the girls and I left 
for the three-hour trip to Hangzhou early 
yesterday morning. Hangzhou centers around 
beautiful West Lake, the inspiration of many 
ancient Chinese poems and paintings. We saw 
historical pagodas, a flower-filled park, fish 
filled ponds, willow trees as well as the natural 
beauty of the mountains that surround the 
lake on three sides. 

We spent most of the morning at the 
breathtaking Liying Temple, or The Temple of 
the Soul's Retreat. This is a beautiful Buddhist 
monastery, one of the largest and evidently 
wealthiest in China. We began at Feilai Feng, 
also commonly translated as "Flying Peak", a 
limestone mountain within which we found 

grottos filled with carvings of the Buddha 
in the walls. Young monks in yellow robes 
roamed throughout the grounds. In many 
ways, it was other worldly - calm, green and 
tranquil in comparison to the bustling, urban 

March 19, 2009: The Children of 


Elaine White, Academic Dean 

Jen and Vianca began the day by visiting 
the Alison Stone Bixby School where I have 
been working. The older girls had all kinds of 
questions about Vianca; I think they had the 
sense that she is Honduran. Once we confirmed 
their suspicions, these little fifth and sixth 
grade girls smiled knowingly and said, "That 
is because she is so pretty. Hondurans are the 
prettiest, you know." 

We took a ride with Ms. Barbara and Mr. 
John (head of school and her husband) to a 
small mountain village with a one-room school 
that employs one teacher for 35 students from 
kindergarten through sixth grade. They have 
few supplies, and were happy to see the lot of 
markers, crayons, colored pencils, notebooks 
and books that we had with us. 

We ended our day at the orphanage, El 
Camino de Jovenes, which is translated poorly 
to "Children in the Way." I guess one could 
call it a "Freudian slip" in translation. Once 
we arrived, the boys at the orphanage quickly 
dove into the goodies that we had brought. 
It did not take long before we had little ones 

20 The Archon I Fall 2009 

on our lap and were reading or counting as 
someone jumped rope. 

We really enjoyed the day and it was a 
"feel good" experience for us to spread a little 
generosity around. We are discussing how best 
to use our remaining funds to help the children 
of the school and the orphanage. It doesn't feel 
right to simply leave. 

March 22, 2009: GDA around the Globe 
Karen Gold, English faculty 

On Saturday I managed to connect with 
Danielle Dillihunt and Hassan Sully, GDA 
alumni who are now studying in Shanghai 
through Pepperdine University. They've been 
here since August and have had the opportunity 
to study Chinese, history, economics and 
humanities with professors from the highly 
acclaimed Fudan University. I was thrilled to 
be able to spend some time with them. 

Sunday morning, I met Mrs. Zhuang, the 
school's headmistress; she was accompanied 
by her friend and her friend's 13-year-old son, 
who is passionate, dare I say obsessive, about 
the NBA. "I am mad about the NBA! Maybe 
I know more about it than Americans!" he 
claimed. He told me that he and his friends are 
"surfing the net" every opportunity they have 
to check on their favorite teams. His favorite: 
the Celtics! 

March 23, 2009: Thoughts of Home 
Karen Gold, English faculty 

The days are winding down. I can see that 
the girls are shifting toward home, too. My 
experience with traveling abroad is that the 
first two weeks are a "honeymoon" period, 
everything is new and exciting. Week three 
tends to be different as thoughts of hamburgers 
or coffee loom large! 

Tuesday evening was one of our favorites of 
the trip. Michael Wong picked us up at school 
and took us to meet his wife Annie and Dan 
Morgan, a GDA alum and Trustee. Michael 
and Annie's children, Jen Wong '04 and Simon 
Sun '08, are also alumni. We had dinner on the 
45th floor of the revolving restaurant at the 
Radisson Hotel that provides a breathtaking 
panoramic view of Shanghai. Michael and 
Dan were in many ways the visionaries for 
this exchange program, finding the school 
and helping to make arrangements. The girls 
regaled them with tales of their adventures. It 
was a special evening. 

March 23, 2009: Homeward Bound 
Jennifer Migliore '10 

Hola! I am going to leave Honduras in 
about an hour! My time here has been amazing 
and I will treasure it for the rest of my life! 

Honduras is most definitely not Saugus, but I 
love it just as much! 

Things I will miss about Honduras: 

1. Dancing (I danced so much here — and 
learned the Punta, Salsa, Marengue) ! 

2. On cleaning days, getting to ride on 
a polishing carpet for the floors; the girls 
would pull me on the carpet down the hall 
it was a lot of fun. 

3. Espresso Americano (the Dunkin Donuts 
of Honduras) 

4. Coke in glass bottles 

5. Riding in the back of trucks 

6. Mr. John and Ms. Barbara and all the 
faculty and children at ABBS 

7. Playing softball with the "guys" (Yes, only 
guys play softball in Honduras. I taught 
them a thing or two!) 

8. The crazy nicknames (I got one "asesina," 
which means killer, because I injected Juan 
the instructor with the shot for the pigs by 
accident and he pretended to die on me!) 

9. Liberrock (kind of like the Guild) and 
Fiesta de Semaforo (a dance where you 
either wear red, green or yellow) 

10. The people (THE NICEST AND 

March 26, 2009: Our Last Day 
Karen Gold, English faculty 

The Chinese students threw a farewell party 
for us last night, held in a large function room 
where tables were set up in a horseshoe. At 
each seat, there was some candy and a drink. 
A student performed a hip-hop dance while 
another sang "When You're Gone" by Avril 
Lavigne! Pictures were taken, email addresses 
exchanged as the evening came to an end. 

When I left China twenty years ago, I knew 
that it was unlikely that I'd ever see my Chinese 
friends again. This is a new generation, 
however, as many of these young people have 
already traveled outside of China, so it is more 
than possible that these new friends will see 
each other again. 

International students have also traveled to 
By field, including a quartet of Chinese scholars 
who spent several weeks at The Governor's 
Academy in October (see photo page 23). 
The Governor's Academy is currently 
negotiating with leaders in South Africa and 
the Navajo Nation in Arizona to create similar 
exchange programs; expanding study abroad 
opportunities; and seeking new ways to use Skype 
and other technology to connect classrooms 
around the globe. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 21 


Celebrating the Fourth of July 

By Annie Quigley '10 

Photos by Annie Quigley. 

On the morning of June 28, 2009, at 6:30 am, 
Honduran soldiers stormed the home of their 
President, kidnapped him in his bedclothes, 
and sent him out of the country in a military- 
led coup d'etat. At 5:30 the same morning, 
I rolled out of bed at the rural Honduran 
orphanage where I'd been living and headed 
into the capital. 

For ten days, my sister and I had worked 
at the orphanage, eaten, spoken Spanish, and 
photographed. We went there hoping to affect 
the lives of others, and, as expected, spent 
the first several days working in the kitchen, 
on the farm, and spending time with the 
vibrant and loving children. On Wednesday, 
just when we had adjusted to the pattern of 
life at the orphanage, the tarantulas in our 
bathroom, and traveler's sickness, news spread 
of demonstrations in the streets on Sunday, the 
day we were scheduled to fly out. 

My sister Kelsey spent that afternoon at the 
orphanage holding her computer at angles to 
access any glimpse of an internet connection. 
We emailed the embassy and family at home, 
and they contacted the State Department 
and our embassy in Honduras. Most online 
news reports were vague, saying things like, 
"There may be a coup d'etat, but there may be 
nothing". The most dire warning we'd read was 
a mere suggestion from the State Department 
that Americans should probably refrain from 
booking flights to Tegucigalpa. Word at the 
orphanage was that it was all just hype: "Pan 
comida," the orphanage workers told us, 
waving off our concern with their expression 
for "piece of cake". And so, somewhat at ease, 
we went about our normal Saturday, visiting 
the orphanage preschool, eating beans, making 
tortillas, and drawing in the babies' house. 

That night, only twelve hours before our 
scheduled flight, Kelsey and I sat hunched over 
her laptop. The news, suddenly, had turned 
far worse: violence predicted in the streets of 
Tegucigalpa, riots, flights cancelled. The office 

of Senator John Kerry, chair of the Senate 
Foreign Relations Committee, advised that the 
airport would be a safe haven if we could get 
there before the opening of the polls at 7:00 the 
next morning. So, sick with worry, we awoke 
with the sun after a restless night's sleep, piled 
into the orphanage's tiny run-down truck, and 
headed into the eye of the storm. 

Surprisingly, we made it into the city without 
a hitch. No traffic or roadblocks clogged the 
single-lane, dirt highway, and at 6:30 am, we 
sat in the airport, drinking a celebratory cup of 
coffee and writing in our journals. 

Pan comida. We were going to make it out. 

A deep rumble, growing louder, startled me 
from my writing. It shook the glass in the wall 
across from me; looking up, I noticed fighter 
jets and helicopters circling low over the street. 
Travelers and workers stopped on the sidewalk 
to look, shielding their eyes from the rising 
Honduran sun. To my right, a news report 
flashed on a TV, live footage showing soldiers 
and tanks outside the airport walls. Electricity 
and phone lines all over the city were cut; 
soon, almost every flight would be cancelled. 
Americans flooded the airport as guards with 
shotguns lined the walls. Bit by bit, we learned 
that the President was being held in the 
building just feet from the airport. The next 
few hours were a blur: we gathered information 
from reporters, airline workers, and American 
groups, got as far inside the airport as we could, 
and waited. Then, as rapidly as the crisis had 
developed, we were rushed onto a plane, the 
only flight not cancelled. In seconds, we were 
safe, the wheels of our plane lifting from a land 
whose government and way of life had been 
overturned in a matter of hours. I felt that I 
could begin to breathe again. 

Six days later, back home in Maine, I sat on a 
curb with my mom and watched the children's 
Fourth of July parade go by. That night, my 
cousin and I watched fireworks explode from 
the backseat of my car, my sister made Maine 
blueberry pie, and my dad manned the sparklers 
on the patio, all as usual. I couldn't help but 
think, though, as I celebrated another year of 
political stability in the U.S., of those I'd left 
in Honduras: of Karla, the five-year-old who'd 
asked me to adopt her; of Reina in the tortilla 
house, making thousands each day; of the man 
at the shoe-shining station in the airport. I'd 
gone to Honduras hoping to influence their 
lives, yet, that Fourth of July, it was their faces 
that I couldn't get out of my mind. - AQ 

22 The Archon | Fall 2009 


Visiting scholars from China adopted the names Wendy, Kathy, Angela and Amy during their three-week stay. 

Photo by Linda Haas. 

Out of Africa, March 2009 

Lyle Nelson, Molly Conners, Alvin Ndege, Hanna Bird, Jonathan Bird, 
and Nicholas Ndege, the Kenyan instructor. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 23 

With your help everything -\ 

Please support the Annual Fund. (SI 

'i ;,..„.: ,; 

Make a gift at 

Our motto 'non slbi sed aliis' captures the core of 
our purpose: 'not for self but for others'. Thinking 
beyond ourselves, daring to dream and celebrating 

the gift of opportunity have been constant themes of 

The Academy since 1763. 

- Headmaster Peter W. Bragdon, 1984 



Stronger th<|n the proud l^afl^ings, wider 


•t .,'*-■"; ' 

than the broad expanse of playing fields... an 
^fffecational institution of the first magnitude. 


mmm mm nmm 


,. : i 

' -»■•'-. 

^;^= l^kdmaster JobQ W. "Jack"Ragle, 1963 


Only the maintenance of ready communications 
among faculty and students, their sharing of 
ideas and experience within such courses and 
programs, can make the educational process 
truly productive. '* 
- Headmaster Val Wilkie, 1969 

The result is an education that is as 
innovative and alive as. the twenty-first 
century and as valuable as the lessons 
taught by Reverend Samuel Moody in 

^ne;;ortginal Little Red School House 
246 years ago. 
- Headmaster Marty Doggett, 2009 

For more information, please contact Ellen Oliver at (978) 499-3256, 

24 The ArchonjFall 2009 

CM II lUdl I dUUI I 


"e have all come into, but not yet through an epic 

storm. The dust will take some time to settle as 

we adjust to the new reality of a very different 

economy. No family and no institution have been unscathed 

in this downturn, and The Governor's Academy family is 

certainly no exception. 

The central responsibility of our Board of Trustees is to 
position The Academy in such a way that its financial stability 
can be assured well into the future. This encompasses careful 
budgeting, disciplined cost control, good plant maintenance, 
and fund raising success. This year's (35 th consecutive) 
balanced budget is testament to the fact that in good times and 
bad, sound management practices pay off. 
The Board of Trustees and administration have done other things in recent years to position 
the school for its future. Academic program innovation has always been part of the faculty's 
forward planning. Our unique location near the Great Atlantic Salt Marsh provides the science 
program with an opportunity to create a signature course of study. An increasing exposure to 
national and international issues has at its root our Headmaster's desire to prepare our students 
to act responsibly on a larger global stage. 

Further, in an effort to get our message out in a larger marketing context, the name change 
initiative together with significant new outreach in the admissions and alumni offices have 
resulted in historically strong enrollment numbers in spite of the downturn in the economy. 
More states and countries are represented by our students on campus this year because of this 
comprehensive strategy embraced by all departments within our school. In other words, in its 
long range plan the Board of Trustees anticipated a tougher market for our type of school, and 
implemented a course of action so we would be ready when the downturn hit. 

Finally, there are two groups who make this school the source of enormous pride for all who 
are connected with it: the faculty and staff, and our vast corps of volunteers. There is nothing so 
pleasing than to see all oars pulling in unison, and we can all feel reassured that with dedicated 
teachers and staff along with tremendous support from alumni and parents, The Governor's 
Academy is well positioned to face the future. As Churchill said in an earlier tormented time: 
"Let us move forward steadfastly together into the storm and through the storm." 


Jeff Gordon '69 

President, Board of Trustees 

The Archon | Fall 2009 25 

The Honor Roll of Donors 

The Governor's Academy 
wishes to thank the alumni 
and alumnae, parents and 
friends who generously con- 
tributed to the Academy in 
2008-2009. Gifts to the Annual 
Fund promote the continua- 
tion of a strong tradition at 
the Academy. 

Alumni and Alumnae, 
parents and friends who 
contribute $500 or more to 
The Governor's Academy are 
recognized as leadership do- 
nors, and qualify for member- 
ship in one of the Academy's 
seven leadership societies. 
Graduates of the Last Decade 
(GOLD) qualify as leadership 
donors with gifts of $100 or 
more while young college 
undergraduates qualify with a 
gift of any amount. 

The 1763 Society 
In grateful appreciation to 
these alumni/ae, parents, and 
friends who gave $50,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

Robert M. '67 and Anne Bass 
Hyung Suck Chai and Mi Kyung Hong 

Friends of Governor's Academy 
Richard Winckel '41 Trust 

The Milestone Society 
In grateful appreciation to 
these alumni/ae, parents, and 
friends who gave $25,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

Jonathan and Elysia Doyle P'08'09,TR 
Woo Sung Lim and Sun Hee Chung 

Paul and Wendy McKeon P'1 0, TR 
Carrie W. Penner '88 
James 72 and Polly Pierce P'08, TR 
The Walton Family Foundation 

The William Dummer Society 
In grateful appreciation to 
these alumni/ae, parents and 
friends who gave $10,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

R. Macdonald Barnes '67 
Christopher C. Beebe '55, TR 

/illiam and Nina Binnie P'10'11 

Sherwood and Ellie Blake P'73'79 

Margarita Blanter and Alex Alexey- 

enko P'09 
Taylor and Willa Bodman 
William '80 and Joanne Brine P'09 
Donald Carter P'03 
Dong Suck Chai and Jung Eun Lee 

Christopher and Lisa Collins P'07'10. 

Michael and Peggy Curran P'02'04 
Anthony and Stacey DiCroce P'09 
Elizabeth Cabot Lyman Trust 
John and Jan Fitzpatrick P'09 
Steve and Beverly Giblin P'04'05,TR 
Richard and Katherine Goglia P'04'10 
Jeffrey L. Gordon '69, TR 
Brian and Kathy Hines P'08'09'12,TR 
Richard and Nancy Kelleher P'99'01, 

Kelleher Family Charitable Trust 
Hongjoo and Hwai Lan Lee P'09 
Paul and Sandra Montrone P'82'87 
Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan P'97'02, 

Thomas Otis '49 

Robert 73 and Sherilyn Phillips P'03 
Gary and Jill Rogers P'04'07, TR 
Henry Rosen 79 
Robert '40 and Marilyn Schumann 

P'66'74, GP'03 
Humphrey '42 and Rosalie Simson 

Stephen and Karen Swensrud 

The Sidney A. Swensrud Foundation 
C. Thomas Tenney '69 
Bruce Turner '83, TR 
S. Robson Walton P'88 

The Governor's Society 
In grateful appreciation to 
these alumni/ae, parents and 
friends who gave $5,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

William '67 and Joni Alfond, TR 

The William Alfond Foundation 

John Blau '87 

April Bodman 

Charles C. Bowen '50 

Brian and Diane Cahill P'09'11 

Frank and Penelope Cieri P'09 

Jay Cooke '64 

Andrew Cotreau and Dyane Mini- 

Charles A. Davis '67 
Howard and Sherry Davis P'12 

Henry 70 and Cathy Eaton P'03'08,TR 

Eaton Foundation 

Elizabeth Farrell '84 

Orrie* and Laurel Friedman P'84 

Michael '83 and Deirdre George 

Paul and Lauren Gudonis P'03,TR 
The Julien Hess Lifetime Trust 
David M. Hicks '54 
The Hicks Charitable Foundation 
The Highland Street Foundation 
Crosby Hitchcock '43 
P. Scott Holloway '82 
Dennis and Teresa Jenson P'1 1 
Stephen '62 and Marie-Louise Kasnet 

Kasnet Family Foundation 
Caroline Kelleher '99 
Matthew Lee '01, TR 
Joseph and Erika Leone P'09'12 
David and Donna McGrath P'09 
Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis P'02'03'06, 

William S. McPhee '62 
Thomas M. Mercer, Jr. '61 , TR 
Richard A. Nielsen '55 
The Nielsen Family Foundation 
James and Patricia O'Conor P'1 2 
John O'Leary '69 
William O'Leary 73 
Robert and Carol Pease P'1 1 
Haskell Rhett '54, TR 
James '68 and Susan Rudolph 

Steven 74 and Eileen Shapiro P'09, 

Peter Sherwood and Sarah Merck 

Richard Snowdon '61 
Christopher Swenson '82 
C.Thomas '39 and Eunice Tenney 

James Waugh '44 
Roger and Carla Williams P'10 
Arnold S.Wood Jr. '60 

The Master Moody Society 
In grateful appreciation to 
these alumni/ae, parents and 
friends who gave $2,500 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

Nathalie Ames '85, TR 
Nancy Angell P'1 1 
Robert and Patricia Bogart P'12'12 
William and Tamie Burke P'1 1 
James and Ceann Carney P'07 
Michael and Mary Jo Cavarretta P'1 2 
Frank and Penny Cieri P'09'1 3 

Anthony J. Cohen '91 

Mark and Joanna Connors P'06'10 

Peter and Wendy 79 Cowie, P'1 2, TR 

William and Ann DiFrancesco P'10 

Daniel and Corinne Doherty P'10 

Christen D'Orio '88, TR 

Thomas and Susan Durkin P'08'09 

Timothy and Liz Durkin P'07'1 1 

Fidelity Investments 

Nancy Frattaroli P'06'1 1 

David Hanlon '88 

Harold and Kathy Hansen P'09 

Robert and Pauline Haran P'08'09'12 

Steven and Sara Harrold P'10 

Henry Hornblower Foundation 

Hurdle Hill Foundation 

Stanley and Laurie Jacobs P'09'1 1 

Edward and Holly Jenkins P'1 1 

Thomas P. Jones III '60 

Hong Seop Kim and Yun Jeong Lee 

Joon Hee Kim and Mee Sung Rhy 

P'1 2 
SangTae Kim and Sun-Jin Lee P'1 2 
Edward and Jill Kutchin P'1 1 
Young Oh Kwon and Ji Min Lee 

Sand Seon P'1 2 and Jeong Wook 

Chong Suk Lee and Myung Hee Kim 

P'1 1 
Jonghyun Lee and Jieun Jung P'10 
Sang Kyung Lee and Won Jung Han 

Wilhelm Merck P'10 
Thomas and Catherine Metcalf P'09 
Joshua '69 and Mary Miner P'96'98 
Morgan-Worcester, Inc. 
James and Kristen Mullin P'10'12 
Brian H. Noyes 76, TR 
William and Susan O'Brien P'1 2 
Colleen O'Neal P'09 
The Oxford League, Inc. 
Wei Xian Pan and Feng Xiaoying P'1 1 
David 77 and Michelle Phippen P'10 
Chris and Sheryl Poole P'10'11 
The Grace Jones Richardson Trust 
Peter L. Richardson 71 
Thomas and Jane Riley P'09 
Amos and Catherine Rogers P'10'12 
Kwang Hyun Ryu and Won Mi Kim 

George and Coreen Scharfe 

Jonathan S. Shafmaster '63, P'90 
Oleg Sivov and Nadezda Persinina 

Perry M. Smith 76 
Peter Starosta '81 

26 The Archon | Fall 2009 

Norman and Robyn Stavis P'05'07'09 

Andrew J. Sterge 77 

Howard Stirn '41 

David and Elizabeth Wadman P'1 0'1 1 

Mark and EveWhiston.TR 

Nathan '58 and June Withington 

John and Laura Wolfe P'08'10 

The Headmaster's Society 
In grateful appreciation to 
these alumni/ae, parents and 
friends who gave $1,000 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

David Agger '83 

Peter Alfond '71 

Mrs. William B. Ardiff AW, '55'58 

Andrew C. Bailey '40 

Barclays Capital 

Robert and Denise Basow P'1 1 

Philip and Elisabeth Benfey P'10'1 1 

Joseph Benson '80 

Brian Bernier and Marcia Strouss 

Carl A. Berntsen '68 
Boston Red Sox Foundation 
Peter and Dorothy Bragdon 
Norman G. Brown '47 
James Cambece P'1 1 
John C. Canepa '49 
Lawrence and Sally Carlson P'08 
Cheng-Ho Chang and Chieh-Yun 

Wong P'1 1 
Peter Conway '72 
Robert O. Coulter '49 
Colin P. Cross '74 
Daniel C. Cross '81 
Douglas '67 and Linda Curtis P'97 
Robert and Patricia Dempsey P'04 
Frank S. Dickerson III '57 
Marty and Patty Doggett 

Steven and Sandy Dunstan P'09 
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation 
The Ellsworth Foundation 
David H. Ellsworth '48 
Ronald and Piamarie Feldman P'1 1 
Donato Frattaroli P'06'11 
Robert and Shirley French P'76, GP'09 
Mirick Friend '59 
Frontier Capital Management 
Gannett, Welsh & Kotter LLC 
Joseph and Gay Gardner P'09 
The Gardner Family Charitable 

Jessica A. Gould '85 
Bart and Leslie Grenier P'1 1 
Tamara T. Grenier P'1 1 
Robert Guberman P'1 1 

Thomas and Karen Guidi P'07 
Donald R. Hayes, Jr. '68 
John Hellerman '89 
Roland Henneberger and Louisa 

Mackintosh P'07'10 
John A. Henry '56 

Michael and Marie Hoffman P'08'1 1 
Thomas and Mollie Hoopes P'09'12 
Cyrus W. Hoover '62 
Michael and Michelle Howard P'1 
Richard Huang and Vivian Hsieh P'1 1 
Tom and Mary Hyndman GP'04'07'08 
John 70 and Jamie James P'04 
Brian and Paula Jerome P'1 
Ralph Johnson '64 
Johnson Lumber Company 
E. William '49 and Consuelo Judson 

Harry J. Kangis '68 
William and Lori Kavanagh P'09 
Kenwood Foundation 
Michael and Valerie King P'09 
Robert Kirkwood '58 
Douglas and Susan Kline P'1 1 
James Knott '47 
John and Polly Knowles 
Joseph and Susan Lang P'03'05'07'1 1 
Thomas Larsen '54 
J. Andrew Leonard II '66 
Stuart and Donna Levenson P'1 2 
Lombardi Oil Co. 
Daniel C. Look '68 
Chapman Mayo '82 
McConn Communications 
William McDonough GP'11 
Walter L. McGill '43 
George E. McGregor, Jr. '51 
David and Sherri McKay P'1 2'1 3 
Barry Miller 75 
Dolly O. Miller P'02'04 
James Monroe '41 
Anna and James Monroe Fund of 

Greater Cincinnati 
Keith and Mary Ellen Moores 

Timothy and Cindy Moran P'07 
Paul '41 and Nancy Morgan P'67, 

Stephen L Morison P'88'10 
J. Jeffcott Ogden 76 
John Pates '69 
Jennifer Pechet '84 
John Perrigo '84 
Richard '38 and Susanne Phippen 

Jeffrey and Carmen Pope P'08 
Spencer Purinton 75 
Quaker Hill Foundation 
Peter H.Quimby '85, TR 
Mark and Gaylyn Reilly P'1 1 

Robert M. Rex '53 

William '50 and Judy Rex P'73 

Donald N. Rice '52 

Peter and Wendy Richardson P'12'12 

S. Robert '60 and Paula Rimer P'94'10 

John D. Roach '87 

Marjory Robertson P'1 2 

Jeffrey and Elisabeth Robinson 

Alger and Souci Rollins 
Joan Ross P'OO 
Lewis Rumford III '67 
Richard and Nancy Russell P'89'95 
Michael Sapuppo 75 
Richard and Susan Savage 
Aaron '96 and Elizabeth Sells '01, TR 
William 71 and Marcy Shack P'06 
Kevin and Patricia Shea P'1 2 
Kenneth and Bernadette Shedosky 

Cabot and Tracey Smith P'1 
Frederick M. Smith '52 
Amy A. Spellman '92 
State Street Bank & Trust 
Robert and Janet Stevens P'1 2 
Henry and Terry Souminen P'1 1 
Jeffrey P. Taft '85 
Robert and CyndyTallett P'1 1 
Peter Tarr and Gail Nelson P'06 
Brent A. Tingle '84 
Francis and Lisa Toomey P'1 0'1 1 
George '50 and Benson Tulloch P'77 
Charles and Robin Uglietto P'1 1 
Abbot W.Vose '60 
Patricia Watts GP'09 
Jeffrey and Marion Webster P'08'09 
Josiah '47 and Donna Welch P'80'83 
Peter and Sally Wells P'1 '1 2 
Albert B.Wende '55 
Marc White and Stephanie Andrews 

P'09, TR 
Frank and Maureen Wilkens P'95 
John and Corinne Wilkinson P'10 
Sarah B.Willeman '99, TR 
Williams Company 
Charles C.Windisch '52 
Kenneth P. Wolf '59 
Michael Wong and Anning Ye P'04'08 
Albert LWyer '44 
Wai Man and Brenda Yuen P'1 1 

The Catherine Dudley 
Dummer Society 
In grateful appreciation to 
these alumni/ae, parents and 
friends who gave $500 or 
more to the Annual Fund. 

Peter Arnold, Jr. 74 

Sideris D. Baer '66 

Bank of America 

Richard J. Bates 72 

John and Heidi Baxter P'1 2 

Preston Beach '89 

Samuel T. Blatchford '85 

Frederick P. Bowden III '52 

Richard M. Brayton '67 

Benjamin '43 and Anne Brewster P'68 

John T. Brickson '61 

Donald P. Bullock '53 

Kimberlee G. Burgess '84 

Peter T.Butler '62 

William W.Capel '59 

Maurice and Lisa Caruso P'09'1 1 

Leonard and Ursula Ceglarski 

Alfred Cerrone P'1 2 
Sudarshan and Jodi Chatterjee P'10 
Wei-Ting Chen '02 
Peter D. Condon '82 
Robert B. Conklin '56 
Timothy and Denise Conry P'1 2 
Joseph and Teresa Correnti P'09 
George W. Cowles '53 
David W. Critics '81 
Aristotle and Fran Damianos P'1 2 
JohnW. Deering '47 
Delande Supply Company 
Robert C. DeLena '87 
James and Katharine Dickerson P'10 
Nell Dickerson GP'10 
Carolyn J. DiGiammo '92 
Joseph R. DiNanno '84 
Peter '69 and Susie Dorsey P'08 
Stephen and Edith Dubord P'01'02'06 
William 72 and Brenda Duryea P'1 2 
Brett E. Engel '84 
John P. English '28 
Parker B. Field III '53 
Steven 76 and Deb French P'09 
Howard and Naomi Gardner P'85 
Anthony R. Gerard '67 
David '41 and Elizabeth Goodhart 

Robert and Judy Gore P'95'97 
Gorton's of Gloucester 
John and Debra Gould P'1 1 
Stanley Greenberg '67 
A. John Gregg '65 
Jennifer A. Griffin '87 
N. Matthew Grossman '52 
Richard A. Guenther 71 
John Hancock Funds LLC 
Nicole D. Harding '86 
Jeffrey R. Harris '67 
James J. Healy '56 
David R. Hershey '50 
Benjamin and Lexi Hoffman P'1 2 
A.C. Hubbard '55 

The Archon | Fall 2009 27 

Robert L. Jaffe 70 

David S. Kagan '85 

Phillip S. Kan '65 

Michael W. Kaplan 71 

Damon K. Kinzie '88 

Frank R. Kitchell '35 

Landscape Planners, Inc. 

Henry and Penny Lapham P'83'86 

John and JoAnn Lapoint P'1 1 

Andrew D. Lappin 72 

Charles B. Lamed '82 

Edmund C. Lattime '69 

Daniel L. Leary'55, P'88 

Lester and Robyn Lee P'01 

James I. Leighton 74 

Harold 0. Leinbach '43 

Randal and Cynthia Lilly P'05'07'11 

George M. Lord '39 

Robert '40* and Thelma Lyle P'69, 

Sean Mahoney '85 
Michael Markos P'94 
Craig D. McConnell 75 
William and Kathy McDonough P'1 1 
R. Neal and Nina McElroy 76 
Hugh and Marianne McGraw 
Jason '89 and Kara '88 McLoy, TR 
Timothy and Mindy McMahon P'1 1 
James H. McManus '50 
Timothy W.McNally '62 
Howard D. Medwed '59 
Michael A. Menyhart'81 
Anne Minster P'78'80 
William R. Moore, Jr. '51 
Robert L. Morrell '43 
Eugene J. Morrissey '64 
Michael K. Mulligan 71 
John M. Nash '54 
Roy C. Nash '59 
Todd M. O'Brien '88 
Randy Tye O'Brien 79 
John F. O'Dea '64 
George Q. Packard, Jr. '52 

D. Christopher Page '68 
John and Kerry Pattie P'1 2 
William R.Plumer '53 
PNC Foundation 

Marie C. Polcari 73 

Seward E. Pomeroy '42 

John and Nancy Pope P'10 

A. Gordon Price '49 

Matthew and Nicole Prunier '94 

H. Reid Pugh II '67 


Matthew H. Remis '92 

Justin E. Rivera '94 

E. Stephen Robinson '68 

Evan and Suzanne Rochman P'1 1 
Brian W. Rodgers '90 
Amy P. Shafmaster '90 

James B. Shay '68 

Kimberly G. Shift '87 

Steven and Martha Shuster P'01 

Gardner P. Sisk '67 

J. Hale Smith '68 

Phil 73 and Winnie Smith P'08 

Phillip T.Smith '53 

Brian and Patricia Sommers P'1 2 

Steven L. Sterman 79 

Joseph Story '67 


Ete Szuts and Susan Oleszko-Szuts 

Henry L. Terrie III '69 
Peter C. Thomas '64 
Widgery Thomas '43 
TMS Architects 

Spiros and Anna Tourkakis P'1 2 
Evan M.Trent '98 
Bowen H.Tucker '55 
Uptack Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 
Richard and Heidi Vancisin P'05'06 
Gerard G.Vaughan '54 
Samuel W.Wakeman '61 
Nancy Weinstein P'05 
John C.Wells '36 
Andrew and Karen Willemsen P'1 1 
William and Mary Willis P'07'10 
Windover Construction, Inc. 
Gordon and LoriWirth P'1 1 
Robert L Wise '64 
Benjamin T.Wright '40 
Michael S.Yeagley '90 
William and Eileen York P'1 1 

The Lieutenant Governor 


In grateful appreciation to 

these graduates of the Last 

Decade who gave $100 or 

more to the Annual Fund (the 

GOLD graduates). 

Peter S. Aloisi '00 
Sean T. Andrews '08 
Nino D. Balestrieri '01 
Brandon A. Bates '03 
Emily E. Block '03 
Marc I. Borden '03 
Rossli C. Chace '06 
Wei-Ting Chen '02 
Elizabeth W. Cieri '09 
Tyler O. Collins '03 
Justin F. Conway '01 
Alexandra S. Cotreau '06 
ZacharyA. Cotreau '06 
Courtney N. Dampolo '08 
Christoher G. DeLisle '01 

Patrick R. Dempsey '04 
Rachelle E.Dennis '02 
Francis J. Donovan '06 
George M. Dorsey '08 
Laura E. Ellison '03 
Naomi V. Fink '99 
Kathleen A. Glynn '04 
DariaC. Grayer '00, TR 
Jordan J. Harband '01 
Caroline F. Kelleher '99 
Kaitlin M. Lang '03 
Daniel G. Lee III '01 
Matthew R.Lee '01, TR 
John F. Leonard '03 
Mark R. McDonnell '00 
Benjamin C. Mitchell '01 
Alexandra L. Moran '07 
Paul R. Morgan '02 
James M. Morrissey '02 
Marienna H. Murch '02 
Joann C. Nguyen '99 
Michael D. O'Neill '03 
Jefferson T.Phillips '03 
Angela L. Rappoli '03 
Robert P. Rudolph '05 
Laura E. Rushford '07 
Jason M. Salony '00 
Eve R. Seamans '00 
Emily G. Sears '00 
Elizabeth S. Sells '01 
John C. Shuster '01 
Jonathan B. Spector '99 
Mathew M. Steir '03 
Laura K. Sullivan '07 
Stephen Triendl '99 
Sarah B.Willeman '99, TR 

The College Club 
In grateful appreciation to 
these college undergraduates 
who gave to the Annual Fund. 

Ana S. Almeyda-Cohen '07 
Nicholas H.AImy '05 
Sean T. Andrews '08 
Cameron W.Archibald '06 
Steven P. Barton '08 
Rossli C. Chace '06 
Anne L. dayman '08 
Camila A. Connolly '08 
Erin C. Connors '06 
Taylor A. Cook '07 
Alexandra S. Cotreau '06 
ZacharyA. Cotreau '06 
Caroline J. Cushman '08 
Courtney N. Dampolo '08 
Brian A. Day '07 
David E. Doggett '08 
Colin J. Doggett '08 

Daniel H. Doggett '07 
Francis J. Donovan '06 
George M. Dorsey '08 
Frederick W. Durkin '07 
Thomas H. Durkin '08 
Lauren E. Guidi '07 
Elizabeth C. Guyton '06 
James B. Haran '08 
Thomas K. Hines '08 
Kelsey E. Johnson '05 
Thomas F. Lampert '08 
Timothy J. Lang '05 
Robert D. Linskey '07 
Daniel A. Lundquist '06 
Alexandra J. McLain '07 
Alexandra L. Moran '07 
Colin J. O'Rourke '05 
Julie A. O'Shaughnessy '05 
Scott G. Paskerian '08 
Mackenzie J. Pelletier '06 
David A. Riedell '08 
David E. Rodriguez '08 
Robert P. Rudolph '05 
Laura E. Rushford '07 
Aleks B. Siegel '08 
Andrew! Sillari '06 
DeciaV. Splaine '08 
Ruth W. Splaine '05 
Laura K. Sullivan '07 
Hannah Sylvester '05 
Caroline B.Turnbull '06 
Taylor Wailes '08 Old Guard 
John P. English '28 


Old Guard 

John P. English '28 

Class of 1933 

Amount Raised: $250.00 
Participation: 33.33% 
Thomas N.Willins, Jr. 

Class of 1935 

Amount Raised: $1,300.00 
Participation: 66.67% 
Wells C. Bates 
C. Nelson Corey 
Frank R. Kitchell 
Donald Lawrence 

Class of 1936 

Amount Raised: $750.00 
Participation: 12.50% 
John C.Wells 

Class of 1937 

Amount Raised: $290.00 
Participation: 42.86% 

28 The ArchonlFall 2009 

Putnam P. Flint 
Nathaniel N. Lord 
Nam P. Sheffield 

Class of 1938 

Amount Raised: $1,650.00 
Participation: 30.77% 
Harold H.Audet 
William R. Ferris 
Charles T. Henrich 
Richard D. Phippen 

Class of 1939 

Amount Raised: $11 ,257.07 

Participation: 52.94% 

David F. Ellbogen 

John H. Gannett 

Charles E. Hewitt 

Thomas L. Killough 

John R. Klotz 

George M. Lord 

Edmund G. Noyes 

Philip A. Simpson 

C. Thomas Tenney 

Class of 1940 

Amount Raised: $22,400.00 
Participation: 38.10% 
Andrew C. Bailey 
Willard S. Little 
Robert J. Lyle* 
Charles E. McDowell 
Robert F. Schumann 
Edwin S. Sheffield 
David H. Solomon 
Benjamin T.Wright 

Class of 1941 

Amount Raised: $5,725.00 
Participation: 33.33% 
William C.Abbott, Jr. 
Neal W. Cox 
David T. Goodhart 
James Monroe, Jr. 
Paul S. Morgan 
Richard W. Russell 
Howard F. Stirn 

Class of 1942 

Amount Raised: $10,585.00 
! Participation: 20.00% 
[ D. Robert Kelly 
William B. Kirkpatrick 
Seward E. Pomeroy 
Humphrey B. Simson 

Class of 1943 

Class Agent: Walter LMcGill 
Amount Raised: $9,800.00 
Participation: 53.85% 

Thomas Akin 
Benjamin B. Brewster 
Roy E. Coombs 
Crosby Hitchcock 
Harold O. Leinbach 
Benjamin E. Mann 
Walter L. McGill 
Robert L. Morrell 
Angus W. Park 
Philip N. Sawyer 
Alexander D. Smith 
Robert S.Tannebring 
Widgery Thomas, Jr. 
Robert Wadleigh 

Class of 1944 

Amount Raised: $7,080.00 
Participation: 44.00% 
Andrew L. Brillhart 
Courtland J. Cross 
Nathaniel N. Dummer 
Samuel J. Finlay 
Gordon J. Hoyt 
Leonard N. Plavin 
John T. Scott 
Edmund C.Tarbell 
Malcolm H. von Saltza 
James C.Waugh 
Albert LWyer 

Class of 1945 

Class Agents: 
Richard A. Cousins 
Amount Raised: $2,01 5.00 
Participation: 68.00% 
David W. Barnard 
William A. Barrell, Jr. 
Stephen D. Bean 
Edgar S. Catlin, Jr. 
Richard A. Cousins 
Warren W. Furth 
John S. Gillies, Jr. 
David P. Graham 
William J. Hale 
Stanley A. Hamel 
LonW. Homeier 
Edwin L. Hubbard 
Archibald J. Kingsley 
Leon L. Noyes 
Arthur S. Page, Jr. 
Robert S. Steinert, Jr. 
B. Botsford Young, Jr. 

Class of 1946 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $370.00 
Participation: 26.32% 
James E. Chase 
Herbert J. Levine 
Theodore G. Mixer 

E. Lyden Watkins 
Robert W.Waugh 

Class of 1947 

Class Agents: 

John W. Deering 

Josiah H.Welch 

Amount Raised: $4,91 5.00 

Participation: 51.52% 

Samuel M.Allen 

Homer Ambrose, Jr. 

Ralph E. Bailey, Jr. 

C. Benson Birdsall 

Norman G. Brown 

Jay C. Curtis 

John W. Deering 

Henry T. Dunker 

Kevin J. Gaffney 

Daniel M. Hall 

Plato H. Kangis 

James M. Knott 

Robert J. McGill 

Charles W.Morse 

Peter R. Sutton 

Josiah H.Welch 

David S.Wilcox 

Class of 1948 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $3,155.00 
Participation: 36.11% 
Richard D.Attwill 
Peter T. Case 
John H. Deuble 
E.Ashley Eames 
David H. Ellsworth 
Philip Gemmer 
James B. Geyer 
Jarvis W. Lambert 
Richard N. Macnair 
Duncan H. McCallum 
Donald G. Palais 
William I. Richter 
Robert B. Skeele 
liam J. Soule 

Class of 1949 

Class Agent: 
William L Chamberlin 
Amount Raised: $15,260.00 
Participation: 37.84% 
Jacob B. Brown 
John C. Canepa 
Robert O. Coulter 
Manson P. Hall 
Chester R. Ham 
Allen Ho'lis 
William T Johnson 
E.William Judson 
John J. Mozzicato 

Thomas Otis 
Kimball M. Page 
A. Gordon Price 
Carlton D. Reed 
Richard M.Tyler, Jr. 

Class of 1950 

Class Agent: 
Timothy G. Greene 
Amount Raised: $13,402.61 
Participation: 56.76% 
Marc am Rhein 
David C. Bailey, Jr. 
Charles C. Bowen 
Robert T Comey, Jr. 
Robert H. Cushman 
William D. Engs 
Alan F. Flynn, Jr. 
Peter W.Gavian 
Timothy G. Greene 
Richard H. Greenwood 
David R. Hershey 
John G. Ives 
Richard H. McCoy 
James H. McManus, Jr. 
Richard W. Patton 
William E. Rex 
Malcoumbe C. Robertson 
Robert W. Squire 
Linwood R. Starbird 
George S.Tulloch, Jr. 
Arthur Withington II 

Class of 1951 

Class Agent: 
George E. McGregor, Jr. 
Amount Raised: $2,836.00 
Participation: 32.61 % 
Ted H. Barrows 
Kenneth M. Bistany 
E. Ronan Campion 
Peter D. Dunning 
Robert H. Fleming 
Louis A. Ireton 
George D. Kirkham 
T. Robley Louttit 
George E. McGregor, Jr. 
William R. Moore, Jr. 
David A. Pope 
Edward G. Stockwell 
Louis F.Tobia 
Robert LWenz 
Webster Wilde, Jr. 

Class of 1952 

Class Agents: 

Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 

Noble Smith 

Amount Raised: $6,825.00 

Participation: 42.50% 

The Archon | Fall 2009 29 

August W. Boss 
Frederick P. Bowden 
Peter T.C. Bramhall 
Robert C. Erb, Jr. 
John P. Eveleth 
Barry Gately 
N. Matthew Grossman 
Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 
Walter R. Lawson 
John T. Lucas 
Richard J. Nader 
George Q. Packard, Jr. 
David L. Powers 
Howard E. Quimby 
Donald N. Rice 
Frederick M. Smith 
Charles C.Windisch 

Class of 1953 

Class Agents: 
Richard B. Osgood 
G. Edward Dodge 
William C. Pinkham 
William R. Plumer 
Robert M. Rex 
Philip T.Smith 
Amount Raised: $5,225.00 
Participation: 46.00% 
Ted Bailey 
Arthur C. Bartlett 
Donald P. Bullock 
George W. Cowles 
G. Edward Dodge 
Parker B. Field III 
Charles F. Gibbs 
Lawrence W. Guild 
Newton E. Hyslop 
William D. King 
Percival M. Lowell 
Stewart M. Maples 
Richard T. Marr 
Richard B. Osgood 
Charles C. Palmer 
Norris R. Peirce 
William C. Pinkham 
William R. Plumer 
Robert M. Rex 
Henry H. Rogers 
Philip T.Smith 
David S. Smith 
Frederick C.Waldron 

Class of 1954 

Class Agent: 
Richard H. Pew, Jr. 
Amount Raised: $17,029.00 
Participation: 31 .71% 
David H.AIven 
Cary K. Bradford 
Bradford H. Crane 

David M. Hicks 
Thomas H. Larsen 
Richard A. Michelson 
Stuart L Miller 
John M. Nash 
Allen K. Needham, Jr. 
John M. Perrigo 
Richard H. Pew, Jr 
Haskell Rhett 
Gerard G.Vaughan 

Class of 1955 

Class Agent: 

William S. Friend 

Amount Raised: $25,663.30 

Participation: 46.81% 

Philip A. Angell, Jr. 

Christopher C. Beebe 

David F. Brainerd 

Orrin M. Colley 

Dudley A. Dorr 

William S. Friend 

Donald J. Hicks 

A.C. Hubbard, Jr. 

Allan R. Keith 

Daniel L. Leary, Jr. 

Peter F. Littlefield 

Edward S. Luneburg 

Bruce Macgowan 

Bernard Michals 

Richard A. Nielsen 

John J. Pallotta, Jr. 

Peter F. Scott 

Frederic J. Sears 

William P. Stone 

RogerS. Tompkins 

Bowen H.Tucker 

Albert B.Wende 

Class of 1956 

Class Agents: 
Joseph E. MacLeod 
John S.Wilson 
Amount Raised: $4,760.00 
Participation: 56.10% 
Richard A. Ananian 
Arthur E. Balser, Jr. 
Richard S. Bartlett 
Huntington Blatchford, Jr. 
Robert B. Conklin 
James Dean III 
Stephen R. Domesick 
Clark G. Duncan 
Thomas P. Elder 
James J. Healy 
John A. Henry 
Henry L Hill 
Herbert H. Hodos 
Joseph E. MacLeod 

George L. Needham 
Peter H. Renkert 
Stanley W.Rhodes 
Otto P. Robinson, Jr. 
William W.Sayles 
Reaves E. Strobel, Jr. 
Thomas V. Urmy, Jr. 
John S.Wilson 

Class of 1957 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $3,725.00 
Participation: 40.00% 
Edmund C. Beebe, Jr. 
Melvyn Blake 
Eugene R. Bouley 
Peter Y. Cadigan 
Lyman A. Cousens III 
Frank S. Dickerson III 
Geoffrey E. Fitts 
Frank H. Gleason 
Donald W. Morse 
Richard J.V.C. Pescosolido 
Charles E. Reed III 
Chuck E. Schroedel, Jr. 
George W.Starbuck 
Brian Sullivan 

Class of 1958 

Class Agent: 
Harvey L. Hayden 
Amount Raised: $5,575.80 
Participation: 33.33% 
Paul S. Clark II 
Michael G. Dunsford 
Harvey L. Hayden 
William T.Hunt 
Robert C. Kirkwood 
Newton W. Lamson II 
James C. Main 
LWardlaw Miles 
John F. Morse 
Richard P. Morse 
John A. Schabacker 
Nathan N.Withington 

Class of 1959 

Class Agent: 
William J. Donnelly 
Amount Raised: $6,072.43 
Participation: 42.86% 
Courtney F. Bird, Jr. 
Edward S. Bliss, Jr. 
Walter B. Cannon 
William W.Capel 
John B. Chase 
William J. Donnelly 
James S. Foley 
Mirick Friend 
Charles F. Langmaid 

C. Randolph Light 
Brian Marsh 
Howard D. Med wed 
Roy C. Nash 
Richard C. Pratt 
Everit B. Terhune III 
William B. Whiting 
Kenneth P. Wolf 
Nathan D.Woodberry 

Class of 1960 

Class Agent: 
Carl M.Youngman 
Amount Raised: $10,700.00 
Participation: 34.04% 

Robert H.Adams 
Donald G.Alexander 
H. Paul Buckingham III 
John C. Elwell 
Malcolm E. Flint 
Richard L. Henry 
Thomas P.Jones III 
Willard R. Nalchajian 
Geoffrey H. Nichols 
S. Robert Rimer 
Lawrence E. Ross 
John L. Slater 
William F.Tuxbury, Jr. 
Abbot W.Vose 
Arnold S.Wood 
Carl M.Youngman 

Class of 1961 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $11,530.00 
Participation: 21 .43% 
Peter L. Boynton 
John T Brickson 
Geoffrey G. Dellenbaugh 
David W.Graff 
Thomas M. Mercer, Jr. 
Geoffrey H. Robinson 
J. Stephen Sawyer 
Richard W. Snowdon III 
Samuel W.Wakeman 

Class of 1962 

Class Agents: 

Peter T.Butler 

Thomas S. Tobey 

Amount Raised: $17,960.00 

Participation: 30.77% 

Raymond A. Bird 

Peter J. Buck 

Peter T.Butler 

Douglass L Coupe 

Stanton T Healy 

Charles A. Higgins 

Cyrus W. Hoover 

Benjamin J. Jameson 

Mark R. Johnson 

30 The Archon | Fall 2009 

Stephen G. Kasnet 
Timothy W.McNally 
William S. McPhee 
Charles F. Pyne 
Slater Smith 
Colin A. Studds 
Anthony D.Whittemore 

Class of 1963 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $3,275.00 
Participation: 18.60% 
Peter B. Coburn 
David R. Dent 
Robert P. Ingalls 
G. Calvin Mackenzie 
Robert F. Mann 
G. Bruce McNeil 
Jonathan S. Shafmaster 
Robert C. Taylor 

Class of 1964 

Class Agent: 

John S. Mercer 

Amount Raised: $9,775.00 

Participation: 37.25% 

Donald S. Balser 

Jay Cooke III 

Peter Dolce 

Robert S. Farnum 

Howard W. Foss 

Paul S. Freedberg 

William R. Harvey 

Larry Henchey, Jr. 

Louis H. Higgins 

Ralph F. Johnson 

Eugene J. Morrissey 

Richard B. Noyes 

Mark O'Brien 

John F. O'Dea 

A. Rocke Robertson 

Peter C. Thomas 

Richard A. Tuxbury 

Robert L.Wise 

Class of 1965 

Class Agent: 

Jeffrey H. Kane 

Amount Raised: $2,895.00 
I Participation: 20.41 % 
i A. John Gregg 
I Philip S. Kan 

Kenneth A. Linberg 

John M. Mackenzie 

William E. Major 

James C. McGuire 

Stephen M. Rolfe 

Peter B. Sargent 

David B. Sullivan 

Russell E.Thomas 

Class of 1966 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $3,405.00 
Participation: 32.79% 
Manly E.Applegate 
Sideris D. Baer 
Donald. T.Bates 
Samuel G. Billings 
Robert C. Burnham 
Edgar M.Caldwell 
Martin S. Conn 
James T.Connolly 
Peter C. Hicks 
Laurence M. Hilliard 
Roy E. Hope 
James H. Keeler III 
J.Andrew Leonard II 
Laurence W. Lougee, Jr. 
Bradford H. Silsby 
David W. Stonebraker 
John L. Trickey 
Robert H.Vaughan 
John G. Wellman, Jr. 
John A.Whitmore 

Class of 1967 

Class Agent: 

H. Reid Pugh II 

Amount Raised: $107,872.00 

Participation: 96.72% 

Keith LAdolph 

William LAlfond 

R. Macdonald Barnes, Jr. 

William W. Barnes 

Robert M. Bass 

Bennett H. Beach 

Edwin S. Beatty 

Sidney M. Bird IV 

Roger T Block 

Russell S. Bolles 

Richard M. Brayton 

John W.Butler 

Remington A. Clark III 

Phillip S. Congdon 

Andrew F. Creed 

Douglas J. Curtis 

J. Barry Davidson 

Charles A. Davis 

Theodore H. Dix 

Morgan O. Doolittle III 

William A. Dougherty Ml 

Carter S. Evans 

Philip T. Finn 

Harper Follansbee, Jr. 

Jeffrey P. Forte 

Donald F. Gay, Jr. 

Anthony R. Gerard 

Stanley F. Greenberg 

William M. Haggerty 

Jeffrey R. Harris 

Paul A. Hemmerich 
Ray J. Huard 
Richard A. Jensen 
Anne-Marie Laverty 
Kevin R. Leary 
RossW. Magrane 
David R. Marsh 
Robert E. Marsh 
Michael V. Miles 
Lawrence E. Miller 
Daniel M. Morgan 
Charles M. Murphy, Jr. 
James C. Nevius 
Andrew G. Nichols 
Wayne M. Noel 
Arthur W. Pea rce 
Ralph H. Perkins 
Wilfred C. Poon 
H. Reid Pugh II 
Charles A. Purinton 
Gene D. Romero 
Alan F. Rothfeld 
Lewis Rumford III 
F. Jay Ryder III 
Joseph Schwarzer 
Gardner P. Sisk 
Joseph Story II 
Jonathan W. Strater 
George H.Swift III 
Thomas G.Taylor 
Jeffrey W.Wood 

Class of 1968 

Class Agents: 

Carl F. Spang, Jr. 

Marc K.Tucker 

Arthur H.Veasey III 

Amount Raised: $15,044.16 

Participation: 46.03% 

Wayne A. Barbaro 

Peter M.Barkin 

Carl A. Berntsen III 

William H. Black 

James F. Brooks 

Howard W. Burns, Jr. 

Steven B. Cox 

Donald R. Hayes, Jr. 

Kevin M. Huban 

R.Thomas Jacobs 

Charles B. Johnson, Jr. 

Harry J. Kangis 

Daniel C. Look 

Robert M. Lord 

David S. Mitchell 

Ted J. Nahil, Jr. 

Elliott H. O'Reilly 

D. Christopher Page 
Robert W. Parsons 

E. Stephen Robinson 

James L. Rudolph 
Richard Schiess 
James B. Shay 
Roger M. Smith 
J. Hale Smith 
JohnW. Sowles 
Marc K.Tucker 
Arthur H.Veasey III 
JohnW.Wannop, Jr. 

Class of 1969 

Class Agent: 

Peter K. Dorsey 

Amount Raised: $34,710.00 

Participation: 38.33% 

Robert H.Amsler 

James C. Bayley 

William S. Clyde 

Johnston P.Connelly II 

Bruce S. Coughlin 

Peter K. Dorsey 

Nathan Follansbee 

David W. Francis 

Jeffrey L. Gordon 

Edmund C. Lattime 

Frederick J. Lyle 

Garrett R. Martin 

Joshua L Miner IV 

John A. O'Leary 

John L. Pates 

Brian Pfeiffer 

William B. Strider 

C. Thomas Tenney, Jr. 

Henry L.Terrie III 

Michael H.Terry, Jr. 

Peter T Wheeler 

Richard G.Whitten 

Jonathan P.Williams 

Class of 1970 

Class Agent: 

Henry B. Eaton 

Amount Raised: $11,031.22 

Participation: 19.12% 

James F. Brown 

Wendell W.Brown 

Henry B. Eaton 

Michael L. Franchot 

Chandler R. Gilman 

Robert L. Jaffe 

John James 

William H. Murray 

Thomas B. Nast 

Michael P. O'Leary 

John A. Stichnoth, Jr. 

Guy A. Swenson III 

J. Randall Whitney III 

Class of 1971 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $8,570.00 

The Archon | Fall 2009 31 

Participation; 30.00% 
Peter G. Alfond 
Barry Burlingham 
Edgar S. Catlin III 
John M. dayman 
Scott L. Collins 
Russell F. Ethridge 
James S. Fleming 
Richard Guenther 
Michael E. Hoover 
Michael W.Kaplan 
Joseph R. LaPaglia 
Michael K. Mulligan 
Eric H. Nietsch 
Theodore H. Northrup 
Albert P. Pettoruto 
Thomas C. Quinn II 
Peter L. Richardson 
Jonathan Roof 
William P. Shack 
David H. Shove 
Ellis B.Withington 

Class of 1972 

Class Agent: 
James I.Tikellis II 
Amount Raised: $28,586.60 
Participation: 16.88% 
Richard J. Bates 
Charles S. Bouchard 
William S. Connolly 
Peter R. Conway 
Geoffrey A. Durham 
Willliam D. Duryea III 
Peter W. Franklin 
BryceA. Kiberd 
Andrew D. Lappin 
Benjamin Pearson 
James M. Pierce 
Sarah Ewell Smith 
James I.Tikellis II 

Class of 1973 

Class Agent: 

G. Douglas Pope 

Amount Raised: $16,630.00 

Participation: 13.10% 

Roberto Arguello 

William C.Arthur III 

Sheldon L. Chase 

Ian B. Chisholm 

Larry A. Coles 

William J. Connelly 

Charles C. Holleman 

William F. O'Leary 

Robert E. Phillips 

Marie C. Polcari 

Phil Smith 

Class of 1974 

Class Agent: 
E.Scott Williams 
Amount Raised: $8,530,000 
Participation: 1 5.48% 
Peter Arnold, Jr. 
Colin P. Cross 
Steven S. Epstein 
Stephen A. James 
James I. Leighton 
Jonathan B. Sendor 
Steven G. Shapiro 
Andi Lipsky Shaw 
Timothy H. Statler 
Pamela McElroy Toner 
P. Woodbridge Wallace 
E.Scott Williams 
Lawrence B. Woolson, Jr. 

Class of 1975 

Class Agents: 
Louise S. Johnson 
Spencer L. Purinton 
Amount Raised: $4,875.00 
Participation: 21.05% 
Charles F.Albert 
J. Derek Bergmann 
Craig L. Clark 
Stephen C. Dunfey 
LouiseS. Johnson 
Robert A. Kaplan 
Craig D. McConnell 
Barry H. Miller 
Richard H. Neyman 
James. F. O'Donnell 
Richard H. O'Leary 
Pamela D. Pandapas 
Greg Pope 
Spencer L. Purinton 
Michael P. Sapuppo 
James S. Taggart 

Class of 1976 

Class Agent: 
Perry M. Smith 
Amount Raised: $10,195.00 
Participation: 15.15% 
Thomas P. Balf 
John J. R. Cavendish 
Steven B. French 
MaryWeldon Karlin 
Nina McElroy 
R. Neal McElroy 
Brian H. Noyes 
J. Jeffcott Ogden 
Perry M. Smith 
/illiam C.Woods 

Class of 1977 

Class Agent: 

Heather Blair 

Amount Raised: $6,535.00 

Participation: 9.64% 

Huw R. Jones 

C. Eric Laub 

John T. Lu 

Carolyn Lyons Nissi 

David O. Phippen 

Christopher L. Poole 

Andrew J. Sterge 

Frank P. White, Jr. 

Class of 1978 

Class Agent: 
Thomas H. Driscoll 
Amount Raised: $1,135.00 
Participation: 1 1 .69% 
Jody R. Baum 
Thomas H. Driscoll 
William F. Drislane 
David R. Drukker 
James C. Goodhart 
Tomas G. Mathews 
Richard P. Neville 
Jami Bougas Spencer 
Andrew W. Stephenson 

Class of 1979 

Class Agent: 
James J. Ronan 
Amount Raised: $14,240.00 
Participation: 20.00% 
Wendy Bixby Cowie 
Russell E. Evans 
Elizabeth A. Farley 
Martha Blake Ficke 
Randy Tye O'Brien 
Matthew J. Palais 
James J. Ronan 
Henry M. Rosen 
Kathleen Leary Ryan 
Anne Chisholm Sandt 
Hal F. Sizer 
Steven L. Sterman 
Michael C.Weldon 

Class of 1980 

Class Agents: 
Joseph J. Benson 
Kevin W. Callahan 
Steven M. Moheban 
Pamela Kurtz Welch 
Amount Raised: $12,475.00 
Participation: 20.31% 
Charles B.Atkinson 
William M. Bartlett 
Joseph J. Benson 
William H. Brine III 
Virginia A. Bushell 
Kevin W.Callahan 

Frederick H. Long 

Helen MacKay-Smith Mazarakis 

Steven M. Moheban 

Peter C. Morse 

Christopher H.A. Stafford 

Matthew D.Tomlinson 

Pamela Kurtz Welch 

Class of 1981 

Class Agent: 
Michael M. Reilly 
Amount Raised: $6,725.00 
Participation: 14.10% 
John S. Cole 
Daniel L. Cooke 
David W. Critics 
Daniel C. Cross 
Lisa Louden 
Michael A. Menyhart 
Andrew W. Morison 
Michael M. Morison 
Jonathan N. Pingree 
Peter N. Starosta 
Benay Lazo Todzo 

Class of 1982 

Class Agents: 
M. Scott Maguire 
Christopher F. Swenson 
Amount Raised: $11,900.00 
Participation: 12.82% 
Richard D. Brown 
Claire Dober Danaher 
P. Scott Holloway 
Charles B. Lamed 
Robert T. Low 
Eric G. Marberblatt 
Chapman S. Mayo 
John B.A.Nye 
Heather Vickers Ryan 
Christopher F. Swenson 

Class of 1983 

Seeking New Class Agents 
Amount Raised: $14,155.00 
Participation: 20.00% 
David A. Agger 
James H.Aimone III 
Andrew C. Barton 
Alexander P. Cawley 
David S. Dow 
Michael J. George 
Aaron L. Halpern 
Frederick J. Hare 
David S. Hoffman 
William D. Hoffman 
C. Herrick Morse 
Karen Gronberg Schulte 
Bruce C.Turner 
Amy S. Welch 
Hope A. Williams 

32 TheArchonlFall 2009 

Class of 1984 

Class Agents: 
Kim Grillo Burgess 
Brett E. Engel 

Amount Raised: $10,370.00 
Participation: 22.22% 
Paul A. Bartholomew 
Kimberlee Grillo Burgess 
Matthew B. Carothers 
Michael D. DiModica 
Joseph R. DiNanno 
Brett E. Engel 
Elizabeth Tuthill Farrell 
Melissa Finnon Fiorillo 
Hugh R. Friedman 
Mariel Hagan 
Michael P. Leary 
Jennifer Norris Pechet 
Cathleen Riley Scerbo 
Gerald F.Tallman 
Brent A. Tingle 
Kathleen Lambert Watt 

Class of 1985 

Class Agents: 
Nathalie Ames 
Samuel T. Blatchford 
Anthony P. Fusco 
Peter H. Quimby 
Sean Mahoney 
Rebecca Chase Werner 
Amount Raised: $10,745.00 
Participation: 21.33% 
Nathalie Ames 
Benjamin C.Armstrong 
Samuel T. Blatchford 
Steven M. Bornstein 
Peter D. Condon 
Anthony P. Fusco 
Dennis P. Gately 
Stephanie Gardner Ginsberg 
Courtney Church Goldthwait 
Jessica A. Gould 
David S. Kagan 
Jeffrey P. Kelly 
Sean Mahoney 
Meredith Lazo McPherron 
Peter H. Quimby 
Jeffrey P. Taft 

Class of 1986 

Class Agent: 
Paul B. Nardone 
Amount Raised: $1,535.00 
Participation: 13.70% 
Jennifer Glesmann Arthur 
Heidi DurCharde 
Nicole Truman Harding 
D. Cressler Heasley, Jr. 
Michael A. Jasse 

Eric S. Krukonis 
Patrick W. McCullom 
Robert H. Studley, Jr. 
Melanie D'Orazio Waldman 
Anne Pollock Waldron 

Class of 1987 

Class Agents: 
Jeffrey L. Ashworth 
Robert C. DeLena 
Lucy Armstrong Henkes 
Amy Goldstein Northup 
Kristen LaBrie Poulin 
Amount Raised: $8,740.00 
Participation: 25.32% 
Jeffrey L. Ashworth 
Peter G. Barton 
Anita Russo Bartschat 
John A. Blau 
A. Kipchoge Brown 
Robert C. DeLena 
P. Cris Dobrosielski 
Carla Rivela English 
Jennifer A. Griffin 
Paula McCarthy Haas 
Lucy Armstrong Henkes 
Anne Taylor Kindblom 
David R. Miller 
Lisa Taplin Murray 
Amy Goldstein Northup 
Kristen LaBrie Poulin 
John D. Roach 
Andrew K. Rockwell 
Kimberly MacDonald Shift 
Greg Waldman 

Class of 1988 

Class Agents: 
Christian D'Orio 
Kristina von Trapp Frame 
David J. Hanlon 
Damon K. Kinzie 
Kara Moheban McLoy 
Amount Raised: $32,860.00 
Participation: 14.89% 
Wayne M. Belleau 
Erika Sayewich Buell 
Matthew C. Caron 
Christian D'Orio 
Kristina von Trapp Frame 
David J. Hanlon 
Damon K. Kinzie 
Kara Moheban McLoy 
Andrew B. Noel III 
Todd M. O'Brien 
Hugh M. Ogilvie 
Carrie Walton Penner 
Jenny O. Reynolds 
Charity Lombardi Simard 

Class of 1989 

Class Agents: 
Herrick S. Fox 
John E. Hellerman 
Kevin J. Lydon 
Alexander G. Moody 
Thomas R. Plante, Jr. 
Amount Raised: $3,100.00 
Participation: 16.25% 
Preston Beach 
Amy Russell Bonnerot 
Martin J. Forrest 
Herrick S. Fox 
Jeffrey L. Fullerton 
John E. Hellerman 
Kevin J. Lydon 
Catherine MacLachlan 
Jason M. McLoy 
Alexander G. Moody 
Thomas R. Plante, Jr. 
Victoria Hill Resnick 
Derek R. Van Vliet 

Class of 1990 

Class Agents: 
Margo Doyle Dhaliwal 
Brian W. Rodgers 
Michael S.Yeagley 
Amount Raised: $2,400.00 
Participation: 14.088% 
Margo Doyle Dhaliwal 
David M. Johnson 
Robin A. Remick 
Brian W. Rodgers 
Amy P. Shafmaster 
Elizabeth A. Shea 
Kyrie F. Stevens 
Lori I.Weener 
Alexa M.Wriggins 
Michael S.Yeagley 

Class of 1991 

Class Agents: 
Todd M. Bairstow 
Catherine D. Burgess 
Stratton B. Newbert 
Amount Raised: $3,369.91 
Participation: 10.26% 
Stephen J. Aron 
Todd M. Bairstow 
Anthony J. Cohen 
Nicole La Tour MacLaughlan 
Rebecca Baker Mayew 
Scott D. McLeod 
Brian J. Novelline 
Alanna Caffrey Rosenberg 

Class of 1992 

Class Agents: 
Matthew H. Remis 

Amy Daniels Spellman 
Devin C. Sullivan 
Amount Raised: $2,645.00 
Participation: 12.05% 
CandiceA. Denby 
Carolyn Mclnnis DiGiammo 
Jacqueline Hogan 
Grace P. Jeanes 
Joshua C. Lappin 
Matthew H. Remis 
Erin Elwell Rich 
Chris Ruggiero 
Amy Daniels Spellman 
Devin C. Sullivan 

Class of 1993 

Class Agent: 
Jennifer L. Saunders 
Amount Raised: $200.00 
Participation: 2.60% 
Jennifer Saunders Burgeson 
Shawn T. Markey 

Class of 1994 

Class Agent: 
Brendan M. Forrest 
Amount Raised: $2,260.00 
Participation: 26.19% 
Eun S.An 

James S. Cavanaugh 
Kurt R. Danielson 
Elizabeth M. DeLisle 
Michelle L. Dumas 
Brendan M. Forrest 
Alison Martin Fruh 
Melissa V.King 
Stephanie C. Kinloch 
Noelia C. Kvaternik 
Lisa M. Maffei 
John M. Markos 
Leila A. Moore 
Matthew T. Prunier 
Nicole Abdulla Prunier 
Christopher G. Rice 
Justin E. Rivera 
Kevin M.Tangney 
Catherine Perry Uluc 
Rebecca L. Vieira 
Elizabeth Griffin Wyner 
Chunbai Zhang 

Class of 1995 

Class Agents: 
Stephen A. Kasnet 
Gretchen E. Scharfe 
Amount Raised: $3,376.00 
Participation: 12.16% 
Sung-Jin An 
Stephen A. Kasnet 

The Archon | Fall 2009 33 

David C. Kelmer 
Ashley Russell Krasinski 
Martha H. Mercer 
Michael C. Noon 
Gretchen E. Scharfe 
Blair N.Taylor 

Class of 1996 

Class Agents: 
E. Brooks Bornhofft 
Daniel A. DiPietro 
Jeffrey R. LaBelle 
Amount Raised: $2,550.00 
Participation: 1 1 .69% 
E. Brooks Bornhofft 
Jeffrey R. LaBelle 
Katherine D. Meyer 
Brian Rybicki 
Aaron M. Sells 
Michael J. Shedosky 
Michael! Silverio 
Katherine Tierney 
Christopher T. Winters 

Class of 1997 

Class Agent: 
David H. Fyrberg 
Amount Raised: $470.00 
Participation: 5.56% 
Mayo Morgan Amos 
Christian J. Derderian 
Meta Mason Foster 
David H. Fyrberg 

Class of 1998 

Class Agents: 

Myla Withington Bleier 

Jeremy W. Devaney 

Evan M.Trent 

Sarah M.Turner 

Amount Raised: $1,125.00 

Participation: 9.30% 

Elinor Bill Brown 

Jeremy W. Deveney 

Elizabeth Erickson Escobar 

Patrick J. Forrest 

Melissa M. Green 

Stoddard R. Panall 

Evan M.Trent 

Sarah M.Turner 

Class of 1999 

Class Agents: 
E. J. Darisse 
Naomi V. Fink 
Jessica Zaplin Karlin 
Caroline F. Kelleher 
Megan A. McShane 
Amount Raised: $7,031.48 

Participation: 14.71% 
Edward J. Darisse 
Naomi V. Fink 
Jessica Zaplin Karlin 
Caroline F. Kelleher 
Megan A. McShane 
Rebecca L. Messinger 
Joann C. Nguyen 
Jonathan B. Spector 
Stephen Triendl 
Sarah B.Willeman 

Class of 2000 

Class Agents: 
Emily R. Dana 
Brad C. Downey 
Holly P. Erickson 
Sarah L. Jameson 
Amount Raised: $1,040.1 8 
Participation: 20.93% 
Jamie Gilberg Albert 
Peter S. Aloisi 
Diana K. Burnell 
Joseph C. Cacciatore 
Elizabeth A. Coolidge 
Catherine E. Correia 
Emily R. Dana 
Lindsey C. Gilmore 
Lindsay R. Gobin 
Daria C. Grayer 
Sarah L. Jameson 
Marc R. McDonnell 
Otis S. Panall 
Genevieve J. Reynolds 
Jason M. Salony 
Eve R. Seamans 
Emily G. Sears 
Elizabeth D.Turnbull 

Class of 2001 

Class Agent: 
Matthew R. Lee 
Shaena A.Tucker 
Amount Raised: $6,925.00 
Participation: 45.71% 
Nino D. Balestrieri 
Lauren J. Bonaventura 
Justin F. Conway 
Caitlin M. Cooper 
Courtney Craft 
Christopher G. DeLisle 
Matthew W. DiGuiseppe 
Ashley A. Driscoll 
Derek S. Falvey 
Joseph M. Fannon 
Patrick R. Fenton 
Tiana R. Grasso 
Jordan Harband 
Kimberly F. Jones 
Jessie L. Kendrick 

Matthew R. Lee 
Daniel G. Lee 
Joseph P. Levitt 
Richard M. Lufkin 
Laurence A. Lyons IV 
Scott L. Mayo 
Benjamin C. Mitchell 
Ashlee M. Nantoski 
Samuel C. Porter 
Jessica Ross 
Megan E. Rothwell 
Elizabeth Kelleher Sells 
John C. Shuster 
Andrea L.Tagliamonte 
Matthew Tomasetta 
Shaena A. Tucker 
Michael Zbriger 

Class of 2002 

Class Agents: 
Ted Chen 
Paul R. Morgan 
Kristina M.Young 
Amount Raised: $1,225.00 
Participation: 1 5.73% 
Katherine L.Almy 
Wei-Ting Chen 
Francesca E. DeMeo 
Rachelle E. Dennis 
McKenzie G. Jones 
Meghan E. Lucy 
Rachel L. Manikian 
Paul R. Morgan 
James M. Morrissey 
Marienna H. Murch 
Andrew A. Prezkop 
Andrew M. Storm 
Wilson C.Tung 
Kristina M.Young 

Class of 2003 

Class Agents: 
Brandon Bates 
Brooke Eaton 

Amount Raised: $1,826.18 
Participation: 34.65% 
Jennifer M.Arno 
Brandon A. Bates 
Emily E. Block 
Marc I. Borden 
Lindsey Clunie 
Tyler O. Collins 
Scott M. Corbett 
Kristen M. DeForrest 
Cory K. Demuth 
Brooke M. Eaton 
Christopher J. Ebinger 
Laura E. Ellison 
Shannon L. Falvey 
Benjamin J. Gobin 

Daniel J. Guyton 
Katherine C. Harris 
Timothy S. Johnson 
Anastasios Kapernekas 
Maria C. Knapp 
Kaitlin M. Lang 
John F. Leonard 
Andrew M. Lundquist 
Gregory McDonnell 
Philip P. Mclnnis 
Patrick W. Monigle 
Michael D. O'Neill 
Michael A. Oxton 
GabrielleA. Petraglia 
Jefferson T Phillips 
Aanand S. Radia 
Angela L. Rappoli 
Jacqueline Ross 
Mathew M. Steir 
Douglas B.Turnbull 
Jonathan R.Weiss 

Class of 2004 

Class Agents: 
Patrick R. Dempsey 
Jacqueline M.Ward 
Kerri O'Neill 

Amount Raised: $640.09 
Participation: 14.00% 
Lesley T Clunie 
Rachael A. Decareau 
Patrick R. Dempsey 
Andrew D. Doggett 
Brad S. Ferry 
Katie A. Glynn 
Lauren E. Goglia 
Michelle A. Kinzie 
Jessica R. Long 
Emily A. Moore 
Jarid B. Siegel 
Moira A. Talbot 
Jacqueline M.Ward 
Stirling A. Winder 

Class of 2005 

Class Agents: 
Amy Miller 
Julie O'Shaugnessy 
Robert R. Rudolph 
Amount Raised: $375.00 
Participation: 8.00% 
Nicholas H.AImy 
Kelsey E. Johnson 
Timothy J. Lang 
Colin J. O'Rourke 
Julie A. O'Shaughnessy 
Robert P. Rudolph 
RuthW. Splaine 
Hannah Sylvester 

34 The Archon | Fall 2009 

Class of 2006 

Class Agents: 
Elizabeth C. Guyton 
Andrew Sillari 
Elizabeth Tarr 
Amount Raised: $605.00 
Participation: 12.94% 
Cameron Archibald 
Rossli C. Chace 
Erin C. Connors 
Alexandra S. Cotreau 
ZacharyA. Cotreau 
Francis J. Donovan 
Elizabeth C. Guyton 
Daniel A. Lundquist 
Mackenzie J. Pelletier 
Andrew! Sillari 
Caroline B. Turnbull 

Class of 2007 

Class Agents: 
Ana S.AIemeyda-Cohen 
Taylor A. Cook 
Lauren E. Guidi 
Angelo Scippa 
Amount Raised: $525.00 
Participation: 9.82% 
Ana S.Almeyda-Cohen 
Taylor A. Cook 
Brian A. Day 
Daniel H. Doggett 
Frederick W. Durkin 
Lauren E. Guidi 
Robert D. Linskey 
Alexandra J. McLain 
Alexandra L Moran 
Laura E. Rushford 
Laura K. Sullivan 

Class of 2008 

Class Agents: 

George M. Dorsey 

Emily Durgin 

Amount Raised: $697.08 

Participation: 18.63% 

Sean T. Andrews 

Steven P. Barton 

Anne L dayman 

Camilla A. Connolly 

Caroline J. Cushman 

Courtney N. Dampolo 
i Colin J. Doggett 
I David E. Doggett 
I George M. Dorsey 

Thomas H. Durkin 

James B. Haran 

Thomas K. Hines 

Thomas F. Lampert 

Scott G. Paskerian 

David A. Riedell 

David E. Rodriguez 

Aleks B. Siegel 
Andrew H. Somerville 
Decia V. Splaine 
Taylor Wailes 

Class of 2009 

Class Agents: 
Elizabeth W. Cieri 
Raphael R. Durand 
Amount Raised: $3,222.37 
Participation: 53.762% 
Julia B. Blanter 
Raymond A. Boghos 
Alexander B. Brierley 
Carlota Caicedo 
Max A. Caron 
Soo Yeon Chai 
Elizabeth W. Cieri 
Amanda R. Correnti 
Patrick R. Cronin 
Danielle P. DeMartini 
Patrick F. Diamond 
Marc A. DiCroce 
Olivia P. DiFronzo 
Kaela E. Duff 
Eric M. Dunstan 
Raphael R. Durand 
Madalyn L. Durgin 
Brian C. Durkin 
Caroline G. Dwyer 
Michael J. Gardner 
Jonathan K. Getz 
RoryW. Hamovit 
Jamie E. Hansen 
Kaitlyn A. Haran 
Trevor R. Hines 
LisaW. Hoopes 
Emily A. Jacobs 
Bryce K. Johnson 
Ryan M. Leavitt 
Sungbin Lee 
Rebecca E.Lindmark 
Adam D. Marshall 
Alexander S. Matses 
Timothy R. McGrath 
Christopher J. Menard 
Peter T Metcaff 
Ryan B. Moores 
Jacob B. Newton 
Erin C. Quinlan 
Blake T.Riley 
Gabriella M. Riley 
Ariel I. Shapiro 
Jenika C. Smith 
Priscilla D. Somogie 
Daniel P. Spillane 
Joshua A. Stavis 
Kevin T.Sullivan 
George Tsakirgis 

Once again, on behalf of the Development Committee 
and the entire Board of Trustees, we offer our heartfelt 
thanks for the generous support you have shown The 
Governor's Academy Annual Fund. 

We are all now painfully aware of the magnitude of the 
economic downturn and the profound effect it has had on 
individuals and institutions alike. Our school was not spared 
the sting nor have we attempted to pretend otherwise. 

But the truth is, despite the enormity of the problem, you 
have held strong to preserve and protect the financial future 
of the nation's oldest and finest Academy of its kind. With all 
the numbers tolled, we received more money into the school 
coffers in 2009 than in fiscal year 2008. While not all of it 
came through the Annual Fund, the numbers do not lie. Your 
generosity and commitment have carried the day. 

And while there is comfort and relief in having come 
through such a difficult year, we must now cast our eyes 
forward, acutely aware that most of us are still dressing the 
wounds inflicted by the financial mess. We are in all likelihood 
in for another difficult year. 

One thing is certain. Our school needs us now more than 
ever. Let us not waver in our allegiance to the great traditions 
and our obligation to the future generations of The Governor's 
Academy family. 

Your Annual Fund dollars are essential if we are to 
meet obligations to our gifted faculty and staff and to those 
most precious of all, our students. Financial aid, food, fuel, 
technology, plant, equipment; the list is long and the costs are 
high and constantly rising. 

So we, too, must rise up with continued devotion and 
sacrifice. It will take all of us working together and giving all 
that we can, and then a little more, to fulfill the promise of a 
bright future for our great Academy and all those we serve. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Yours truly, 


Chris Beebe '55 

Development Committee 
Board of Trustees 

Henry Eaton '70, P'03, '08 

Development Committee 
Board of Trustees 

Current Parents 

Current Parents annually play 
a significant role in contribut- 
ing to the Annual Fund. For 
2008—2009, Tom and Sue 
Durkin P'08'09 and Brian and 
Kathy Hines P'08'09'1 2 chaired 
the Current Parents' Fund. 

2009 Parents 

Amount Raised: $224,554.55 

Participation: 49 % 


Frank and Penny Cieri 

Tony and Stacey DiCroce 

Tom and Jane Riley 


Joe Correnti 

Sandy Dunstan 

Jan Fitzpatrick 

Michael and Valerie King 

Erika Leone 

Colleen O'Neal 

Robyn Stavis 

Marc White and Stephanie Andrews 

Angel Alvarez and Monica Echeverri 

Tom and Kim Audy 

Margarita Blanter and Alex Alexeyanko 

Dan and Denise Block 

Robert and Cindy Brierley 

William '80 and Joanne Brine 

Brian and Diane Cahill 

Maurice and Lisa Caruso 

Hyung Suck Chai and Mi Kyung Hong 

Frank and Penelope Cieri 

Peter and Caroline Collins 

Joseph and Teresa Correnti 

Anthony and Stacy DiCroce 

Louis and Cathleen DiFronzo 

Jonathan and Missy Doyle, TR 

Andrew and Brenda Duff 

Steven and Sandra Dunstan 

Thomas and Susan Durkin 

John and Jean Dwyer 

John and Jan Fitzpatrick 

Steve 76 and Deb French 

Joseph and Gay Gardner 

Lloyd and Maud Hamovit 

Harold and Kathryn Hansen 

Robert and Pauline Haran 

Andrew and Robin Harper 

Brian and Kathy Hines, TR 

Thomas and Mollie Hoopes 

Stanley and Laurie Jacobs 

William and Lori Kavanagh 

Hong Seop Kim and Yun-Jeong Lee 

Michael and Valerie King 

Hongjoo and Hwallan Lee 

Joseph and Erika Leone 

Paul and Joanne Lindmark 

Judson and Christine Ludeking 

David and Donna McGrath 

Rod and Roberta McLain 

Thomas and Catherine Metcalf 

Keith and Mary Ellen Moores 

Colleen O'Neal 

James and Ann Quinlan 

Thomas and Jane Riley 

Steven 74 and Eileen Shapiro, TR 

Oleg Sivov and Nadezda Persinina 

Norman and Robyn Stavis 

Andrew and Anne Stevens 

Stephen Swensrud 

Harry Vlachos 

Jeffrey and Marion Webster 

Wendy Whiston-MacLennan 

Marc White and Stephanie Andrews 

2010 Parents 

Amount Raised: $179,943.03 

Participation: 49.16% 


William and Ann DiFrancesco 

Brian and Paula Jerome 


Mitchell Hardy and Susan Bailey 

Sara Harrold 

Roland Henneberger 

Paul McKeon 

Joe and Jillian Migliore 

John and Sandy Morrissey 

John and Nancy Pope 

Sarah Sherwood 

Peter and Olivia Winslow 

Robert and Karen Barnett 
Philip and Elizabeth Benfey 
William and Nina Binnie 
John 73 and Harriet Blake 
Laurence Brown and Lisa Wolter 
Dong Suck Chai and Jung Eun Lee 
Sudarshan and Jodi Chatterjee 
Robert and Ruth Clark 
John and Lalie dayman 
Christopher and Lisa Collins, TR 
Mark and Joanna Connors 
Andrew and Dyane Cotreau 
James and Katharine Dickerson 
William and Ann DiFrancesco 
Christen DiLuglio 
Daniel and Corinne Doherty 
Jim and Paula Doherty 
Rich and Katie Goglia 
Robert and Barbara Grant 
Michael and Shannon Hackbart 
Mitchell Hardy and Susan Bailey 
Steven and Sara Harrold 
Rachel Healey 

Roland Henneberger and Louisa 

Michael and Michelle Howard 
Brian and Paula Jerome 
Yung Oh Kwon and Ji Min Lee 
Glenn and Janet Lavallee 
Peter and Elizabeth Leary 
Jonghyun Lee and Jieun Jun 
Ray and Jeanne Lyons 
Paul and Wendy McKeon 
Wilhelm Merck 
Joseph and Jilliann Migliore 
Stephen Morison 
John and Sandy Morrissey 
James and Kristen Mullin 
David 77 and Michelle Phippen 
Dan and Sue Picking 
Christopher and Sheryl Poole 
John and Nancy Pope 
William Quigley and Leslie Cargill 
Robert and Debbie Riley 
Robert '60 and Paula Rimer 
Jeffrey and Elizabeth Robinson 
Amos and Catherine Rogers 
Peter Sherwood and Sarah Merck 
Cabot and Tracey Smith 
Francis and Lisa Toomey 
Michael Travers and Nancy Braese 
Edward and Angela Valarezo 
David and Elizabeth Wadman 
Mitchell and Carolyn Wallman 
Peter and Sally Wells 
John and Corinne Wilkinson 
Roger and Carla Williams 
William and Marty Willis 
Peter and Olivia Winslow 
John and Laura Wolfe 

201 1 Parents 

Amount Raised: $151,265.00 

Participation: 60.5 % 


Tim and Liz Durkin 

Ed and Jill Kutchin 


Clinton and Kimberly Furnald 

Dennis and Teresa Jenson 

Ted and Holly Jenkins 

Tari Johnson 

Sue Lang 

Andrew and Robin Matses 

Bill Pinakiewicz 

David and Elizabeth Wadman 

Andrew and Karen Willemsen 

Nancy Angell 
Robert and Denise Basow 
Philip and Elizabeth Benfey 
William and Nina Binnie 
April Bodman 

Taylor and Willa Bodman 
Fontaine and Kate Bradley 
William andTamie Burke 
James Cambece 
Robert and Julie Carpenter 
Maurice and Lisa Caruso 
Leonard and Cathy Ceglarski 
Chang-Ho Chang and Chieh-Yun 

Diana Cobbinah 
Howard and Sherry Davis 
Timothy and Elizabeth Durkin 
Ronald Feldman and Piamarie Bal- 

Donate Frattaroli 
Nancy Frattaroli 
Clint and Kim Furnald 
Michael '83 and Deirdre George 
Jeff and Karen Gold 
John and Debra Gould 
Tamara Grenier 
Bart and Leslie Grenier 
Robert Guberman 
Robert and Nicole Hardy 
Michael and Marie Hoffman 
Stanley and Laurie Jacobs 
Richard Huang and Vivian Hsieh 
Edward and Holly Jenkins 
Dennis and Teresa Jenson 
Douglas and Susan Kline 
Edward and Jill Kutchin 
Joseph and Susan Lang 
John and JoAnn Lapoint 
Chong Suk Lee and Myung Hee Kim 
Randall and Cynthia Lilly 
Woo Sung Lim and Sun Hee Chung 
David Livingston 
Michael and Meggan Mackay 
Andrew and Robin Matses 
William and Kathy McDonough 
Timothy and Mindy McMahon 
Leo and Karen Melanson 
Elizabeth O'Neil-Gallipeau 
Wai Xian Pan and Feng Xiaoying 
Robert Pease and Carol Wingard 

Luis and Natividad Pena Perez 
John and Jane Pirie 
Christopher and Sheryl Poole 
Bruce and Gailanne Reeh 
Mark and Gaylyn Reilly 
Brian and Marybeth Riley 
Evan and Suzanne Rochman 
Darryl Ruffen 

Lawrence and Karen Russell 
Judy Salerno 

Thomas and Lisa Sherman 
Henry and Terry Suominen 
Robert and Cyndy Tallett 
Charlie and Robin Uglietto 

36 The Archon | Fall 2009 

Robert and Mary Ward 

Paul and Marianne Weichselbaum 

Andrew and Karen Kuhlthau Wil- 

Gordon and Lori Wirth 
William and Eileen York 
Johnny and BrendaYuen 

2012 Parents 

Amount Raised: $89,051.48 

Participation: 59.6% 


Bill 72and Brenda Duryea 

Joe and Polly Knowles 

Peter and Wendy Richardson 


Heidi Baxter 

Cheryl Means 

Jim and GayleO'Book 

Susan O'Brien 

Kevin and Patty Shea 

Brian and Patricia Sommers 

Janet Stevens 

Marcia Strouss 

Anthony and Donna Alonardo 

John and Heidi Baxter 

Brian Bernier and Marcia Strouss 

Robert and Patricia Bogart 

Michael and Mary Jo Cavarretta 

Alfred Cerrone 

Timothy and Denise Conry 

Michael and Kathleen Costello 

Peter and Wendy 79 Cowie 

\ris and Francine Damianos 

\udrey Davis 

Thomas 78 Driscoll and Tara Cassidy- 


illiam 72 and Brenda Duryea 
Rachel Healey 

lichael '83 and Deirdre George 
Robert and Nicole Hardy 
/illiam and Karen Hill 
benjamin and Lexi Hoffman 
lartin and Leslie Holloran 
(evin Kelley 

iang-Tae Kim and Sun-Jin Lee 
Joon Hee Kim and Mee Sung Rhy 
Joseph and Polly Knowles 
Stephen and Lisa LaBrique 
Sang Seon and Jeong Wook Kang Lee 
Stuart and Donna Levenson 
Sandro and Kelly Martignetti 
David and Sherri McKay 
David and Cheryl Means 
James and Kristen Mullin 
Jim and Gayle O'Book 
William and Susan O'Brien 
James and Patricia O'Conor 
John and Kerry Pattie 

William and Allison Percival 

John and Jane Pirie 

Peter and Wendy Richardson 

Marjory Robertson 

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Robinson 

Amos and Catherine Rogers 

James '68 and Susan Rudolph, TR 

Patrick and Frances Russolillo 

Kevin and Sandra Ryder 

Kwang Hyun Ryu and Won Mi Kim 

Daniel and Cathy '84 Scerbo 

Kevin and Patty Shea 

Brian and Patricia Sommers 

Chris and Nancy Stafford 

Robert and Janet Stevens 

David Strouss 

Mark Tay 

Spiros and Anna Tourkakis 

David and Susan Tsao 

Thomas and Lori Vorderer 

Parents of Alumni/ae, 
Grandparents and Friends 

The fundraising efforts of parents 
of alumni were led this year 
by Stephen and Beverly Giblin 
P'04,'05 and grandparents by 
John and Anne Webster P'78, 
GP'08,'09, whose generosity and 
diligence helped to highlight the 
importance of these gifts to the 
Annual Fund. 

David and Laurel Abusamra 

Ruth Accolla 

Janet Adams-Wall 

Donald '60 and Ruth Alexander 

Sid and Susan Alexander 

Susan Allen 

Barbara Almy 

William and Nancy Ames 

Amesbury Industrial Supply 

Maritsa Andrews 

Philip '55 Angell and Rosalie Mogan 

Susan Ardiff 

Michael and Laura Arrigo 

Tom and Kim Audy 

Ted '53 and Terry Bailey 

David and Sandy Bakalar 

David and Mary Balestrieri 

Wayne '68 and Jayne Barbaro 

Robert and Karen Barnett 

Anne Baumann 

BCM Controls Corporation 

Dennis and Donna Becker 

Brian Bernier and Marcia Strouss 

Lawrence and Mildred Berry 

Adrienne Berry-Burton, TR 

Bill Hoyt Painting 

George and Deborah Bird 

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood C. Blake 

Huntington '56 and Sharon Blatch- 

Laura Blau 

Daniel and Denise Block 
Helene Bodman 
Mildred Bonow 
Gary and Cheryl Borden 
James and Kathleen Bouglouskas 
Anne Boyce and Paul Swift 
Fontaine and Kate Bradley 
Leslie and Barbara Brewer 
Benjamin '43 and Anne Brewster 
Robert and Cindy Brierley 
Peter and Bea Britton 
Philip and Patricia Bucci 
Robert and Helen Burns 
Bartley and Katherine Calder 
Joseph and Gertrude Cardarelli 
Larry and Sally Carlson 
James and CeAnn Carney 
Kay Carroll 

Donald and Nancy Carter 
Edgar '45 and Marilynne Catlin 
Edgar Catlin 71 
Lindsay Cavanagh 
Hugh and Elizabeth Cawley 
Leonard and Ursula Ceglarski 
Babe and Cathy Ceglarski 
Jane B. Chance 
Stuart and Penny Chase 
Susan Clancy 
Phyllis Clark 

John 71 and Lalie dayman 
Richard and Kathryn Clunie 
Robert H. Colgate 
Chris and Lisa Collins, TR 
William and Frances Connelly 
James '66 and Graciela Connolly 
Mark and Joanna Connors 
Grace Conway 
Rodney and Terry Cook 
Andrew and Dyane Cotreau 
Theodore and Marie Craft 
Michael and Margaret Curran 
Douglas '67 and Linda Curtis 
Edith Dabney 
Conrad and Liz Dampolo 
Benjamin Dane 
Arthur and Julie Daniels 
Thomas and Linda Darisse 
Ruth Davidson 
Roger and Linda Day 
Defiance Graphics Corporation 
Delande Supply Company 
Robert and Patricia Dempsey 
James Diefenderfer 
Louis and Cathy DiFronzo 

Richard and Eleanor Dober 
Helen E. Dobrosielski 
Annabelle Doggett 
Marty and Patty Doggett 
James and Paula Doherty 
Frank and Elaine D'Orio 
Peter '69 and Susie Dorsey 
William and Eleanor Dorsey 
Burton and Susan Dow 
James and Katherine Dow 
Steve and Edith Dubord 
Timothy and Elizabeth Durkin 
Thomas and Sue Durkin 
Henry 70 and Cathy Eaton, TR 
John and Jane Ellis 
John '60 and Carol Elwell 
Judith Faige 

Stephen and Candace Falvey 
Frank and Dare Farrington 
Mary Jo Field 
Lynda Fitzgerald 
Putnam P. Flint '37 
Donate Frattaroli 
Nancy Frattaroli 
Robert and Shirley French 
Orrie* and Laurel Friedman 
William '55 and Judy Friend 
Howard and Naomi Gardner 
Donald and Emily Gay 
Philip Gemmer '48 
Howard and Elizabeth George 
Georgetown Door & Window 
Carolyn Gibbs 

Stephen and Beverly Giblin, TR 
Frank '57 and Janet Gleason 
Elizabeth Gobin 
Richard and Katherine Goglia 
David '41 and Elizabeth Goodhart 
Robert and Judy Gore 
Robert and Barbara Grant 
Richard and Diane Griesbach 
O. Eric and Anne Gronberg 
Paul and Lauren Gudonis, TR 
Thomas and Karen Guidi 
Janet Gurski 

Douglas and Katherine Guy 
Peter and Barbara Haack 
Denis and Juliette Hamboyan 
Genovieve Hansen 
Robert and Pauline Haran 
Martin and Carol Harband 
Richard and Susan Harris 
George and Elizabeth Hayes 
Roland Henneberger and Louisa 

David '50 and Brenda Hershey 
Richard and Sharon Hilaire 
Brian and Kathy Hines,TR 
Michael and Marie Hoffman 
Ray '67 and Paulajeanne Huard 

The Archon | Fall 2009 37 


Tom and Mary Hyndman 
Thomas and Laurie Hyndman 
John '50 and Monica Ives 
John and Jamie James 
Johnson Lumber Company 
Scott and Doreen Johnson 
Susan T. Johnson 
Viola Johnson 
Mary Ann Joyce 

E. William '49 and Consuelo Judson 
Plato '47 and Gwenette Kangis 
Stephen '62 and Marie-Louise 

Kasnet, TR 
Paul and Judith Keaney 
Allen Keith '55 and Winifred Ward 
Richard and Nancy Kelleher, TR 
John and Victoria Kelley 
Jane Kent 

Edward and Carol Anne Khantzian 
Daryl and Laurel Kincaid 
George and Mary Kirkham 
Kearney and Carolyn Kuhlthau 
Yung Oh Kwon and Ji Min Lee 
Anne LaGrippe 
Landscape Planners, Inc. 
Joseph and Susan Lang 
Henry and Penny Lapham 

F. Stephen Larned 
Mary-Beth Lathrop 

Donald '35 and Ellen Lawrence 
Lance and Cyrille Lazo 
Daniel Leary '55 
Richard N. Leavitt 
Lester and Robyn Lee 
Barbara Levings 
Marilyn Lilly 

Randal and Cynthia Lilly 
Paul and Joanne Lindmark 
Lombardi Oil Co. 
George '39 and Maribel Lord 
Judson and Christine Ludeking 
Stephen and Sandi Lundquist 
Robert '40* and Thelma Lyle 
Judith Lyons 
Thomas W. Manring 
Michael Markos 
Alfred and Claire Martin 
Bradford Marvin 
Frank and Sheila Mastrangelo 
McConn Communications 
Matthew McDonnell and Kathy May 
William McDonough 
Paul and Priscilla Mclnnis.TR 
Rod and Bert McLain 
Angelo and Joyce Migliore 
Jack and Beth Miller 
Dolly Miller 

Joshua '69 and Mary Miner 
Anne Minster 
/illiam and Jacalyn Mitchell 

Mark and Diane Monigle 

Paul and Sandra Montrone 

David and Elaine Moody 

Michael Moonves 

David and Robin Moore 

Keith and Mary Ellen Moores 

Timothy and Cindy Moran 

Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan, TR 

Hewitt and Rosie Morgan 

Paul '41 and Nancy Morgan 

Stephen Morison 

Irving and Ellie Morris 

Charles '47 and Priscilla Morse 

Donald Morse '57 

Sherman and Anne-Lise Morss 

Chris and Mary Murch 

Barbara Myers 

George L. Needham '56 

Martinus and Sheila Nickerson 

Northern Business Machines, Inc. 

David and Martha Novis 

Mark O'Brien '64 

Catherine Okeke 

David and Pam O'Neill 

Richard B. Osgood '53 

David and Diane Oxton 


Arthur '45 and Barbara Page 

Carl Panall and Susan Chase 

Ronald and Cynthia Pascucci 

Richard '50 and Lynda Patton 

Richard Paul 

David Peng and Jayne Cecere 

Walid and Carol Ann Pharaon 

Robert '73 and Sherilyn Phillips 

Shirley Phillips 

Richard '38 and Susanne Phippen 

James '72 and Polly Pierce , TR 

David '51 and Suzanne Pope 

Jeff and Carmen Pope 

Port Paint N' Paper 

Port Sheet Metal, Inc. 

John and Carmen Pritchard 

Bill Quigley and Leslie Cargill 

Howard Quimby '52 

Jeffrey and Cindy Ravitz 


Carlton '49 and Betty Reed 

William '50 and Judy Rex 

Alfred and Linda Reynolds 

George Richards 

James and Phebe Richards 

Bruce and Sharon Riedell 

S. Robert '60 and Paula Rimer 

Marie Robinson 

Gary and Jill Rogers, TR 

Donald and Prudence Ross 

Joan Ross 

Bernard and Jane Rothwell 

Wallace and Carol Rowe 

Jim '68 and Susan Rudolph, TR 

Richard and Nancy Russell 

Kathleen Ryan '79 

Safeway Overhead Crane Service, Inc. 

Salter Transportation, Inc. 

L. Manlius Sargent 

Candace Sawyer 

Sylvia Schanbacher 

George and Coreen Scharfe, TR 

Hal and Anju Scheintaub 

Robert '40 and Marilyn Schumann 

Arthur and Linda Schwartz 

Richard and Kathleen Searles 

Herbert and Ann Sears 

William '71 and Marcy Shack 

Jonathan Shafmaster '63 

Lillian Shapiro 

Andrew and Shirley Shea 

Douglas and Diane Shealy 

Kenneth and Bernadette Shedosky 

Edwin '40 and Dorothy Sheffield 

Steven and Martha Shuster 

Jay and Kathleen Siegel 

Humphrey '42 and Rosalie Simson 

Crawford Small 

Jeanne Smith 

Phil '73 and Winnie Smith 

Jane Snerson 

John Soursourian and Judith Klein 

Joseph and Lorraine Sousa 

Robert '50 and Rae Squire 

Cathy Marie F. St. Pierre 

Geraldine Statler 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Stavis 

Norman and Robyn Stavis 

Beth Stevens 

Ruth Stokes 

Elizabeth Stone 

William '55 and Ellen Stone 

David Strouss 

Peter Sutton '47 

Stephen and Karen Swensrud 

Brett and Joan Sylvester 

Ete Szuts and Susan Oleszko-Szuts 

TMS Architects 

Robert '43 and Nancy Tannebring 

Peter Tarr and Gail Nelson 

Chariot Taylor 

C.Thomas '39 and Eunice Tenney 

Widgery Thomas '43 

David and Susan Tsao 

Marc '68 and Sharon Tucker 

George '50 and Benson Tulloch 

David and Susan Turnbull 

Curtis Turner and Dene Ryfun-Turner 

Joseph and Sandra Turner 


Uptack Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 

David and Susan Van Ness 

Richard and Heidi Vancisin 

Raymond and Dorothy Wallman 

Pete and Sandy Walor 

Lenora Walsh 

S. Robson Walton 

Paul Wann and Bonnie-Jean Wilbur 

Robert and Mary Ward 

Patricia Watts 

Jeff and Marion Webster 

Hans and Janet Weedon 

Nancy Weinstein 

Josiah '47 and Donna Welch 

Lee W. Wesson 

Donald and Marie Whiston 

Mark and Eve Whiston, TR 

Wendy Whiston MacLennan 

Alexander and Anne White 

Marc and Mary White 

Nita White 

William '59 and Roberta Whiting 

J. Randall '70 and Joan Whitney 

John and Sheila Whittier 


Windover Construction, Inc. 

Frank and Maureen Wilkens 

Alan and Chris Willemsen 

Louise Williams 

William and Marty Willis 

Nancy Winslow 

Nathan '58 and June Withington 

John and Laura Wolfe 

Michael Wong and Anning Ye 

James and Joyce Zafris 

Other Restricted Gifts 

The Harold Alfond Foundation 

Mr. William Alfond 

The William Alfond Foundation 

The Allies 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Barbara 

Mr. R. Macdonald Barnes 

Mr. Michael Berry 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Benfey 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bergman 

Mr. and Mrs. James Berluti 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bird 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Boal 

Mr. and Mrs. Nabil Boghos 

The Boston Foundation 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bragdon 

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cahill 

Mr. Thomas Canty and Jane Mosher- 


Dr. and Mrs. Sudarshan Chatterjee 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Collins 

Connolly & Connelly 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Connors 

Ms. Lisa Corbett 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cotreau 

38 The Archon | Fall 2009 

Ms. Carrie Dagres 
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davis 
Estate of Elisabeth Gordon deGerenday 
Mr. James Deveney, Jr. 
Mr. Bradley Dorman 
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Doyle 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dubord 
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Dubus 
Estate of Bruce McCullough 
Mrs. Nancy Frattaroli 
The French Foundation 
Ms. Pamela Gentile 
Ms. Nancy Getz 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Giblin 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goglia 
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gray 
Ms.Tamara Grenier 
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hamovit 
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Harper 
Mr. and Mrs. David Heimbecker 
Mr. James Hourihan 
Mr. James Houston and Mrs. Rosalyn 
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Jacobs 
Mr. Peter Jenkins 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jerome 
Mrs. Mary Ann Joyce 
Drs. Sang Seon Lee and Jeong Wook 

Mr. and Mrs. William Kavanagh 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kelleher 
Kelleher Family Charitable Trust 
Mr. Frank Kitchell 
Mr. John Klotz 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kutchin 
Mr. and Mrs. John Lapoint 
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Lavallee 
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Mackay 
Mr. and Mrs. Sandro Martignetti 
Mr. Steve Matses 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McGrath 
Mr. Jack McLeod 
Mr. and Mrs. David Means 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Metcalf 
Mr. Michael Moonves 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morgan 
Mrs. Sarah Morison 
Mr. and Mrs. William O'Brien 
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Conor 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ogden 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ogden 
Ms. Bernadette Okeke-Diagne 
Mr. William O'Leary 
Ms. Colleen O'Neal 
Mr. Thomas Otis 
The Oxford League 
Parents' Independent School Net- 
work, Inc. 

Mr. Robert Pease and Mrs. Carol 
Wingard Pease 

The Penates Foundation 
Mr. and Mrs. David Phippen 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Picking 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Poole 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pope 
Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Rimer 
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Rogers 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Russell 
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Russolillo 
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Seibel 
Roy and Ruth Seibel Family Founda- 

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Sells 
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Shea 
Mr. and Mrs. William Skaff 
Mr. Richard Snowdon 
Mr. and Mrs. John Spillane 
Mr. and Mrs. David Splaine 
Mr. John Strother and Ms. Martha 

Ms. Marcia Strouss 
Mr. Joseph Trustey 
Mr. Bruce Turner 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Uglietto 
W. C. Cammett Enginering, Inc. 
Mr. MarkWhiston 
Mr. Marc White and Ms. Stephanie 

Mr. and Mrs. William Willis 
Mrs. Nancy Winslow 
Mr. and Mrs. John Wolfe 

Gifts from Corporations 
and Foundations 

The Governor's Academy is 
grateful to the corporations and 
foundations that have contrib- 
uted generously to the Academy 
through direct gifts and matching 
gift programs. The Academy also 
thanks the alumni/ae and parents 
who have made the extra effort 
to obtain funding for the school. 

Abbott and Dorothy Stevens Foundation 
Joshua L. Miner IV '69, P'96'98 

The Abbott Laboratories Fund 
Ete and Susan Oleszko Szuts P'96 

AIG International 
Kristina Frame '88 

Bank of America Foundation 
Raymond A. Bird '62 
Denis and Juliette Hamboyan P'OO 
Ralph F. Johnson '64 
R. Neal and Nina McElroy 76 

Barclays Capital 
J. Jeffcott Ogden 76 

Boeing Company 
John J. Mozzicato '49 
Gerald G. Vaughan '54 

Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation 
James '68 and Susan Rudolph 

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation 
Dennis P. Gately '85 

The Ellsworth Foundation 
David H. Ellsworth '48 

Emerson Electric 
Robert H.Amsler '69 

Fidelity Foundation 
Steven and Sara Harrold P'10 
Joseph and Susan Lang 

Frontier Capital Management 
Michael and Mary Jo Cavarretta 

Gannett, Welsh & Kotter, LLC 
David Pierre and Nancy Angell P'11 

GE Foundation 
Nathaniel N. Dummer'44 
Arthur Withington '50 

General Dynamics 
James and Gayle O'Book P"I2 

General Mills Foundation 
Donald W. Morse '57, P'83'87 

Gorton's of Gloucester 
Richard and Heidi Vancisin P'05'06 

Green Mountain Coffee 
Mariel Hagan '84 

John Hancock Funds, LLC 
William and Kathy McDonough 

JP Morgan Chase 
Marc I. Borden '03 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co. 
Hal F. Sizer '79 

Merrill Lynch & Company Inc. 
David T.Goodhart '41, P'78'80 

Robert C. Burnham '66 
Robert H. Studley '86 

Morgan-Worcester, Inc. 
Mayo Amos '97 
Daniel '67 and Mayo Morgan, 

Paul '41 and Nancy Morgan P'67, 

The New York Times Company 
Naomi Fink '99 

The Nash Foundation 
John Nash '54 

The Oxford League 
Timothy and Liz Durkin P'07'1 1 
Richard and Nancy Russell P'89'95 

PNC Foundation 
Michael Sapuppo 75 

Quaker Hill Foundation 
Joshua L. Miner IV '69, P'96'98 

Raytheon Corporation 
Grace Jeanes '92 

Starcom MediaVest Group 
Justin Rivera '94 

The Stanley Works 
Edmund G. Noyes '39 

State Street Bank and Trust 
Larry and Sally Carlson P'08 
Lisa Louden '81 

Union Mutual of Vermont Companies 
Ian B. Chisholm 73 

Leo and Karen Melanson P'1 1 

Wachovia Foundation 
David Dent '63 

Wells Fargo 
Sylvia Schanbacher P'97 
Richard and Heidi Vancisin P'05'08 

iams Matching Gifts 
Frank S. Dickerson '57 

Wyeth Nutritionals 
Brett and Joan Sylvester P'05 

The Archon | Fall 2009 39 

Endowed Scholarship Funds 

Endowed scholarships at The 
Governor's Academy are made 
possible through gifts from 
alumni/ae and friends, operating 
funds and by income from the 
following funds established 
through the years: 

The Alfond Scholarship 

Established in 2003 by the Alfond 
family to benefit students from 
Maine who are athletes or from fami- 
lies of past and present shoe workers 
of Dexter Shoe Company, or its affili- 
ate and other shoe manufacturers. 
The Harold Alfond Foundation 

The Charles Z. Abuza Memorial 

Established in 1988 by his family and 
friends in memory of this alumnus, 
Class of '53. 

The George I. Alden Trust Scholar- 
ship Fund 

Established in 1 989 by the George I. 
Alden Trust of Worcester, Massachu- 
setts and alumni. 

The Alumni/ae Scholarship Fund 

Established and supported by Acad- 
emy graduates to provide financial 
aid to deserving students. 

The Francis R. Appleton Fund 

Established in 1909 by Francis R. 

The Col. Harold H. Audet Scholar- 
ship Fund 

Established in 1989 by Col. Harold 
H. Audet '38 for a "day boy" from 
Newburyport, Massachusetts. 

The Sarah Avalon Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1999 by Putnam '37 
and Dorothy Flint GP'99 to honor 
their granddaughter Sarah Avalon 
'99. Benefitting a Senior who through 
four years of work, determination 
and strength of character, has worked 
to develop his or her potential to the 
fullest and in doing so, has been a 
true credit to The Academy. 

The James BarriskiM Fund 

Established in 1960 in memory of 
the former Academy master teacher 

The William L. Brian III Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1990 by his family and 
classmates in honor of this alumnus, 
Class of '59. 

Kerry Anne Carson Memorial 

Established in 1 995 by her family and 


Susan Leonard 

Robert K. Chandler '12 Memorial 

Established in 2009 through the 
estate of Elisabeth Gordon Chandler 
deGerenday in loving memory of her 
late husband, Robert '12. 

The David Knowles Chilton Me- 
morial Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1986 by Mr. and Mrs. 
Herman Chilton in memory of their 
son, Class of '61 . Awarded to a 
student "who best demonstrates the 
high principles of The Academy." 

The Class of 1950 Scholarship 

Established in 2000 by the graduates 

of the class of 1 950, in celebration of 

their fiftieth reunion. 

Marc am Rhein '50 

Charles C. Bowen '50 

Robert T. Comey '50 

Alan F. Flynn, Jr. '50 

The Edmund Coffin Colman Schol- 
arship Fund 

Established in 1939 through the will 
of Elizabeth Tappan to provide aid for 

Elizabeth S. Tappen Trust 

Established in 1 939 through the will 
of Elizabeth Tappan to provide aid for 

The Corning Fund 

Established in 1989 by Nathan E. 
Corning to provide financial as- 
sistance to the children of Academy 

The Cumings Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1948 by Mrs. FredT. 
Cumings in memory of her husband 
and in honor of their son, Allen H. 
Cumings '48. 

The Richard Little Dodge Fund 

Established in 1 957 in memory of this 
alumnus, Class of 1940, by his family. 

The Edward W. Eames Scholarship 

Established in 1975 in tribute to the 
headmaster who led the Academy for 
29 years. 

The Eastman Fund 

Established in 1983 by the bequest 
of Elizabeth Eastman Hall in memory 
of her nephews, Robert Kimball East- 
man, Jr. and Charles Bond Warner 

The Vida F. Ellison Scholarship 

Established in 1989 by William G. 
Griffith '37 and John E. Griffith 
'40 for a student from Colorado or 

The Ellsworth Family Scholarship 

Established in 1990 by David H. Ells- 
worth '48 in honor of his family. 

The G. Heberton Evans III Memo- 
rial Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1985 in memory of 
this teacher, coach and dorm parent 
of 34 years. 

The Richard Hawes Francis '36 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1930 in memory of this 
alumnus by his family. 
Kurt A. Liske 

The Friend Family Scholarship 

Established in 1987 by Mirick Friend 
'59 and family in memory of his 
father Robert A. Friend. 

The William Pinkham Gove Schol- 
arship Fund 

Established in 1926 by his wife and 
son, Karl '28. 

The Joanna Grugeon Scholarship 

Established in 1990 by her family, 
faculty and friends in memory of this 
Governor's Academy master teacher. 
Susan Clancy 

The Carl D. Hale Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1980 through the 

will of Grace Hale in memory of her 
husband, class of 1896, to provide 
financial aid. 
Kurt A. Liske 

The Henley Group Scholarship 

Established in 1988 by the Henley 
Group, Inc. of Hampton, NH, to 
benefit a deserving student. 

The Janet G. Higgins Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1 976 in her memory by 
her family and friends. 

The Bernard K. Holdsworth Schol- 
arship Fund 

Established in 1987 by Clifford 
Holdsworth in memory of his son, a 
member of the Class of '44. 

The Ingham Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1927 by the family 
of the late Samuel Kellogg Ingham, 
whose son Dr. Charles C. Ingham 
became the 22nd headmaster of The 
Kurt A. Liske 

The E. Randall Jackson Memorial 

Established in 1966 by the bequest 
of his mother Lillian A. Jackson, to 
benefit a young person from Danvers, 

The Christian A. Johnson Endeav- 
or Foundation Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1982 to enable a wor- 
thy student to attend an independent 

The Kitchell Family Scholarship 

Established in 1989 by Frank Kitchell 
'35. Members of the Kitchell family 
who attended the Academy include 
Frank '35, Peter '36, Samuel '38 and 
Webster '48. 

The George Laite Scholarship 

Established in memory of this 
alumnus from the Class of '32 by his 

The Leary Family Scholarship 

Established in 1 989 by Jack '48 and 

40 The Archon | Fall 2009 

Mary Leary and their children, 79 
'81 '82 '84 '85, to benefit a student 
from Newburyport, Massachusetts, 
demonstrating a strong personal 
character and financial need. 

The Barry Nelson Lougee Scholar- 
ship Fund 

Established in 1 989 to honor this 
alumnus of the Class of '51 by his 
classmates and family. 

The Burton Machinist Scholarship 

Established in 1 987 by his family to 

I honor this Class of '36 graduate. 

he David Macomber Scholarship 

Established in 1978 in his memory by 
his family and the Class of 1957. 

The Magoun Family Scholarship 

Established in 2001 by Thomas 
Magoun '48 in honor of his family, 
to benefit a deserving student from 
Rockingham County, New Hampshire. 

The Magrane Family Scholarship 

Established in 1994 by members of 
the Magrane family -- Mrs. Helen 
Magrane P'65'67, J. Scott Magrane 
'65 and Ross Magrane '67 -- to 
benefit a student who contributes to 
all aspects of the Academy. 

The Christopher Marden '96 Fund 
for the Performing Arts 

Established in 1996 in his memory by 
his mother Joanne and sister Elysa 
'86 to support the performing arts at 
the Academy. 

The Thomas McClary Mercer 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1992 by Charles A. 
Goodrich III '39 in appreciation for 
all this former English master teacher 
contributed to the Academy. 

The Montrone Family Scholarship 

Established in 1988 by Mr. and Mrs. 
Paul Montrone P'82'87 to benefit 
a deserving student from the New 
Hampshire seacoast area. 

The C.W. & LH. Morse Scholarship 

Established in 1988 by the Morse 
family in honor of Charles W. and 
Louise H. Morse of Newburyport, 
Massachusetts, given by their sons 
and grandsons, seven alumni of the 

The Howard J. Navins '31 Scholar- 
ship Fund 

Established in 1988 by a former 
student and alumnus, in honor of this 
alumnus, coach, and master teacher 
of 41 years to recognize courage and 
high personal standards. 
William C.Abbott '41 

The John and Dorothy Ogden 

Established in 2004 by their sons 
Jeff '76, Phil '78, Lee and Steve to 
honor John, former teacher, coach 
and dorm parent and Dorothy, former 
Associate Director of Admissions at 
The Academy. 
Lee and Lela Ogden 
Steven and Julie Ogden 

The Edward Parish Noyes Fund 

Established in 1 91 5 in memory of the 
former student (Class of 1873) and 
trustee (1 895-1 91 3) by Joseph Lee 
of Boston. 

The Ben Pearson Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1988 by Benjamin 
Pearson IX '44 and Anne Pearson of 
Byfield in honor of a five-generation 
relationship with The Academy. 

The Carl. A. Pescosolido, Jr. '55 

Established in 1992 by family and 
friends of Carl A. "Skip" Pescosolido, 
Jr., President of the Academy's Board 
of Trustees from 1980-92. The award 
is presented annually to the top male 
and female scholar-athletes in the 
junior class whose academic and 
athletic performances exhibit the 
character and commitment to excel- 
lence of Carl A. Pescosolido, Jr. 

The Lee C. Peterson '74 Scholar- 
ship Fund 

Established in 2004 in his memory 
by a bequest of his mother to enable 
a deserving student to attend The 
Academy, where Lee spent the four 

happiest years of his life. 

The Reader's Digest Endowed 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1981 by the Reader's 
Digest in honor of DeWitt Wallace, its 

The Peter R. Remis '52 and James 
A. Remis '84 Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1991 by Linda Remis 
Schwartz in memory of her husband 
Peter and son Jimmy. Peter Remis 
served the Academy for many years 
as a Trustee. 

The Revere Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1982 by Howard 
Zuker '57 for deserving students from 
Revere, Massachusetts. 

The 1763 Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1946 by the Alumni 

The Arthur W. Sager Scholarship 

Established in 1987 by his friend C. 
Thomas Tenney '39, to benefit deserv- 
ing students from the state of Maine. 
Malcolm H. von Saltza '44 

The Ellsworth H. Sherin Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1985 by his children 

and employees. Ellsworth Sherin 

was the father of Peter Sherin '59, 

an Academy alumnus and former 


Peter M. Sherin '59 

The Senator Benjamin A. Smith II 
'35 Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1991 by family and 
friends in memory of U.S. Senator Ben 
Smith to benefit a deserving student. 

The Louis Vernon Stonebraker 
Memorial Scholarship 

Established in 2007 by Dr. Peter 
Stonebraker '60 and his wife, Eva, 
in loving memory of Peter's father, 
Louis. Funds from this scholarship 
are to support "Stonebraker Schol- 
ars" in their pursuit of an Academy 
education. Qualified students will 
be day students hailing from the fol- 
lowing six-city township: Newbury, 
Newburyport, W. Newbury, Rowley, 
Byfield and Ipswich. Students will 

meet high standards of excellence 
both academically and socially 
as committed members of the Acad- 
emy community. 

Angel Talavera '95 Scholarship 

Established in 1995 by his class- 
mates and their parents to honor his 

The Grace S. Tisdale Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1981 by Mr. and Mrs. 
Arthur Buettner of Auburn, Maine, in 
memory of Mrs. Buettner's mother. 

The Richard Tucker Fund 

Established in 1930 in his memory by 
family and friends. 

The Asa Wilson Waters Fund 

Established in 1930 to honor his 
grandparents and great grandpar- 

The Timothy Rogers Whittemore 

Established in 1963 in his memory, by 
his sophomore classmates. 

The Thomas N.Willins Scholarship 

Established in 1990 and given in 
memory of his father by Thomas N. 
Willins, Jr., Class of '33. 

The Nathan N. Withington Schol- 
arship Fund 

Established in 1990 by a classmate 
in honor of this alumnus, class of '58, 
former trustee and GDA parent. 
The Henry Hornblower Fund, Inc. 
Nathan '58 and June Withington 

The John Young Scholarship Fund 

Established in 1943 by Dr. John 

The ArchonlFall 2009 41 

annual report 


s we close the books on fiscal year 2009, I have never been 
happier to wave good-bye. Although the worst of the financial 
.market tumult is hopefully behind us, the ramifications and 
lessons learned will remain pertinent for quite some time. 

At The Governor's Academy, the financial storm was steadfastly 
weathered in comparatively good shape. Specifically, The Academy 
earned a 35th consecutive surplus operating budget. Careful expense 
control and very strong revenues contributed to the excellent operating 
results. Tight management at both the administration and staff levels 
is extremely important in times of stress. This style of operation is 
nothing new to The Governor's Academy, merely a matter of course. 
Maintaining the quality of our very unique educational product is also 
critical. Our Board, administration and faculty remained determined 
to protect that quality without cutting corners or compromising the mission. The school was 
well-positioned to avoid the reactionary panic that engulfed many non-profit enterprises. As a 
result, student enrollment remained strong and alumni, parents and other benefactors continued 
to support the Academy very generously. 

That being said, it was a busy year for the financial management team. As a result of the 
credit crisis, bank support on our outstanding debt was abruptly downgraded. This bank letter 
of credit was expeditiously replaced at a time when many institutions were not able to do so. 
Again, this action was a testament to the soundness of our balance sheet and the steadiness 
of our operating history. Even though our debt costs will be slightly more expensive in the 
future, we were able to maintain our outstanding debt. Additionally, our endowment funds 
were not immune to the losses suffered by most investments. Endowment assets decreased by 
approximately 22 % due to investment performance during the fiscal year. Our asset allocation 
and diversification assisted us in tempering the losses and has allowed us to participate in the 
recovery to date. Our cash balances and liquidity remained strong throughout the crisis. 

As The Governor's Academy enters the current fiscal year 2010, there is no complacency. 
The expense budget is tight and malleable and all managers have a keen eye on productivity. Our 
thanks to all- faculty, administration and staff who remain in steadfast focus; and to our alumni, 
parents and benefactors who continue to generously support the school in difficult times. 

Steven G. Shapiro '74, P'09 
Treasurer, Board of Trustees 

42 The Archon | Fall 2009 

Members of The Schoolhouse Society 

In the spirit of the Academy's original benefactor, William Dummer, The Schoolhouse Society honors alumni, parents and 
friends who have made the school a part of their legacy through their will or estate plan. 


Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Bragdon, FF, 

Headmaster Emeritus 
Mrs. Elisabeth De Gerenday* 
Mr. and Mrs. William Frost* 
Mrs. Constance Fuller* 
Ms. Joanna Grugeon, FF* 
Ms. Elizabeth E. Hall* 
Mrs. Helene L. Ingham* 
Mr. Warren Lane* 
Ms. Marlitta B. Martin* 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Savage, FF 
Ms. Sylvia B. Lunt, FS 
Mr. Bruce McCullough, FF* 
Mr. John Rolfe* 
Ms. Elizabeth B. Shaffer* 

Past Parents 

Mrs. Walter Bodwell, P'66 

Mr. Rene Cloutier, P'85 

Mr. Clark Gowen, P'49* 

Mrs. Betsy Karp, P'97 

Mr. and Mrs. P. Prentice Gilbert, P'96, 

Mrs. Cyrille Lazo, P'81,'84,'85 
Mr.Wiflard Levings, P'68 
Mrs. Elizabeth Lyman, P'86 
Mrs. Corinne Peterson, P'74* 
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Robins, P'69, '80 
Mrs. Cynthia Tracy, P'60, '63 

Class of 1933 

Mr. Andrew R. Linscott* 
Mr. Thomas N.Willins, Jr. 

Class of 1934 

Mrs. Gerie Baker 
(AW *Mr.Seth N.Baker) 

Class of 1935 

Mrs. Cynthia Tracy P'60, '63 

Class of 1936 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Harris 
Mr. Julian Hess* 

Class of 1937 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore G. Bergmann, 

P'65, 70, 75 
Mr. Putnam P. Flint, GP'99 
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin C. Murphy, P'61, 

'68, 72, 75 
Mr. William P. Sheffield, P'75 
Mr. Arthur Strenge* 

Class of 1938 

Col. Harold H.Audet 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Ferris 

Mr. Leonard Poor* 

Class of 1939 

Mr. J.Windsor Frost* 
Mrs. Jane Simson 
(AW *Mr. George M. Simson '39) 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Tenney, 
P'66, '69 

Class of 1940 

Mr. Dana Babcock, P'68* 
Mrs.Thelma Lyle, P'69 

(AW Mr. Robert Lyle*) 
Mrs. Bobbie Murray 

(AW Mr. Dwight M. Murray) 
Mrs. Pat Quint 

(AW Mr. Norman L. Quint*) 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schumann, 

P'66, 74 
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Wright 

Class of 1941 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Stirn 
Mr. Richard Winckel* 

Class of 1942 

Dr. and Mrs. William E.Hill, Jr. 

Mr. C. Derek Lagemann 

Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey B. Simson, 

Mr. Edward W.Stitt III* 

Class of 1943 

Mr. Crosby Hitchcock 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter LMcGill 
Mr. Murray S. Monroe* 
Mr. Widgery Thomas, Jr., P'71 
Mr. Robert Wadleigh 

Class of 1944 

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace L. Bolton 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L.Wyer 

Class of 1945 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren W. Furth 
Mr. and Mrs. Lon Homeier 

Class of 1946 

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Levine 

Class of 1947 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Gorton Baldwin, P'71 
Rev. Robert W.Peale 
Mrs. Shirley Reese 

(AW Mr. Henry Sanders*) 
Mr. and Mrs. JosiahH. Welch, P'80, 


Class of 1948 

Mr. Thomas Magoun* 
Mr. Richard J. Smith 

Class of 1949 

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob B. Brown 
Mr. William L. Chamberlin 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert 0. Coulter 
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Denkert 
Mr. Kimball M.Page 
Mr. Thomas D. Sayles, Jr.* 
Dr. and Mrs. Mansfield F. Smith 

Class of 1950 

Mr. Henry T. Brockelman* 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Comey, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy G. Greene 

Mr. Dodge D. Morgan, P'92 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Patton, P'93 

Mrs. Katharine Steinwedell (AW Mr. 
Peter T.Steinwedell*) 

Class of 1951 

Rev. Frederic Franzius 

Mr. and Mrs. George D. Kirkham, P'89 

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Moore, Jr. 

Dr. Robert L. Morse* 

Mr. Robert L.Wenz 

Class of 1952 

Mr. Barry Gately 
Rev. Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Rice 
Mrs. Linda Remis Schwartz (AW *Mr. 
Peter R. Remis), P'84 

Class of 1953 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Bartlett 
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Gale 
Dr. and Mrs. Newton E. Hyslop 
Mr. Thomas P. King* 
Mr. Richard B. Osgood, P'85, '88 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Waldron 

Class of 1954 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Alven 

Mr. Thomas H. Larsen 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Michelson 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pew 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Raymer 

Mr. and Mrs. Haskell Rhett 

Class of 1955 

Mrs. Susan Ardiff 

(AW Mr. William B.Ardiff*) 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peter Haendler, 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Nielsen 
Mr. Albert B.Wende 

Class of 1956 

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Henry 
Mr. George Needham, P'90 
Mr. and Mrs. Otto P. Robinson, Jr. 
Mr. John S.Wilson 

Class of 1957 

Mr. David H. M.Andersen* 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Dickerson, III 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. V. C. Pesco- 

Class of 1958 

Mr. Harvey L. Hayden 
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Morse 

Class of 1959 

Dr. James S. Foley 

Mr. Mirick Friend 

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Whiting, P'92 

Class of 1960 

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Deveney, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hyslop 

Mr. C. Frederic Lyman, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Abbot Vose 

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold S. Wood, Jr. 

Til© iMY 


Class of 1961 

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Stringer 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Haemo DeThor- 
neycroft Teuscher 

Class of 1962 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Butler 

Class of 1963 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Hawkins, Jr. 

Class of 1965 

Mr. and Mrs. F.J Shepard 

Class of 1967 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Morgan, P'97, 
'02, TR 

Class of 1968 

Mr. Carl A. Berntsen 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Kangis 
Mr. Robert T. Martin 
Mr. and Mrs. James L Rudolph, P'05, 

Class of 1969 

Mr. Swift C. Barnes, III 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Dorsey, P'08 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Gordon, TR 
Mr. Brian Pfeiffer 

Class of 1971 

Joseph R. LaPaglia 

Class of 1972 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bates 

Class of 1974 

Mr. Stephen D. Bottom ley 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Shapiro, P'09, 

Class of 1976 

Mr. Perry M. Smith and Ms. Eva 

Class of 1981 

LTC. and Mrs. David W. Critics 
Mr. Daniel C. Cross 

Class of 1982 

Ms. Ann K. Rooney 

Class of 1985 

Ms. Nathalie E.Ames.TR 

Class of 1994 

Mr. Matt Prunier 

Mrs. Nicole Abdulla Prunier 

Class of 1998 

Mr. Jeremey Devaney 

KEY: *=deceased, AW=alumni widow/er, FF=former faculty, FS=former staff 

The Archon | Fall 2009 43 

Class Secretaries 

Mr. Benjamin B. Brewster '43 

Plymouth, MA 

Mr. John F. Kimball '46 

Falmouth, ME 

Mr. Norman G. Brown '47 

Standish, ME 

Mr. Duncan H. McCallum '48 

Dexter, Ml 

Mr. Manson P. Hall '49 

North Chatham, MA 

Mr.Alan F. Flynn Jr. '50 

Rehoboth, MA 

Mr. Ted H. Barrows III '51 

Bristol, Rl 

Rev. Franklin E. Huntress Jr. '52 

Marblehead, MA 

Mr. Percival M. Lowell, Jr. '53 

Acton, ME 

Mr. George 0. Gardner HI '55 

Mattapoisett, MA 

Mr. James Dean III '56 

South Berwick, ME 

Mr. Lyman A. Cousens III '57 

Boscawen, NH 

Mr. Ralph E. Ardiff Jr. '58 

Danvers, MA 

Mr. Mirick Friend '59 

Mirror Lake, NH 

Mr. John C. Elwell '60 

Newburyport, MA 

Mr. J Stephen Sawyer '61 

Dillsburg, PA 

Mr. Thomas M. Mercer Jr '61 

Dallas, TX 

Dr. Thomas S. Tobey '62 

Los Altos, CA 

Mr. Peter C. Thomas '64 

Ithaca, NY 

Mr. Kenneth A. Linberg '65 

Isla Vista, CA 

Mr. James T. Connolly Jr. '66 

Newburyport, MA 

Mr. Bennett H. Beach '67 

Bethesda, MD 

Mr. Daniel C. Look '68 

Marietta, GA 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Gordon '69 

Newport, Rl 

Mr. Terry E.Nolan '70 

Stone Mountain, GA 

Mr. James S. Fleming '71 

Redding, CT 

Mr. DavidLampertJr.'71 

Manchester, MA 

Mr. Geoffrey A. Durham '72 

Libertyville, IL 

Mr. Ian B. Chisholm '73 

South Burlington, VT 

Mrs. Pamela J. Toner '74 

Fairfield, CT 

Ms. Pamela D. Pandapas '75 

Rockland, MA 

Ms. Carol A. Goldberg-Aydin '76 

New York, NY 

Mrs. Carolyn L Nissi '77 

Bradford, MA 

Rev. Bradford D. Clark '78 

Ipswich, MA 

Mr. Troy Dagres '79 

Newburyport, MA 

Ms. Lynne E. Durland '80 

Londonderry, NH 

Mrs. Kathryn A. Shilale '81 

Medfield, MA 

Mrs. Nancy LWickwire '82 

Bedford, NH 

Mrs. Danielle L. Jacobs '83 

Marblehead, MA 

Mr. Harry S. Taormina '84 

Chesapeake, VA 

Ms. Nathalie E.Ames '85 

Mesa, CO 

Mr. Paul B. Nardone '86 

Lynnfield, MA 

Mrs. Kristen M. Poulin '87 

Byfield, MA 

Mrs. Amy B. Northup '87 

Byfield, MA 

Mrs. Deana D. Boyages '88 

Hudson, OH 

Ms. Kristin A. Brown '89 

Weston, MA 

Ms. Nicolle F. DelliColli '90 

Andover, MA 

Ms. Nicole F. MacLaughlan'91 

Boston, MA 

Ms. Catharine A. Firenze '92 

Belmont, MA 

Mr. Shawn T. Markey '93 

Bradford, MA 

Mrs. Ingrid A. Cunney '93 

Lynn, MA 

Ms. Kristen M.Hughes '94 

Van Nuys, CA 

Mr. Michael C. Noon '95 

Cambridge, MA 

Mrs. Janna De Risi '96 

Huntington, NY 

Mr. Jeffrey R. LaBelle '96 

Chicago, IL 

Ms. Sandra T. Padilla '97 

West Hollywood, CA 

Ms. Elizabeth E. Escobar '98 

New York, NY 

Ms. Jessica Z. Karlin '99 

West Roxbury, MA 

Ms. Catherine E. Correia '00 

Brookline, MA 

Ms. Eve R. Seamans '00 

Beverly, MA 

Ms. Maria E.Collins '01 

Nashua, NH 

Ms. Laura E. Ellison '03 

Ann Arbor, Ml 

Mr. Michael D. O'Neill '03 


Ms. Kelsey M.Quigley'04 

Cambridge, MA 

Ms. Lesley T.Clunie '04 

Portland, ME 

Ms. Kelsey A. Correia '05 

Brookline, MA 

Ms. Marisa S. Frey '06 

Meadville, PA 

Ms. Margaret E. Hughes '06 

Saint Albans, VT 

Mr. Jack A. Lamson'07 

Amesbury, MA 

Ms. Rachel A. Stavis '07 

Hartford, CT 

Mr. Perry J. Eaton '08 

Chestnut Hill, MA 

Abigail E. Harris '08 

Bath, ME 

Ms. Amanda R. Correnti '09 

Salem, MA 

Mr. James M. King '09 

Chelmsford, MA 


Yvonne Abenante 

David and Laurel Abusamra 

Janet Adams-Wall 

Tom and Penny Aham 

John and Cathleen Banister-Marx 

Peter and Molly Bidstrup 

Samantha Boulais 

Geoffrey Brace 

Fontaine and Kate Bradley 

Peter and Dottie Bragdon 

Babe and Cathy Ceglarski 

Mark and Joanna Connors 

Lori Correale and Henry Strzem- 


Laurie DiModica 

John and Patricia Doggett 

Jake and Beth Falconer 

Anna Finch 

Lynda Fitzgerald 

Mark Gerry 

Matthew Gettings 

Jeff and Karen Gold 

Douglas and Kathy Guy 

Lloyd and Maud Hamovit 

Ryan Hart 

Scott and Doreen Johnson 

Jeff '85 and Dionne Kelly 

Kenneth and Sandra Keyes 

Carolyn Kimball and Alex Macquisten 

Gillian Kneass 

Jason Lacroix 

Richard Leavitt 

Cynthia Lutz 

Aaron Mandel and Tricia Har 

Shawn '93 and Tricia Markey 

Hugh and Marianne McGraw 

Rod and Roberta McLain 

Kristen Miller 

Michael Moonves 

David and Robin Moore 

Steven and Julie Ogden 

Dennis and Irina Okula 

David and Ellen Oliver 

David and Diane Oxton 

Carl Panall and Susan Chase 

John and Jane Pirie 

William Quigley and Leslie Cargill 

Joe and Radmilla Repczynski 

Chris and Judy Rokous 

Peter Rutkauskas 

Marty and Joan Ryan 

Richard and Susan Savage 

Hal and Anju Scheintaub 

Richard and Kathy Searles 

John Soursourian and Judith Klein 

Tracy and Meg Stickney 

Steven and Joanna Suomi 

Ete Szuts and Susan Oleszko 

Richard and Patricia Thomas 

Bob and Susan True 

Leslie Turner 

David and Susan Van Ness 

Greg '87 and Melanie Waldman '86 

Paul Wann and Bonnie-Jean Wilbur 

Timothy and Christina Weir 

Peter Werner 

Christopher and Elaine White 

Jeffrey and Cheryl Wotton 

44 The Archon I Fall 2009 

In Honor and Memoriam 

Non Sibi Sed Aliis 

Special thanks to all of these volunteers who committed their time to strength- 
en the community of The Academy. These individuals fulfill the true spirit of The 
Academy's motto "non Sibi Sed Aliis" - "Not for self but for others." 

In Memory of 

Archer des Cognets '49 

Mr. Thomas Otis 

In Memory of 

Alexander Freser Draper '46 

Mr. John Coulter 

In Honor of Hank Friedman '84 

Mr. Orrie Friedman* 

In Honor of recent alums by Mr. 
Barry Gately '52 

Jason Goodwin '09 
Daniel Hines '09 
Michael Ivey '09 
Adam Marshall '09 
Ryan Moores '09 
George Tsakirgis '09 

In Memory of Warner Kent '40 

Mrs. Jane Kent 

In Memory of Robert Lyle '40 

Mr. Robert Schumann 

In Memory of 

Mrs. Thomas Mercer 

Mr. William Alfond 

The William Alfond Foundation 

In Honor of Michael Moonves 

Ms. Katherine Almy 

Mr. Nicholas Almy 

Mr. J. D. Bergmann 

Mr. George K. Bird IV 

Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Blake 

Mr. John Blau 

Mr. James Bostwick 

Mrs. Barbara Brewer 

Mr. and Mrs. William Brine 

Mr. and Mrs. James Carney 

Mr. Donald Carter 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Chase 

Mr. Thomas Darisse 

Mrs. Helen Dobrosielski 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Falvey 

Mr. Peter Franklin 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gore 

Ms. Melissa Green 

Ms. Jennifer Griffin 

Mr. Damon Kinzie 

Mrs. Anne LaGrippe 

Ms. Mary-Beth Lathrop 

Mr. Timothy McNally 

Mr. Barry Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. John Miller 

Mrs. Amy Northup 

Mrs. Randy O'Brien 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Pascucci 

Dr. G. Richard Paul 

Ms. Marie Polcari 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pope 

Mr. Henry Rosen 

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Sells 

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Shea 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shedosky 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Shuster 

Mrs. Ruth Stokes 

Mrs. James Stone 

Mrs. Charles Taylor 

Ms. Hope Williams 

Mrs. Nancy Winslow 

Mr. John Witherspoon 

In Memory of 

A. Macdonald Murphy 

Mr. Craig Chapin 

In Memory of 
Vivian Neyman 

Mr. Richard Neyman 75 

In Memory of 
Howard Navins 

Mr. William Abbott 

In Memory of 
Brian O'Dell '84 

Mr. Joseph DiNanno 

In Memory of 
Donald Palais '45 

Mr. Stanley Hamel 

In Memory of 
Jamil Pharaon '84 

Mr. Walid and Carol Ann Pharaon 

In Memory of 
Thomas Sargent '68 

Mr. D. Christopher Page 
Mr. Marc Tucker 

In Memory of 
Roger Snerson '53 

Mrs. Jane Snerson 

In Memory of Edward Wall 

Brother Brad Ferry 

Class of 1959 - 50th Reunion 

Bill Donnelly 
Jim Foley 
Rick Friend 
Peter Sherin 
Bill Whiting 

Class of 1964 - 45th Reunion 

John Mercer 
Ralph Johnson 

Class of 1969 - 40th Reunion 

Bill Clyde 
Peter Dorsey 
Nat Follansbee 
Jeff Gordon 
Josh Miner 
Ralph O'Leary 
Tim Tenney 
Jon Williams 

Class of 1974 - 35th Reunion 

Steve Epstein 
Steve Shapiro 
Jim Shaw 
Bill Skaff 
Pam Toner 
Scott Williams 

Class of 1979 - 30th Reunion 

Troy Dagres 
Ian Fitch 
Lisa Law 
John Perlowski 
Jim Ronan 
Henry Rosen 
Steve Sterman 
Avery Woodworth 

Class of 1984 - 25th Reunion 

Kim Grillo Burgess 
Mike DiModica 
Brett Engel 
Mike Leary 
Eric Marshall 
Harry Taormina 

Class of 1989 - 20th Reunion 

Kristin Brown 
Rick Fox 
John Hellerman 
Kevin Lydon 
Alex Moody 
Tom Plante 

Class of 1 994 - 1 5th Reunion 

Jenny Eun S.An 
Brendan Forrest 
Alison Martin Fruh 
Kristin Hughes 
John Markos 
Beth Pascucci Nassar 
Nicole Whelan Pavao 

Class of 1999 - 10th Reunion 

EJ Darisse 
Naomi Fink 
Jessica Karlin 
Caroline Kelleher 
Megan McShane 

Class of 2004 - 5th Reunion 

Patrick Dempsey 
Greg Ceglarski 
Leslie Clunie 
Andrew Doggett 
Katie Glynn 
John Hearty 
Michelle Kinzie 
Kerri O'Neill 
Kelsey Quigley 
Moira Talbot 

Phonathon Volunteers 

Marc Tucker '68 
Bill Durgin '68 
Rob Lord '68 
Steve Robinson '68 
Spencer Purinton 75 
Lisa Johnson 75 
Rob DeLena '87 
Amy Goldstein Northup '87 
Kristin LaBrie Poulin '87 
Raphael Durand'09 
Bryce Johnson '09 
Patrick Harper '09 
Christine Alii '09 
Jason Goodwin '09 
Carson Stevens '09 
Jennifer Migliore '10 
Katherine Bouzianis'10 
Kelly Lavallee '10 
Greg Rooney '1 1 
Felix Emiliano'11 
Prisca Mbiye '1 1 

Recognizing our donors is a high pri- 
ority for The Governor's Academy. We 
have made every effort to ensure the 
accuracy of our honor rolls, but re- 
grettably errors do occur. If you wish 
to report an error or omission, please 
contact Ellen Oliver at (978) 499-3256 

The Archon | Fall 2009 45 


































































m f> pm 
r>. £2, p- 


00 CM O 

o p- 



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o - oo 


p- *— o 

T— P~ 

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Ln oo "vT 

CM "sf 


ps rM rM 

*— rM 


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«— rvT 




m <N in i — no o o 
r-» no oi oo lo o m 

*— pm *--_ «-^ rsj_ CO CD 
<-" ro oi oi* >* o' r~ 
o i- in m ^ in o 
rnio in oi oo oi oi 

^r -st no 


p» o O rs 
Ln o O LD 
oi o o oi 

oi" o" o oi 
^r "vf Ln no 

-— ' rM — ' ro 





















Ol LO O O Ol 00 

«- O O O PM LO 
























in pm rs io oo © oo 

ma in i- <t o vt 


«— " o" oi" I-* fin o lp 

in o r*. lo oi in no 

«* r^ pm o_ co © <* 

«* »*" no pm" I—" io" 

p* o o o 
ro o o o 

°°» °» °. °- 
©" o" pm" pm 
oi oo ro o 

<cf «- t- co 













































4— ' 








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4— l 















*■*— ' 











































































-i — ' 





























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C T3 








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"o w 







in i~> Ln -£ O 




























































° ^ 


















































" © 
E © 


















* — 


* — 

t — 



Ol PM 
O 00 

o ro 

N rvi 

^ : ' 








rsi O LO O Ol 0O LO 

m rM rs ro in in co 

Oi oi ts in in oi st 

oi" <* o lo" no" ■^■"" pm 
oo O r~ r— rM lo 
in rsj no rsi no Oi 

rn rs" d lo" 
i — in 

m Oi rs m p. st lo 
oi m (N o <t Ol i- 

LO Ol PO >* Ol r- t- 

\£ o" o" sf o" in pm" 
no «fl- lo no if co 
"* pm ■* r«» t- no 

rsT in pj p"." 
in in 












»— t— ^ no ^f no 

CO LO Mnst i- 

in in in oi p~ "^- 



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lo in 



■vf in 


r~ oo 



O P^ 


o 00 



in lo 


PM o 



*— PM 


no oo 

* — 


PM Ps 


Ps o 



<— 00 


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in no 


no <* 


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rsi t— 


in <- sT i/l ^ Ol 

oo i- »- i- >- ro 

«— in in oi pm no 

t-" st ui st oi in 

in o pm no oi t— 

r^ ps in r^ o oo 

** pm" pm" "St" o~ 
pm no 

ro io oi 

in in ai 


m 00 r- 

ps in 'Nf 


ps «* rsi 

*- oi po 


o Ol o 

no' no" p^~ 


Ol Ol Ol 

00 PM g 

i^ o R. 


«* 1^ PM 


t- Ol «- 








ro o 

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cu cu 

"ro == 


"O i/l 

■ ■ a 4- ' 

v> ra c 

<U _C O 

l/l LO LJ 

i/i ro lj 

< LJ < 


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cu ro 
a. > 

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o if 

o Si 
in O 

-a .2 
ro z: 


>■> a! 
cu S 
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^~. o 
ro ^ 

cu " ' 
+-< ■*-■ 
O sU 

" ' cu 



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.ri ro 

■*-' > 

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lo CU 

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.E LO 

4_, CU 

1/1 ti 

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CZ lo 

4— ' 

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T3 "4= 










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o "■ cz u 
.E .2 ■= 























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LJ l/l 

cz cu 

1/1 .~ ja 


cu - — 

l/l LO • — 

lo cu ro 

cu — ' 

LO -T3 

'— cu ^ — 

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CU 4±2 
*-! U 171 
LJ ■— +j 

1- 4-> CU 

<-> l/l l/l 

E 2 rl 


ro cu fc 

■— CZ — 
Ol cu "^ 









4— » 




4— ' 







46 The Archon I Fall 2009 

Ways of Giving 

Outright Gifts 

Residence or Farm 

Donors may transfer cash and other assets directly to the Academy 
for immediate use in funding any of the needs of the Campaign or 
the Annual Fund. Such gifts can be made by check or in the form 
of securities, real estate, or gifts-in-kind (antiques, art, jewelry, coin 
collection). Gifts may qualify as a charitable deduction, as allowed by 
law. Pledges are encouraged for up to three years bui may extend 
over a period of five years. Gift payments may be made in convenient 

Life Income Gifts 

In making a significant gift to The Governor's Academy, you may commit 
to the gift now but delay the Academy's possession and use of the gift 
until your death or that of the final beneficiary. Charitable Remainder 
UniTrusts and Charitable Annuity Trusts offer the satisfaction of 
making a gift to The Governor's Academy while retaining income from 
the principal for your personal use. These irrevocable trusts qualify for 
special tax consideration. 

Corporate Matching Gifts 

As a donor, you may be able to increase your support for The Governor's 
Academy by taking advantage of your spouse's or your employer's 
matching gift program. 

Life Insurance 

Naming The Governor's Academy as the primary beneficiary of a life 
insurance policy is another giving option. This enables the donor to 
retain ownership of the policy and have access to the policy's cash 
value. This type of gift can reduce your estate tax liability. 
Should you wish a more immediate tax benefit, you may name The 
Governor's Academy as the owner of the policy. This becomes an 
irrevocable assignment of all rights in the insurance policy to The 
Academy. You are allowed an immediate federal income tax charitable 

Charitable Lead Trust 

This type of trust provides for a gift of payments from the trust property 
to The Governor's Academy for a term of years, after which the property 
reverts to you or passes to a non-charitable beneficiary designated by 
you. The charitable lead trust, depending upon the manner in which it 
is structured, can significantly reduce or even eliminate either the gift 
or estate tax. 

Donors may give a personal residence or farm to The Govenor's 
Academy while retaining the right to occupy the residence or operate 
the farm. This type of gift provides an income-tax charitable deduction 
that frees up tax dollars into spendable income without causing any 
disruption to your lifestyle. It also permits you to escape any potential 
capital-gain tax on the built-in appreciation. 

A single-family dwelling, condominium, vacation home, or stock owned 
by you as a tenant stockholder in a cooperative housing corporation 
qualifies as a personal residence if used each year by you. 


Gifts by bequest will build the school's endowment and provide a 
stream of operating income to The Governor's Academy in future years. 
Charitable bequests may specify a dollar amount or a percentage of 
your residual estate. In each case, the amount of the gift is excluded 
from the valuation of your estate for estate tax or inheritance tax 

For more information about giving opportunities, please call 
Martha Delay at (978) 499-3173 or consult the website at www. 
th ego vern orsa ca demy, org 

The Archon | Fall 2009 47 

Crossword answers 
from inside back cover 














































Little Red Schoolhouse 
















Whiston • Bragdon 




In Byfield Days 




ice polo 





48 The ArchonlFall 2009 


Sandy Keyes 
1 Elm Street, 
By field, MA 01922 

Marshall Clinard '28 

says: "At 97 just published 
an article "How I became a 
criminologist" in a scientific 
journal (published 11 books, 
40 articles). Just came out 
in 13th ed. (1st 1957). Not 
finished. Still travel here and 
abroad. A good deal." Ashton 
Knight '33 just turned 95 years 
old. He lives in an assisted 
living facility in Amherst, 
MA, near his daughter. He 
still has his positive, upbeat 
outlook on life. John Davidson 
'35 says: "I have learned that 
with moderation, many of 
life's enjoyments can still be 
enjoyed. I still ski and travel 
as well." William Ferris '38 
reports: "Our big event this 
year was on April 9, my wife 
and I celebrated our 65th 
wedding anniversary. Totally 
unexpectedly all four of our 
children came to celebrate. We 
had a great time and it was the 
first time in 40 years, that we 
had just our children for a visit. 
No husbands, wives, children 
or great grandchildren. In 
mid-February we went to 
Lawrence Welk Villas for two 
weeks of golf and relaxing. 
Our daughter Caroline Hall 
joined us for one of the two 
weeks. The Governor's 
Academy does not sound right, 
but I guess I'll get used to it." 
Robert Goodspeed '40 says his 
shearling business continues 
very strong with UGG 
women's winter boots being 
my biggest account. Second 
would be L.L. Bean slippers. 
Third would be Sherwin 
Williams for paint rollers. 
Joanne and I are back in New 
Hampshire. Sam Robbins 
'41 says that the Ogunquit 

Art Museum has mounted 
a beautiful exhibition of his 
White Mountain paintings 
until October 31. Jack Gillies 
'45 says he was very sorry 
to hear about Ed Hubbard's 
death. They were good friends 
at old GDA, Amherst College 
and afterwards. Turns out he 
became quite a good poet. He 
picked up his love of poetry 
and literature from Tom 
Mercer. "My sister and I were 
planning a trip to Alaska this 
month but she wound up in 
the hospital. We are all getting 
old." Willard (Bill) Little '40 
just returned to Houston's 
heat after a great visit to Lake 
Attitash where son Peter now 
resides. It was absolutely 
beautiful at the lake and he 
met frequently with his son 
Chris who lives in Newbury. 
Humphrey Simson '42 says: 
"Not much to report - had 
18 out of 20 of the family 
on a New Year's cruise to 
the Caribbean. It was great 
fun. Have sold our houses 
in Connecticut and Rhode 
Island. In the middle of this 
September all the senior 
parents, 10 strong, are getting 
together for a few days of fun 
in Atlanta, GA. Bob Harris 
'42 says: Article in June 
issue of UK Yacht Magazine 
"Classic Boats" is my best 
known small auxiliary sail 
boat design. Big rendezvous 
of these boats at Thetis Island, 
BC next weekend. Other than 
that Pat and I are gardening, 
entertaining relatives from 
Minnesota, and taken them 
all for a sail. All else is pure 
summer enjoyment. Tom 
Fenn '42 and his wife are 
enjoying their park model 
summer home in the White 
Mountains of Arizona! 
(6,300' high!). Temperature 
average about mid 80's. Sold 
motor home in September 
of 2009. Had seven different 

ones in 35 years. John Gannett 
'39 says: "Wife and I are at 
home in Manchester, ME this 
summer. Think the rain has 
stopped for the summer. Just 
about a shower or rain every 
day since spring. Working 
(play) on daughter's outdoor 
G scale, #1 gage outdoor 
electric trolley line. 250 feet 
of track to align and wood. 
90th birthday this month. 
Daughters at full speed. New 
great-granddaughter is here." 
Paul Morgan '41 says as one 
matures it becomes a bigger 
and bigger hassle to commute 
to Florida for the winter so 
we've sold Vero Beach and will 
be year around in Duxbury, 
MA. Howard Stirn '41 says: 
"My wife, Cora, had a stroke 
three years ago - she never 
gets depressed, just frustrated. 
Doing fine - she paints, I'm 
the photographer. Still own 
and operate our guest ranch 
in Jackson Hole (40+ yrs.). 
Am still deeply involved in 
the Mystic Aquarium which I 
started many years ago - using 
artificial salt water - it is being 
done now internationally - 
not patentable! Have four 
children (two boys, two 
girls) seven grandchildren 
plus one great grandson. 
All contributing in one way 
or another to society!" Jim 
Monroe '41 says: I am in a very 
nice retirement home - many 
old friends and now some new 
ones. We have four children 
living at some distance. All 
have been thoughtful in 
coming to visit. Makes you 
feel that something went right 
during the upbringing. They 
all left to go to college, and 
then returned to their home 
in Cincinnati. Ann and I are 
both lucky enough to enjoy 
our health. My mind is alert 
enough to recall the faces of 
my masters and classmates. 
If any wish to contact me, 

I would be pleased. My 
address is: 3939 Erie Avenue, 
Cincinnati, OH 45208." 


Benjamin B. Brewster 
88 Warren Avenue 
Plymouth, MA 02360-2428 
henbbrew @ co mcast. net 

If you all keep flooding 
me with news, I will have to 
get a smaller mailbox. The 
echo in the present model is 
deafening. We did hear from 
Dr. Phil Sawyer. He has spent 
his time in various branches 
of the medical fraternity in a 
surprising variety, teaching, 
cutting, researching, etc., etc. 
He seems to have enjoyed the 
trip. Ben Mann is hanging in. 
He is still in their original 
house, but is considering 
assisted living. He mentioned 
seeing the Tannebrings. His 
eldest grand is a senior at 
TCU. The Brewster's oldest 
grand was the first woman to 
finish the Pacific Coast Trail 
this season. This trail is from 
Mexico to Canada, a walk of 
a bit more than 2,700 miles. 
Peter Morgan has made the 
move to an easier lifestyle 
and no longer cuts the lawn. 
He hasn't left Worcester and 
is down to one old Ford. Tom 
Akin wrote and is disturbed 
by a recent article in The 
Archon. He took it to be too 
laudatory of Cuba. I will have 
to get a copy and see if I agree. 
Once again, there are a lot of 
you still breathing and taking 
nourishment. Use some of 
those resources to let the rest 
of us know what is up. 


Need secretary. Please send 
notes to Sandy Keyes at 
skeyes @govsacademy. org 

The Archon | Fall 2009 49 

alum n i 

Franc Skirball says: "I'm 
retired from data processing at 
American Airlines. My wife 
is the Pastor of a church 150 
miles from home (Tulsa, OK) 
and we get up early and drive 
there every Sunday morning. 
Tulsa is a great place to live 
and I love it here, been here 
since AA transferred me 
here in 1973 and I have no 
plans to leave. Ben Pearson 
says: "Jean and I are living 
at Ocean View Retirement 
Village in Falmouth, ME. I 
call it San Ouentin North. 
It is not as bad as I make it. 
Life is good." Steve Kauffman 
says: "Been a year and a half 
at Williamsburg Landing. 
The Landing is a continuing 
care retirement community. 
Living in a "cottage" attached 
to another cottage. Still both 
healthy TBTG. Writing right 
wing letters to the editor of 
the Virginia Gazette, oldest 
newspaper in continuous 
print in the USA. Quit golf. 
Walk Jennie, the cairn terrier 
a half hour every day. Trying 
to lose weight - HA! My 
website is 
steve 1 92 6/steves_world/ 

65th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


Need secretary. Please send 
notes to Sandy Keyes at 

Warren Furth reports: 
"On June 6 Margaret and 
I attended a very moving 
ceremony at the American 
Military Cemetery above 
Omaha Beach, Normandy, 
France, to commemorate the 

65th anniversary of the D-Day 
landing. President Obama as 
well as the President of France, 
the Prime Minister of Canada 
and the Prime Minister of 
the UK spoke. Prince Charles 
represented the Queen of the 


John F Kimball 
41 Johnson Road 
Falmouth, ME 04105-1408 

Lyndy Watkins reports: Had 
a great trip to California (Glen 
Ennen) to attend one of my 
grandsons wedding. Weather 
was perfect with a beautiful 
outdoor setting at my son's 
home. Have pretty much 
recovered from my broken 
leg - better problem to have 
when we're much younger 
than we are. Keeping our 
fingers crossed for hurricane 
season." Bill Silver says: My 
book on "Dental Autopsy" 
has just been published (see 
page 14) (flyer available 
upon request at Governor's 
Academy). Marcia and I just 
returned from a cruise to 
Alaska and a visit to the set of 
"Tron," produced by our son 
Jeffrey. Now we just sit and 
wait for the hurricanes?" 


Norman G. Brown 
43 Hearthside Road 
Standish, ME 04084-5259 

To start off our column, I 
wanted to again thank Judy 
Klein who is credited with 
finding a printer who could 

produce The Archon in full 
color and still stay within 
budgetary guidelines. 

Unfortunately, Judy left the 
academy a couple of months 
ago in pursuit of other 
challenges. We all wish you 
the best of luck, Judy, and 
truly appreciate the 

improvements you have 
brought to The Archon. Jay 
Curtis writes: "Hi Norm, Kaila 
and I returned from Durango, 
CO, early this week after 
spending a week visiting 
friends who have a great 
house in Durango. Had a nice 
time taking a narrow gauge 
rail trip to Silverton, CO. 
Silverton is an old mining 
area. Highlight, to me anyway, 
was visiting Mesa Verde, CO, 
an old civilization that was 
started by Pueblo Indians in 
550 AD. Built houses in caves 
under overhang of mesa. 
Mind boggling. Received your 
CD's of 1947 commencement. 
Thanks so much. Will give 
these to my kids and they can 
see me back when. Did you 
send these CD's to all our 
remaining classmates? GDA 
did a nice job of copying them 
from the one I sent. Just too 
bad the 8mm camera wasn't 
the best for getting sharp pixs. 
Nice to see your shining face 
in the Old Guard pix. You 
haven't changed a bit! Take 
care and thanks again for the 
CDs. "Jay, I did send a CD to 
all our surviving classmates, 
Jay, but without your sister 
Izzy's 8mm film and your 
making a CD copy, this treat 
would never have happened. 
Thanks again. "Andy Leighton 
seems to be keeping a busy 
schedule. Andy writes: "Hi 
Norm, Thanks a lot for the 
1947 Governor Dummer 
Commencement DVD. It does 
bring back memories. It is 
wonderful that you, Jay and 
the School resurrected and 

reproduced it for us all. I have 
not been able to identify all in 
the film, but with some study, 
perhaps I can find a few more 
familiar faces from the past. I 
am sorry to be so lax in 
returning for alumni days but 
find this a very busy time of 
year: Grandchildren 

graduations, Buckingham 
Brown & Nichols School 
events (where I spent 23 years 
as Business Manager), and 
this year, preparing my New 
Brunswick, Canada, garden 
for the garden club tour. I 
very much enjoyed the last 
reunion, our 50th in 1997 and 
continue to be impressed with 
the changes being made at 
GDA. I refuse to acknowledge 
the new name (too old to 
change), but continue to think 
the school a great place. You 
do find me 'in fine fettle', 
enjoying my frantic attempts 
to keep my wife's ( a garden 
designer deceased December 
2007) gardens in Cambridge, 
MA and St. Andrews, N.B., 
Canada, weeded and pruned 
while keeping up with 
volunteer board roles with 
three organizations. The 
result is monthly trips through 
Maine. In Canada its chain 
saw, John Deere tractor, and 
garden tools; in Cambridge 
it's computer posting, 
meetings and snow shovel. I 
enjoy it all and especially the 
visit, activities and 

involvement with my two 
children and four 

grandchildren. Again, thanks 
for all you do on behalf of our 
class and perhaps I will see 
you and other members of '47 
at a future gathering". OK, 
Andy, we'll be looking for you 
at our 65th reunion in 2012. 1 
also want to extend belated 
condolences from our Class of 
1947 on the passing of your 
late wife, Andy. We all wish 
you well. I receive a couple of 

50 The Archon | Fall 2009 

emails from Jim Knott and he 
says: "Re DVD: Incredible; 
sixty-two years ago, a film, 
now a video! As long as 
possible, regardless of any 
difficulties, we should meet 
again like many of us did two 
Saturdays ago. Please 
communicate this message to 
all 1947's so more of us will 
see each of us again where we 
saw each other more than 
60% of a century ago." Jim 
joined some other of us '47ers 
for Reunion Day last June. 
In another email, Jim shared 
this 'snapshot' of a time in his 
lawsuit against the U.S. EPA: 
"When I showed the Judge 
that the EPA had turned 7's 
into 2's to convict me of 
putting acid into a public 
sewer, he issued a stinging 
decision in my favor, which is 
on the 
web site under NEWS, Janet 
Reno appointed a AUSA 
Assistant United States 
Attorney to investigate the 
matter. He called my attorney 
and after introductory 
conversation, said, 'I know 
your client has spent about a 
quarter of a million dollars 
fighting this case, but it's 
getting too much publicity 
and I can get him 500,000 or 
600,000 dollars if he will 
agree to sign a "gag" order 
about it and cease telling 
anyone anything again about 
this case.' Wasn't it kind of 
him to give me a choice - 
500,000 or 600,000? My 

Jim Knott '47 with Senator Ted 

attorney said, 'I'll tell him, but 
I know what he will say. 
'What?' asked the AUSA. My 
attorney said, 'He doesn't care 
about the money, he wants to 
turn the floodlights on you 
people!' The AUSA, said, 
'Don't you realize the 
tremendous emotional 

pressure your client has put 
these people under?' My 
attorney said, 'They deserve 
to be put under emotional 
pressure because of what they 
attempted to do to Knott and 
what they did to his 100 + 
associates who would have 
lost their jobs had he been 
fined $1.5 million and jailed 
for six years - the business 
would have died.' There is no 
number, even big enough to 
buy the world, that I would 
have taken to show our fellow 
homo sapiens, that some of 
them need to be controlled 
and I'll be working on it, 
forever - here or wherever, 
I'm able!" You always took 
your adversaries to the mat, 
Jim. That's why you were 
such a great Captain of GDA's 
wrestling team. Jim also 
shared this photo taken at the 
Associated Industries of 
Massachusetts (AIM) annual 
meeting in 2008 with the late 
Senator Ted Kennedy. Now 
we can see where the Senator 
got his raucous jokes! Bud 
Snow, and his wife, Connie, 
are still making the concert 
rounds. Bud's email says: "Hi 
Norm. A few nights ago we 
went to Tryon Palace for a 
concert by the North Carolina 
Symphony. It was free. The 
night was perfect. We all had 
a picnic and then listened to 
the Symphony. This is the one 
that plays at New Year's Eve. 
Tryon Park is a special place 
here in New Bern. It was the 
Colonial Capitol back in the 
old days. Gov. Tryon lived 
there. There must have been 

3,000 folks on the lawn. It 
looks right out on the Trent 
River. What a spot. We could 
not do this in Beverly (MA, 
where Bud and I were 
neighbors). I remember years 
ago the Boston Pop played at 
Lynch Park. But it was in the 
winter, and they had to stop 
because the cold was affecting 
their instruments. Stay 
healthy. Bud". Thanks, Bud, 
and I hope all is going well 
with you. It would seem that 
Les Richard had a great time 
celebrating a milestone 
occasion. On the Class Notes 
postcard, Les writes: "For my 
80th birthday my three sons 
took me out to a Milwaukee 
Brewers baseball game. One 
came from California, one 
from North Carolina, and one 
from nearby Wisconsin, 
where I live." What a 
wonderful birthday, Les. I 
hope Milwaukee won ... in 
your honor! One nagging 
question, Les: Is the beer any 

cheaper at a Brewers' home 
game? It seems that Herbert 
Hoffmann will be 

acknowledged for his excellent 
archeological work and 
published writings. Herb 
writes: "Really enjoyed the 
DVD. Thanks, Norman. I 
hear that I am to receive a 
Festschrift (volume of studies 
in my honor) for my 80th. 
Sounds great!" OK, Herb, you 
just drove me to an online 
dictionary. Here is how 
Festschrift was defined: A 
volume of learned articles, 
essays, etc., contributed by 
many authors in honor of a 
colleague and scholar, usually 
published on the occasion of 
retirement, an important 
anniversary, or the like.' Well, 
Herb, your 80th birthday 
would certainly qualify as a 
proper occasion to so honor 
you and your work. 
Congratulations from all of us 
on acquiring both! I sent Herb 
a copy of our '47 Milestone 

Norm Brown, Ben Birdsall and John Walker. 

Norm Brown, Herb Hoffmann, Bob Barr, Hank Sanders. Can anyone 
identify the fellow on the extreme left? 

The Archon I Fall 2009 51 


yearbook to replace his own. 
In return, Herb graciously 
sent me a copy of his book, 
Divergent Archaeology . A brief 
bio on the back cover reads, 
"Herbert Hoffmann was born 
in 1930. After taking his 
Ph.D. in History of Art and 
Classical Archaeology at 
Harvard, he went on to study 
social anthropology at Oxford 
and Cambridge. A former 
editor of Hephaestus, he has 
written widely on ancient art 
and archaeology, including 
Ten Centuries that shaped the 
West (Zabern 1970) and the 
pioneering monograph 

Sotades (OUP 1997)." David 
Wilcox, a faithful contributor 
to this column, penned this 
note on his postcard: "Had 
my second knee replaced in 
March; finally back on golf 
course, but my game is shot! 
After 80, most social discourse 
is about health issues." I 
suppose, Dave, being a retired 
diabetes specialist, such 
conversations tend to drift in 
your direction. I'm sure you 
are still generous with your 
medical advice, too. I'm glad 
to hear that both of your knee 
problems are a thing of the 
past. Just watch out for those 
sand traps and gopher holes! 
The diversity in our national 
weather is truly amazing, as 
Jim Soper attests in his 
postcard. Jim says, "Not much 
new to pass on - Weather 
reports about excessive rain 
in New England are 
interesting. Zero inches of 
rain out here (Camarillo, CA) 
since January! Hope to get to 
N.H. this month for about a 
week ... no better place in the 
USA than New England. 
Please give my best regards to 
anyone who might remember 
me, i.e., Jim Knott, Kevin 
Gaffney (Danvers, MA, I 
guess), Jack Deering, Plato 
Kangis, etc." I don't care for 

our snowstorms, Jim, but I'll 
take them over your arid 
climate any day. Whew! I 
want to again thank John 
Walker and Herbert Hoffmann 
for the stories they sent me 
for distribution to the rest of 
our classmates. John's, The 
Great Lip Lottery of 1946, 
was, as you recall, a spoof on 
one aspect of prep school life 
(mandatory church) at 
fictional Whitfield School in 
New Hampshire. John 
captured the essence of the 
three-mile walk each Sunday 
we made at GDA and our 
"reverence" for the Sunday 
sermons. Great job! John 
enjoys writing short stories 
from time to time, but his time 
is mainly taken up by teaching 
watercolor classes at his alma 
mater, Amherst College. As a 
counterpoint to John's tale, 
Herb's story, The Theft of the 
Boston Nike Earring, as you 
recall, was a true story about 
the theft of an ancient Greek 
earring from the Boston 
Museum of Fine Arts (BMFA) . 
Herb was an assistant Curator 
at the time, and because of 
false statements made by one 
of the principals of the 
museum, poor Herb found 
himself facing interrogation 
by the FBI as a possible 
suspect, and was questioned 
for days, even being strapped 
to a lie detector machine. One 
day, the young man who 
actually committed the crime 
gave himself up to the 
authorities when he was 
caught with another museum 
piece, a small landscape 
painting, as he was leaving 
BMFA. Herb was obliged to 
testify at the trial, and the 
thief hung himself the next 
day. OK, Herb, I think it's 
safe for you to come home 
now! :) Thanks again, fellows, 
for your stories. It was great 
to hear from Plato Kangis. 

Plato emails, "Hi Norm: Hard 
to believe tomorrow is 
September. As always, the 
summer whizzes by. Hope 
all's well with you both. Gwen 
and I had a quiet summer as I 
am still catching up from a 
'mystery' virus that hit out of 
the blue mid-May. Knew my 
name but that's about all... 
Docs couldn't say WHAT 
virus it was (tho' West Nile is 
suspected), but they did rule 
out meningo encephalitis and 
herpes simplex virus. Spent 5 
days in hospital and 5 in 
rehab. Continue walking and 
doing exercises faithfully, but 
not yet back to full strength 
and stamina. Do manage to 
get out to the studio a bit each 
day. Have completed a number 
of custom orders recently, and 
Gwen(ette) and I plan to have 
a few open studio dates later 
this fall to display and sell our 
line. Folks can check www. to see 
what I'm creating these days. 
Look forward to celebrating 
my 80th in March, 2010. Any 
fellow alums passing through 
our fair city of Providence, RI 
is welcome to stop by for a 
visit! There you have it, 
Norm. Regards, Plato". You 
have certainly been going 
through a lot, Plato, since 
your lung operation. I assume 
Gwen didn't hear you 
'oinking' around the house so 
that could rule out the 
pervasive swine flu. We all 
wish you well in your 
recovery, Plato, and wish you 
an early Happy Birthday, too! 
Just received a note from Peter 
Hill who is looking forward to 
a great event in his family's 
life. Peter writes, "Hi Norm 
and Classmates '47. Joyous 
news yet from my family ...on 
October third my oldest 
daughter, Susan, and for the 
first time will be getting 
married. There will be flowers 

Fledgling Kestrel found near Jim 
Knott's home. 

gowns tuxedos a church with 
an aisle (down which I will 
walk with Sue, I hope I make 
it) , bells will ring and whistles 
will whistle! Aloud! At the 
reception I will have a drink, 
and dance with Susan at the 
local Golf Club in the woods." 
That is wonderful news, 
Peter. By the time this item is 
published in The Archon, this 
momentous event will have 
taken place. We all hope you 
were able to enjoy your drink 
and especially, your father- 
daughter dance with Susan. 
Cheers! A late bulletin from 
Jim Knott just came in. Jim 
had an unusual visitor, it 
seems: "This is a fledging 
Kestrel I found resting by the 
front door at 17 Salt Island 
Road this afternoon. He or 
she (it) made no attempt to 
escape from me. When I 
opened the door it attempted 
to shuffle inside; because BB, 
(Black-Back, domesticated 
feral cat) loves hot dinners, I 
denied it entrance. Many of 
us entered and exited the 
front door and it remained at 
ease. Because I was concerned 
that a predator might devour 
it if it remained unprotected, I 
called the Audubon Society to 
find out what should be done. 
They suggested I call a wild- 
bird conservationist, and I 
did. He, David Taylor, from 
Byfield MA, (much on the 
internet) asked me put it in a 
cat cage with a tip-proof glass 
of water and hold it for him to 

52 The Archon | Fall 2009 

pick up today or tomorrow 
morning. I followed his 
instructions and it is resting 
in the cat cage. It drank about 
a tablespoon of the water and 
cheeps from time to time. I'm 
looking forward to Dave 
relieving me of this 
responsibility, because I am 
responsible for the well-being 
of hundreds and hundreds of 
homo sapiens and that 
consumes more than all of my 
time." Update from Jim: 
"WOW! What looks like a 
kestrel is a specially-bred, 
racing pigeon and that is why 
it was not afraid of me or my 
guests! I said, to the bird 
conservator, 'I've never seen a 
pigeon that color!'. He said, 
'Racing pigeon breeders breed 
pigeons with different colors 
as a means of identification.' I 
learn something new every 
day!" Well, even though it 
wasn't a kestrel, it's a pretty 
bird all the same, Jim. An 
email from Don Knowlton just 
came in in which he writes: 
"Not much to offer. Still 
running fishing boats in the 
Gulf of Mexico and fighting 
government bureaucrats. Oh, 
I started a small business with 
the Donald and others. See 
Best of luck with your new 
venture, Don. I hope your 
next Class Notes tells how 
you made your first billion! 
Pete Sutton's son, Mark, just 
emailed me this wonderful 
update on his Dad: "Pete has 
recently enrolled in an adult 
day health program called 
Summit Eldercare. It's a brand 
new beautiful facility and the 
staff is wonderful. He has 
made a lot of new friends and 
keeps everyone on their toes! 
Also, his son Mark and wife 
Cindy recently purchased a 
summer home and Pete and 
family have been enjoying 
weekends in Maine." Thank 

you, Mark, for that info on 
your Dad. Many of us seem to 
have to make changes in our 
life styles and I think it's 
wonderful that Pete has found 
a comfortable situation that 
suits him so well. Wow, Kevin 
Gaffney just squeaked under 
my deadline for Notes. Kev 
writes, "Hi Norm, I'm sorry 
that it's taken me so long to 
respond to your request. My 
wife had spinal surgery in 
December and is not 
completely recovered. She 
depends on me for help her to 
walk when she goes out. I 
drive her to her appointments 
and push her in the wheelchair 
when she has to shop. She 
keeps me busy. As for myself, 
I'll never march in a parade 
again. I marched in the 
Memorial Day parade with 
the National Guard retirees 
and passed out at the end. I 
woke up in an ambulance on 
my way to the hospital, where 
I spent four hours being 
checked out. It was heat 
exhaustion. I'm 81 now and 
this was my last march. On 
the bright side, we visit our 
grandchildren often and are 
enjoying seeing them grow 
up. All in all things are pretty 
good. Best to all, Kevin. I'm 
sorry to hear about Hope's 
slow recovery from her 
operation, Kev. I can truly 
understand the stress that 
puts on you. My 89-year old 
wife, Marion, is very frail and 
weak from a stoke she had in 
1996. She uses a walker 
around the house and I push a 
wheelchair to take her to 
appointments. Just be careful 
you don't run yourself down 
being a dedicated caregiver. I 
guess your Memorial Day 
march was a warning you 
smartly recognized. We all 
wish you and Hope the very 
best for a full recovery, Kevin. 
Looks like Dan Hall cleaned 

out his 'toy box' a little this 
summer: "Hi Norm: What 
can I say - you don't quit! 
Summer highlights - My 
youngest son with his Scottish 
wife were with us for a month 
in Duxbury with their two 
little ones. He and his wife 
are both teachers in 
Edinburgh. They originally 
met when teaching in 
Romania. The other highlights 
were: qualifying for a new car 
under the "cash for clunkers'" 
program and selling my 
sailboat. With all the rain, I 
know that I bailed it out more 
than I sailed it and figured "it 
was time". Like you, Dan, I 
sold my deck boat on Sebago 
Lake this summer. It was 
becoming a hassle, and with 
the expenses of maintenance, 
dockage, hauling, winterizing, 
storing, summarizing and 
launching in the spring, it 
definitely became "a hole in 
the water" into which I was 
pouring my money. I haven't 
heard from Pete Bellamy but I 
did receive an email a moment 
ago from his lovely wife, 
Marianne. She writes: "Hi 
there. All is well. Your e-mail 
is on Pete's desk, but I don't 
think he has anything to add 
this time, but I will remind 
him again. Yes, we came back 
to Lancaster for a week and 
we are off again tomorrow. I 
volunteer for the Glenn 
Curtiss museum in 

Hammondsport and we are 
having our big "Seaplane Fly- 
in Weekend" this weekend. 
After this, we will be spending 
more time in Lancaster. Be 
well, Marianne" Thanks, 
Marianne, for filling in for 
Pete. I have no problem 
receiving news from spouses 
at all. They usually remember 
events better than the guys 
do, anyway! If Pete gets 
around to sending an item, I'll 
tack it on here. Thanks again, 

Marianne. Another squeaker, 
this one from Homer Ambrose: 
"Norm, Marie and I recently 
attended the Annual Defense 
Forum at the local Hilton. 
Admiral Mike Mullen, 
chairman of the Joint Chiefs, 
was the keynote speaker... 
impressive to say the least. In 
a few days, we go to the 
Clements family reunion deep 
in the Shenandoah Valley for 
lunch and fun. Last year 
roughly 120 blood relatives of 
Marie showed up for fried 
chicken, country ham and 
biscuits, and goodies. John 
and Helen Ambrose plan to 
attend as well as daughter 
Angela. Earlier this month, I 
celebrated my 79th - with all 
numbers good and a weight 
loss of 35 pounds since 
January. My goal is to get 
down to fighting weight. 
Marie and I are in the new 
apartment, spacious to say the 
least, three BR, two baths, 
with formal dining room and 
large family kitchen. Marie 
joins me in sending kindest 
regards to all. Homes" For a 
moment, Homes, I thought 
we ' d miss your news item. .. I'm 
us. I'd be hard-pressed to even 
name 120 blood relatives... 
three cheers for Marie for 
keeping track of them all. I 
hope she didn't do all the 
cooking! And, cheers to you, 
Homes, on your 79th and 
taking care of your weight. 
"We cannot direct the wind, 
but we can adjust our sails." 
My best to you all and many 
thanks for your submissions. 


Duncan H. McCallum 
4571 Cameron Circle 
Dexter, MI 48130-9407 

The Archon | Fall 2009 53 


Ken Bruce, Duncan McCallum, Davide Ellsworth, Bill Lindquist, 
Bob Hill, Ash Eames 

Dick Palais writes: I'm very 
sorry to have missed the 60th 
reunion last year. But it was 
really unavoidable. Not only 
have I gone from being one 
of the class members closest 
to GDA geographically to one 
of the farthest away-see below 
- but also, at the time of the 
reunion, for the first time in 
my life I had a serious back 
problem - herniated disc that 
actually put me in the hospital 
(and even in the emergency 
room for several days). But 
then a really savvy female 
doctor - who also happens to 
be a close neighbor, finally 
found the precise location of 
the problem (using a special 
high-power MRI), following 
which I was soon cured with 
precisely directed cortisone 
shots and no surgery. Now 
I am nearly back to normal. 
In some ways I am healthier 
than before my illness since 
what happened was a wake- 
up call, and now I swim and 
work out at the gym, each 
several times a week. Five 
years ago my wife, Chuu-lian 
Temg, who was then a math 
professor at Northeastern, 
received a very tempting offer 
from the Irvine campus of the 
University of California (on 
the coast about a third of the 

way from LA to San Diego). 
Since I had already retired 
from my own position in the 
Brandeis math department, 
we decided to make the 
move. I have sort of partially 
"unretired". I accepted an 
Adjunct Professorship in the 
UCI math department myself 
and now teach one or two 
courses per year. Of course 
we miss our old friends, but 
we have made many new 
ones here and we have fallen 
in love with the nearly perfect 
SoCal climate. Also, the city 
of Irvine and all of Orange 
County for that matter, is 
ethnically very heterogeneous, 
with large numbers of 
immigrants from Korea, 
Vietnam, Taiwan, Mainland 
China, Iran and of course 
Mexico. We find this mix of 
cultures very stimuliating, 
particularly to the palate- 
there are many excellent 
restaurants to go along with 
each culture. Most of the time 
I spend working on an interest 
I developed about fifteen years 
ago, namely Mathematical 
Visualization. This refers to 
using the power of computer 
graphics to make it possible to 
see detailed views of all kinds 
of interesting mathematical 
objects that before would 

barely be imagined. You 
can find my software at 
and an associated Gallery 
of mathematical images 
that were produced by it at 
org. From Fritz Freeman... 
To begin, Ann and I have 
been married 58 years. We 
have four children, three 
girls and at last, thank the 
Lord, finally a boy! They have 
produced seven grandchildren, 
Daughters: Sarah, Gail and 
Betsy and son, Gardner, 
whom we all call Woody are 
all in good health. Sarah and 
Betsy live in Newburyport and 
Gail will be moving up there 
too by late September. Woody 
and his family and Ann and 
I live in Ashland, MA about 
four miles apart. Woody and 
I are manufacturer's reps in 
our own business that we call 
Allied Abrasives. We rep for a 
buffing wheel manufacturer 
as well as a company that 
makes coated abrasives. 
Hence, the name. Woody is 
also a USTA Tennis Teaching 
Professional which he mixes 
in with our little business. 
His son, Maxwell, is a very 
good tennis player in his own 
right as he is ranked #3 in the 
New England Lawn Tennis 
Assoc. He'll be 11 in October. 
He also was picked for the 
Ashland Little league All- 
Star Team. More proof that 
the apple doesn't fall too far 
from the tree (Woody-Tennis 
and Grampa Fritz- Baseball). 
Woody' s daughter Page, 
age nine, is also a comer in 
tennis as well as soccer. The 
apple theory still applies. All 
daughter's kids are through 
with their education and are 
doing fine out in the world. I 
just turned 80 and am in pretty 
good shape.Lots of early 6AM 
bike riding before work. Also 
I like tennis and golf and now, 

with the help of Aleve which 
does wonders for my back, I 
plan getting back into golf and 
tennis. Still a rabid Red Sox 
fan. I hardly go into Boston 
for games anymore as I have 
a nice big 46 inch HD TV 
which actually is the best seat 
in the house. Ann, I, Woody 
and his family are members of 
St. Marks Episcopal Church 
in Southborough, (one of 
the conservative ones left). 
I became an Episcopalian 
my last year at GDA. when I 
discovered I could ride a bus 
to Ipswich which really beat 
that long, cold winter walk up 
to the Congregational Church 
in Byfield. Saint Marks School 
is located beside our church 
and I remember athletic trips 
from GDA. We usually won! ! ! 
I guess this longwinded stuff 
has to stop sometime. The Sox 
finally won a World Series 
after 90 years of trying so... 
never give up, live and enjoy 
your life. The best is yet to 
come. Peter Wagner writes... 
that he split from his wife in 
July 2008 . Now living in Santa 
Rosa, CA. Wonderful climate 
and involved with gardening 
and organic projects. My 
daughter and four grandkids 
are here. Have a one year 
old great-granddaughter, 

Madeline. Hooray for the 
Governors. George Bender 
writes. ..that he keeps fairly 
busy around New England 
visiting family and friends. 
Also, along the highways 
and byways, he continues to 
check antiques and add to 
his ever-growing collection. 
George reported that this past 
summer his youngest made 
him a grandfather again with 
a little fellow who goes by 
the name of Noah. As a final 
note from your secretary, last 
winter a small group from 
our class gathered together 
for a dinner in Naples, FL. 

54 The Archonl Fall 2009 

Those there were Ken Bruce, 
Ash Ames, Dave Ellsworth, 
Bob Hill, Bill Lindquist, Dune 
McCallum and several of their 
wives. A picture of this GDA. 
group is in this issue of The 
Archon. I send thanks to all 
those who took some time 
to contribute to class notes. 
Their writings are always 
newsy and interesting. "I'm 
retired in Stratham, NH. 
Have had both knees operated 
upon, very slow recovery. 
Will be 80 this fall so travel 
is limited. Best wishes to all 


Manson P. Hall 

349 Whidal Road 

P.O. Box 328 

North Chatham, MA 02650- 



I was delighted to hear 
from John Mozzicato who tells 
me that after GDA he attended 
The Citadel, graduating in 
1954 and entering the Air 
Force where he remained for 
21 years retiring in August 
1975 as a Major. In October, 
1955, he married Joyce C. 
Lewis and they had two 
daughters, Linda Bunt living 
in Scottsdale and Flagstaff, AZ 
and Diane Gershon in Kansas 

City, MO. After John's career 
in the Air Force, he worked 
for Boeing Corporation in 
Wichita, KS for 15 years in 
the research and development 
area (read "intelligence") 
retiring in December 1993. 
John and Joyce live at 19451 
N. 87th Drive, Peoria, AZ 
85382. I spoke to John after 
hearing from him and gleaned 
the fact that the Air Force sent 
him to Ohio State University 
early in his career to learn 
various intelligence skills. He 
learned about sophisticated 
photo operations. Following 
that study, John worked for 
seven and a half years at SAC, 
the underground facility that 
is responsible for satellite 
surveillance. He spent his 
entire military career in 
photo intelligence working, 
for instance, with those U2 
planes that garnered so much 
attention years ago. His group 
also planed combat missions 
during the Korean war. Then, 
when he worked for Boeing, 
he was really part of a group 
that played simulated games 
suggesting to the military how 
they might want to respond in 
certain situations. It is so good 
to hear from a classmate who 
I remember well but had not 
known what path he traveled 
in life. I hope others will 
come forth as well and tell 
their story. Bud Frame heard 
my cry for news and reported 

Kim Page '49, on his 80th 

Bud Frame '49 

that he is fighting retirement 
fiercely. He remains a sales 
agent for Mitchell Pierson, 
Jr. Inc. in Pittsford, NY. But 
he is also a representative 
for Manning and Napier, a 
$20 billion investment firm 
with an extraordinary record 
in Morningstar, introducing 
them to larger companies and 
high-net individuals. Bud says 
he loves it all because he is still 
selling. Bud also mentions that 
he is partner emeritus with 
the Trillium Venture Capital 
Group, as a licensed real 
estate agent raising capital for 
a REIT fund. It sure isn't the 
stratosphere that this little old 
school teacher moved in. The 
exciting news, however, is that 
Bud manages to get out on the 
golf course "occasionally" (my 
word). He has made ten trips 
to Argentina (his last trip in 
March) to play various courses 
and last May he and Peggy 
were able to get to Ireland 
with three other couples for 
more golf. Claims he is merely 
working on his back swing. 
So beware of any bets he may 
offer you, if by chance you get 
to play with him. And news 
from Otis Island, ME seems 
all too familiar. Kim Page 
reports that all the parts are 
falling apart at the same time. 
Aortic valve repaired in '08, 
bronchitis since, knees giving 
out and everything seems to 
hold water. Nevertheless, he is 
planning an Amtrak trip across 
country in early December 
to see the very popular and 
nationally known Seattle 
Men's Chorus, which by the 
way was the impetus for the 
emergence of the wonderful 
Boston Gay Men's Chorus. 
And along with houseguests 
for Christmas, Kim is hosting 
a golden retriever. Kim insists 
that he turned 80 in June, but 
I am very sure that he must 
be mistaken. I have seen his 

picture and he is no 80 year 
old classmate. Bill Judson 
wrote me the following bit 
of history of Yale University 
and our beloved school. I 
am assuming that most of us 
are unaware of it. He writes: 
An old friend of mine, Andy 
Smith, Vermont Academy, 
1949, alerted me to a search 
that he made on Google 
about Yale University. I 
investigated these sites which 
pertained to the founding 
of Yale and found that there 
were numerous connections 
between New Haven and 
Cambridge and other towns 
in Massachusetts. In any 
event, in 1701 (and I quote) 
the reverend James Pierpont 
(an ancestor of J. P. Morgan) 
minister of the First Church 
in New Haven, pushed the 
General Court of Connecticut, 
to charter a college. He 
thought that the colony should 
not be dependent on Harvard 
University for training 
its ministers. The college 
operated in the various homes 
of its tutors for several years, 
and it was only when Jeremiah 
Dummer, the colony's agent in 
London, donated an estimated 
1,000 books, that it was 
decided to build a permanent 
campus. After the bequest 
and persuasion by Jeremiah 
Dummer, Elihu Yale, who had 
left America at the age of 3 
and never returned, made a 
contribution to the school of 
some books and East India 
Company goods that were sold 
for 562 pounds, 12 shillings. 
He also gave a portrait of King 
George I. The footnote to this 
is that Yale University was 
successful largely because 
of the generosity and first 
efforts of Jeremiah Dummer, 
but the Trustees of the school 
did not want it to be known 
by the name "Dummer 
College". Jeremiah Dummer 

The Archon | Fall 2009 55 


married Hannah Atwater and 
their son, Governor William 
Dummer of Massachusetts 
eventually willed his 
mansion and 300 acre farm 
at Byfield, Massachusetts 
"for the endowment for a 
free grammar school". Please 
pick up your pen and write 
me some news of yourselves. 
I need more news to report to 
each other. 

60th Class Reunion 
June 11-13,2010 


Alan F. Flynnjr. 
1 Katherine Road 
Rehoboth, MA 02769-1938 

Dave Esty was first to reply. 
It would be great if more of 
our classmates followed his 
example. At the top of the 
card, it says 'Don't be Shy'. 
Dave has circled the word 
Shy and added "Who Me?". 
His report follows. "The Esty 
Report: A + health. Leading 
a romantic life - playing/ 
working with six kids + five 
spouses/significant others + 
eight grandchildren + Betsy 
and I = 21 Esty head count. 
Planning to retire between 90 
- 100 if/when it stops being so 
much fun and so rewarding. 
Looking forward to '50's 60th 
Reunion next year when Don 
Bishop and I challenge anyone 
to a game of horseshoes and 
tall tales." Dave concludes 
with a comment under class, 
"Vanishing Species". The next 
day, Don Bishop's card arrived. 
Is the U.S. mail faster from 
Vermont than from Maine? 
"My wife, Polly-Mahala 
suffers from bi-polar disease. 
She just wrote a super book 

about her odyssey, Sunshine 
and Shadow, 
Great story. Get it. Maine 
has been very wet and foggy 
this summer so far. Other 
than that, life is just life with 
all its little things." A card 
came from Mark Staley (tel. 
217-483-3205), Henry's son, 
explaining that our classmate 
passed away in September, 
2008. I'm sure our Illinois 
delegation had contact with 
Henry. Dick Patton sent the 
following message. "The 
historical society and public 
library has been using me as 
a reference for past and early 
history of Highland Park, IL 
where I grew up. Glad to be of 
help, but it's tough when you 
reach the age of an old timer. 
It's hot in Pasadena so will 
be glad when the ski season 
arrives, Who would have 
thought in June of 1950 that 
we would have the problems 
in Washington D.C. and with 
our economy that we now 
face. From Bob Comey: "The 
summer camp for emotionally 
challenged children that I 
wrote about last year was an 
early casualty of the recession, 
so it was a quieter than usual 
July for Sallie and me. We 
made our annual trek from 
North Carolina to Maine in 
August, where we had our 
annual luncheon with Kim 
Page '49. Our stay was shorter 
than usual because of Sallie's 
duties as vice president of the 
residents association of our 
retirement community. She 
will succeed to the presidency 
this spring and I'll become 
First Dude and continue 
to co-edit the community 
newsletter and serve on a few 
committees." Tim Greene's 
wife, Debbie, is a professional 
working with bipolar persons 
and has found Sunshine and 
Shadow by Mahala Bishop to 
be fascinating and helpful. 

Tim tells me that the book 
reveals Don to be a sculptor, 
woodworker and painter. 
Tim expects to meet Charlie 
and Calvine Bowen as their 
cruise ship docks in Boston. 
It is hard to keep up with 
the Bowens. They don't 
stay in one place very long. 
GDA will hold a Gathering 
of Leadership Volunteers in 
late September. Tim and I 
plan to attend. This event will 
bring trustees and volunteers 
together from Friday evening 
until after lunch on Saturday. 
We will learn more about the 
state of the Academy and 
how volunteers are used in 
constructive ways. There 
will be breakout sessions for 
Class Agents and Secretaries. 
It will allow us to be more 
responsive to your questions. 
Once again, 2010 is a reunion 
year for us. Can it really be 60 
years since we graduated? We 
will be sure that the word gets 
out in the spring Archon as 
to how our class is expected 
to respond. Please mark your 
calendars accordingly. This 
is an abbreviated version 
of the Class of 1950 notes. 
Emi and I will be moving 
from our residence of 18 
years in Rehoboth, MA to 
a condominium in North 
Kingstown, RI, back to our 
major contacts since 1975. If 
you have already accomplished 
this move, you know what an 
unbelievable task it is. With 
your help, we'll have more 
notes in 2010. 


Ted H. Barrows III 
41 Ridge Road 
Bristol, RI 02809-1355 
401-254-1 909tedbarrows@ 

Not a very good response 
to my plea for class notes! 

Jim White said he was glad 
to hear from me and that he 
hadn't been to Rhode Island 
in years and asked if Bristol 
is on the road maps. He added 
eloquently "busy sitting 
here watching it rain, as I 
am sure you are." Yes, South 
Dartmouth is not far from 
Bristol and we had more than 
our share of wet weather this 
year! Mai Davidson wrote that 
he is "still partially working 
at David & Co. in Chestnut 
Hill, MA" and not doing 
much else except playing with 
his grandson. The always 
reliable communicate, Dave 
Pope, said that news was a "bit 
thin", but he was enjoying 
a cool summer and looking 
forward to grandchildren 
catching some "rays" at the 
beach. He added that he and 
wife, Woodie, were going 
back to Lake Como in Italy 
in September for a couple of 
weeks and going to the opera 
in Milan. Dave closed by 
adding "having sold one of our 
businesses has given me more 
free time which I like." George 
McGregor sends in this story 
about Bill Atwell's sculpture: 
In about 1985 he came to visit 
us and brought with him an 
exact replica of the sculpture 
which was about 12" tall and 
made of steel. He asked me 
to bring it to the Academy 
as he wished to have one he 
was having built shipped to 
Byfield and placed on the 
campus. It stands 25 feet tell 
made of steel weighs 6,000 
lbs and is 12 feet wide and it 
is called Butterfly Gates. The 
powers that be decided it was 
not appropriate. Bill had the 
sculpture built and placed 
at his home Fawn Ridge in 
San Antonio among other 
sculptures. When he sold 
Fawn Ridge he moved it to 
his ranch in Blanco, Texas. 
Bill has a son Bill, who he 

56 The Archon I Fall 2009 

called "Judge". Thanks to his 
son, the sculpture is on the 
grounds at the South Texas 
Cancer Center which was built 
by Judge. A marker reads "In 
Memory ofWilliam W. Atwell 
1932-2006 a Great Father". It 
is our family's good fortune to 
have Judge as a friend and in 
this case the apple did not fall 
from the sculpture. 

My wife Jackie and I 
took a Viking river cruise 
in Southern France in 
September. The preservation, 
historical and architectural 
significance, and beauty of 
the countries old towns we 
walked such as Avignon, 
Chalon-Sur-Laone, Lyon, and 
others were truly remarkable. 
And sitting on the deck in 
comfortable lounge chairs in 
beautiful weather between 
stops was very nice, also." 


Franklin E. Huntress, Jr. 
5 Independence Way Apt C 
Marblehead, MA 01945-4659 

Dick Nader reports: 
"Thank you so much for the 
note and the news update. I 
am greatly saddened to hear 
of the passing of our friend, 
mentor and coach, Robin 
Goodenough. It is like the end 
of an era. I have such fond 
memories of The Messiah 
echoing throughout Perkins 
III during evening study hall. 
Robin taught me much both 
in and out of class. I believe 
that our Perkins group meant 
as much to him as he did to us. 
It was fitting that you were 
there to do his funeral. Lydia 
and I are doing fine down here 
in Florida. We are celebrating 
our 50th anniversary this 
September. Where did the 
years go? We are both big 

Ray's fans, but my heart 
remains at Fenway. I promise 
my allegiance will revert back 
to the Sox as soon as the Rays 
are out of contention. In the 
meantime, keep an eye on 
the trustees for fear that they 
might move the campus to 
Milton or some such foolish 
thing. I still intend on making 
a post-game pie and coffee 
run to the Agawam with you 
and Sabu. Please send my 
regards his way." Fred Smith 
reports: "I'll respond to your 
amusing solicitation for news 
following your suggestions. 
No new romances however 
one wedding of the youngest 
daughter, the last one I hope. 
The celebration will take 
place 8/8/09 in Maine. One 
divorce, another daughter; 
no fun however they take 
place in the best of families 
(I hear). Skipping forward, it 
seems that I am retired but I 
do keep my finger in the oil 
patch. I can claim a surgical 
improvement. I got a new knee 
this past April. It seems that I 
will need the other side this 
coming year. The knee was 
badly twisted while wrestling 
at GDA. Don't presume I am 
dead, yet. All the best to my 
wonderful classmates." To 
Barry Gately: Where are you 
in this world? The football 
season has begun without you 
on board. I have tried to call 
you but there is no answer at 
home. Have you changed your 
phone number to put me off 
the scent? Be in touch. I am off 
to England and Londontown 
and Westminster Abbey next 
week for my autumn "fix" and 
will wait for you to surface, my 
dear friend. The scrimmage 
with Middlesex went well, 
but there are a few holes to 
plug up before the start of the 
season. I shall catch up with 
you upon my return. Red 
Bowes sends in: It was really 

nice of you to write a note. 
I especially was impressed 
with your thoughts while 
attending GDA and able to 
visit us on the farm. My folks 
sure enjoyed the company of 
so many students. I believe 
you are the only one who let 
us know. Thanks for that. I 
have been retired for some 
time now and enjoy the quiet 
life. John Gill reports: "Margie 
and I traveled to the Carribean 
in April and spent one and a 
half weeks in Puerto Rico and 
one on St. Maarten (Dutch). 
Puerto Rico was home during 
most of my time at Governor 
Dummer and Margie's father 
was a golf pro there for 28 
years. Puerto Rico was most 
fun and brought back a lot 
of memories for us both. 
In the "good old days" San 
Juan had about four tourist 
hotels; now it must have at 
least 200. Thanks for all you 
do for the class." Dirk Owens 
says: Highlights this summer 
included watching my grand 
tots in kids triathalons. At the 
Silicon Valley Tri in May, Peter 
(7), Lauren (8), and Andy 
(11) entered and finished. At 
another near Sacramento, 
Miles (5) joined the clan. What 
a kick. Genes flow downhill! 
Wow, Frank, only three more 
years to our 60th Reunion. 
Dirk, the Cape and Spring 
Hill Road are still there, and 
I see your goddaughter, Betsy 
at GDA alumni meetings. 
John Sellstrom is keeping busy 
with nine grandchildren, 
travel, boating and trips 
between our home in Kianak 
Island, SC and Ashville, NY. 
Celebrated our 50th wedding 
anniversary in August 2008. 
Our youngest son Stephen 
has now fully taken over my 
law practice but I go to the 
office everyday when in the 
Jamestown area. Still very 
much involved in running 

the Johnson Foundation Ad 
Community Affairs. It was 
so good to hear from Gus 
Boss from Arizona amid all 
that heat they are having. 
He was anxious to know of 
the news at GDA which in 
conversation was made plain. 
He could do with our rain and 
cool weather to counteract the 
over 100 degree temperatures, 
but he did assure me that 
his A/C is working well and 
dares not to break down! 
He did mention a trip to the 
bright lights of the East - 
especially in 2012 when we 
shall be having our BIG 6-0! 
Then it will be on to Nova 
Scotia! When Gus mentioned 
the BIG 6-0 it jogged my 
memory to BEGIN to remind 
us all that your attendance 
is DEMANDED at this 
milestone of life. Everything 
is free on Ted the Head's 
charge card, so there can be 
no excuse for non-attendance. 
We all know that GDA does 
the Reunion Weekend well, 
so plan now for that trip two 
years from now OR I will 
presume you to be DEAD. 
Also get that checkbook out 
for the Class Gift at this great 
age for us all. You can be sure 
that more will be coming as 
the date draws nigh upon us 
all. Bless you, Gus, and keep 
in touch. When the winter's 
snow come our way, I shall be 
thinking fondly of that warm 
and sunny climate there in 
your area. Dick Rothmund, I 
almost tipped the boat over 
on a "jibe ho" but managed 
to clear trouble at the "third 
nun". At 76 years, I should 
know better. I have chased 
and caught up with two old 
dinosaurs hiding in the woods 
of New Hampshire, Cutty and 
Red Bowes, and have flushed 
them out into the open for us 
all to enjoy. Cutty and Red's 
dad, Tom, and my father were 

The Archon I Fall 2009 57 







Donald Tracy '53 and his wife Linda, with son at his college 
graduation from the University of Maine. 

Ann and Dave Hicks '54 with Marilyn and Don Hicks '55. 

thrown out of the Fessenden 
School in their misspent 
youth, and I had the great 
pleasure to catch up with that 
family when I entered GDA as 
a freshman. Sunday afternoon 
suppers with "Rosie Bowsie" 
and Tom were the best 
delights before hustling back 
for Ted the Head's vespers. 
There was even a move to 
dedicate the 1952 yearbook to 
"Rosie Bosie" and Tom, but 
Sabu opted for Jane Gale who 
kept us out of debtor's prison 
and in good states with our 
parents. I owe this discovery 
to Mark and Marita Lowell '54 
who knew of Cutty and Red's 
whereabouts far, lo, these 
many years. The stories of the 
happenings there on Sunday 
afternoons would make 
wonderful conversation to 
this day. Now, if I could flush 
out Peter Breen, the "cuarto de 
bano" of the GDA stockroom 
and Larry Guild from when 
I stole my GDA parka, we 
would really have a treasure 
of memories: wonderful to 
be in touch with you, Cutty. 
Keep us up to date! 


Percival M. Lowell, Jr. 
1180 Milton Mills Road 
Acton, ME 04001-5048 
maritamark @ metrocast. net 

Hello all! It is fall in New 
England already. Didn't it 
come fast this year? I don't 
know about your summer, but 
ours was wet and miserable 
until August. My wife, Marita, 
and I just celebrated our 
50th anniversary September 
25th. We took a jaunt into 
southern Vermont and were 
disappointed to find very little 
fall foliage. On the return we 
went across the Kankamagus 
Highway in New Hampshire 
and found great color - about 
1/2 turned. We plan another 
trip soon to see relatives in 
various states. I will start my 
notes on a sad note. Tom Craig 
died on March 14th, 2009 
after a lengthy illness. He 
loved his years at GDA and 
returned for many reunions. 
He leaves a son, David Craig, 
of Winchester MA, a daughter 
Lindy Craig of Winchester 
MA, and his wife Ann Craig 
of York ME. He also had two 
grandsons, three stepchildren 
and seven step-grandchildren. 
Charles Gibbs, MD writes that 
he and his wife Rose have 
recently moved to Boston 
from Sante Fe, NM to be 
nearer the grandchildren 
and three daughters. They 
volunteer considerable 

time to the Rose Kennedy 
Greenway as gardeners. 
They are well, and sound 
happy. Charlie Palmer writes 
that all is well and reports 

two events. He completed 50 
years at the office, and, if all 
went well celebrated 50 years 
of marriage on September 
19. Congratulations! Donald 
Scot Tracy reports that four 
of his six children live in 
Maine so that it is easy to 
keep in touch and visit often 
and catch fresh lobsters from 
the boat. They enjoy Skype to 
stay in touch with others is 
New Jersey They now drive 
a Prius which gets 56 miles 
per gallon. He finds it is a car 
for "computer techies", if one 
wants to utilize all the bells 
and whistles that come with 
it. He is cutting back, but still 
has over 200 tax clients. He 
now has more time for work 
around the house, however 
this takes more time than it 
did 10 years ago! His family 
all agree that life is a gift that 
they truly enjoy on the Maine 
coast throughout the year. 
Their youngest son recently 
graduated from U Maine as 
an RN. Seeing him in a black 
cap and gown reminded him 
of his graduation in South 
Byfield. Those memories are 
sharp, no fading even after 
56 years Dick Marr sent a 
brochure about the John 
Daniel Marr Educational fund 
in memory of his brother, 
Jack Marr, which he oversees. 
He says that this tribute to 
his brother is progressing 
nicely. It recognizes an 

outstanding scholar athlete 
with a scholarship for 
undergraduate studies in 
college. So far nine students 
have received this award. 
Dick has been a UNC hockey 
coach, guardian ad litem, 
Independent school trustee, 
and lawyer /mediator. You can 
contact Dick at: rmarr2748@, call:508-560-9379, 
or 35 Fearrington Post, 
Pittsboro, NC 27312. If you 
are interested in receiving a 
copy of the brochure, please 
email Sandy Keyes at skeyes® or mailing 
the school with your request 
to her attention. Bill Pinkham 
was fortunate to be at the 
White House for the signing of 
the Amnibus Land Bill which 
designated 250,000 acres of 
Rocky Mountain National 
Park as a wilderness area. 
He worked on this initiative 
for over four years. Arthur 
Bartlett is enjoying 10 years 
of retirement in what's called 
the Lost Sierra, 20 miles north 
of Lake Tahoe, CA. Wife and 
I enjoy golf, the 20 lakes 
that surround and my first 
granddaughter, Avery, just 
two years. 


Need secretary. Please send 
notes to Sandy Keyes at 
skeyes @yovsacademy. org 

58 The Archon I Fall 2009 

David Hicks '54 in London with his grandson. 

55th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


George O. Gardner III 

10 Winnatuxett Beach Road 

Mattapoisett, MA 02739-2127 


David Hicks reports: "Ann 
and I spend long summers at 
our house in Colorado - travel 
a great deal in the winter. Had 
a good trip to England this 
spring with brother Donald 
'55 and his wife Marilyn. 
In the meantime we try 
to remain involved in our 
Jacksonville community". 
Gardiner and Sonja White 
celebrated their 50th wedding 
anniversary on August 1, 
2009. Dick Michelson says: 
"Life continues to be great for 
me. I skied for a month in the 
Dolomites this past winter, 
traveled a couple of weeks 
throughout Texas this spring. 
(Unfortunately learned 

Dick Moore '54 had passed 
away the previous year), and 
toured most of Iceland for 
three weeks this summer. The 
great northwest continues to 
be location of choice." Stuart 
Miller is still working running 

my Insurance Agency. Now 
have four grand children. 
Fish as much as I can tuna 
and striped bass in New 
England and tarpon in Florida 
and permit and bowefish in 
Belize. Still healthy thank 
God. Michael Smith reports: 
"Deborah's and my two 
sons are Midshipmen at the 
United States Naval Academy. 
Devereux (Class of 2012) is 
studying Arabic and wants 
to go into Navy intelligence. 
Christian (Class of 2013) 
has just been inducted and is 
enjoying (?) Plebe Summer. 
My son by my first marriage, 
Eric, graduated from the Naval 
Academy in 1985 and retired 
after 20 years as a Marine 
officer. Deborah continues as 
President of the Council on 
Competitiveness. " 

and family 
a trip to 

'56 graduates who recently met for lunch on the occassion of Tom 
Elder's visit from California, (left to right: C. Duncan, J. Dean, J. 
MacLeod, D. Bridges, T. Elder and T. Urmy). 

Don Hicks 

recently took 
London. Besides children and 
grandchildren his brother 
Dave Hicks '54 and his wife 
went on the trip. 


James Dean III 

PO Box 186 

South Berwick, ME 03908- 



Steve Bartow has a son, 
Chris, due to be married 
September 18 in Willets, 
CA. Chris is a wrangler of 
horses and cows on a ranch 
in California. He is also a 
pack horse outfitter. Hunt 
Blatchford organized a small 
reunion of Maine classmates 
at DeMillo's of Portland in 
June. He has since gladly 
opened it up to any and all 
classmates eager to attend. 
Jim Dean and his wife, Dianne 
are recovering slowly from 
their son's death in April. 
Family reunions this summer 
have provided support and 
made the transition easier. 
We will be attending the 
Bartow wedding in California 
in September. Tom Elder 
brought on his grandson 
from the West Coast to join a 
summer soccer camp at GDA. 
Tony Hawthorne offered a 

Wayne Hockmeyer '58. 

gathering for a meal to the 
Deans of Maine centered 
around the Bartow wedding 
time if schedules permit. 
Herb Hodos writes that his 
new address as of August 
1, 2009 will be 20 Bridge 
Street, Unit 18, Florence, 
MA 01062. Classmates take 
note. Joe MacLeod organized 
a fine, informal mini-reunion 
luncheon around the visit 
of Tom Elder from the West 
Coast. Tony Miller sends 
his best from England to 
classmates in the U.S. He and 
Susan have experienced a 
quiet summer blanketed with 
bad weather. American guests 
join them this August. 


Lyman A. Cousens III 
4 Goodhue Road 
Boscawen, NH 03303-2500 
lgmancousens@ comcast. net 


Ralph E. Ardiffjr 
238 Conant Street 
Danvers, MA 01923-2528 

We heard from our 
President Demi Read who 

The Archon | Fall 2009 59 


reported that he and Tina had 
recently enjoyed a spectacular 
trip to New Zealand where 
they got away from the 
horrible New England 
economy and managed to 
stay away from hearing any 
news regarding the world 
markets for a few weeks. He 
reluctantly admitted that Tina 
caught the biggest trout on the 
trip, a hefty 8 Vz pounder. Ken 
Weene recently published his 
first novel entitled Widow's 
Walk, a novel that completes 
the phrase, "When it's time to 
try starting over. . . " Max Brace 
went through arthroscopic 
surgery on his right knee and 
is now back to his active life 
in upstate New York where he 
spends summers swimming, 
boating and fishing. His main 
passion is now genealogy and 
he has found ancestors dating 
back to the 1 600s from various 
parts of New England. Nuff 
Withington bumps into Gump 
Hayden some times during the 
summers in New Hampshire. 
Gump sought some 

investment advice from Nuff, 
who suggested that Gump 
invest in Delta Airline stock, 
which was obtainable quite 
cheaply after the airline filed 
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. I did 
not hear how the investment 
was doing. Jim and Claudette 
Main continue to travel all 
over the world and organize 
ocean cruises. Our topnotch 
investigative reporter Mike 
Dunsford caught up with 
classmate Wayne Hockmeyer, 
from whom he elicited a 
fascinating life story, which I 
report in its entirety: "I spent 
most of my life pursuing the 
outdoors and adventure. I 
have three children, Kyle, 
Avery and Kimberly plus 
four grandchildren. I lived in 
the UK when I was younger, 
traveled into the heart of 
Africa before it all blew up 

and was among people who 
never saw a white man. They 
were not dangerous; the 
dangerous ones were the ones 
living in contact with whites. 
I only stayed alive because I 
had a gun and they did not. 
When I got back, I became a 
landed Canadian immigrant 
and got my commercial 
pilot's license and float plane 
flying instructor license. I 
wanted to go back to Africa, 
and being part of the British 
Commonwealth was a ticket 
to getting a job in Uganda or 
Kenya. Flying is fun, but being 
a bush pilot does not pay well 
and I learned being a flying 
taxi driver is not adventure. 
I left and came back to the 
States. Got my Real Estate 
Broker's license and created 
Little & Co . We were small and 
new and I thought the name 
might help us to compete with 
all the other old Real Estate 
companies in Boston. Within 
three years we had offices on 
State St., Newbury St. and the 
suburb of Allston. We were 
the largest rental company 
in Boston and none of our 
employees was over 30. I was 
miserable in a 3 -piece suit 
with tie and vest. The sixties 
rolled in and I sold it to some 
employee's and dropped out 
and ran off with an Andover 
Academy professor's wife. She 
was an artist and model who 
liked to travel to Europe. We 
got married (2nd marriage) 
and we fled to the woods of 
Maine so I could become a 
hunting and fishing guide. 
Surprisingly, this did not work 
out very well and I ended 
up back in Boston alone. I 
started Waterrest Products 
and opened a chain of six 
waterbed stores in Kenmore 
Sq., Harvard Sq. and the best 
malls surrounding Boston. It 
was very successful, but I could 
still hear the call of the wild. I 

sold it to my best employees 
and fled to the woods again 
with a young woman who, 
by then, had become my 
third wife. I started the first 
Whitewater rafting company 
com) in the northeast and 
was running, then unknown, 
Whitewater rivers in Maine 
and upper New York State. 
As the years went by this 
company turned into a four 
season outdoor adventure 
resort offering guided trips 
for Whitewater rafting, 
snowmobiling, hunting and 
fishing. In the early 90's I 
started to develop a fishing lure 
that would become known as 
the Banjo Minnow (www. 
banjominnowstorecorn). I 
successfully had it marketed 
on TV and made a lot of 
money. This resulted in my 
wife at the time thinking she 
didn't have to put up with me 
anymore and another divorce 
resulted. I sold my interests 
in Northern Outdoors to her 
and my two best employees 
and skipped town. I had a 
Coast Guard Six Pack License 
and bought a 42 foot sailing 
catamaran and floated around 
the Bahamas and Florida for 
a couple of years. One day I 
got a letter from my second 
wife, Alexis, who had taken 
35 years to wake up to what 
a catch I was! We are now 
back together and trying to 
buy a house in Florida. We 
are both in pretty good shape, 
but I must admit she is much 
better looking than I am. I am 
still selling my fishing lure, 
but strongly thinking about 
just going fishing. I have made 
millions in my life, but am 
equally adapted at spending 
it all. Life to me has always 
been about pursuing dreams, 
not money. Money does not 
buy happiness, however, 
neither does poverty. If I had 

to live my life over I would do 
some things differently, but I 
would not change it. I think 
the secret to success and 
fulfillment is having a passion 
for what you do. Life is hard 
enough without getting up in 
the morning and having to 
have to go to work. 


Mirick Friend 

PO Box 540 

Mirror Lake, NH 03853-0540 


We had a fabulous 50th 
reunion this past June at 
GDA and great attendance as 

Rick Friend & Lois Glidden, 
Bill & Bobbi Whiting, Peter 
Sherin, Jim Foley, Robert Dietz, 
Peter Bostwick, Chip & Gail 
Mason, Ferg & Linda Jansen, 
Steve & Elizabeth Volpone, 
John Catlett, Randy & Joan 
Light, Louis & Glenda Piatt, 
Courtney & Carolyn Bird, Bill 
& Joanna Donnelly, Kent 
Dumont, Ray & Jan Ferris, Fred 
Huntress, Topper Terhune, 
Alan & Ruth Tucker, Ted & 
Ginny Bliss. Whit Kimball, 
Howard & Mameve Medwed, 
Charlie & Susan Eddy. A bunch 
of us gathered Friday at 
Joseph's in Newburyport for 
a nice dinner to start the 
weekend off. On Saturday 
morning we marched together 
in aloose and sloppy formation 
to the annual meeting where 
the class received the award 
for the highest participation 
of all classes at reunion. Then 
it was lunch together in the 
Duncan Philips Library, open 
house in the afternoon at the 
Whitings in Topsfield, and 
cocktails and dinner to finish 
the day back at the Philips 
building. Lots of catching up 

60 The ArchonlFall 2009 

was accomplished and we had 
lots of laughs. Renewing 
friendships was easy; it was 
as though we had only been 
apart for a very short period 
of time, not fifty years. We 
have now decided to get 
together informally every year 
at reunion time with 
whomever might be in town. 
Finally, I had breakfast this 
morning, October 1, with 
Peter Bragdon, former 
headmaster and (Mr.) Dave 
Williams. We had wanted 
Dave to come to reunion as an 
honored guest but he was 
unable to attend. So we 
decided to make Dave an 
honorary member of the Class 
of 1959. 1 presented him with 
a GDA diploma designating 
him an honorary member of 
our class. During reunion I 
had every classmate attending 
sign a piece of paper which I 
included with the diploma. 
He was very touched and 
appreciated the designation of 
honorary classmate. Charlie 
Langmaid writes that he his 
wife Patti are still enjoying 
the good life with Vail in the 
winter and Hood Rover, 
Oregon, in the summer. Kite 
boarding is the new interest. 
He sends best wishes to his 
classmates on our 50th. Louis 
Piatt fills us in on his history. 
He graduated from William & 
Mary College in 1963 and 
spent the next four years in 
the Army in Europe as a 
German linguist. From 1967 
to 1992 he was on the contact 
s staff and then the area rep in 
( Germany for the Navigators, 
a a missionary organization. 
From 1992 to 2009 he was a 
church pastor in Seattle, WA. 
He is now retired and 
currently in treatment for a 
lung tumor. For more info 
J visit 
visit/louisplatt. We wish him 
well. Jim Foley writes that we 

all had a great time together at 
reunion. He was happy to see 
Pete Bostwick and Ray Ferris 
after 50 years. Kent Dumont 
he had not seen in 50 years 
also but he spent eight years 
with him in elementary 
school. "Good seeing Lou 
Piatt after 30 years. Quiet and 
nice here in Albion after a 
rainy June and July. I got 
conned into being on the 
Board of Appeals and am 
busier now than when I was 
working." I received this 
complete update from Bill 
Whiting. "I must be one of a 
very few who have celebrated 
two 50th high school reunions. 
My family lived in Rochester, 
NY where I attended a small 
private school for 14 years, 
leaving after junior year. We 
moved to Newburyport when 
my father became the 
Headmaster of Shore School 
in Beverly, MA. Last year I 
went back to meet friends I 
have known for over 60 years. 
During my two years at GDA 
I tried my best to hide the fact 
that I was a "day boy" by 
participating in sports, the 
Glee Club and anything else 
to fit in. Dartmouth was my 
choice (as it was for a number 
of classmates) and it proved 
to be a good match for my 
interests. I was attracted to 
the military and received an 
army ROTC commission. 
Tours in Korea as a tank 
platoon leader on the DMZ 
and in an armored cavalry 
unit in the central highlands 
of Vietnam cured me of any 
romantic image of war, but 
provided extensive travel in 
Southeast Asia. Returning to 
something less than a grateful 
nation, I joined "The 
Telephone Company," 

received a MBA, got married, 
had two kids and bought four 
houses in seven years. We 
have lived in Topsfield, MA 

for the last 30 years. After 36 
years with the old Bell System 
(AT&T and New England 
Telephone which became 
NYNEX, which became Bell 
Atlantic, which became 
Verizon) with assignments in 
various departments in New 
England, New York and New 
Jersey I retired from the 
corporate rat race. Retirement 
has proven to be more 
rewarding and has offered me 
more opportunity to 

contribute to my community 
than my working career. I 
now work two days a week at 
an Audubon wildlife 
sanctuary. Volunteering at a 
farm, anumberof conservation 
organizations and the local 
historical society take up most 
of the rest of the week. In my 
spare time I run the town 
cable TV station and the town 
website. Daughter Brooke is a 
landscape architect living in 
Arlington VA with her 
husband Jon who is a 
Lieutenant Colonel in the 
Army Special Forces. She 
graduated from GDA in 1992. 
We have a 2-year old 
granddaughter and now a 
second brand new 

granddaughter. Son Brad 
followed me to Dartmouth 
and now lives in Hood River, 
OR and takes full advantage 
of an extreme sports life style. 
Both kids attended the school 
where Dad was Headmaster. 
Bobbi, my wife of 39 years 
works at the same school and 
is the Business Manager and 
CFO. Our 50th reunion was a 
great opportunity to renew 
old friendships and rekindle 
fond memories. Everit 
"Topper" Terhune has written 
as well. "What a 
WONDERFUL reunion. It 
was Just GREAT to see all our 
classmates who returned and 
get caught up on what 
everyone was doing. The 

entire weekend was great fun 
and I especially enjoyed the 
dinner Friday night and 
Saturday afternoon at the 
Whiting's. Four days later I 
was in England having the 
mini-reunion with Brian 
Marsh at his country house, 
"Raspit Hill," in Kent. We 
spent the entire evening 
Thursday drinking whiskey 
and wine, talking about the 
reunion, about our time at 
GDA, and all our classmates. 
It was VERY apparent how 
deeply sorry he was not to 
have been able to attend. He 
was delighted to receive the 
"thank you for the wine" 
letter that everyone signed... 
and spent quite a long time 
studying the mementos I had 
gathered at the reunion and 
looking over the photos I had 
printed out for him. He 
correctly identified everyone 
in the photos (with no help 
from me), asked a lot of 
questions, and reminisced at 
length, relating stories and 
recollections he has about 
everyone. He has many old 
photos he took while at GDA 
which include shots of just 
about everyone in our class. 
My god. . .we look so YOUNG! 
Brian's wife, Aleksandra, 
joined us Friday. She is 
responding very well to her 
treatment and seems well on 
the road to recovery. He has 
said many times he would like 
very much like to see his old 
classmates, and you might get 
the opportunity to see his 
"GDA Papers". The reunion 
was definitely the highlight of 
my year. Ed Bliss followed 
reunion with this note. "What 
a terrific turnout for the 
Governor's 50th Reunion. 
Ginny and I thank those who 
coordinated the weekend. In 
particular, it was nice 
reconnecting with Louie Piatt. 
It had been 50 years! 

The ArchonlFall 2009 61 


Everyone seemed in good 
spirits, and the men and 
women were outgoing and 
friendly. Sometime, it would 
be fun to see Roy Nash. The 
summer was busy with back- 
and-forth visits with our 
daughters and families. 
Without the constraints of the 
school year, we were able to 
do day excursions with our 
two grandsons. I am preparing 
to serve as moderator for the 
upcoming Town of Essex 
election." Bob Pouch writes: 
"Susan and I were very 
disappointed not to be able to 
join the 50th class reunion. 
Our National Guard unit had 
orders, while I have retired 
from my work in Port of New 
York, my assignment in the 
NYS division of military and 
naval affairs (national guard 
system) will continue for 
another year. I cannot say 
enough positive things about 
our young service people, who 
have volunteered to serve 
their country, the sense of 
commitment, dedication, 

ethics and teamwork in many 
ways exceeds what you will 
find today in many fortune 
500 corporations. In January, 
Susan and I joined friends 
from work for a trip by ship to 
South America, the Falkland 
Islands, Cape Horn, Straits of 
Magellan and to the 
fascinating world of 

Antarctica and the Palmer Ice 

station - icebergs, seals, 
penguins, whales, 90 mile per 
hour winds, and fascinating 
scenery and experiences the 
whole time, culminating with 
a week in the wine country of 
Chile before returning home. 
50 years is a long span of time 
to reflect back on our Byfield 
days and years at GDA. While 
our ranks have unfortunately 
grown thinner, some of my 
memories of studies, sports, 
faculty and characters are as 
fresh as yesterday in my mind. 
Our thoughts and best wishes 
to all. Fair Winds!" Randy 
Light penned the following: 
"The 50th Reunion a great 
success. It was a fabulous 
weekend. Joan and I 
thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 
The turnout was superb. The 
weather was ideal, and the 
campus is picture perfect. It 
was fun catching up 
with classmates that I have 
not seen in years. And, a 
special "thank you" goes to 
Bill Whiting and his wife 
for the hospitality that they 
showed by opening up their 
house to the Reunion 
attendees Saturday 

afternoon. " Finally, I must 
add a note from your scribe. 
Lois Glidden, who was with 
me at reunion, and I were 
married this summer on 
August 22 in a little white 
country church in Mirror 
Lake, NH where we live. My 
daughters Amanda and Galen 
were my attendants, Lois' 
sisters Jen and Tina were her 
attendants and her brother 
Lee escorted her down the 
aisle. We are planning a trip to 
some of the lesser known 
national parks next year. You 
may see us on your doorstep 
next fall! 

Norm Kalat '60 at the cemetery 
in Normandy where his father 
landed in 1944. 

50th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


John C. Elwell 

266 High Street 

Newbury port, MA 01950-3838 


johnelwell @ verizon. net 

Hello Class of "60, 1 didn't 
receive much news this time 
around. I hope that you all are 
saving up your energy for our 
reunion in June. I am having 
a hard time saying 50th as 
I know that it can't be that 
long ago we were altogether. 
In any case, I hope that all 
of us can get together for the 
50th in June... there I said it! 
I received a phone call on my 
voice mail from Greg Meyer 
who is still living in Florida. I 
contacted Greg and we spoke 
on the phone. He is doing 
well and hopes to be able to 
attend the reunion in June. I 
hope that we get a chance in 
one of the class notes to see 
a picture of Greg's beautiful 
home in Florida. I did hear 
from Norm Kalat who is still 
in Santa Fe, NM. Norm writes 
that he has five grandchildren. 
He reports that he won the 
Club Championship at the 
Las Campanas in the Super 
Senior category. "Super 
Senior". . .1 don't know if that 
is better than 50th reunion or 
not! Look out Jim Deveney... 
you may have some class 
golfing competition here! 
Norm sent along a picture of 
him in Normandy at Omaha 
Beach where his dad landed 
in 1944. Norm's dad lived but 
he wanted to see the cemetery 
as well as the other sites near 
the beach. Norm added, "I 
guess we get more interested 
in history as we get older." 

Mr. Williams and Mr. Sperry 
would be glad to hear that 

Well that is all the news I 
have. Yours truly is busy with 
consulting, mentoring, and 
farming. I keep threatening to 
go back to running a school so 
I can get some vacation time! 
Looking forward to seeing all 
of you in June! Remember the 
porch light is always on for 
you at 266 High Street. 


Thomas M. Mercer, Jr. 
5311 Edlen Drive 
Dallas, TX 74220-2101 

J. Stephen Sawyer 
202 South Fileys Road 
Dillsburg, PA 1 7019-9563 
71 7-432-2860 

The only report I received 
was from Geoff Dellenbaugh, 
who wrote that "after 35 
years of practicing law in the 
pharmaceutical industry, I 
changed focus and became a 
law professor at the University 
of Connecticut School of 
Law. I co-teach a clinic in 
which our students (under 
our supervision) provide 
free intellectual property law 
services to small businesses 
in Connecticut. We moved 
to Glastonbury and live in a 
1700s house in the historic 
district." In June I attended 
the retirement dinner for Mike 
Moonves, who was tearing up 
the playing fields of Andover 
when we were matriculates at 
GDA. I have known Mike for 
many years, as I knew all of 
the late members of the Old 
Guard who were so much the 
backbone of our class' GDA 
experience. I know how much 
they all thought of Mike and 

62 The Archon | Fall 2009 

how enthusiastically they 
would welcome him into their 
ranks. Keep your cards and 
letters coming! 


Thomas S. Tobey 
59 W Por tola Avenue 
Los Altos, CA 94022-1209 

It is time for my seasonal 
entreaty for news from the 
Class of 1962. Yes, the time is 
here once again to share, tweet, 
email or whatever meets your 
fancy. The summer is in full 
swing and certainly you have 
just completed or are about 
to set sail on a vacation, do 
another deal, or just share a 
story or two of how you spend 
your time. In my family it is 
grandchildren who are taking 
center stage these days. I have 
anxiouslybeen waiting around 
to hear the announcement 
of what my grandfatherly 
moniker will be. I was not 
interested in the generic 
"Grandpa" I was pleasantly 
delighted to have my two-year 
old granddaughter decide to 
address me as "Boppa". How 
fantastic it is to have a new 
identity! Time is here to check 
with your 2012 calendars 
to make note of our 50th 
reunion! Yes, it is true. There 
will be more details as the 
months tick by in anticipation 
of this momentous occasion. 
I began giving this more 
thought on a recent family 
wedding that took me to 
Maine. My wife, Karen and I 
had a wonderful brunch on 
High Street in Exeter with 
Peter and Dottie Bragdon. Peter 
is still traveling the country as 
a continuing ambassador for 
the Academy. Think of who 
you might particularly like 
to see at the 50th. The past 

month has brought a number 
of misses with classmates 
in the northeast. We visited 
Bob MacLaughlin at his idyllic 
woods cabin in Warren, 
ME. Bob continues to write 
ads and other journalistic 
masterpieces for the Down 
East community. He has also 
found companionship with 
a special education educator 
to join him on adventures 
kayaking among the islands of 
the Casco Bay region. Not far 
away but unreachable on short 
notice resides Bob and Ellen 
Snyder in Yarmouth. There is 
a report writes Bob "we have 
become grandparents; the only 
arrival to date is Kyle. My son 
Rob just got married August 
1 in Lake Placid. We also 
spent a day at an "Extreme 
Makeover" building site in 
Suffield, Ct. What fun that 
was. Having lost two months 
of summer due to poor 
weather, Ellen and I did get 
to enjoy our boat a little. Also 
In the same neighborhood in 
Maine with Bob, Ellen and 
Bob Mac is Tay Vaughn. If any 
of our class has not checked 
out Tay's website it is rather 
incredible in scope and detail. 
Go to 
and then select "Last House". 
Among some of the tasks that 
he engaged in was cutting 
10,000 board feet of wood in 
preparation for building the 
house. He is still "in-process" 
trying to get ready for the 
winter". Tay has done it all 
by himself, bit by bit, fine 
carpentry, etc John Tarbell 
weighed in that he is working 
part time from his home 
in Remsenburg, NY . His 
daughter, Liza is continuing 
to develop her equestrian 
skills on the south shore of 
Long Island this summer. She 
will enter St Andrews School 
in Delaware in September. 
Ham Agnew weighed in with a 

photograph, "...of Charlie Pyne 
and me. I used to be young and 
lovely, but I got old! "Actually 
I feel pretty good. Good 
enough to have just planned 
a scuba diving trip in Key 
Largo, FL with an old friend. 
Don't know what we're going 
to see yet... wrecks, reefs, 
certainly a lot of fish. Been 
working on a website about 
the house I lived in when 
during the time I was going 
to GDA: www.541owellroad. 
com. Fascinating house. 
Very rich history. My latest 
research centers around a 
slave that Captain Pelatiah 
Fletcher "owned". (He served 
in Revolutionary War and 
owned the house during that 
time) Trying to uncover the 
circumstances. For instance, 
were slaves allowed to stay 
in the main house? Did they 
live in an outbuilding? With 
heat? I'm asking my history- 
bent friends that question. 
Soon I will add pictures of 
the doll house that my mother 
made of the house that has 
been in the Westford museum 
for years. She made all the 
furniture. The second shot is 
the Doll House dining room. 
Mom made almost everything 
you see in this picture! I 
created the opportunity to 
spend the evening with Cathy 
Wilkerson in Brooklyn a few 
months ago. She was my 
first girlfriend whom I met 
at a religious conference in 
Pembroke NH while a senior 
at GDA. Fell madly in love, 
but got jilted a year later. 
She went on to be one of 
the founders of the Weather 
Underground and recently 
published abook called: Flying 
Close To The Sun. In fact, it 
was her father's townhouse 
in NYC that got blown up 
while they were making 
bombs. She evaded the FBI 
for 12 years, turned herself 

in, and has been teaching 
math for the past 20 years. 
By the way, I don't think she 
remembered me! Oh well.... 
Many more stories in the big 
city. I'll tell you more if you're 
interested. I'm sure I'm not 
the only one of our group still 
trying to have fun and pack 
things in while we can. I have 
friends in their 90's, but I'm 
not optimistic about getting 
there myself. Peter Butler 
is maintaining his fitness 
health by adding running to 
his ongoing mountaineering 
regimen. Peter recently 
completed a 1/2 marathon in 
the Marblehead-Salem area. 
Peter has made two attempts 
at climbing Mount McKinley, 
his last attempt deferred by 
weather. Stan Healy "continue 
to grow the BatteriesPlus 
business in Metro-West. A 
year ago I relocated the store 
from "east "Marlborough to 
the intersection of Route 20 
and Route 495. The move 
has dramatically improved 
the retail performance of 
the business and, economic 
conditions notwithstanding, 
we are holding our own with 
our commercial business. 
Not thinking about officially 
retiring any time soon but 
have begun to slightly cut 
back my hours at the office. 
We purchased a house 
on Ockway Bay in New 
Seabury last December - took 
advantage of a "buyer's" 
market - so I am trying to 
spend a little more time on 
the Cape and a little less time 
in Sudbury or Marlborough." 
The summer is now over with 
many great memories to put 
away for safe keeping. The 
real highlight for us was a trip 
to the east for my 29 year old 
niece on North Haven Island 
on the Maine coast. We saw 
every living relative on the 
Tobey side of the family with 

The Archon | Fall 2009 63 


Bob Farnum '64 at Block Island race. 

members coming from Hawaii, 
Colorado, Massachusetts, 
Vermont and California. 
Karen and I are experimenting 
with a new lifestyle and so far 
we recommend it highly. We 
have rented our home in Los 
Altos, CA and set up shop in a 
seaside cottage in Carmel, CA 
for two months. Following 
that we will be renting a 
house in Penn Valley in the 
California foothills just south 
of Lake Tahoe. 


Need Secretary 

Robert Mann says: "Oh my 
God - turned 65 years old 

- 50th Reunion in 2013. The 
heat in Ft. Lauderdale is awful 

- I miss South Byfield!" 


Peter C. Thomas 

600 Warren Road, Apt. 3-2F 

Ithaca, NY 14850-1809 


John Steele wrote: On the 
home front, I and the family 
are well at the moment. We 
suffered one of those life 
changing setbacks in '04 when 
my wife Moira contacted a rare 
infection that seeded itself in 
her spinal cord resulting in 
paraplegia and confinement 

to a wheelchair. Family, 
friends, and work have been 
wonderfully supportive, and 
today she is driving herself 
to and from her full-time 
position at the University of 
Vermont. Though no longer 
hiking and running, her prior 
passions, we enjoy swimming 
and kayaking. A recent 
move to a single level home 
after renovating for access 
have made day to day living 
much easier for all of us. 
My landscape architectural 
work is bumping along with 
the economy at half-to- three 
quarters time and on a much 
appreciated flexible schedule 
that enables me to assist Moira 
when necessary and help 
with our adopted son Vasile 
who has needs of his own. 
To his credit, he has worked 
hard and will be graduating 
from Burlington High School 
in June. He continues to 
delight, works part time at the 
nearby grocery store, and will 
likely enter a special one-year 
program this Fall at UVM. 
We enjoy being with our 
three young grandchildren 
on a regular basis since they 
live either in Burlington or 
nearby. A supreme joy as all 
of you grandparents already 
know. My best wishes to all 
the Governor's children. Bob 
Farnum sends: We finished 
third in our class in the Block 
Island Race Memorial Day 

weekend. I attach a picture 
taken soon after the start. 
This is a 185 mile race from 
Stamford around Block Island 
and back. It took us about 32 
hours this year. This fall I 
am planning a cruise on the 
boat with my brother and 
father (Class of '40?). The 
45th reunion saw the usual 
excitement topped off by Ralph 
Johnson's excellent gathering 
that included Mercer, Johnson, 
Balser, Canterbury, Freedberg, 
Parker, Golden, Henchey, with 
Gene Morrissey from Dallas 
in attendance. Discussion 
included getting the 50th 
dates on the calendar now 
so we may properly plan our 
lives around it. More about 
this in the next Archon. 

45th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


Kenneth A. Linberg 
6766B Del Play a Drive 
Isla Vista, CA 93117-4910 

This time the Class 
Notes are being assembled 
in the warmly charming 
and eclectically cozy home 
of Charles and Carol Dunton 
on Nantucket. Always such 
fun with these two! On a 
personal note, after 36 years 
doing retinal research at the 
University of California at 
Santa Barbara, this is my 
first post-retirement visit to 
the remnants of my family in 
Boston and on the Cape. An 
additional treat has been to 
enjoy the company of Chester 
Parasco during much of my 
sojourn East and to see the 
many recent and extensive 
improvements to his home 

in Jamaica Plain. Speaking of 
retirement, Dwight Nicholson 
chimed in with the news that 
he and his family have moved 
recently from Salt Lake City to 
Port Townsend, WA. Freshly 
retired, Dwight looks forward 
to "doing something that 
doesn't require looking at a 
computer." Congrats, Dwight, 
and many thanks for the 
update! Also recently retired, 
Doug Smith reports that he 
is "alive and well, wintering 
in southwest Florida." So 
glad to hear from you Doug! 
Any chance that you might 
consider a visit to Byfield for 
next year's Reunion? In recent 
letters to you all pursuing 
news for The Archon, I've 
alluded to the five horrible 
fires that have plagued Santa 
Barbara across the last 12 
months, a number incredible 
even for California. Most 
recently, the Jesusista fire 
barely spared Craig Johnson's 
home while incinerating 
most residences near his. I'm 
happy to report that after 
three months of botched jobs, 
the smoke damage has finally 
been eradicated and the 
Johnsons are poised to return 
home. Commenting on this 
firestorm in his recent e-mail, 
Peter Imber wrote, "I'm glad 
you and Craig were unscathed 
by the recent fire in Santa 
Barbara. I covered it for five 
days for ABC and most likely 
went right by Craig's house 
since I saw just about all the 
homes that were destroyed. 
By day five I wasn't able to 
take a deep breath without 
coughing. I was really feeling 
the effects of the smoke which 
is another indication that 
I'm probably ready to move 
on from my job. Life is good 
otherwise..." Terrific hearing 
from you Peter, and yes, we 
should really try and get 
together soon with the other 

64 The Archon | Fall 2009 

Leonard W. Johnsonjr. '66, uncle 
of the bride; John G.Wellman, 
Jr. '66, father of the bride; Eric 
Neher, groom; Lydia Wellman 
Neher, bride; John G.Wellman, 
Sr. '44,(P'66, '69, 71) 
grandfather of the bride; Michael 
A. Wellman, 71 , uncle of the 
bride; Gregory A. Wellman, '69, 
uncle of the bride. 

65ers living in the California 
southland. And finally, more 
good news from Eric Shepard 
who reports, "Doctor of 
Ministries studies continue 
along with paperwork toward 
commissioning and ordination 
in the United Methodist 
Church. We are seeing our 
grandchildren frequently. 
Can't wait for the Reunion in 
'10." Your sentiments, Eric, 
could hardly be more timely 
as I urge all classmates to 
consider attending. Our 45th? 
Yikes! My best to you all. 


James T. Connolly, Jr. 
47 Green Street 

Newburyport, MA 01950-2646 

In spite of all the rain this 
summer, members of our class 
were involved in a number 
i of weddings. John Wellman's 
i daughter (also Len Johnson's 
niece), Lydia, was married 
in Georgetown, SC. Both 
the father and uncle were 
in attendance. A wedding 
picture is attached. Roy Hope 
writes that he had a full year 
with three weddings and a 
funeral. Roy's oldest son was 

married in Hawaii where 
he lives. His oldest daughter 
was married in Colorado at 
a hot springs resort. And, 
his younger daughter was 
married in a winter wedding 
in Minnesota. Also, on a sad 
note, Roy's twin brother died 
of pancreatic cancer. Don 
Hudson sent the following 
email: "Nothing earth- 
shattering to report, but life 
is good! Following 14 years 
in the publishing business in 
to my New England roots in 
1992, and have a beautiful 
home in Merrimac, MA. My 
wife, Robin, is a native of 
Oregon, but is loving the East 
Coast. We both have the same 
hobby - Barbershopping. 
Her Barbershop chorus is a 
world-class competitor out of 
Providence, RI, and we each 
have competed regionally with 
our individual Barbershop 
quartets. My foursome, 
"Three Good-Looking Guys" 
(Don't ask!), held sixth place 
in the northeastern United 
States. Robin and I have four 
kids and eight grandkids... 
oh, and a dog, Ezekiel." I am 
attaching a picture of Don and 
Robin. And, I found David 
Stevens. David splits his time 
between the Upper West Side 
of Manhattan and upstate 
New York. He attended 
Stanford after GDA, and 
then spent ten years teaching 
English and Journalism in 
North Carolina. In his mid- 
30's, David made a career 
change, went to Columbia 
Business School, and became 
a banker. He retired from his 
last position as head of XL 
Capital Assurance in 2004. 
Since then he has worked 
as a consultant, including a 
current assignment which 
will take him to countries like 
Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya 
on behalf of the U.S. State 

Department's Agency for 
International Development, 
which is trying to help these 
countries develop their 
small-business sector. David 
is married to the former 
Maria Antonia Mesa. They 
have one daughter, Elisa, 
and two grandchildren, Cate 
and Gabriel, ages 10 and 
5, respectively. David has 
been out of touch with his 
GDA classmates for many 
decades and would like to 
hear from any who would 
like to re-establish contact, at 

That's all the news I have 
at the moment. It was great 
hearing from everybody, and 
thanks for the photos. 


Bennett H. Beach 
7207 Denton Road 
Bethesda, MD 20814-2335 
benjbeach @ tws. org 

Have you got a hankering 
for a good crepe? How about 
some soup or a salad? Head 
for Louisville and pull up to 
Simply Splendid Salads, Roy 
Meyers' latest invention. "We 
create the salad of your choice 
or one of our signature salads, 
and make crepes to order," 
says Roy, who will open 
several more in the Louisville 

Don Gay '67, flanked by his two 
sons Donald (left) and Julian 

area if the first one is a success. 
Sorry, no Govieburgers. After 
30 years in a banking industry 
that was growing more 
volatile by the nano-second, 
George Swift has moved on. 
He now plays tennis five days 
a week, dances one night a 
week, and runs Swift's Coin 
& Currency in Palm City, FL. 
Our newest Sunshine Stater is 
Larry Miller, who accepted an 
assignment as VP of Resource 
Development with United 
Way of Palm Beach County. 
"This is a wonderful part of 
the country but very hot," 
Larry reported. Anne-Marie 
Laverty won a research grant, 
enabling her to spent part of 
the summer at Harvard — and 
attend the June 6 dedication 
of the Class of '67 Field. In 
Harvard's Widener Library, 
Fred Burchsted helped his 
classmate get access to 
important source material 
for her dissertation. "It was 
the best working vacation of 
my life," Anne-Marie wrote. 
One highlight was being at 
Fenway to see the Red Sox 
top the Yankees, 4-3. She has 
returned to graduate studies in 
U.S. History at the University 
of British Columbia and 
continues to serve as an 
Elections Canada official. "It 
is a busy and exciting time," 
Joe Schwarzer reports from 
the North Carolina coast. 
"We have building projects 
and budget challenges at 
each of the museums. On the 
home front, son Franklin, 
wife Elizabeth, and daughters 
Mary and Karenna welcomed 
Eden Lamar Schwarzer, 
who was born on April 14, 
2009. We now have three 
granddaughters!" We have 
another grandfather: Paul 
Hemmerich. His daughter 
Adria delivered a baby girl 
in September. Paul's work 
load is light, but some small 

The Archon | Fall 2009 65 


jobs are keeping him busy. 
His summer included a great 
hike of six days and 51 miles 
on a section of the Colorado 
Trail near Buena Vista. Roger 
Block and Amy sailed off from 
Newburyport in October 
on another cruise to the 
Caribbean and the Bahamas. 
They expect to be back by 
June. "I have taken up hiking 
and wilderness living, along 
with the rest of America who 
can't afford a five-star hotel 
anymore," says Rich Brayton. 
"Recently I climbed Half 
Dome in Yosemite to prove 
that at 60 you're still as young 
as you feel. Unfortunately, 
the feeling was painful, and 
I'm now feeling more like 70. 
I still feel like I have quite a 
bit of testosterone when I see 
a pretty girl, but I may as well 
be furniture in the room for 
all the good it does me... help! I 
suppose I shouldn't feel sorry 
for myself... but I am still 
carrying a wallet-size picture 
of my date at the GDA Prom 
in 1969 — yeah, the blonde in 
the chiffon, that's the one!" 
Jeff Wood's book, Lyft Faetels: 
Inner Peace, is now on the 
streets. To learn more, go to or log on 
to If Jeff gets 
to our reunion in 2012, he 
can sign your copy. The new 
author's summer also included 
some quality time with his first 
grandchild, Hunter William 
Colon, and spinal surgery, to 
treat his stenosis. In April 
David Marsh catalyzed the 
first-ever World Pneumonia 
Day, which occurred on 
November 2. "Our goal is 
to end the silence regarding 
the leading killer of children 
globally - more than malaria, 
measles, and HIV/AIDS 
combined," he explained. 
Launching this effort, which 
more than 50 organizations 
are cosponsoring, took our 

class's grapes star to Ethiopia, 
Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, 
Nicaragua, Guatemala, and 
China. To learn more, go to 
org/ take-action/organization- 
sign-up/. Mac Barnes is trying 
to make a global contribution, 
too. He's been going to Haiti 
and preaching for a few years 
and reports: "The people I'm 
working with started a church 
last November, and already 
1,500 are attending. Also, we 
send 50 children to school and 
provide a meal each school day 
for 141 kids. In addition, we 
provide 100 meals each day for 
poor people associated with 
the new church. We are seeing 
revival, which is exciting." 
Newbury Selectman Joe Story 
feels that he is "making pretty 
good progress on convincing 
residents that TGA is a good 
partner of the town. This is 
mostly because of Marty." 
Joe's niece just started her 
sophomore year and loves 
it. On August 7, Julie and 
Stanley Greenberg celebrated 
their respective 50th and 60th 
birthdays with a cruise on 
Casco Bay with family and 
friends. "It was the best night 
in the history of the world 
to be on the water," Stanley 
claims. He fulfilled a life- 
long dream by telling a joke 
in public with an expletive. 
For the full text, e-mail him 
at Rem 
Clark was in Kennebunkport 
in July to see his second 
daughter, Linsley, walk the 
aisle, and he is preparing to 
have a second grandchild, 
courtesy of daughter Ashley. 
Bill Haggerty and a partner 
had the opportunity to buy 
the precious metals recycling 
business from their old 
company, which was planning 
to leave that business. "So we 
put a business plan together, 
found a few other investors, 

and bought it — lock, stock, 
and last smokin' ball mill! 
We closed the deal the day 
that the Class of '67 Field was 
dedicated. Maybe it's an omen 
for our new company!" The 
company name is Material 
Sampling Technologies, and it 
is located in North Smithfield, 
RI. Don Gay and a partner 
have resurrected Critical 3 
Entertainment Group, which 
promotes and produces 
concerts and special events in 
the Detroit area. They have 
also started publishing the 
C3 Magazine. In September 
Mayo and Dan Morgan landed 
in Hanoi. "I'm pretty sure this 
was not on the list of places 
I wanted to visit 40 years 
ago," Dan says. "I'm now a 
half-time consultant for the 
company, sobusiness meetings 
back in Shanghai create the 
opportunity to explore S.E. 
Asian destinations we never 
had time to visit in the past. 
Since the kids are all off on 
their own, Mayo can join me. 
There is something to be said 
for turning 60." The good 
news from California is that 
the record-breaking Station 
Fire did not threaten any 
members of the Class of '67. "It 
was awesome to see at night," 
said Alan Rothfeld, "but in the 
day just a blizzard of ashes and 
clouds of smoke. I took it as an 
excuse to spend the week at 
the beach in Santa Monica." 
Mick Doolittle's firm, Foulger- 
Pratt of Rockville, MD, has 
won an EPA Green Power 
Award. Jeff Harris enjoyed a 
September fishing junket to 
northern Maine, stopping to 
play golf at Belgrade Lakes 
on the way up and at Jato 
Highlands in Lincoln on the 
way back. "With the clock 
just turned 60," he said, 
"I find myself revisiting 
old haunts. No other age 
milestone had any impact 

1 wBk j 


^Sgk It's the way Champions play 

Hy'^»5 n q ^ •" 


Marc Tucker '68 and Jim Rudolph 

whatsoever." Carol and Ben 
Beach were married on Derby 
Day in 1979 so celebrated 
their 30th by taking their first 
trip to Churchill Downs. The 
mint juleps were kind of thin, 
but it was a great experience. 
Next up on their Americana 
tour: Groundhog Day. 


Daniel C. Look 
3287 Whitfield Drive 
Marietta, GA 30062-1285 

Not much from the 
brethren this time. You people 
are getting lazy! Jim Rudolph 
has written that on May 7, 
Marc Tucker received the 
Anti-Defamation League's 
Community Service Award at 
its annual Law and Education 
Day Breakfast, attended by 
over 200 people. ADL is 
one of the preeminent civil 
rights and human relations 
organizations in the country 
and Marc was recognized for 
his longtime commitment to 
fighting hatred and bigotry. 
He was also thanked for being 
a great resource for ADL 
and local law enforcement 
authorities on the North 
Shore. Jim Rudolph, Chairman 
of ADL's Board of Overseers, 
presented the award to 
Marc. The breakfast was 

66 The Archon I Fall 2009 

Class of '69 at the 40th Reunion, June 5-7, 2009. 

also attended by Chris Page, 
Art Veasey, Jay Worthen and 
Headmaster Marty Doggett. 
Charles Johnson wrote not 
a lot going on except for the 
mini-gathering at our house 
in Harwich. Marc Tucker, 
Jay Worthen, Bill Degan, Rob 
Lord and Harold Levine and 
his wife Jill dropped by for 
a very pleasant afternoon of 
tale sharing. We are planning 
on a repeat next summer 
sometime in July and hope 
more people can include it 
in their plans. Chris Page is 
happy to report that 2009 is 
proving to be a much better 
year for me than 2008 was. 
My heart seems to have re- 
gained its health. Our second 
granddaughter was born on 
May 2. Addison is fine and we 
see the Olson family often as 
they live in nearby Beverly. 
We went to a wedding in Oslo 
in July and then did some 
traveling around Norway - 
what a spectacular country! 

I think a combination of the 
wedding and that beautiful 
country motivated us to make 
our 1 7-year relationship 
official, so Joanne Holden and 
I were married on August 7. 
Congratulations Chris from all 
of the Red Dogs! Jim Rudolph, 
Veas and Jay Worthen went 
a'sailing last September. 01' 
Red Dogs becoming ol'salts. 
Hardly. Looks like a beautiful 
day. Maybe we can convince 
Jim to do the Bermuda race 
with a crew of us old dogs. 
Marc Tucker is to be inducted 
into the Athletic Hall of Fame 
on November 14th during the 
half time of the Belmont Hill 
game. I am sure that you all 
join in his congratulations. 
Keep in mind that it was the 
stellar blocking of his line 
that opened holes he could 
skip through! Nice work, 
Tuck! My summer was full 
and busy. A key highlight 
was taking my six year old 
grandson Patrick sailing for 

Class of '69 setting out for a day of kayaking during Reunion 2009. 

the first time in Mystic. One 
of those "life moments". I have 
also spent a lot more time at 
TGA with my opportunity to 
serve on the Alumni Council. 
You should all get back, the 
place looks great. I have been 
doing more work in NE and 
have had dinner with Marc & 
Veas on several occasions. I 
hope you are all well and keep 
in touch. 


Jeffrey L. Gordon 

Slocum, Gordon & Co. 

39 Mill Street 

Newport, RI 02840-301 6 

401 849-5893 

Reunion weekend this 
past June was a memorable 
event. Everyone who attended 
agreed and many of us were 
reluctant to leave on Sunday. 
Friday night's dinner-dance 
was in the new Whiston- 
Bragdon rink where a crowd 
of some 600 people came to 
honor Mike Moonves who 
retired this last June. Many of 
us in our class stayed in the 
new dorm for both Friday 
and Saturday nights, which 
in itself was hilarious, not to 
mention a total time warp. 
Saturday morning had the 
parade of classes following 
the traditional bagpiper who 
piped us into the Performing 
Arts Center where the Annual 
Alumni Meeting was held 
along with a performance of 
the Alumni Glee Club. With 
Tim Tenney's inspiration, our 
class had organized a kayak 
trip on the Parker River 
during Saturday afternoon. 
Everyone survived without 
incident and returned in 
time for our class dinner in 
the Library. We had invited 
Val and Boh Anderson to join 

us, and I know all of us were 
honored by their presence. Val 
gave a wonderful talk about 
his run as Headmaster during 
those halcyon years when 
we were there as students. 
After a late night in the dorm 
lounge, Sunday morning's exit 
was leisurely with everyone 
hoping that we might reprise 
this weekend before the next 
milestone reunion comes 
along. Classmates who were 
on campus for some or all of 
the weekend included, Billy 
Clyde, Ned Lattime, David 
Forbes, Tim Tenney, Jon 
Williams, Joe Mclntire, Josh 
Miner, John O'Leary, Chris 
Barker, Bruce Coughlin, Steve 
Goodhue, Peter Dorsey, Nat 
Follansbee, Dave Francis, Jeff 
Gordon, and our superb class 
photographer, Doug Bradshaw. 
Additionally, a note arrived 
from Fred Lyle that he had 
recently played some golf 
while visiting Tim Tenney at 
his parents' summer home in 
Fenwick, CT. And Billy Clyde 
wrote in: "Still basking in 
the glow of a great weekend 
in June. Campus looks great 
and good vibes emanate from 
all quarters. Thanks to all the 
planners for a memorable 
reunion. It was very easy to 
slip back into 'Byfield days' if 
only for a little while." 

40th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


Terry E. Nolan 

4377 Briers Wag 

Stone Mountain, GA 30083- 


Michael O'Leary was 
promoted to Professor of 

The Archon I Fall 2009 67 


Surgery, Harvard Medical 
School and senior surgeon, 
Brigham and Women's 
Hospital, Boston. 


James S. Fleming 
9 Red Coat Lane 
Redding, CT 06896-1 623 

David Lampert,Jr. 
7 Nortons Point 
Manchester, MA 01944-1432 

I caught up with Barry 
Burlingham and John Clayman 

at the Mike Moonves send- 
off in June. Both look great 
and report things going well. 
Jonathan Roof sends his best 
to all classmates from his 
home in Tucson, AZ. He is in 
private banking at Mutual of 
Omaha Bank. His wife is now 
a nurse practitioner and he 
has a daughter at E Network 
in Los Angeles. James Fleming 
seems to be doing fine, 
single handedly maintaining 
international shipping routes 
and raiing the Baltic Dry 
index. I am sorry to report 
that Wayne Gray passed away 
in July after a long battle with 
cancer. Wayne will be missed 
by all of us. David Shove tries 
to see some '71ers from time 
to time and sends his best to 
all. He is working in New 
York and Maine and reports 
three kids "out on their own" 
with two still at home. David 
enjoyed some good sailing this 
past summer, once the rain 
stopped and summer finally 
arrived. As for me (David 
Lampert) I can report that my 
son has left Governor Dummer 
(oops), The Governor's 
Academy, for Colby College in 
Maine. It seems every other 
field or building there is an 

68 The Archon I Fall 2009 

Alfond field or Alfond arena. 
What a great contribution to 
education by our classmate 
Peter Alfond's family. As for 
the rest of you, send news! 


Geoffrey A. Durham 
504 Roosevelt Drive 
Libertyville, IL 60048-3120 
geoff.durham@sbcglobal. net 

Sarah (Ewell) Smith, 
72, writes that last fall her 
husband Todd and she 
toured Italy via rail/bus and 
B&B for 12 days. Venice was 
amazing! Their daughter 
Margo graduated from Elon 
University and got a job at the 
Museum of Science in HR. 
Their son Zach is a senior at 
Union College and is applying 
for chemistry grad school fall 
of 2010. George Freimark, '72, 
writes that he is still working, 
and making the mortgage and 
car payments. He just sent my 
eldest, Olivia, off to college. 
She is attending Victoria 
College in the University of 
Toronto, a most impressive 
place in the heart of the city. 
The college has two quads 
of its own, dining hall and 
library, all set off from the 
main campus. It ranks high 
on the "Hogwarts meter" 
in terms of Victorian and 
neo-gothic architecture. She 
is majoring in history, and 
waiting to see what the winter 
is all about. It seems hard to 
believe 37 summers ago we set 
out on similar journeys. He is 
still with EQECAT, providing 
catastrophe modeling services 
to the insurance and financial 
markets. He heads up the 
Americas and Intermediaries 
Practice, so travel here and 
abroad is a constant. He 
is, also, still rowing, and 
on Oct 17 will compete in 

my umpteenth Head of the 
Charles in the men's double 
sculls, 40's decade. His rowing 
partner and he opted for the 
younger bracket because the 
50's bracket is twice as large 
and just as competitive. Too 
many retired guys with time 
to train all day! Met a fellow 
at my rowing club who had 
brought his son down to try 
rowing, in anticipation of 
sending him off to boarding 
school. Turns out he had gone 
to Franklin and Marshall, and 
knew of GDA because of likes 
of Mark Curtis, Brian Lenane 
and others. His name was 
John Osborne. It's a small 
world. Fond remembrance 
to classmates long not seen: 
Jim "Eb" Whitmore, Peter 
Phippen, Ellis Withington. 
And all the best to rest of our 
surviving crew. Peter Conway, 
'72, reports all is going okay, 
but nothing too exciting. He 
is thinking of attending the 
Moonves Golf Classic, though 
he says his 'game' is lacking a 
bit. He hopes to see other guys 
there. Tim Traver, '72, writes 
that his daughter, Kal, is lead 
singer and sax player for 
the Rubblebucket Orchestra 
( and 
he suggests that if they are in 
your area that you should go 
out and see them. Daughter 
Mollie graduated from 
Stanford this past June. He 
has made the jump to English 
teacher in a public school. It is 
a hard climb. His son, Toben, 
is working for Appalachian 
Mountain Club. He and Delia 
have a huge garden and lots 
of work Things are going fine 
in the Durham household. 
My wife, Jana, still is heavily 
involved volunteering for the 
GirlScouts. Daughter, Andrea, 
is working and still living at 
home. She hopes to move out 
this fall. I keep busy in the 
local ER two days a week and 

helping the aging parents, 89 
and 87. Looking forward to 
some college football this fall 
with some college buddies and 
NU basketball this winter. 
Retirement is great. Not only 
are the rivers crowded with 
rowers, George, but the golf 
courses are crowded, too. 
Keep those cards and e-mails 
coming - Geoff.Durham® - with your 
news. Thank you. Ben Pearson 
is still at LLBean and busier 
than ever adjusting to the 
"new" economy. "I've been 
very involved with the "No 
Child Left Inside" movement 
started by the book Last 
Child in the Woods by Richard 
Louve. Read it if you haven't. 
On the fun side I just got back 
from a seven day back country 
tele-ski trip in the Colorado 
10th mountain division hut 
system. Hello to all!" 


IanB. Chisholm 

140 Catkin Drive 

South Burlington, VT 05403- 



After watching the Red 
Sox and Paul Byrd melt down 
last night, I thought that I'd sit 
down this morning and take 
care of our class notes, looking 
for a major mood change here. 

Wyatt Garfield 73 and Adolph 
Haffenreffer 73. 


David Metcalf writes, "Please 
let my classmates know that 
while many of them are 
contemplating grandchildren, 
I am still making children. 
Attached is a picture of 
Maggie, born November 3, 
2008. Neither baby or mother 
wake me up, so all is well. Also, 
I live in Centreville, VA. And 
work as a consulting engineer 
and would enjoy hearing from 
fellow classmates, Dave." 
Thanks Dave, my mood is 
starting to improve. Wyatt 
Garfield sent a great photo of 
he and Adolf Haffenreffer. On 
August 24th Wyatt writes, 
"Yo Ian, thanks for carrying 
the torch of our apathetic but 
spirited class. This photo, 
taken last Sunday titled: Two 
fifty somethings contemplate 
their semi retired status on the 
resort island of Cuttyhunk, 
MA. Hope you are well and 
enjoying life; it's precious 
and quick. Best, Wyatt "Paco" 
Garfield. I believe that you 
recognize Haffy". Wyatt, I 
recognize both of you and you 
both look great. Thanks for 
contributing, as I really need 
some material to work with 
here. Harriet Blake writes for 
John, "After spending three 
seasons with the Red Sox 
(including a trip to the 2007 
World Series), John returned 
to the Texas Rangers to work 
with one of the most respected 
guys in baseball, Nolan Ryan. 


> n " f 



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fW"''-;3HI ^L, 

Kevin McKenna 73 and Gary 
Haselton 73. 

They've had a good season so 
far, but more importantly the 
Blokes are happy to be back 
"home" in the Lone Star state. 
Harriet is still unpacking and 
continuing as a freelance 
journalist. Our son, Chris, 
is a junior majoring in 
broadcast journalism at Texas 
Christian University and 
Becky, who attended GDA 
for two years, has returned to 
her MacArthur High for her 
senior year. If your travels 
take you south, please be in 
touch". Thank you Harriet! 
As I write this, Texas is now 
only two games behind the 
Red Sox in the Wild Card 
race. This obviously makes 
the Blake family a lot happier 
than the Chisholm family. 
Speaking of the Chisholm 
family, all is going pretty 
well as I near retirement 
in December. I spent last 
weekend with Kevin McKenna 
and Gaz Haselton and his 
wife Cyndi at the Haselton's 
house which sits on Mallet's 
Bay on Lake Champlain 
with spectacular views of 
the Lake and Mt. Mansfield, 
Vermont's highest peak. We 
had a great time reminiscing 
and, while Gary behaved 
himself admirably, Kevin and 
I drank a boatload of a variety 
of beers. Gary's son, Dusty, 
graciously gave us a ride 
home. Gary's daughter Hillary 
was also there, and she will be 
getting married on September 
12. Joanne and I will be there 
and it appears as though I will 
have to behave myself. I took 
this picture of Gaz and Kevin 
before we left. Kevin and I 
went to my house and drank 
some more watching the Red 
Sox game. Kevin took Joanne 
and I out to breakfast the next 
morning and he then headed 
down to Middlebury to see 
his older brother Michael. 
Kevin reports that Brian 

McKenna is working on the 
Cape and is a 4-handicap. My 
grandson, who is age one and 
a half, was recently diagnosed 
with a mild form of Autism, 
which is somehow nearly an 
epidemic in our country. The 
doctors have said that he will 
eventually be fine because 
it was identified so early in 
his life. It makes you wonder 
about what is in the vaccines 
that babies get shortly after 
birth. In any event, I moved my 
mother to South Burlington 
where she is in an Assisted 
Living facility. She is happier 
now that she is surrounded by 
more family and we're taking 
her out to dinner tonight. If 
this is starting to bore you, 
for the love of God send me 
something to write about 


Pamela Jo McElroy Toner 
223 Riverside Drive 
Fairfield, CT 06824-6930 

Our 35th Reunion was 
great fun. Many thanks to the 
hard-work of the committee — 
Steve Epstein, Bill Skaff, E. 
Scott Williams, Steve Epstein, 
Jim Shaw, Woody Wallace and 
Larry Woolson. The Academy 
has raised the bar on reunion 
activities which made the 
weekend even more fun. 
Please mark your calendars 
for the 40th reunion — June 
6-8, 2014! Thank you to Tom 
Moseley who responded to 
my letter. He and his, wife, 
Cindy are empty-nesters. 
They sent their son, Thomas, 
to Michigan Tech University 
in August. "We can't believe 
he is this old already as it 
seems just yesterday he was 
put in our arms from Korea," 
muses Tom. All is well in the 

Upper Pennisula of Michigan! 
In the absence of additional 
notes, I perused Facebook for 
updates: Deborah Pope Garand 
just released her new book, 
42 Rules of Creating WE. It 
made the bestseller list for 
organizational development. 
It is available for sale on Deb inspires us 
all. Courtney Wang is spending 
time atfootball games watching 
his daughter, An Rhiel, and 
her cheerleading squad. 
Great photos of An Rhiel 
flying the air on the top of the 
pyramids! Ashley Romeiser, 
affectionately known as 
Bunny, is living on the Cape 
in Sandwich with her twin 
teenage boys, her husband 
and many pets. Tim Statler is 
also on Facebook, but he has 
not responded to my friend 
request. Alec Andrews is still 
practicing law in Columbus, 
OH. Alec's daughter, Ariel, 
is studying in Copenhagen, 
Denmark, this semester and 
she is an avid musician. She 
has produced two CDs which 
are available on iTunes and Bourke Gorman 
has surfaced on Facebook, 
but his information is a little 
light. I will watch his page for 
updates. Colin Cross made the 
trek to reunion. He lives in 
Chicago and works for Crystal 
Capital. Forrest Titcomb is 
living in Colorado Springs, CO 
and is working for Kineo. Steve 
Bottomley is living in Rye, NH, 
working as the Director of 
Marketing for Golf Structure 
Alternatives. He won the "09 
Abenaqui Member-Pro Gross 
Division." Congratulations! 
Please "Friend" me on 
Facebook (FB). Also, please 
make sure I have your current 
e-mail address. We have 50 
e-mail addresses for our class 
newsletter and 102 people 
in our class. Help us get to 
100 % . 

The Archon | Fall 2009 69 


35th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


Pamela D. Pandapas 
202 Central Street 
Rockland, MA 02370-4718 

News Flash For All To See 
Steve Dunfey has an art show 
at the Robert Lincoln Levy 
Gallery at 136 State Street in 
Portsmouth, NH. The gallery 
is operated by the N.H. Art 
Association and the financial 
prizes are funded by the Joan 
Dunfey Fund for the Arts, 
part of the NH Charitable 
Fund. The show dates are 
Wednesday, November 4-27, 
2009. The opening reception 
is Friday, November 6 from 5 
p.m. until 8 p.m. There are 
financial awards given to the 
top three juried artists at the 
reception and everyone is 
invited. Hi classmates! I hope 
everyone had a good summer. 
For those of you who are NOT 
in New England, we had a 
very wet summer. One would 
think we had been transported 
to Seattle. The weather 
precluded a productive 
vegetable garden for me. I 
didn't reap nearly my usual 
haul. But that means that next 
year can only be better! How's 
that for the glass being half 
full? I finally took Rich 
O'Leary's suggestion and 
signed on to Facebook. If you 
all want to know about some 
of our friends from way back, 
sign on. There are a few of 
our class who don't write 
notes for The Archon but who 
do post regularly. I actually 
am now in touch with my best 
pals from elementary school 
whom I have not seen in over 

42 years! It's a wonderful 
tool. Anyway, here is what I 
hear from some of you: Lisa 
Johnson has been on campus 
and loves seeing all that is 
happening. She is now looking 
"through the lens of a parent" 
and is very excited to have the 
next generation at TGA. She 
also likes that she has that 
excuse to frequently get back 
to campus. Lisa, you don't 
need an excuse! Bud Rice is 
still living in Virginia and is, 
and has been, working for 
Raytheon for the past eight 
years. He says that he and his 
sister doled out a whopping 
$.50 each to buy their Dad's 
30 foot sailboat. Evidently, 
the boat is "a real heap" and 
he is spending some serious 
cash to get it back in shape. 
The deal is that he will have 
the boat for the next two years 
in Chesapeake and then it 
comes up here to Boston. The 
current plan is to sell his home 
in Virginia and taking the 
boat to the Caribbean for a six 
month cruise. Then back to 
work. Or maybe he'll take a 
few years. ..who knows. Bud 
wants to know if any alums 
are game for a visit in whatever 
port he happens to find 
himself. Bud is also the proud 
dad of an United States 
Marine ("Ooh-Rah") and his 
oldest is in Chicago earning 
an engineering degree. Steve 
Dunfey also writes that the 
show is pretty much the 
extent of his participation in 
the arts as he is no longer on 
the board of the Arts 
Association. He is still writing, 
however, and local readers 
can find his features in 
Seacoast Scene which is 
distributed from Portsmouth 
to Newburyport and on over 
to Exeter. He generally writes 
profiles of Seacoast nonprofits, 
art organizations, businesses, 
business people, and 

community leaders. Steve 
says the weekly paper is 
thriving despite problems in 
the newspaper industry. Mike 
Sapuppo attended Mike 
Moonves' retirement dinner 
in early June and bumped into 
Neal McElroy '76. He also saw 
Bob Anderson, The 

Abusamras, Dick Leavitt, and 
Jim Meachim. He also notes 
that he was in Boston with 
his dad in September (24th- 
28) to attend a Patriots game 
and boasts that they will have 
been seated in Tom Brady Sr.'s 
seats! He also revealed that he 
won those seats at a charity 
golf auction. Stephanie Farrar 
writes that she, her husband, 
her daughter and her 
daughter's guy had a great 
time in Jamaica. She says that 
vacationing with an adult 
child and her significant other 
is "interesting". They were 
completely 'unplugged' save 
the Internet Cafe, to which, at 
one point, Steph begged them 
to go! She's convinced that 
20-somethings have no idea 
how to not have phone, TV, or 
computer gizmos. There is a 
message for everyone here, 
too. In the town of Negril 
where Stephanie and Craig 
have visited for the last 30 
years has just built a new 
library. This new library is 
accepting charitable donations 
of books, books, and more 
books. A British woman who 
owns a business there has 
gotten word out to the world 
through Facebook. But for 
those who have not seen the 
message, they are looking for 
contributions of books that 
are both general knowledge 
and books that promote a 
positive image of black people. 
They also need children's 
books. Find Stephanie on 
Facebook to get the links to 
both the library and the 
foundation that built it. Steph 

is still doing business at the 
farmers' market selling her 
gourmet doggie cookies and 
related items. She has also 
taken on a retail space. She 
has gotten back into the yoga 
thing, too. In her words she is 
"still an Earth shoe wearing, 
yoga loving, tree hugger and 
proud of it"! Also, as you may 
or may not remember, 
Stephanie was on the 
bandwagon of the Natural 
Resource Council of Maine 
against the deforestation of 
Maine's north woods. There 
has been a settlement agreed 
upon; not great but still 
advantageous for the 
environment. This is still very 
much an ongoing cause. Derek 
Bergmann's life centers around 
the kids. His son, Charlie, 
who is 20, is a junior at UCLA 
where he is an 

Ethnomusicology major. 

Charlie is currently studying 
in India at the University of 
Hyderabad until December. 
While he is there he plans to 
visit with Craig Clark and his 
family in New Delhi, at which 
time Craig's wife, Clara, 
promised him a real 
cheeseburger! Derek's 

daughter, Kendall, who is 17 
years old now, is a senior at 
St. Marks (no diss to TGA, he 
assures us) and is in the throes 
of college applications. 
Evidently, Middlebury is her 
first choice. Anyone have 
some pull? And Elise, at 11, is 
the youngest and at Fay. She 
is the last hope for an alumnus 
prodigy. Derek and his wife, 
Staci, spend quite a bit of time 
with dear friends and travel 
buddies, Barb (Hallis) and 
Dan Pierce and their daughters 
Caroline and Lizzy. And when 
he's not traveling, Derek is 
still running his custom 
building business in 

Hopkinton and playing lots of 
music on the side. Dave 

70 The Archon t Fall 2009 

Bohman has moved from 
Dayton, OH to the desert, 
specifically outside of 
Albuquerque, NM. He is now 
reporting for CBS and Fox 
networks. While enduring the 
terribly hot summer months 
he acknowledges that it still 
beats hurricane season in 
Florida. He's also having a 
fun time covering his new 
state's scandals! It may be hot 
in the summer but Dave is 
enjoying running and biking 
and the outside, in general. 
He looks forward to our 35th! 
Paula Sekora McNutt finally 
wrote in. Actually, I found 
her on Facebook. She is great. 
She graduated from Rollins 
College with a B.S. in 
Computer Information 

Systems. She met her husband, 
Bill, in Melbourne Beach 
where they have been living 
and have been happily married 
for 22 years. Melbourne is, 
for those of you who don't 
know, a small barrier island 
between the Indian River. It 
is the small kind of community 
where the kids walk or ride 
bikes everywhere. This 
includes to Flu tie Field. Yes! 
Paula says that Doug Flutie 
grew up there and his parents 
are still there. Paula and Bill 
have an 18 year old daughter, 
Lainie (Elaine Faye McNutt) 
who is attending the 
University of North Florida 
in Jacksonville. And their son, 
Judd Stannard (cool name by 
the way!) is 12 and attending 
seventh grade at middle school 
ii in Indialantic, FL. She notes 
tl that she also has two cats and 
i an aging English Pointer! 
Paula has kept busy working 
as a realtor and mortgage 
broker before starting her 
family. After the kids came 
she became a "homemaker". 
Then a few years ago she went 
back to work managing a real 
estate office until "the market 

went into the crapper". Her 
words, not mine! They are 
getting their house ready to go 
on the market... anyone 
interested in a winter get- 
away in Melbourne? She and 
Bill want to move about eight 
miles down the way to a home 
on a deep water canal. Paula 
says that Bill is a Senior 
Software Engineer for Harris 
Corp., in the government 
communications division. 
That work took them to Old 
Town Alexandria, D.C. for a 
few years then to Springfield, 
MA for another couple of 
years before they moved back 
to Florida. Now they keep out 
of trouble surfing, boating, 
fishing, and running their 
wave-runners. Paula, without 
trying to sound pretentious 
(again, her words, not mine) 
loves to travel. She has roamed 
the mainland China before 
ending up in Hong Kong. 
There have been a couple of 
trips to Ecuador riding the 
rapids and hanging (not 
literally!) in the rainforest. 
Also Peru at Machu Picchu 
and Shamanism. Then there 
was Belize for zip-lining 
through the rainforest there 
and cave-tubing down the 
river! And let's not forget 
Puerto Rico where there was 
surfing, good food, and great 
music. There was more but 
Paula didn't want to sound 
"pretentious". For the next 
issue, Paula, tell us more. Rich 
O'Leary has not contacted me 
directly but if you sign on to 
Facebook, you will see that he 
has done quite a bit of 
traveling, too. He has been to 
Mexico City and photographed 
in front of the famous Diego 
Rivera murals at the 
Presidential Palace. He has 
also been photographed at 
Red Square in Moscow. Maybe 
Rich will write to us and tell 
us all about his adventures. 

Peter Richardson and his wife, 
Beth had a disappointing 
gardening experience this 
summer. Too much rain. But 
his bee hives produced about 
200 pounds of honey, enough 
to cover his capital investment. 
He's looking forward to next 
year and actually making a 
profit! For those of you with a 
sweet tooth, Pete is selling the 
honey under the name of 
"Pond Cove Farm," which is 
the name of the farm that 
used to occupy their property. 
The product isn't yet available 
outside of Cape Elizabeth but 
Pete says to just wait. And he 
is also toying with the idea of 
setting up a website and 
taking online orders. But he is 
already sold out so that will 
have to wait for next year. 
This is his second year of 
beekeeping but the first year 
of marketing and selling the 
honey. It seems that this is 
really going to take off. He is 
predicting twice this year's 
haul. Pete is still at R.M. 
Davis, Inc. along with Brian 
Noyes. Beth continues to 
teach on the business faculty 
at St. Joseph's College. Their 
oldest son, Bennett turns 25 
this year and is living in D.C. 
in PR for Edelman. Son Seth 
is a senior at Proctor Academy. 
These parents are hoping he'll 
get into music production and 
allow them to retire early! 
Peter has been keeping up 
with Pam Blanchard Post, Dirk 
Lyons, Steve Dunfey, Rob 
Kaplan, Wendy Lougee O'Brian, 
and Wheeler Gemmer on 
Facebook. Dirk Lyons is 
still living in Woodstock, N. 
H. with a very "loving and 
forgiving" wife, Caroline. They 
have two great boys. John is 
now 11 and in the sixth grade. 
And William is nine and in 
the fourth grade. The kids 
love their soccer and, of 
course, skiing. Caroline is GM 

of The Common Man 
Restaurant in Lincoln and 
Dirk is still getting wet and 
dirty as a plumbing and 
heating contractor. The family 
loves the north country until 
the tourists take over. And he 
says as of September 26 the 
foliage was starting to become 
brilliant. He gives a shout out 
to Derek et al. And asks, 
"What's up, Fergie?" And if 
anyone needs a plumber he's 
at lyonsand or 
dirklyons@lyonsand sons, 
com. Gretchen Huffsmith is 
doing very well. She says life 
is pretty okay. Unfortunately, 
she lost her mother in a tragic 
car accident last March. Our 
deepest sympathies to her and 
her family. But on a brighter 
note, the rest of her family is 
doing well. Her brother, Tom, 
is the VP for a hospitality firm 
and works from Paris. His 
wife and three kids live in 
Orlando with her father. 
Gretchen still works for 
Panera and is currently living 
in Maryland with her partner. 
They celebrated their 
commitment back in 2007 
after having met at Simmons 
College in Boston where they 
both were earning their 
MBAs. What they really want 
to do is open a B&B. They 
thought about Provincetown 
but found it to be too seasonal 
so they are looking into 
Asheville, N.C. Good luck 
with that, Gretchen. Rob 
Kaplan says that there really 
isn't much to write. He did, 
however, take a moment to 
brag on his 10 year old son 
who caught a 24 inch bluefish 
off Plum Island last Thursday 
night (September 24). Other 
than that, all is well in "little 
ol' Newburyport". 

The Archon | Fall 2009 71 



Carol Ann Goldberg- Aydin 
301 E 94th Street Apt 24B 
New York, NY 10128-4719 

Happy Fall to Y'all! I hope 
you all had a lovely summer, 
in spite of the rain. Here are 
a few lovely notes from some 
of our dear classmates ... Ted 
Reed wrote: "We finally have 
some real news. Susan, the 
two girls and I have relocated 
to the UK for a three year tour 
with my company, Unum 
Corp. A great last sprint as a 
core family before the kid's 
start to peel off to college. 
We're located just south of 
London in a beautiful English 
village (w/ several quaint 
pubs!) in the rural Surrey 
hills. Have mothballed the 
Maine home and sailboat. 
Plan to see a bit of Europe 
and observe our own country 
from afar. My best to all..." 
Tom Adams writes: "Currently 
I live in Newburyport and 
love the area. I love to cycle 
and participate in local 
theater. Recently, I finished a 
550-mile, 7-day ride to raise 
money for Diabetes Research 
in the New England Classic 
550 Tour de Cure - www. 
fabulous group of people and 
a worthy cause. Two and a 
half years ago I was diagnosed 
with Type 2 Diabetes but 
with meds, exercise, weight 
management and a controlled 
nutritional diet my diagnosis 
improves daily. In September I 
begin the Why WAIT program 
at the Joslin Clinic to further 
refine my weight management 
skills and hopefully eliminate 
a need for insulin all together. 
Just finished a contract a 
Biogen Idee IT department 
in Cambridge, MA and now 

comb all sort of places to 
uncover the next business 
IT opportunity. Both my 
children (ages 23 and 25) 
have moved; one to California 
and the other to New York. 
Speak to them often ..." Mark 
Offerman wrote: "So where 
to start? I lived in New York 
City for 10 years working for 
NBC. I coordinated late night 
promotion for Letterman 
and SNL before moving on 
to producing special projects 
for the network. I grew 
tired of the lack of corporate 
imagination and moved on 
to work in venture capitol in 
Boston (living in Providence) 
for a few years while my now 
exwife was assistant to the 
president of Brown. Loved 
the friends I made there 
and enjoyed the academic 
community but alas it was 
cold and the Northeast was in 
a resession in 1990 soooo we 
loaded up the truck and moved 
to North Carolina (close to 
where I was born). I started 
Mark Made, Inc. a design and 
manufacturing firm building 
custom work for luxury 
retail. My biggest clients 
have been Gucci, Burberry, 
Stuart Weitzman, Saks, 
Bloomingdales and currently 
(and for the last six yrs) my 
work is in Chanel Boutiques 
in North America Guam and 
Saipan. So far the economy has 
not hurt me.... I'm knocking 
on wood and crossing all my 
fingers and toes. I have two 
beautiful terrific kids that I 
share custody of and see all 
the time. A boy (17) and girl 
(13). We live on the beach and 
enjoy the growing community 
that has become Wilmington. 
Life is good." Marc Weinshel 
has been in touch as well 
..."My wife's name is Susie 
Greenfeig, and we just had 
our 8th anniversary on Sept. 
24, 2009. We live in West 

Orange, NJ. I now work for 
Floorcom inc as of two weeks 
ago. Floorcom is a commercial 
floor covering dealer. We work 
in commercial, healthcare, 
school environments. I am 
very excited to be with this 
group." Marc still plays 
golf, and some of you may 
remember that until recently 
he was a golf pro. Lisa 
Bergman sends greetings from 
Texas "Just bought house in 
Cypress, TX (NW Houston) 
after relocating here a year 
ago for my job with my 
beau, Doug Miranda. My 
three children are Carl, 22, 
who is living in Cedar Rapids; 
my daughter Dana, 20, who is 
a junior at UNH; and Jake, 
17, with his Dad in NH, a 
senior in high school. I'm at 
Cooper Crouse-Hinds MTL, a 
manufacturer of products for 
use in hazardous areas. Miss 
the fall here in Texas but love 
the winter! " As many of you 
remember, Lisa and I grew 
up together in Haverhill. I'm 
so happy for you, my dear. 
Congrats on the new house! 
And that introductory 
greeting of mine was for 
your benefit! Mwah! Steve 
Spaulding writes: "I finally got 
married in 2007. Khankeo is 
originally from Thailand, and 
she has been fattening me up 
with some amazing cooking 
skills. The marriage brought 
with it three grown kids (the 
youngest is 21), and that has 
been interesting. Pictures 
are available on Facebook. 
Khankeo is the one who is 
4' 10" tall. We have especially 
enjoyed driving around the 
northeast, because she didn't 
get out as much prior to our 
marriage. I haven't worked 
for a few years. It started with 
disability, and then when 
it was decided that I could 
work again (I pushed for it - 
go figure), there was no job. 

Since I am a "manufacturing" 
guy, in Massachusetts, there 
isn't a lot on the horizon. 
Khankeo has now been out 
for several months after her 
employer "went away" (also 
manufacturing!), but she 
is taking full advantage of 
some educational programs 
being offered. Resumes are 
available. I've been spending 
time with hobbies and trying 
to squeeze as much money 
as I can from my website." 
We've been heavily involved 
in restoring and collecting 
vintage police cruisers and 
equipment, and the group we 
are with can be seen at a lot of 
car shows and parades around 
New England and beyond. It 
has been great keeping track 
of some classmates through 
Facebook!" I saw Andy Skaff 
and his wife Jayne at the Bar 
Mitzvah of the son of one of 
our childhood friends from 
Haverhill (are you getting 
the feeling that our town is 
the center of the universe?). 
We had a great time with our 
children together, and with us 
altogether with folks we've 
know since we were very 
young. Andy and his brother 
Bill (class of 1974) have a great 
silk screening/manufacturing 
business in Newburyport, 
where Andy and his family 
now live. Your class secretary 
is fine. Have been on hiatus 
from the working world for 
nearly two years and am 
enjoying the rest and time to 
smell the roses. I am about 
to start volunteering with 
the NY Cares organization. 
I've also been volunteering 
to care for rescue cats for two 
foundations that board their 
rescues at the East Village 
Veterinarians. My daughter 
Becky and I have adopted two 
kittens, Sage and Cambric 
(think Simon and Garfunkle's 
song, Scarborough Fair), who 

72 The Archon I Fall 2009 

are 15-weeks-old as I type in 
early October. Sage is a calico 
and her brother, Cam is an 
orange tabby. All I can say is 
that their kitten hijinks has us 
laughing all the time. Please 
do keep in touch! 


Carolyn L. Nissi 
102 Haseltine Street 
Bradford, MA 01835-7726 

Marshall Flynn writes 
"Well, I joined Facebook - 

I hah! I guess that isn't worth 
a hill of beans. Not a lot to 
write home about - same job 
for 27 years - holy crap, I'm 
old. Got an AARP thing in 
the mail... I threw it away! I 
guess the ever-changing IT 
world keeps me occupied. 
Let's see... my wife and I seem 
to travel a bunch - Costa Rica 
last fall, California in June, 
Prague next year, but not 
nearly as much as Chris Poole, 
or perhaps Rolf Dammann! 
Our house renovation, even 
though finished over a year 
ago, is still not really done. 
Keep putting off the deck.... 
but this fall, I swear it's going 
in! Oh, it's pretty stinkin hot 
down here this year while you 
guys are having a nice cool- 
down." Ginny Sutton Hundley 
is back in CT. teaching lots of 
tennis lessons. She and her 
family are back in boarding 

ft school life and are looking for 
a summer place in northern 

; \New England. They spent 
almost 18 years in NC, and 
the are happy to be back 
north. "I missed the seasons!" 
Their three boys are doing 
well. First one is off to college 
this year. One down, two to 
go...Vicki Papaionou Murphy 
writes: "You forced my hand. 

The only real new thing in my 
life is that I joined Facebook 
to connect with some old 
friends. Thanks to Joe and 
some other 'advisors', I've 
learned the differencebetween 
sharing on a wall for millions 
of people to see and writing 
a discreet message. I should 
get a pass; was in the kitchen 
when everyone else was using 
computers. I have to say I am 
a very quick 'texter', so there. 
Family is well. One daughter 
in San Diego having way 
too much fun and working 
for a magazine. Second 
one is a recent UMass grad 
looking for work like many 
thousands of others. Youngest 
is a junior in high school and 
very theatrical... don't ask me 
where she gets that from. 
Job is wonderful, other than 
some upcoming surgery for a 
bone spur, aging is ok too. My 
family was instructed to burn 
the AARP card so I never 
even saw it, just the ashes....:) 
Hope all my 50 yr. old friends 
are well and no excuses not to 
find each other (and hound 
each other!) to go to next 
reunion. " Chip White and 
his wife and I are "officially 
in the 'empty nest - phase 1' 
club. They just dropped their 
daughter, Julie, off at Lesley 
College in Cambridge where 
she'll be spending the next 
four (or five) years studying 
elementary education. "It's 
going to take some getting 
used to not having her home 
all the time, but she says she 
intends to come home on 
weekends to have her laundry 
done." It was a big year for 
the Tulloch clan; Susan and 
Mike celebrated their 25th 
wedding anniversary in July 
and returned to Woodstock, 
VT where they stayed in the 
same B&B (Village Inn at 
Woodstock- great place!) they 
did on their wedding night. 

"Susan was smart enough 
all those years ago to get me 
away from the party going 
on just down the road at the 
Woodstock Inn where we 
had our reception. "Mike 
has a new job as of this past 
February. He is the Director 
of IT Consulting Services at 
Quantros, Inc., attempting 
to build a service business 
to complement their existing 
software product line. Their 
kids are doing great, David 
(20) is going into his junior 
year at the University of 
Tampa, Bennett (17) will be 
a senior at Arlington High 
School playing varsity golf and 
lacrosse, Katie (11) is starting 
middle school and Zachary 
(9) will be in fourth grade. So 
you can see they have quite 
the spread. "David and Ben 
want our cars and money 
and Katie and Zach want to 
wrestle.... keeps you young!!" 
Ted Cremer writes, "I just 
celebrated my 22nd wedding 
anniversary yesterday with 
my lovely bride Ellen at the 
Fire Island National Seashore. 
To quote Billy Joel, I married 
the "cool girl from the south 
shore" of Long Island back 
when I was a water taxi 
captain in the 80's. We are 
blessed to have four good 
kids. My daughter Kylie is 
second year swimming Dl at 
Binghamton University. My 
three boys also swim and sail. 
Christian is a senior and was 
"all LI" in the 500 free and 
plans on swimming Dl as 
well. His formula for a college 
pick is a small school with a 
fast swim team and within a 
30 minute drive to a "good 
surf spot". Looks like it may 
be Wilmington for him, we're 
doing the college tours as we 
speak. Andrew and Brian 
are typical kids, they love to 
skateboard, fool around on 
the water and hang with their 

buddies. I'm fortunate to be 
employed and feel for any of 
my classmates who may be 
having a hard time in this 
economy. I manage Bank of 
America's real estate appraisal 
operations in the metro NY 
area and spend most of my 
time focused on the private 
banking business. Believe 
it or not, the celebs are still 
paying over $30 million for 
real estate in Manhattan. The 
majority of what free time I 
have is dedicated to sailing. I 
still race lasers and serve as the 
District Secretary for the class 
in the Metro NY area. Next 
week, I'll do the Greenport to 
Block Island offshore race on 
a J-109... last year it blew 25 
to 30 and we got to Block in 
around three hours, but it was 
an eight hour slog through 
the waves back to Greenport. 
GDA should look into a high 
school sailing team . . . lots of 
great high school racing in the 
region and perhaps they can 
link up with American YC 
in Newburyport?" David Bell 
says: "I am living in Simsbury, 
CT and working at The Hartt 
School, a performing arts 
college in West Hartford, CT. 
My two boys Dan (16) and 
Andrew (13) are keeping 
me busy between tennis 
and lacrosse in the spring, 
summer and fall and then 
with ski racing in the winter. 
Dan is now in his second 
year at The Green Mountain 
Valley School in Vermont, a 
ski racing academy. Andrew 
is attending the Simsbury 
middle school and beginning 
the process of applying as a day 
student at some of our local 
prep schools. Life is hectic, 
busy and a little nuts, but I 
would not have it any other 
way. As for me — I (finally) 
have a full-time teaching 
position. I have a fifth grade 
classroom here in Haverhill 

The Archon | Fall 2009 73 


Troy Dagres 79, Chad Martin '12, Andrew Dagres '10, Henry Rosen 
79 and Todd Dagres 78 at Todd's wedding (Dave Callan '80 not 

and love it. Joseph is doing 
great. Sarah is a freshman 
at Governor's (loving it), 
my step-daughter Emily is a 
freshman at Washington and 
Lee (loving it), and Andrew is 
still figuring out how to play 
soccer for our local Special 
Olympic soccer team (not 
sure he loves it). The soccer 
games at held at Governor's, 
which is great fun. Thank 
you to all who wrote in. Your 
classmates really appreciate 
hearing what's going on in 
your lives. For those of you 
who haven't been keeping up 
on Facebook, get on board! 
Do I have a volunteer to 
start a Class of '77 group (or 
whatever one calls it - I'm 
technologically challenged.) 
Our 35th is one year shy of 
the 250th anniversary of the 
school, and hopefully the 
festivities will have begun. 
Please plan now to attend! All 
the best to you and yours. 


Bradford D. Clark 
Ascension Church 
31 County Street 
Ipswich, MA 01938-1353 

So not much to report 
from the Class of '78. It 
may be the case that Philip 

74 The Archon I Fall 2009 

Pescosolido has us all covered 
by all that he's got going: "I 
have been doing some scuba 
this summer in Monterey, 
CA and Central America at 
Ambergris Caye. Travelling 
to Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania 
and Zanzibar this fall. My 
son, Carl III, starts college 
in August and competes in 
Pro Rodeo." Jim Giampa and 
his lovely wife, Robin, of 
Hampton Beach invited a 
certain local Episcopal Rector 
over to discuss the baptism 
of their daughter. That led 
to an excellent evening out 
and a great seafood dinner. 
Scotch seems to have been a 
factor as well. Thank you, 
Jim and Robin, and we still 
need to talk about baptizing 
your daughter at some point. 
Scott Pope, or should I say 
Grandfather Pope, popped 
over from his home in Austria 
this summer for a visit with 
family and friends. He is very 
well and loving life in Europe. 
I missed wishing my former 
roommate, Andy Stephenson, 
a Happy 49 th Birthday on 
September 23... so HAPPY 

ANDY! There was a mini- 
reunion of our class last 
Spring during the fitting 
toast to Mike Moonves. Leslie 
Russell Lafond, Pam Webb 
Gentile, John Webster, (was 
James Goodhart there?), and 

Brad Clark enjoyed catching 
up on things. Also fun to 
see some others from other 
classes and, of course, to help 
celebrate Moon's many years 
of giving himself without 
reserve to the academy. Good 
on you, Moon! Classmates, 
please don't grow old and dull 
on me. Send me tales of your 
wild middle age escapades, 
even if you have to embellish 
slightly. Kurt Voedisch is living 
in Wolfeboro, NH. Owns 
and operates two companies 
in New Hampshire. Would 
enjoy hearing from former 
classmates. Available on 


Troy A. Dagres 

6 Henderson Circle 

Newbury port, MA 01950- 



troy dagres @ 

Hello People. It's been a 
short summer here in By field. 
Lots of rain in June, but we 
are having a lovely fall. Our 
30th Reunion was a very 
nice event. We had strong 
participation for both nights. 
Many thanks to Ellen Oliver 
for getting our butts in gear 
and to our Reunion Committee 
of John Perlowski, Lisa Law, 
Henry Rosen, Andy Linn, Steve 
Sterman, Stu Cawley, Ian Fitch. 
Rumor has it that our Class 
Absent, I mean Agent, Jim 
Ronan was unable to attend 
because of being sideswiped 
by a car while walking his 
pet Chihuahua. And yes, the 
dog may have been in a purse. 
Whatever. The festivities 
began on Friday night with 
the dinner for Moon. Very 
nice turnout and a lot of 
fun. With new year having 
started, the place just isn't 
the same without him. It was 

a pleasant surprise to run 
into Mr. Meacham. He looks 
great and is still teaching. We 
reminisced to back in our 
football days when Meach 
orchestrated the Govs aerial 
attack. While on JV with the 
Ham Special (named for David 
Ham) and on Varsity with 
the Twins Right and Twins 
Left (the twins being Tony 
Thomas and Marty Stephan). 
Reminisce about Meacham 
Vocab . . .not so much. Saturday 
began as some ran the Pie 
Race. Some, like me, did not. 
We had a nice lunch on the 
Quad and then it was off to 
the competition. The much 
touted softball game between 
'79 and '84 ended in a 0-0 
tie. Actually, it never started 
because no one showed up. 
There was a good turnout for 
our Alumni baseball game. I 
was well prepared to pitch the 
game. After over 1,000 days 
rest and extensive core work, 
my arm was ready to go. 
Apparently, someone must 
have removed home plate 
because I certainly couldn't 
find it from the mound. Once 
again, my ego is writing 
checks my body can't cash. 
Andy Linn had a great day at 
Reunion seeing classmates 
at lunch and watching his 
two kids run the fields of the 
Byfield Bowl. Then the whole 
family ran to Boston. Henry 
Rosen flew to Philadelphia 
the weekend of August 8 to 
watch Ultimate Fighting with 
some friends and his brother. 
He spent that Friday with 
Rick Theriault and his family 
at their home in NJ. They 
were excellent hosts and they 
had a great time catching up. 
Can't believe that the oldest 
of Rick's three daughters - 
the swimming star - will be 
a freshman at Lafayette this 
fall! Rick and his family 
were on vacation in NH the 

Melanie and Tom Johnson '81 . 

following week, and he met 
them in Boston one night. 
Another great time, and 
still trying to burn off the 
calories from those awesome 
deserts from Mike's Pastries 
in the North End." It was 
nice to see Avery Woodworth 
at Reunion. His son Caleb is 
off to Western Colorado State 
to mix in some studies with 
his skiing. Daughter Eliza is 
a senior at Landmark School 
and is considering art school 
for college. Amelia has entered 
her freshman year at the 
Academy. My brother Todd 
'78 was married September 

19th on Martha's Vineyard. It 
was a beautiful weekend for a 
wedding and everything went 
perfectly as planned. Govs 
past and present attending 
were Henry Rosen, Dave 
Callan '80, Andrew Dagres '10 
and Chad Martin '12. My son 
Andrew is now fully engulfed 
with the college search. The 
process is in some ways 
easier now, with the Common 
Application, but in some ways 
more complicated. College 
visits have included Colby, 
Trinity, Hamilton and Union 
and probably more to come. 

30th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


LynneE. Durland 
114 West Road 

Londonderry, NH 03053-3141 

Cady and Jac Hughes with Kasey Louden, son of Lisa Louden '81 

Keller Laros '81 and Benay Todzo '81 scuba diving in Kona. 


Kathryn A. Shilale 
18 Lonymeadow Road 
Medfield, MA 02052-101 7 

Congratulations to Tom 
Johnson on his marriage to 
Melanie Lane. Tom now has 
two beautiful stepchildren 
Alexis (10) and Hunter Lane 
(9). The big news from Keller 
Laros in Hawaii "is that our 
Nonprofit, Manta Pacific 
Research Foundation, which I 
am the Founder and President 
of, got a law passed that makes 
it illegal to catch or kill manta 
rays in Hawaii. We've been 
working for manta protection 
since 2003 so it's been a long 
road. I was told that there are 
two things you don't want 
to see being made - sausages 
and laws. After participating 
in the legislative process I 
really want to stay away from 
sausage making. Recently 
we welcomed a new board 
member to the Manta Pacific 
Foundation, Jackie Hogan, 
GDA class of 1996. Benay 
Todzo and family tried scuba 
diving with me in April. It 
was nice to visit with her and 
the boys. Hope all's well with 
the class of 1981. If you are 
not on it yet, try Facebook, it's 
fun and easy to keep in touch 
with classmates. A Hui Hou," 
Mike Reilly played a member 
guest at Peter Starosta's 
beautiful Woods Hole Golf 
Club on Cape Cod and won. 
No surprise as Pete is a 5. Pete 
says hi to everyone. Tracey 
O'Dea writes "I am excited 
to have my son Conor here 
on campus as a freshman. 
He is loving being here and 
is running cross country 
this fall... Dick Leavitt is his 
Advisor as well - how's that 
for a blast from the past!" 

Lisa Louden writes "All is well 
in Marblehead. Kasey started 
kindergarten two weeks ago 
and loves it so far. It's bizarre 
being back in the old grammar 
schools as a parent - not much 
has improved in 40 years! 
Work in Risk Management at 
State Street is crazy busy and 
has been like a roller coaster 
over the last 12 months, but at 
least the economy is showing 
signs of life again. We had 
a fun visit with Clarissa in 
August up in Ipswich before 
she headed back to FL. Kasey 
and Clarissa's children Cady 
and Jac all had fun playing 
together. Hope to see other 
GDA faces this fall!" Vinca 
married Dane Russell in 
Ventura, CA on April 18, 
2009. Her son Christopher 
is a senior in high school 
and has mastered Spanish. 
Her daughter, Julianna, was 
married to Sergeant Robert 
Joseph Garcia on April 29, 
2009 and they are living on- 

Keller Laros '81 and Jackie 
Hogan '96 in Hawaii. 

Dane and Vinca Russell '81 at 
their wedding in April, 2009. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 75 


post at Fort Hood, TX. Her 
mother, Gillian, still lives 
up Middle Road a mile or so 
from GDA and keeps an eye 
on the place for us. Vinca's 
still working for Amgen 
and is looking forward to 
our 30th reunion! (She also 
encourages everyone needs to 
join Facebook so we can stay 
in touch!) 


Nancy Lord Wickwire 
78 Smith Road 
Bedford, NH 03110-6322 


Danielle L.Jacobs 

91 Pond Street 

Marblehead, MA 01945-2604 

781 639-9272 

Catherine E. Eveleth 
113 Hawthorne Road 
Fulton, NY 13069-4525 

Thanks to Facebook we 
may now get some class 
notes! And thanks to Carol 
for urging me to join! I got 
together with Teresa, Hope 
and Laura back in July. They 
are all great. Teresa had us to 
her new home in Salisbury. 
Hope is still a city girl living 
in Cambridge. Laura works 
for Hospice, amazing, and 
has three successful kids 
all out of high school (two 
out of college). Time flies! 
I'm doing well. Enjoyed the 
rainy summer. My little one 
was away at sleep over camp 
for seven weeks (her idea), 
so life was pretty quiet, and 
I loved it! Keep in touch 

everyone And thanks to 

Peter Riley who offered his 

home in our attempt to have 
a class get together. Maybe 
we didn't give you all enough 
advance notice?? We'll try 

again From Mary Gail: "Hi 

there don't have much to add 
busy with my two boys. We 
split our time between Rye 
and Jackson, NH. Working 
as a school nurse so I get to 
spend most of my time with 
adolescence. Things have 
changed since we were kids. 
It is great to have my summer 
off to regroup though. I look 
forward to seeing Paula Veale 
the last week of August as 
she will be in Rye visiting her 
mom. Never see anyone else". 
From Carol the Queen of 
Facebook: "I am still living in 
and loving Florida. The past 
year has led to soooo many 
re-connections with the class 
thanks to Facebook which I 
am thrilled to see it has been 
catching on like wildfire. Did 
get a short trip North in June 
to Cape Cod where I spent a 
few wonderful afternoons 
with Hope, Heidi and Sue. 
Talk to and email with many 
pretty regularly and love that 
old friends are getting back in 
touch and new friendships are 
forming too. Thanks everyone 
for making my world a lot 
more fun and interesting. I 
am at the ballparks here pretty 
regularly. Just send me a note 
or call if you want to join me. 
Looking forward to seeing as 
many people as possible this 
year." Adam H: "I'm living in 
NYC and East Hampton, NY 
with my beautiful and talented 
wife Marlene. My work (if you 
want to call it that), is as an 
entertainment lawyer doing 
mostly music and film related 
work. I'm enjoying catching 
up with all the Academy 
people on Facebook. To those 
who haven't joined yet, what 
are you waiting for? Don't 
cost nothing." Greg Menyhart 

- "Not anything special. I 
feel like I've been updating 
everyone with Facebook. I 
guess the only thing I haven't 
done is to say that everyone 
here is doing well and that I 
wish everyone the best from 
the class of '83 and that I 
hope to get back up to New 
England to visit soon." "John 
Sylvain is blissfully happy 
in Los Angeles with his 
wonderful wife and amazing 
son Yogi (who is NOT named 
for the Yankee catcher!). 
He is loving being back in 
touch with GDA friends on 
Facebook and he promises to 
try to make the next reunion. 
John started the Sacred Fools 
Theater ( in 
Los Angeles and the Annex 
Theatre (annextheatre. 

org) in Seattle and he urges 
anyone in the area to check 
them out. John also started 
Instant Films (instantfilms. 
com) and has written and 
produced hundreds of short 
film, many of them are good! 
Finally John is currently 
underemployed and would 
appreciate any leads on web 
producing jobs or interactive 
media jobs that anyone has." 
Heidi Heasley Ford: It appears 
that I am moving to Cedar 
Rapids/Iowa City, IA for 
my husband's new job. Just 
waiting for my house to sell 
in Hingham, and then off we 
go. First time in my life that I 
haven't lived in New England. 

Should be interesting, if 
nothing else. Hope and I met 
up with Carol while she was 
in Welfleet and had lunch. 
Very fun. Greg Erlhich's wife 
Sue writes: Greg actually 
handed me the postcard and 
asked me to update you - it's 
only been how many years??? 
Anyway - the postcard is too 
small so here you go. ..We 
are moving this week to the 
Columbus, Ohio area. Greg 
has been COO of Certified Oil 
Corporation for the past two 
years and commuting back 
and forth between Boston 
and Columbus. Certified is a 
chain of retail gas stations and 
convenience stores located 
in Ohio, Kentucky and W. 
Virginia. We are finally going 
to be a family seven days a 
week again! Sam is 13, Max 
is 10 and Lauren is 7. I 
hope all is well with you and 
your family! We'll be back 
to Marblehead a lot to visit 
family. Regards, Sue ...Well, 
that's all for now Class of '83! 
Cathy Eveleth volunteered to 
help with the notes next time 
so don't be surprised to be 
hearing from her. Be well! 


Harry S. Taormina 

1 706 Vinton Circle 

Chesapeake, VA 23323-6664 


harry, taormina® cox. net 

Katrina Russo Burks '85 and her baby, Charlotte. 

76 The Archon I Fall 2009 

25th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


Nathalie E. Ames 

P.O. Box 114 

Mesa, CO 81643-0114 


Sean Fleming writes: 
I'm getting married!! The 
ceremony is scheduled for 
November so the time this is 
printed it will be a done deal. 
Michelle Samuels El-Amrani 
writes: Life on Long Island is 
busy and exciting. My oldest 
son (Kareem) headed off to 
University of Oswego, NY in 
August after finally earning 
Eagle Scout with BSA. My 
younger son (Joseph) is going 
into third grade. Work, PTA, 
family and friends keep us 
very busy! Love to hear from 
you! As usual, I have been 
busy. I have been managing 
Blink Coffee Company and 
Mesa Creek Wine & Spirits in 
Mesa, CO. Co-listing property 
with my sister at Coldwell 
Banker in Chicago and I also 
now have my Real Estate 
Broker license in Colorado! 
I have teamed up with Bray 
& Co. Real Estate and will 
be launching my Colorado 
real estate web site www. 
shortly. I have been in touch 
with Dinah Daley Sullivan 
who is having a great time 
with son Henry. Laura and I 
had a fun summer. We went 
boating on Lake Powell in 
June, the Ukraine for two 
week in July, and spent the 
rest of the summer enjoying 
Colorado activities (a lot of 
fishing, camping and riding). 
Laura is a sophomore at 
Fountain Valley School in 

Colorado Springs and is loving 
every minute of being on the 
Varsity Rodeo Team... Don't 
forget our big 25 th reunion in 
June 2010!! I look forward to 
seeing all of you there! ! 


Paul B. Nardone 
190 Summer Street 
Lynnfield, MA 01940-1857 
781 334-2037 

Eric Krukonis writes: 
Greetings from Ann Arbor, 
MI! I am now in my fifth year 
as an Assistant Professor of 
Microbiology at the University 
of Michigan Medical and 
Dental Schools. My tenure 
review is just around the 
corner (another year or two), 
so the appropriate ulcers are 
starting to form... My wife, 
Susan Murray, on the other 
hand, is years ahead with 
tenure well under her belt. 
She's a Biostatistician who 
directs national policy on 
heart and lung transplants 
in the U.S. (much more 
impressive than my job). 
Many of you probably don't 
know I went on to study 
biology in college and now 
I study bacterial pathogens, 
particularly Vibrio cholera 
(the cause of cholera that you 
hear about in the news now 
and again,) and Yersinia pestis 
(the cause of the black death 
of the middle ages, and rich 
material for Monty Python 
movies). I have to admit, it 
is really exciting work, I love 
going to the lab each day .... 
I even had the opportunity 
to travel with about 25 other 
U.S. scientists to Calcutta 
(now Kolkata) this past fall 
during the seasonal cholera 
outbreak. Our goal was to see 
the cholera in action, observe 
how local communities 

deal with the outbreak, and 
energize those of us searching 
for therapies or vaccines. It 
was a life-changing trip and 
very eye-opening. One really 
appreciates the comforts of 
home after a trip like that. Back 
here on the home front my 
twin boys, Josh and Ben, are 
growing up fast (see attached 
picture). They are 4 1/2 years 
old now and lots of fun. I still 
manage to play my trumpet in 
a local doctor's orchestra (the 
Life Sciences Orchestra) and 
a brass quintet. The orchestra 
is actually pretty good (little 
thanks to me), and certainly 
keeps me on my toes. We get 
to see Mosa and Nancy Kaleel 
each year and their kiddos 
Calvin and Caroline. We hear 
from Cressler Heasley and his 
family (wife Sydney and sons 
Sammy and Edwin) and Tom 
(TW) Johnson and his wife 
Kate. I'd love to hear from 
classmates, especially any 
in the Michigan/Ohio area. 
Hedi Dur Charde: All is well 

here in Concord, MA where 
I still live with my husband 
Matthew and our three boys 
ages 11, 8 and 5. 1 am teaching 
at a French preschool in 
Lexington and loving it. When 
we can juggle our schedules I 
still see Kim Mooney McNulty, 
Kim Carey Rochford and Lee 
Hayman Podolnick for dinner 
and getaways." 


Amy B. Northup 
84 Central Street 
Byfield, MA 01922-1523 

Kristen M. Poulin 

41 Main Street 

Byfield, MA 01922-0255 


Autumn is here and Byfield 
has been blessed with perfect 
New England weather! It has 

Eric Krukonis '86 with sons Josh and Ben. 

John, Alexa, Nick and Christoph, children of Anita Bartschat '87. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 77 


just about made up for the 
dreary weather at the start 
of the summer. We hope all 
of you are well. It was great 
to hear from Anita Bartschat 
who was in Newburyport for 
a week this summer visiting 
family and friends. Anita 
writes: "We are coming up 
on five years in Michigan 
(a new record for longest 
time in one state). Mike is 
working hard to turn around 
the struggling auto industry. 
I am keeping busy with all 
things related to my four 
kids. John (5) just started 
kindergarten and riding the 
bus is a thrill for him. I am 
coaching Alexa (7) and her 
soccer team again this season. 
Last year I made a mistake 
when signing up online and 
accidentally checked the box 
to be head coach... oops! Nick 
(11) is doing well in school 
and is a hot shot on the soccer 
field so he helps me coach 
the girl's team. Christoph is 
in eighth grade and is getting 
into computer animation and 
programming (remember 

BASIC?) . He has one more year 
of chemotherapy for leukemia 
left and he is doing very well. 
Today with his mop of curly 
hair, you would never guess 
what he has been through. 
My full-time volunteer job 
right now is running the non- 
profit organization we started 
called Christoph's ALL 
Stars. With the help of many 
we have been able to make 
a difference for kids with 
cancer. We hold an annual 
auction in September during 
Childhood Cancer Awareness 
Month to benefit oncology 
research at Children's 
Hospital of Michigan. We are 
hopeful that one day we will 
see an end to the devastation 
of cancer. In August we spent 
a week enjoying perfect beach 
weather out on Plum Island 

and caught up with Heather 
(Moore) Roche '88, Amy 
(Mack) Forsthoffer '87, and 
my sisters Katrina (Russo) 
Burks '85 and Teresa Russo 
Cramphorn '83. It was worth 
the 26 hours of driving to see 
family and friends. Please stay 
in touch so we can include 
your notes and news in The 
Archon- feel free to drop us an 
email anytime. Who doesn't 
love to crack open The Archon 
the day it arrives and get 
updates on our classmates? 


Deana D. Boy ages 
156 Aurora Street 
Hudson, OH 44236-2943 
dhogages @ msn. com 

Hi everyone. I need to 
begin our notes with a small 
request to our class. If when 
you receive The Archon in 
your mailbox, you open right 
to the notes page and find our 
class year, in order to read 
about all of our friends, their 
kids, families, adventures, 
new births, funny stories, 
travels, and basically anything 
else that I am able to scrape 
together and joke about then 
SHARE! I am on Facebook 
and can be Class Detective, but 
I really prefer that you send in 
information that you would 
like others to hear. After all, 
the title of my job is Class 
Secretary, and this should be 
a mindless endeavor really! I 
have been known to make fun 
of Chris D'Orio often, because 
despite being Alumni Council 
President he NEVER sends in 
any information. I know that 
there are so many of you out 
there thinking that you have 
nothing exciting to share, but 

we know that it doesn't have 
to be momentous to be fun to 
read about. There is nothing 
too small or trivial. It makes 
seeing one another at reunion 
more fun too, because we feel 
connected with one another. 
Zabs moved to NYC, Annie 
Weitzman Kandel moved to 
Hilton Head, SC, and Dan 
Morison moved back to 
France, from the UK... Now 
that would be considered note 
worthy right? Heidi Stevens 
Danielson has chickens and 
is literally guarding her hen 
house with a super soaker! 
Really that is true. "Summer 
is good. . .flying by. My kids are 
nearly six and eight and keep 
us busy. I guess I got my mid- 
life crazy thing out of the way 
this spring (lets face it, we are 
all knocking on 40's door) and 
got six baby chicks. . . they are 
a hoot... [nice bird reference 
Heidi!] we should have 
eggs this fall. I was actually 
outside the other night using 
my son's super soaker water 
gun against a skunk visiting 
our coop (I won). I'm not 
sure what this all means ... 
just trying to keep laughing, 
I guess." It does conjure up 
a great image and a giggle or 
two. Megan Murphy Fabrega 
is starring in "It's a Small 
World," as we just discovered 
that she was having dinner 
over my college roommate's 
house in NH. Her daughter 
Maxine is a good friend of my 
goddaughter! Okay, so they 
are only eight, but it was fun 
to cross paths unexpectedly 
with Megan. In August, Mark 
Juba sent an email update 
after a long stalemate, "Got 
your letter and wanted to 
give an overdue update. I 
left the newspaper industry 
to become a teacher at 
Blackstone-Millville Regional 
High School. I've been there 
the past five years and teach 

graphic design, Photoshop 
and video production. I'm 
also the yearbook advisor and 
the newspaper advisor. It's a 
nice commute - one minute 
down the road. My wife Stacy 
and I have two little girls, 
Lauren, almost seven, and 
Caitlin, who just turned two. 
We spent a lot of the summer 
visiting my parents in Old 
Orchard Beach and traveling 
to New Hampshire. My wife 
has her first mystery novel 
coming out this fall, Twenty- 
Five Years Ago. Today, and 
recently launched her web 
site I've 
been helping her to maintain 
the web site. That's about 
all the news. Thanks for the 
reminder. Take care." The 
only actual card I received was 
from Lisa Sweeney Ryan to say 
that she is still working two 
jobs and being the "Weather 
Girl" [as she described it 
at reunion] for her local 
television station. Can you 
believe that even though she 
has two jobs, and MANY 
children, she managed to send 
info?!?!? It is a simple request 
really. I think that this may be 
the first time in my 50 years 
of Class Secretary that I didn't 
get a note from Andy Noel. He 
always writes in third person, 
like a Seinfeld episode, so all 
I have to do is cut and paste 
him into my word document! 
Please do not underestimate 
the importance of our note 
section. I hear from all of you 
how you laugh and really enj oy 
reading about one another. 
Keep the notes coming. I 
will remind you again with 
another note request in a few 
months. I will also, hopefully, 
have time to reach out to 
those of you on Facebook 
and haunt you that way too. 
September is often too busy 
for me to properly "request" 
notes any other way than 

78 The Archon I Fall 2009 

through the school post cards. 
In some sad news for our 
class, we lost Doris Marsolais 
this summer. She was 79. She 
was always smiling at us in 
the Dining Hall, a particularly 
tall order when looking at a 
bunch of teenagers every day. 
We dedicated our yearbook 
to her. Heidi ran into her in 
New Hampshire... "I actually 
met her a few years ago when 
she was visiting someone 
in the Exeter Hospital... she 
looked EXACTLY the same 
and we had a really nice 
time reminiscing. She went 
on and on about how much 
she loved the students at 
GDA and how touched she 
was by our dedication of the 
yearbook to her, and you 
see it is mentioned in her 
obituary." In part it read "... 
was employed in the dining 
hall at Governor's Academy 
in Byfield, MA, for 15 years. 
The special friendships she 
enjoyed over these many 
years were honored by the 
students and faculty just 
prior to her retirement in 
1989, with the dedication of 
the school yearbook to their 
beloved "Doris."" I remember 
her crying when we honored 
her for her kindness toward 
all of us with the yearbook 
dedication. She was a part of 
our class and will be missed. 
Hugh Ogilvie writes: I have 
been out of touch for a while, 
but remember my fantastic 
year at the Academy every 
time I read The Archon. I am 
turning 40 - time flies. Fleur, 
i my wife, and I celebrate 9 years 
of marriage this year and our 
little boy, Ethan, grows bigger 
every day. I play 5-a-hide 
football in between pursuing 
a career as a criminal defense 
lawyer. Love to all! 


Kristin A. Brown 
45 Georgian Road 
Cambridge School of Weston 
Weston, MA 02493-2110 

20th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


Nicolle F. DelliColli 

311 Lowell Street, Apt. 2116 

Andover, MA 01810-4553 


Greetings from the Class 
of 1990. Mr Paul Salemme was 
the only superstar to actually 
write out and return the 
postcard this time around. It 
read " Great letter. I started 
working at Ricoh Business 
Solutions as an outside Sales 
Representative. I can be 
contacted on Facebook and 
Linked In. Best wishes to 
everyone." Thanks Paul! but 
ummm, I didn't even write 
that letter. That was all Sandy 
in development. I, too, was 
so busy with summer and 
Facebook (lol), I didn't write 
out the letter. But please 
everyone, let's keep the old 
traditions alive and share 
some key stories and events 
here in print in The Archon. 


Nicole LaTour MacLaughlan 
9 Worcester Street 
Boston, MA 02118-3318 

Slow news cycle Seems 

that most news these days 
revolves around kids: Stratton 

Newbert and his wife Eunice 
welcomed a baby girl, Estella 
Kyung Rang Newbert was 
born on August 10. "Ella" 
joins big brother Theo. I 
also heard from Alexis Yates 
(Colby) who was enjoying 
summer with her boys, but her 
big news is that she and her 
husband Tim are expecting 
their third child, a baby girl, 
in December. I hope that I 
will have a lot more news to 
share next time, until then.... 


Catharine A. Firenze 
44 Dean Street 
Belmont, MA 02478-3257 

It's been a very busy 
summer and fall for the 
class of 1992. Great to hear 
from so many of you! I ran 
into Melanie Rae (Robinson) 
last spring. Before coming 
to GDA, Melanie graduated 
from Shady Hill, where I'm 
working now. She was back 
for a reunion, visiting from 
LA. The west coast sure 
agrees with Melanie: she looks 
fantastic and is running her 
own company. Chris Ruggiero 
writes in with family news - 
a second Ruggiero boy is due 
in October. Ryan, now almost 
three, is doing very well and 
keeping his parents busy. Rugg 
is happy to report that Jon 
Kazanjian has recently moved 
to Littleton, so he's glad to 
have a GDA neighbor. I heard 
from Jen Noon Hess, who is 
living in Woburn with her 
husband, Tom, and two sons, 
Alexander (born 8/1/06) and 
Elias (4/25/09). She keeps up 
very infrequently but happily 
with Rate Atkins, and sees 
her brother, Mike Noon '95 
quite often now that he's 
moved to the Boston area. Jen 
left work at Little, Brown, to 

stay home with her family, 
and is keeping very busy 
with the boys ! Judy Livingston 
Loto writes that life is good, 
although moving quickly! Her 
oldest started kindergarten 
this year and her "baby" is 
off to pre-school. Time does 
fly. Grace Jeanes is working 
in Homeland Security at 
Raytheon. She continues to 
serve as Board President of 
the Lowell Humane Society, 
and wants all classmates to 
know that she can help you 
open your heart and home 

Andrea Manning Weetman '93 
and Jon Kazanjian '92 in Zurich. 

Alexander and Elias Hess, sons of 
Jen Noon Hess '92. 

Ryan, son of Chris Ruggiero '92. 

The Archon I Fall 2009 79 


to an animal in need. You 
can reach Grace at admin @ 
She ran into Bob LeBlanc 
at a restaurant in Nashua. 
He's a Senior Account 
Executive with Hearst- Argyle 
Television, WMUR TV in 
New Hampshire. My farthest 
travelling update came from 
Hawaii. Last we heard from 
Jackie Hogan she had gotten 
married and moved to Seattle. 
She quickly traded rain for 
sunshine and reports the 
following: "Aloha! Seattle 
was great, but brief. Life is 
full of surprises. Thanks to 
my husband's job, we moved 
to the Big Island of Hawaii 
in February. Hawaii is a 
dazzler. Stunning. Majestic. 
Full of extremes, and far far 
away. We live in the foothills 
of a volcanic mountain - 
thankfully dormant. The Big 
Island is home to the world's 
most active volcano, tallest 
mountain (measured from 
its base at the sea floor) and 
12 climate zones including 
tropical rain forests, arid 
deserts , snow-capped summits , 
and beaches. I've been 
drinking kava and marveling 
at manta rays with Keller 
Laros '81. Amy Nicolo '92, Ian 
Jones '90, and their baby Coco 
visited in September. I'm 
still telecommuting for the 
National HERC from home 

and frequently found sporting 
a headset and jammies while 
conducting business. If any 
GDA folks visit the Big Island, 
look me up!" Todd Spain sent 
in a change of address, that 
he's moved to Peabody. Keep 
your eyes peeled if you're 
on the North Shore. As for 
me, I'm still plugging away 
in Belmont. I just caught up 
with Amy Daniels and Saundra 
Watson '93 this weekend, and 
we are all excited for Candice 
Denby's upcoming trip to 
Mount Kilimanjaro. Hoping 
for pictures in the next 
Archon. Now that I've figured 
out how to take care of the 
world's most energetic puppy, 
we thought we'd step it up a 
bit. Baby Firenze is due in the 
middle of November. Here's 
hoping you all have a safe and 
healthy fall and winter. It's 
great to hear from you, either 
directly or while snooping on 
Facebook. Until next time... 


IngridA. Cunney 
33 Windsor Avenue 
Lynn, MA 01902-1128 

Shawn T. Markey 
192 Kingsbury Avenue 
Bradford, MA 01835-8173 


smarkey @govsacdemy. org 

It seems to have been a very 
busy summer for our class! 
First off, Jennifer (Saunders) 
Burgeson gave birth to a 
beautiful baby girl named 
Eileen "Eily" Anne Burgeson. 
She was born on July 19th 
and weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. 
Congratulations Jennifer and 
family! Use Abusamra wrote 
in that she was lucky enough 
to travel to Australia, then 
to Africa. She volunteered 
at a private high school in 
Gaborone, Botswana to work 
with students on their college 
process. While she was there 
she safaried and visited South 
Africa and Zambia. She also 
took a family vacation to 
Quebec, and was able to visit 
Jennifer (Saunders) Burgeson 
and her new baby. Coral 
(Keith) Rabey wrote in to tell 
us that she and her family 
have moved back to the states, 
Yarmouth, Maine to be exact, 
and her two children Max 
(6) and Sky (2) are settling 
into American life nicely. As 
for myself (Ingrid Cunney), I 
am busy teaching preschool in 
Swampscott, MA, and loving 
it! My children are now 8 
(Ruby), 7 (Rosemary) and 
5 (Max) and loving school. I 
hope everyone has a happy 
fall and merry holiday! 

Eileen Anne Burgeson, daughter of Jennifer (Saunders) Burgeson '93. 

Kadel, son of Kristen Hughes '94. 


Kristen L. Hughes 
5649 Colbath Avenue 
Van Nuys, CA 91401-4725 
818-780-1309 @ sbcglobal. net 

Tom Faulkner writes 
that his second daughter, Lia 
Linnea Faulkner was born 
on May 19, 2009 and as of 
August, she is already sleeping 
through the night. He also 
writes "I love my kids, but I 
am NOT having a third. My 
older daughter, Isabella, who 
turns five on August 8, is 
fluent in English and Swedish, 
and Lia can cry in both 
languages as well. BTW, Matt 
Prunier just got me my life 
insurance coverage. I highly 
recommend him. He was 
very gentle and tender with 
me." My husband, Ryan and 
I (Kristen Hughes) welcomed 
our first son Kadel Alec 
Hughes on May 9 at 8:00pm. 
He is a happy, easygoing little 
butterball and sleeps 10 hours 
a night (so, he's as lazy as his 

15th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


Michael C. Noon 

49 Dover Street, Apt. 28 

Somerville, MA 02144-2818 

Presumably, the Class of 
'95 has been engaged in any 
number of valiant, or at least 
valid, pursuits over the last 
few months, but maintains a 
humble reticence. However, 
there were a few who chose to 
share their recent adventures. 
Long overdue, thanks to Post 

80 The Archon I Fall 2009 

Brent D'Orio '95 on his fishing 

visit earlier in the year, and 
they had a chance to jam 
together again (which likely 
refers to the playing of music, 
not to the preservation of 
fruit, but he didn't specify). 
At the time of his writing, 
Todd was anticipating Chris 
Terry's nuptial celebrations 
this autumn. Congratulations 
to Chris! Adam Tagliamonte 
is alive and well and on 
Facebook. Though our 
conversation via facemail 
was rather truncated, it looks 
like he has a healthy child 
and a healthy beard and a 
healthy dose of happiness, 
much deserved. Brendt D'Orio 
spent the summer fishing on 
his boat, but laments that all 
excursions were unsuccessful, 
save one. Undaunted, Brendt 
has developed a new angling 
technique, which he calls 
"Italian fishing," the gist of 
which can be gathered from 
his accompanying photo. 
Since he is Italian, we forgive 
Brendt for the egregious 
ii implied ethnic slur. Brendt 
I also announces plans to buy 
i a dictionary. We recommend 
I AHD 4. Speaking of 
announcements, Mike Angelis 
recently sent word around of 
his upcoming art exhibition 
at 116 Crown in New Haven, 
running through October. 
Visit his website, breckfess. 
com, to see a sampling, and 

make the trek to CT to show 
your support! Otherwise, Mike 
is doing well, still teaching art 
and leading our youth astray. 
Otherwise, Archie Kasnet is 
helping to save humanity 
with his company, Aedi 
Group, and their non-profit 
arm, Village Corps. They have 
a major rollout upcoming, so 
hop on the wagon and find 
out more at, 


Janna De Risi 
3 Ladder Court, Southdown 

Huntington, NY 11 743-2556 

Jeffrey R. LaBelle 
665 West Barry Avenue, Apt. 

Chicago, IL 60657-4570 

Ray Long writes that he is 
about to start his fifth year 
of teaching at the Academy. 
He had a great summer that 
involved going to Teacher 
Camp in New Jersey where 
he got together with Lamar 
Robinson '96 and Andy 
Ramirez '98. While he was 
there, he headed up to upstate 
New York for Brandon Keith's 
daughter's baptism as he is the 
godfather. Congratulations to 
Ray and the Keith's family 
on the big occasion. He also 
competed in some local track 
competitions this summer 
and did pretty well and maybe 
even more importantly he 
did not pull anything. Zoltan 
Szuts writes that 2008 has 
been an eventful year for him. 
After many years in graduate 
school at the University of 
Washington in Seattle, he 
and his long time partner 

graduated last spring and 
then were married at the city 
courthouse in preparation for 
our fall move to Hamburg, 
Germany to start postdocs. 
He is studying physical 
oceanography in particular 
how the North Atlantic Ocean 
is responding to climate 
change, whereas Kathleen is 
studying the malaria virus, a 
slight change from studying 
cell physiology at UW Jason 
Olbres writes that he is still 
living on Nantucket after 
recently selling his business 
called the Nalu. He is looking 
forward to going back to 
school to study architecture 
and design. If anyone is 
looking to get a hold of 
Jason, his new address is P.O. 
Box 1607 Nantucket, MA 
02554. First and foremost, 
it was great to get an update 
from Ezra Willey. He hopes 
that everyone is doing well. 
Things are busy on his end 
as he prepares for law school 
this fall at Roger Williams 
University in Bristol, RI. His 
wife Sara recently had their 
first child a baby girl and 
he encourages the class to 
look him up on Facebook for 
pictures. Katie 'Lyons' Nugent 
wanted to let the class know 
that his new address is 318 
Lake Street Haverhill MA 
01832. She is looking forward 
to reconnecting with our 
classmates via the Facebook 
page. I encourage all of you 
to check out our class '96 
page. As for myself, I am 
currently working out in San 
Francisco which I must say is 
an awesome town. I recently 
enrolled in Kellogg's Executive 
MBA program which is taking 
a significant chunk of my free 
time but looking forward to 
doing some traveling around 
South America during the 
holiday season. Hope all is 
well with the Class of '96. 


Sandra T. Padilla 

1236 North Flores Street, Apt. 


West Hollywood, CA 90069- 


Hello Class of 1997. 1 hope 
all is well and that everyone 
had a wonderful summer! Joe 
Nicastro and his wife Kristin 
just purchased their first home 
in Frarningham, MA. They are 
also expecting their first child 
in February. Congratulations 
Joe! Will Evans writes from 
Bermuda, where he is running 
a charter cruise business 
(Charter Bermuda, Ltd). Will 
is also freelancing as a captain 
on megayachts in the winters 
throughout Florida and the 
Caribbean. While walking in 
New York City this past spring, 
I ran into Lindsay (Clark) 
Borocz. We had not seen 
each other since graduation! 
Lindsay and her husband live 
in Westchester and are doing 
well. Lindsay graduated from 
dental school and is working 
in the field. Congrats Lindsay! 
Since seeing Lindsay, I have 
actually moved back home to 
Los Angeles after many years 
on the East Coast. I accepted 
a new job with the Community 
Redevelopment Agency (CRA) 
of Los Angeles in their Capital 
Finance Group. The role 
is primarily sourcing and 
allocating funding for real 
estate redevelopment projects 
in underserved neighborhoods 
in Los Angeles. It is definitely a 
challenging time in real estate 
and in California, so the job is 
keeping me busy! As always, I 
look forward to hearing more 
of your exciting news! Please 
keep me updated. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 81 



Elizabeth E. Escobar 
888 Main Street, Apt. 319 
New York, NY 10044-021 6 


Jessica Zaplin Karlin 
22 Schiller Road 
West Roxbury, MA 02132- 


Giancarlo Puccini reports: 
"The situation in Guatemala 
and Central America is critical; 
every aspect of society has 
been affected by several issues 
that have been overlooked 
by governments and most 
importantly, citizens. Crime 
levels are off the charts, the 
economic situation is a joke; 
and people, are just sick and 
tired, but haven 't found either 
the appropriate leadership, or 
the means to create change. 
(Governments and politicians, 
promise but don 't deliver, and 
well, basically fill their pockets 
with as much money as they 
can, while in power.) I am 
definitely not the person that 
will lead them to promised 
land, I would not want that 
responsibility anyway, but I do 
feel the urge to at least try to 
help anyone I can. I feel sorry 

Tyler Burns '98 and new bride 
Lauren Diehl Kauffman 

for a country that has lost its 
will to evolve. People here, 
just expect nothing to happen. 
They open newspapers, that 
daily report; extortion by 
police officers, cocaine busts 
that surpass thousands of 
kilos, dirty politicians, greedy 
businessmen, and a murder 
rate of 160+ per 100,000. 
It's ridiculous, people just flip 
the pages of every newspaper, 
complain, but then go on with 
their regular daily activities, 
and do nothing, expecting to 
just look at the same type of 
news the next day. As I said 
previously, I am not Ghandi, 
Carter, Sister Teresa, or 
anyone of those magnitudes. I 
am just a regular citizen who 
is tired. A citizen that can't 
wait for a solution to happen, 
a citizen that is willing to 
bring the solution to the table. 
The good thing is that I am 
not the only one: In January, 
I started forming a company 
whose goal is to produce 
events, with one target; 
educating people, through 
music and art, in order to 
cause an impact and produce 
change. Our campaign, 

por la Paz (GUATEMALA 
United for Peace), is our 
first campaign, we are 
trying to bring international 
superstars, to Guatemala to 
talk about different aspects 
that affect society. I have 
contacted, Mr. Thym Chase, 
who is in Eastern Europe, 
and will probably try to bring 
him next year, his music is 
great guys. Well guys if you 
are interested in learning 
more please visit us at: www., facebook: 
unidos por la paz, twitter: 
unidos por la paz, myspace: 
unidos por la paz. See ya, 
and hope to hear from you." 
Greg Moore graduated from 

Vanderbilt and then went 
into the Marines until 2007 
(deployment to OIF in 2005) 
only to be recalled and is now 
back in Iraq commanding over 
100 engineers. Greg married 
Corinne in 2004. Corinne 
is from southern Indiana 
and they met in college and 
moved back there after they 
left North Carolina. In North 
Carolina, Greg worked for a 
construction in the project 
management department 

working on water/waste 
water treatment plants and 
things. Greg has recently seen 
Joel Crawford, Joann Nyugen, 
Sarah Avalon, and Cal Noblitt. 
Patrick Carey writes, "I got 
married on August 1 to Elise 
Pelletier. GDA was in full 
force with Jim Meniates as 
Co-Best Man. Harry Dolan, 
Jon Traister, Justin Gitlin 
and Nat Baldwin were all 
in attendance. Nat even 
performed a few songs. It was 
great! We still live in the great 
borough of Brooklyn New 
York and I continue to work in 
the new media and education. 
Hope everyone from '99 is 
doing great." Congrats Pat! 
Jesse Soursourian works at 
The Working Families Party 
(WFP), New York's liveliest 
and most progressive political 
party and lives in Brooklyn, 
NY. He is in a band and you 
can check out their website: Nat 

Baldwin wishes he could have 
attended our 10 year reunion 
but he was on a "wicked fun 
music tour, but had really been 
looking forward to catching up 
with everyone over a variety 
of fermented beverages." Nat 
lives in Brooklyn, NY and 
plays with the band, Dirty 
Projectors. "We've been doing 
all sorts of stuff - awesome 
stuff like playing with David 
Byrne and Bjork, and dumb 
stuff like flipping our van 

on a beautiful Michigan 
afternoon. Luckily we did not 
die. I just walked away with 
a bad headache and a handful 
of percocets, neither of which 
lasted very long." The band 
has plans to travel to Brazil, 
Europe, Australia and Japan 
in the next few months. They 
will also be hitting up the 
states this fall, so contact Nat 
at: baldwin.nathaniel@gmail. 
com if you want into a show or 
perhaps would like shoot some 
hoops with Nat earlier in the 
day. By the time you read this, 
the Dirty Projectors will have 
already played on Letterman 
and Jimmy Fallon! Wow! Nat 
attended and played music at 
Pat Carey's wedding. "It was a 
beautiful experience, his wife 
Elise is a beautiful person and 
I am very happy for them." 
At the wedding Nat was 
able to catch up with fellow 
classmates, Justin Gitlin, Jon 
Traister, Harry Dolan and Jim 
Meniates. They all thoroughly 
enjoyed their time together. 
Please be in touch; Nat would 
love to hear from you. 

10th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


Catherine E. Correia 
18 Homer Street, Apt. #2 
Brookline, MA 02445-6974 

Eve Seamans 
840 Hale Street 
Beverly, MA 01915-2216 

Hi Class of 2000! I hope 
you are all doing well. I am 
currently living in Brookline 

82 The Archon | Fall 2009 

Noelle, daughter of Maria Collins 

Village with my sister Kelsey 
'05 and am working in the 
Pulmonary department at 
Children's Hospital. I am 
primarily doing clinical 
research on Cystic Fibrosis, 
but am also working on a few 
projects related to premature 
babies. I was fortunate to 
be able to go up to GDA last 
Saturday. It was a lovely, crisp 
fall day that reminded me so 
fondly of our years there. I 
hope many of you will be able 
to make the trip back to Byfield 
this June to celebrate our 10 
year reunion. I think you all 
will be pleasantly surprised 
by how wonderful the campus 
looks between various 
upgrades around campus and 
the new buildings that have 
gone up since our five year 
reunion. Bettina Romberg is 
running her own business 
in the Boston area and is 
doing well. She is currently 
contemplating moving to 
New York City. Jason Salony 
wrote in to say that he started 
at the MIT Sloan School of 
Management this fall. Tatiana 
Hamboyan Harrison wrote, 
"I've been having a good, 
unusually productive year so 
far. My freelance web design 
com) is going well - enough 
work to keep me busy, not 
enough to hurt my hands." 
This fall semester, Elizabeth 

Turnbull began her first 
semester at Yale School of 
Management working toward 
a joint degree - MBA/MEM 
(Masters in Environmental 
Mgmt). She spent a great 
summer in New Haven 
working for a community 
green space organization. 
Daria Grayer is in Washington, 
DC finishing up her final year 
of law school. Currently she is 
working on the patenting of a 
genetic sequence for a biotech 
company. In her downtown 
she is shooting freelance for 
the Washingtonian Magazine. 
Jamie (Gilberg) Albert and her 
husband, Ross, welcomed a 
baby boy, Evan Lucas Albert, 
to their family on July 19! 
Emily Dana wrote in, "I am 
currently living in the Navy 
Yard in Charlestown, MA 
with my fiance Taylor. We 
are planning for a June 2010 
wedding and Meghan Barry 
and Courtney Marino are both 
in my wedding party! I work 
at Shore Country Day School 
as the Director of the Annual 
Fund and Alumni Relations 
and I love it. I look forward 
to seeing you all at reunion!" 
Anne Adamczyk graduated 
with a Ph.D. in physics 
from Worcester Polytechnic 
Institute (I'm sure Mr. Moore 
is very proud!). She is now 
working as a Post Doctoral 
Research Associate at the 
NASA Langeley Research 
Center in Virginia and is 
living in Williamsburg. Anne 
asks for anyone GDA folks 
living in the area to look her 


Maria E. Collins 

18 Chadwick Circle, Apt. G 

Nashua, NH 03062-4799 

Hey Everyone! I hope you 

all had fantastic summers. 
We recently moved to a 
home in Naperville, IL and 
love the new place. I am an 
event coordinator for a great 
Chicago catering company and 
am amazed each day by my 
daughter Noelle. Cait Mcintosh 
says, "Mike Greenhouse 
and I were married on June 
21st, 2009 and Eve Seamans 
'00 was in the wedding. I 
graduated from veterinary 
school in June and we bought 
a house and moved to New 
Berlin, NY. I am currently 
working as a large animal 
veterinarian (mostly dairy 
cows and horses) in upstate 
NY near Cooperstown. Brad 
Kasnet writes: I am currently 
starting a sailing program at 
the Columbia yachting center 
in Maryland. I was working 
as a grip for the Today 
Show in NYC. It was a great 
experience, but I wanted to 
get back outside and on the 
water again. This fall I will be 
starting at Boston University 
to get my masters in broadcast 
journalism. As of this writing, 
I am about to go on a cross- 
country drive with one of my 
friends from college. Of course, 
by the time this goes to print, 
that trip will be long over, 
so it was a great time. Megan 
Rothwell is currently working 
at Dedham Country Day 
School Coaching Field Hockey 
and Substitute Teaching. 

Lauren Bonaventura writes, 
"I am living in Arlington and 
having a blast working in the 
restaurant industry and salsa 
and swing dancing at least203 
times a week. Alyssa Chirlin 
graduated from BU Law 
School this past spring and 
as a present to herself, she 
is moving to Australia for a 
year, just to see what happens. 
Please let me know if you 
are in or around Chicago 
so we can catch up! I look 
forward to hearing from 
ALL of you next time! 


Need secretary. Please send 
notes to Sandy Keyes at 
skeyes @govsacademy. org 

Lauren Marsh says: "I'm 
living now in Washington, 
DC in the Glover Park (north 
Georgetown) area in a row 
house with three other girls. I 
was working the past two years 
at an Energy & Oil Company, 
but this past January, I 
started a new job with the 
Department of Defense, as 
an analyst. During college, I 
studied abroad in Australia, 
spring 2005, so the Pentagon 
was looking for someone who 
had experience in the PACOM 
(Oceania & South East Asia) 
region. In January 2010, 1 will 
be heading out to Afghanistan 
as a civilian for four months. 

Dan Guyton '03, Lindsay Clunie '03, Angela Rappoli '03, Leslie Clunie 
'04, and Emily Block '03 at Dan's Cinco de Mayo party. 


The ArchonlFall 2009 83 


I'm pretty nervous but excited 
too!" Alex Graham is working 
for an excavating company 
in Ipswich and also getting a 
charter/commercial fishing 
business going. Fishing some 
with Brownie and Corveau. 
Enjoying life. 


Laura E. Ellison 

346 Village Green Blvd. 

Apt. 104 

Ann Arbor, MI 48105-3627 


Michael D. O'Neill 

1 3-F 1 64 South Road 

Sect. 2 

Taipei, Taiwan 


I hope everyone is enjoying 
their fall. I had a chance to be 
back in Byfield for a weekend 
this September and campus 
looked beautiful. They've 
done some great things since 
we left. While there I ran 
into Brandon Bates, who sent 
along this great update. "I 
would like to thank everyone 
for generously giving to the 
annual fund. Our class had 
the most first time donors. 

The academy will reward us 
with a clambake in the fall 
in Byfield (more to come). 
The class of 2003 had a very 
strong showing at Dillions in 
Boston at the Young Alumni 
Event in July. I am applying to 
law schools. For the past year 
I have done the unthinkable 
and lived with Morgan Steir. 
Morgan is working for a start 
up football helmet company 
( and has donated 
a couple helmets to the Govs. I 
see a lot of Jon Weiss. He lives in 
the North End and is working 
for a biotech company. I 
wanted to congratulate 
Chris Kelley on getting his 
MBA. Also congratulations 
to Barry McLaughlin on his 
engagement to Diana Doyle. 
Looking forward to seeing 
Marc Borden in Chicago in 
December for Dan Lee's '01 
wedding." Dan Guyton had 
a very successful Cinco de 
Mayo party as he was able 
to convince Lindsay Clunie, 
Angela Rappoli, Lesley Clunie 
'04 and Emily Block to come 
and stand together for a photo 
for The Archon. Google still 
manages to keep me in Ann 
Arbor. Earlier in the summer, 
I spent a week biking across 
Iowa with 8,000 of my closest 
friends. I rode along a lot of 

Jess Wailes '04, Sam Boulais and 
Jackie Ward '04 in Paris. 

Mike Salony '04 and girlfriend 

cornfields and still managed 
to have a great time. Just a 
few weeks ago I went to the 
Michigan - Notre Dame game 
at Michigan Stadium, where 
Michigan pulled off a last 
minute win. They certainly 
love their college sports out 
here. If anyone wants to come 
out for a game, you certainly 
have a place to crash. 


Lesley T Clunie 
87Neal Street 
Portland, ME 04102-3431 

Kelsey M. Quigleg 

13 Dunster Mall Center 

Cambridge, MA 02138-7523 


Ben Bell says, "I am 
living in Boston writing for 
the Boston Herald. Hope 
everyone is doing well in this 
tough economy." Mike Salony 
writes, "Since graduation in 
May of '08, I've been living in 
St. Louis with my girlfriend, 
Dana. In November of '08, I 
took a job with the St. Louis 
Cardinals doing group sales 
and ticket services. It's been a 
blast, especially with the All- 
Star Game this year, although 
the season is starting to wind 
down a little bit from a sales 
perspective. It was a bit of a 
letdown that I wasn't able 
to make it to the reunion, 
and the fact that half of my 
weekends are spent at the 
stadium working doesn't 
help, but I can't imagine doing 
anything else. Hope everyone 
is well!" Jackie Ward reports, 
"A few weeks ago, [Samantha] 
Boulais and I flew over to visit 
Jess Wailes in Geneva and then 
we spent a few nights in Paris 
also. It was a lot of fun! Cheap 
wine, good food, and nice 

summer weather. I attached a 
picture of how we spent most 
of our nights - picnicking in 
front of the Eiffel Tower. It 
was a really tough life for a 
little over a week." It was 
great to see everyone at the 
reunion in June! Please 
use The Archon as a way to 
stay in touch with everyone 
until the next one. We look 
forward to hearing from you! 

5th Class Reunion 
June 11-13, 2010 


Kelsey A. Correia 

18 Homer Street, Apt. #2 

Brookline, MA 02445-6974 



Marisa S. Freg 

Box 1661 Allegheny College 

520 North Main Street 

Meadville, PA 16335-3903 

Margaret E. Hughes 

51 High Street 

Saint Albans, VT 05478-1618 

Elizabeth Tarr reports: 
"I just came back from 
a summer in Boston at a 
PR Internship with Mario 
The best work experience of 
my life. Looking forward to 
senior year and continuing 
a successful presidency in 
Alpha Phi at Tufts." Rossli 
Chace writes: Just finished 
my junior year at RPI. I am 
starting a summer internship 
at a Print and Design Company 
in Albany next week. My 

84 The Archon I Fall 2009 

Jack Lamson '07 and brother Jeff 

team had a great season this 
year, beating Princeton to go 
to the ECAC tournament. We 
came in second to Dartmouth 
having to first beat a much 
hated opponent, Harvard. I 
am very excited to be a senior 
in the fall and can't believe 
time has flown so fast. Miss 
you all! Hope everyone is 
anticipating the summer as 
much as I am. 


Jack A. Lamson 
■ 51 South Hampton Road 
Amesbury, MA 01913-5733 

Rachel A. Stavis 

300 Summit St. #700624 

Trinity College 

Hartford, CT 06106-3100 


Greetings Class of 2007! 
Hard to believe most of us 
are juniors in college and less 

iithan two years away from the 
real world. Things have been 

'.quiet here in Connecticut 
as fall slowly approaches. 
I'm still hosting my morning 
television show and looking 
for an internship in the news 
business. Since Whitney Ocko 
'08, transferred its back to just 
myself and Jacky Russell '06 
left here at Quinnipiac. Spread 

the word to your younger 
siblings at the academy to 
look at QU because after she 
graduates I'm going to be 
lonely. I managed to make 
a trip to Thayer Academy to 
see my younger brother Jeff 
play in his first Govs football 
game as captain. The team 
looks good, and it was great 
to see Matt Hunt back on 
the sidelines coaching. The 
agents of 007 have been quiet 
but I did receive this note from 
Jenna Glendye. I've been really 
busy this summer working 
in Falmouth as a costume 
assistant for the College 
Light Opera Company. We 
performed nine shows over the 
course of 10 weeks and I got 
the opportunity to assistant 
design two of the shows as 
well as build costumes for the 
majority of the shows. Right 
now I am preparing to study 
abroad in Spain for the fall 
semester! Hope you're doing 
well Jenna. Lauren Guidi is 
spending the first semester 
of her junior year (Union 
College) studying in Athens, 
Greece. Lauren plans to travel 
to the Islands of Mykonos 
and Surtonia and visits to 
Florence, Italy and Germany 
as well. Keep in touch with 
Rachel and I as the semester 
goes along and let us know 
what you're up to! Until next 
time, you stay classy Govs. 


Perry J. Eaton 

30 Travis Drive 

Chestnut Hill, MA 02467- 



Abigail E. Harris 
1 Edwards Street 
Bath, ME 04530-2729 

The alumni of the Class of 
2008 had very productive and 
exciting first years of college 
and we are now getting settled 
into our new classes, sports 
seasons, Greek lives, jobs and 
other adventures. Although 
many of our paths have led us 
far apart, we still make time 
to catch up with our fellow 
GDA classmates. Here are a 
few updates from some lovely 
grads that want to let everyone 
know what's occurred in the 
past year. Caroline Cushman's 
sophomore year is going well. 
She's on the golf team and 
played in her first collegiate 
ago. She reports, "it's been a 
great experience so far! We 
have a wonderful tradition 
here at Saint Lawrence called 
"Peak Weekend". I'm hiking 
two of the High Peaks in the 
Adirondacks. I'm excited to be 
part of such an old tradition! 
Hope that you had a great 
summer and all is well!" 
Another college athlete, Anna 
Perochi, had a great summer 
but is happy to be back at Bryn 
Mawr. She's an RA this year 
and part of the tennis team 
and says, "life has been busy! " 
Decia Splaine left Washington 
College last October when she 
realized that it wasn't for her. 
She worked in J. Crew until 
December and took classes at 
Northern Essex Community 
College during the spring 
semester and got together 
with several GDA grads in 
her downtime. This fall she 
is attending Wentworth in 
Boston and studying interior 
design. She says, "I'm excited 
about being in Boston and 
being close to a lot of other 
GDA grads in town". Brooke 
Duchaney also transferred 
closer to home and is now 
attending UNH where she will 
be majoring in business and is 
trying out for the soccer team. 

You oughta be 

in pictures! 

Some photographs sent to 
The Archon do not appear 
in this issue. Unfortunately, 
the quality of the photos and 
their low resolution would 
not reproduce adequately. 
Please send either electronic 
or hard copy photos of at 
least 300dpi and do not 
embed pictures in text. 
We want you all to look 
your best! 

Chelsea Dodier had a great 
year at Denver University 
where she kept busy playing 
club hockey, skiing and 
working for media relations 
in the athletics department. 
She enjoyed classes and saw 
Lindsey Keith and Aleks Siegel 
a lot during the year. This 
summer Chelsea spent time 
in Exeter, NH and Fishers 
Island, NY where she got 
together with Jordyne Dodier 
who transferred to DU this 
fall. Chelsea is excited about 
the sisterly reunion and says 
she's, "not sure if Colorado 
is ready to have both Dodiers 
back in town". Chelsea Barnett 
spent her first semester of 
college in Salamanca, Spain 
prior to arriving at Colby 
College in December. While at 
Colby she joined the women's 
crew team and declared her 
major in biology. This spring 
Chelsea was admitted to Wake 
Forest University and so far 
this fall she is very happy 
with her decision to transfer. 
Also at Wake Forest is Sam 
Richards who loves college 
and is currently deciding 
between an economics or 
psychology major. He's now a 
full-fledged frat daddy in the 
Sigma Phi fraternity which 

The Archon | Fall 2009 85 


has considerably improved his 
quality of life. He mentioned 
that he loves going to school 
with Chelsea Barnett and 
George Dorsey and sees them 
all the time. For the first time 
in a while, Sean Andrews didn't 
do much travelling during the 
summer and instead spent 
time relaxing on the beach in 
Nantucket and took a trip to 
New Orleans in July. He still 
loves school and California 
and joined Sigma Phi Epsilon 
which he says, "has a great 
group of guys who are hard 
working but also love to have 
fun". He'd like to tell everyone, 
"Please come visit me if 
you're ever in L.A. I miss you 
guys and think about you all 
the time. I hope to hear from 
you soon!" Caitlin Kelliher 
is studying in China right 
at Suzhou University and is 
excited about bungee jumping 
with friends in Macau/Hong 
Kong. Charlotte DiMaggio 
reports, "my first year at the 
University of Miami was 
unbelievable". She took full 
advantage of what Miami 
has to offer and saw fellow 
GDA'er Mike Arrigo lots 
throughout the year. She also 
visited me in New Orleans in 
both the spring and fall and 
spent spring break with her 
family and Meghan Griesbach 
in Puerto Rico where she 
learned how to surf. In June 
Charlotte travelled to Spain 
and a friend for three weeks. 
During her time she worked 

in a small hospital observing 
and practicing simple nursing 
tasks alongside doctors and 
nurses who didn't speak any 
English. She says, "it was an 
unbelievable opportunity that 
I hope to experience again 
within the next three years; 
however, this cannot be said 
without making it known 
that my trip to Spain with 
The Governor's Academy 
was far better between the 
nightlife and the company. I 
hope that the following years 
are equally as enjoyable!" 
I have had an incredible 
experience at Tulane so far. 
I love my classes and I'm still 
working as a student athletic 
trainer for our football team 
and I joined Navy ROTC last 
January. I love my unit and 
I'm excited to start my service 
upon graduation. Through 
ROTC I competed on the 4- 
person coed team that won 
the national Bulldog fitness 
competition at the Citadel 
last March. On October 25 
in D.C., I will be running 
the Marine Corps Marathon 
with the charity Semper Fi 
Fund to benefit the families of 
wounded marines. Although 
this summer and fall were 
very busy, I got to do some 
minor travelling to Kentucky, 
DC and Miami (visiting 
Charlotte) and had two great 
summer jobs working on a 
Maine coast tour boat and 
as a waitress at a seafood 
restaurant. Recently, I also 
had coffee with Ms. O'Connell 

when she was down visiting 
some friends in NOLA and we 
had way too much fun sitting 
out in the 90 degree heat 
catching up. No matter how 
crazy things, very little time 
passes without me thinking 
about my GDA friends. I wish 
everyone well and hope that 
we can do our best to keep in 
touch as the years fly by! 


Amanda R. Correnti 
55 Dearborn Street 
Salem, MA 01970-2430 

James M. King 
6 Driftwood Drive 
Chelmsford, MA 01824-1241 
jhing@govsacdemg. org 

George French reports: 
"UNH is great. I'm there 
with Pike and GDA friends, 
actually I know quite a few 
people. There's fishing five 
minutes from campus!" 

it's Not Easy Being Green.... 

Don't be left out. In an effort to save paper, energy and funds, we plan to use electronic technology more and 
more to contact our parents and alumni. Make sure we have your correct email address. 
Send to 

86 The ArchonlFall 2009 

In Memoriam 

Kristin D. Amato '84 of 
Gorham, ME, died in January 
2009. She attended Hartwick 
College in Oneonta, NY, 
where she played lacrosse 
and graduated in 1988 with a 
bachelor's degree in business. 
For the past 15 years, Kristen 
was employed at Barber Foods 
in Portland. She is survived by 
her husband, John A. Amato 
Jr., and her daughter, Brianna 
K. Amato. 

Thomas Craig '53 of York, 
ME, died in March 2009. 
He was a graduate of the 
University of Massachusetts 
at Amherst. He is survived 
by four children, daughters 
Linda, Brenda and Jocelyn, 
and a son, Scott. 

Wayne A. Gray '71 of 

Newbury, MA, died in July 
2009. Wayne's lifetime of 
employment included several 
jobs and employment in the 
Greater Newburyport area. 
He was a swimming instructor 
and maintenance man at the 
YWCA pool. Many historical 
buildings contain the custom- 
made windows, doors and 
moldings handcrafted by 
Wayne while employed by 
Plumer Architectural Wood & 
Glass Co. At Owens, IL, he did 
maintenance, was a machine 
operator, selector/packer, and 
process technician until they 
closed. His latest position was 
with ARC Technologies, Inc. 
of Amesbury as a production 
assistant. He was also an 
E Eagle Scout. 

Joseph Lennox "Tony" 
Hannan '45 died in May 2009 
at his home in Duxbury, 
MA. He was a noted jazz 
and swing drummer from 
Marblehead, MA, who played 
gigs with Louis Armstrong 

and performed at Carnegie 
Hall. After graduating in 
1945 from Governor Dummer 
Academy, he attended Harvard 
University, before transferring 
to Juilliard School, and later 
Columbia University. He 
graduated from Columbia with 
a degree in music. He met his 
first wife, Abigail, at an event at 
Governor Dummer Academy. 
They divorced after six years 
of marriage. He is survived 
by his wife, Theresa C. "Terri" 
Hannan, and two sons by a 
previous marriage, J. Lennox 
Hannan and Lawrence Dodge 
Hannon; his former wife and 
their daughter, Fiona. 

Edwin L. Hubbard '45 of 
Dudley, MA, died in May 
2009 at home. Ed is survived 
by his beloved wife of 59 
years, Elizabeth (Master) 
Hubbard; four children and 
10 grandchildren. Ed was 
a 1944 graduate of Bartlett 
High School in Webster, MA. 
He later received a diploma 
from Governor Dummer 
Academy in 1945. He served 
as a Seaman in the U.S. Naval 
Reserve from 1945 to 1946 
until receiving an honorable 
medical discharge. In 1950, 
he earned a Bachelor of Arts 
degree in Mathematics and 
Astronomy from Amherst 
College, after which he 
attended Lowell Textile 
Institute for a year. 

In 1951, Ed joined Packard 
Mills, Inc. as Vice President 
and Assistant Treasurer. In 
1966, Ed left the woolen 
manufacturing business to 
pursue a career in academia. 
After earning a master's degree 
in geology from the University 
of Connecticut, in 1972, Ed 
earned a master's and Ph.D. 
degrees in physical geography 
from Clark University. He 
served as a geology instructor 
at UConn and at Eastern 

Connecticut State University. 
In 1968, Ed was named 
Professor of Environmental 
Science at Nichols College 
in Dudley, MA. During his 
subsequent 21 -year career 
at Nichols, he was named 
Chairman of the Department 
of Environmental Science and 
Chairman of the Division of 
Liberal Studies. Following his 
retirement from Nichols in 
1989, he was named Professor 

W. Dana Jones '37 of E. 

Burwood, Australia, passed 
away in May 2009. He 
earned a bachelor's degree 
from Princeton University 
and an MBA from Harvard 
University. He is survived 
by two daughters, Karen and 

Webster L. Kitchell '48 died 
in Santa Fe, NM, in February 
2009. He was the youngest of 
five brothers - three of whom 
graduated from Governor 
Dummer Academy (Frank 
'35, Peter '36 and Sam '38). 
Web graduated from Amherst 
College in 1955, after leaving 
Amherst at the end of his 
freshman year for U.S. 
Marines duty in the Korean 

A philosophy major, Web 
spent a long career in the 
ministry and was minister 
emeritus of the Unitarian 
Universalist Church of 
Santa Fe at his death. He 
graduated from Harvard 
Divinity School in 1957 and 
received his doctorate from 
Eden Theological Seminary 
in 1972. His first position 
in the ministry was as 
assistant minister at All Souls 
Unitarian Church in New 
York City, serving from 1957 
to 1960. He then moved to 
Eliot Chapel in Kirkwood, 

MO, for 13 years. From 1973 
to 1981, he was minister at 
First Unitarian Church in 
Houston, then continued his 
trek west to become minister 
at the Unitarian Universalist 
Church of Santa Fe, retiring in 

Web was preceded in 
death by his wife of 23 years, 
Nancy Gay Mottweiler 
Kitchell. He is survived by 
three children, Catherine, 
David and Benjamin; and 
three stepchildren, three 
grandchildren and one step- 

Robert J. Lyle '40 of Naples, 
FL died in April 2009. He was 
born in Buffalo in 1921 and 
attended Nichols School in his 
hometown before attending 
Governor Dummer Academy. 
He graduated from Williams 
College in 1944. 

During World War II, he 
enlisted as a private in the 
U.S. Army and was honorably 
discharged in 1946 as a 
second lieutenant Medical 
Administrative Corps. For 13 
years he was executive director 
and secretary of the James 
H. Cummings Foundation, 
Inc. in Buffalo. He retired 
in 1991. He previously 
served as a trust officer with 
Marine Midland Bank, now 
HSBC, and in a sales capacity 
with HewittRobins, both in 

He was married for 43 years 
to the former Ann Rogers 
Dumesnil of Louisville, KY 
She preceded him in death 
in 1987. His marriage to her 
cousin, Ferris Lindenberger, 
ended in divorce. He is 
survived by his wife, Thelma, 
whom he married in 1993; 
three children from his first 
marriage; three grandchildren; 
three great-grandchildren; and 
six step-children. 

The Archon | Fall 2009 87 

Justin Mackenzie Smith 

'33 died in March 2009 in 
Lebanon, NH. He graduated 
from Dartmouth College in 
1937, where he was a member 
of Alpha Delta Phi, the 
Dragon Society and played 
varsity tennis. He was the 
former Assistant Manager of 
Putnam Woolen Company in 
Putnam, CT from 1937-1955. 
From 1955 to 1978 he was 
the Executive Director of the 
Hitchcock Clinic in Hanover, 
NH and later he became a real 
estate broker for McLaughry 
Associates in Hanover from 
1978 to 1992. 

He is survived by his 
wife, Margaret W. Smith of 
Harvest Hill in Lebanon; 11 
stepchildren, 1 7grandchildren, 
and four great-grandchildren. 

Michael Galleher MacLean 

'59 passed away in March 2009 
in Tucson, AZ. Mike graduated 
with a bachelor's degree in 
business administration from 
the University of Nebraska, 
where he was a member of 
Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. 
He later obtained a master's 
degree from the University of 
Minnesota. Mike served in 
the U.S. Army for three years, 
including two years stationed 
in Munich, Germany, and was 
honorably discharged at the 
rank of captain. 

In 2004, Mike retired from 
Hormel Foods at the corporate 
office in Austin after 33 years 
in labor relations and human 
resources. He was respected 
for his integrity, insight and 
mentoring skills. During 
retirement, he consulted 
for Hormel and other local 
businesses and taught at 
Riverland Community 


Mike was proud of his Irish 
heritage and his early years 
growing up in the Sandhills 
of Nebraska. He is survived 

by his wife, Pat, and two 

Lieutenant Colonel Richard 
H. Moore '54, United States 
Marine Corps (Retired), 
passed away in January 2007 
in Harlingen, TX. Lt. Col. 
Moore and his family came to 
McAUen, Texas in 1980 after 
retiring from the Marine Corps. 
He left his home at Manomet, 
MA in 1958 to serve his 
country for 22 years. During 
his career, he participated in 
the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis 
and served two combat tours 
in the Republic of Vietnam. 
He was twice decorated for 
meritorious service while 
serving in Vietnam. In 1980, 
Lt. Col. Moore (Retired) 
became the Senior Marine 
Instructor of the McAUen 
Memorial High School's 
Marine Corps Junior ROTC 
Program. A service-connected 
disabling disease forced him 
into early retirement in 1991. 
He is a graduate of Trinity 
College and the University of 

Lt. Col. Moore (Retired) is 
survived by his wife, Renate 
(Nati), and two children and 
six grandchildren. 

William F. "Spider" Spence 
Jr. '55, a resident of Boston, 
passed away in August 
2009. He graduated from 
St. Lawrence University. He 
is survived by two children, 
Michael and Kathy. 

David Stockwell '55 of 
Hampden, MA, passed away 
in June 2009. He earned 
a bachelor's degree from 
Harvard University and 
a master's from Westfield 
State. He is survived by his 
wife, Dorothy, and their two 
daughters, Sharon and Diane. 

Roger Guernsey '67 died 
in October 2006, in Tupelo, 
MS. Roger spent his freshman 
year at Governor Dummer 
before transferring to another 
institution. He earned a 
degree in economics from 
Clark University and an MBA 
from Heriot Watt University 
in Scotland. A native of 
Worcester, MA, Roger was 
a consultant specializing in 
career change, co-authored a 
book on the subject, and set 
up a volunteer job -hunting 
ministry for the unemployed 
at a Miami church. In 2004, 
Roger bought an RV and started 
to explore the 100 best places 
to retire. In 2005 he followed 
a commodities trading guru to 
China and met a woman who 
became his wife. He was a 
30-year member of Alcoholics 
Anonymous, later which he 
felt had a tremendous impact 
on his life. 

A. Roland Will '40 of 

Easton, CT died in February 
2009. He is survived by his 
wife of 63 years, Constance 
H. Will, three daughters, one 
son, eight grandchildren, and 
six great-grandchildren. 

He was a Captain in the US 
Army Corps of Engineers in 
the Pacific during World War 
II. He graduated from Union 
College in Schenectady, NY, 
where he was a member of 
Sigma Phi. At Union College 
he was labeled as the best 
dressed man on campus and 
was known as "Dap". He 
started his career with General 
Electric in Schenectady, 
NY. He was transferred to 
Bridgeport, CT in 1957 where 
he was a manager of several 

Bob loved the sport of 
in the Grand National Curling 
Club of America and served 
as President from 1980-82. 

In 2005, at the Men's World 
Championships held in 
Lowell, MA, he was made an 
Honorary Life Member of the 
Grand National Curling Club 
of America. 

88 The Archon | Fall 2009 



BMnUUl rn t^B 7* M Mh_*vL ~4 r^F^^HBrCCl.7 

■■■■:....'■■'•'.■■■.'•'•■■■ ••■■•. 

■ : = -v .••■■" : 


■ ' ■ ■ 1 ■■ 1 ' • •- 
sSm\ wSSBSsBSm 











I Ill.l....l.l..l.ll,l„l.l..l..l.l..l„,l.ll 


."■■■■■'■. ^-■* ■ ■■' 

■ -v'-'i' ■ ■■■■-■. 




< » . X'f 

\SlA& «-* 

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1 ^H 

1 " ,.',vlS*j*v 

■9 ■ - '.s.'Jf .' 

$ffl HWM| 




■ ■■'■-.•■.■■■.■.■ 


< ? HnHH9HB Si 

























The Governor's Academy 

Est. 1 763 by bequest of Governor William Dummer 

September 2010 

Mr. Michael D. Dimodica 

73 Coffin St 

West Newbury, MA 01985-1208 

Dear Mr. Michael D. Dimodica, 

Earlier this summer, you received a note from me announcing that the 2010-2011 academic year 
will be my last as Headmaster of The Governor's Academy. Among the accomplishments I am most 
proud to have achieved during my 12-year tenure are the creation of international exchanges and 
our Global Education programs; the establishment of the Catalyst Summer Science Internships; the 
expansion of our physical plant, to include the Whiston-Bragdon Arena, New Dorm, Class of '67 
(turf) Field and nine new faculty residences; numerous League and New England athletics 
championships; a highly expanded and successful arts program; and the significant improvements 
in SSAT scores, numbers of admissions applicants, incoming GPAs, SAT scores and AP Placement 
exams, and a marked reduction in student attrition - numbers that indicate that we are a stronger 
school than we were a decade ago. 

In times of transition, we are reminded that secondary schools are among our nation's most 
treasured and enduring institutions. Students and faculty, and even headmasters, come and 
eventually go. But what connects us all are lifelong ties to The Governor's Academy. 

An investment in The Governor's Academy reflects these enduring bonds and gifts to the Academy 
are as important today as they were nearly 250 years ago, when William Dummer bequeathed his 
farm to create a school. When we support the Academy through the annual fund, we support 
student financial aid, faculty compensation, the arts, athletics, community service and student 
leadership development. Increasingly, the annual fund provides the critical funds necessary to 
attract bright, talented and ambitious boys and girls, who will thrive here and become the citizen 
leaders of their generations. They, like all who came before them, are worthy of our investment. 

I am grateful for your financial support of The Governor's Academy:, and for your support of me 
during my tenure as headmaster. To make a gift to the 2010-2011 Annual Fund, please do so online 
( or by using the envelope provided. 

I look forward to seeing you throughout the academic year, as we strengthen the bonds that 
connect us and celebrate another year in the life of our remarkable institution. 

John M. Doggett 

By field, Massachusetts 01 922 

Telephone 978 465-1763 Fax 978 463-9896 

wwm thegovernorsacademy. org 


Answers are on page 48. 




































1. Maximum estate tax rate may rise in 2011 to % 

Academy to celebrate this anniversary in 2013 

Like death and " " 

Parent volunteer group 

Formal name of Mr. Wotton's "Cottage" - 
as in a jar 

16. This river runs by it but not through it 

20. Latin derived numerical name for 250 

22. Headmaster and dorm namesake 

23. Academy's Chapel 

24. Former student who was first Korean to study 
in the West 

25. Days celebrated the weekend school opens 

26. Wife of William Dummer 

30. Booker T. Washington Jr. Byfield pupil 
who "booked it" on this field 

32. Type of farmland upon which school is situated 

33. Planned gifts can help you create a lasting one 

34. Academy's version of Plymouth "rock" 

35. Flag awarded to senior with outstanding record 

36. Lacrosse and wrestling coach, teacher, dorm 
parent 1948 - 1985 


2. Campus acreage amount 

3. Faculty since '88, like "Snow", academic dean 

5. Celebrated man of PAC stage, our 'Newmans 
Own' brand 

8. Rev. Samuel Moody's first classroom 

9. Of public speaking and pigskin, a bowl bears 
his name 

10. Charitable gift providing income for life 

12. Stock gift to charity offsets this gain 

13. Alumni aged 70 + can rollover this asset to 

14. Longest tenured female faculty member 
(now retired) 

15. On-campus Art Gallery 

17. Forged first school seal before his midnight ride 

1 8. Name of new Ice Arena 

19. Academy was created through a charitable one 
21. School song 

27. Former English master and southern gentleman 

28. Hockey team dubbed this horse-like term 
in 1895 

2 9 . Former student and Commander of Old Iron Sides 

31. Language 'Gal' (faculty member since '77) 

If you're interested in 
helping to continue 
meaningful connections 
and experiences like 
these... a planned gift is the 
solution. Many gifts provide 
immediate and significant 
tax benefits as well as 
lifetime income. There are 
many ways to "pass it on" 
and to make a difference. 

If you would like additional 
information about the ways 
you can help the Academy, 
we'd he pleased to speak 
with you. Thank you. 

Please contact Martha Del 
at 978-499-3173 or 

The Governor's Academy 
Byfield, MA 01922 

*#**tf******#**#AUT0*#S-DIGIT 0l98 cr . 
Or. tlichael D- Dimodica 

73 Coffin St 

West Newbury MA 01985-1208 

Non-Profit Org. 
U.S. Postage 


Newburyport, MA 01950 
Permit No. 1763 



0's & 5's 
June 11-13, 2010 

For more information, contact Ellen Oliver at (978) 499-3256 or